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  1. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Oh its definitely litten. I can't wait for more news in the upcoming months.
  2. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Question about Kuraz missing timing. So if Ehther activates it's effect to summon a Kuraz while CL2 and there is another card that's CL1 you can't activate the effect to pop and draw correct?
  3. Bleach Manga

    All the fan girls fan fics for the past decade have finally come true
  4. I got 29th at a regional playing 2 arma, zeph, and dragon a couple weeks ago (not that that says much.) The engine worked really well but the main thing I had against it was it put me in awkward positions sometimes when drawing arma's targets by themselves or in multiples because they weren't pendulum cards and if my opponent was able to break my board i'd be left with little to no resources for the following turn. But other than that I really liked the ability to bounce moneyboard or it being a one card xyz/high scale. I might try a build made to be able to go second with less traps and more combo cards.
  5. After playing some games I realized that going first playing traps can either be hit or miss. Like if you're able to go off and make a board with traps set it's obviously insane but opening too many to where you can't combo off leaves you pretty vulnerable. Also I'm not sure if it's correct to be playing palumuro as your tuner for nat beast now since you don't have the extra summon off of seraphnite and with how good it is to summon joker now.
  6. Qliphort - Discussion

    I am doing just that for YCS Tacoma. Will report back with how it goes   Yeah I was also thinking about doing that for a regional I have Saturday. Good luck in Tacoma
  7. Qliphort - Discussion

    Ok so with all the debating over which build would be better post Nekroz with trapless being better against every other matchup minus Nekroz an idea popped up in my mind. Now this is probably just me being retarded but I was thinking that transition siding into a trap varient might be an answer. To me it looks good on paper seeing as it could cover the problem everyone seems to be trying to solve but I haven't gotten around to testing it. Other than that siding a bunch of hand traps like Veilers, Artifact Lancea, and Flying C seems like it could work but against Nekroz I have no idea if hand traps alone can shut them out of the game if that's the strategy for beating that deck.
  8. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    What would ur extra deck looks like? Space seems tight.   This probably isn't perfect or I could just be dumb and forgetting something crucial but I cut the second Shark since it hasn't really come up for me that often and I cut Temtempo another card I rarely made. The only other rank 3 I'd want to fit in is Muzurythim since it can beat over 2800 Disks, Shell, and Stealth without having to make Acid Golem.
  9. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    So is playing Mask Change Second viable at all to run once the structure deck releases or will it be better once Nekroz drops? I've been thinking of builds to play at Charleston and there are so many damn cards I'm trying to fit in. I'm pretty sure fitting Dark Law into the extra isn't the problem but main deck wise I'm not really sure what to be dropping if I want to add in MC 2nd.
  10. Pokemon wifi battling dgz league

    I'd be down
  11. That feel when Smogon makes an "Anything Goes" metagame but funbro is banned from it.
  12. Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

    Basically my reaction a little after watching the trailer
  13. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Keeps your dante safe from removal like the monarchs and it's a pretty big beatstick that doesn't require you to mill a million cards. Also you get the opportunity to revive dantes all the time with cir so why not convert that advantage into something that can also put damage on the board? It does a lot of little things. I find myself using all of them all the time and I have the room for them so I play three   Ahh ok that makes sense thanks.
  14. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Ok so I haven't really played since the set first came out and was just wondering what the reasoning is for playing triple Downerd Magician.
  15. No Game No Life

    Izuna, Shiro, and Jibril are definitely the 3 best girls in the series