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  1. Zoodiac - Discussion

    Props to Sqiddy for that info, very good critical thinking
  2. Zoodiac - Discussion

    I'm really not following the play around Maxx C, assuming Max C will be held until you ss rat or play barrage your giving them three days to get off your emeral drident play no matter what. Having them start with 8 in hand? To my emeral drident 4 in hand
  3. YCS Atlanta - Mar 4-5

    Hella down for some waveshining fun
  4. YCS Seattle Feb 18-19th 2017

    Great tournement, fun to see all my friends from out of town. Did pretty well, Noah Green ended up knocking me out day 2 but glad he did well, starload Road was super hot. See everyone in Atlanta
  5. Metalfoes

    Nigga my picture is my avatar lol
  6. Metalfoes

    I played instant fusion in my deck for Ycs anahiem, would of topped if not been DQd ( one less being yo squiddy in feature). I like one fusion for the 5 star metalfoes makingb tzolkin much easier, as well as giving me better access to metalfoes in the grave for mithriliema bounce effect. Norden was also included , itnworks off of combo as well to ss 2 and 3s you sent of painfull for some cute plays, I wouldndef continue to play one going forward
  7. Kozmo - Discussion

    Funny, if you open a s/t you can set your able to use tzokin to make the planet play, still working on a way to make the goyo,landwalker, island combo work, what you had above is very good though
  8. Kozmo - Discussion

    I woke up and wrote that in the morning, there were a few errors and and I apologize. Yeah the play was to ss yashka off afd, blown up with fairy, then ss delta to send soar and then bust it with yaksha, i didnt realize its not a quick effect. So you can do planet combo if you open uo with shuffle as your ship, but if not you miss the chance to mill the soar for further plays.
  9. Kozmo - Discussion

    Yeah, sorry i kinda forgot about this. So open goyo, play island, kill ship in hand ( i suppose it does need to be high enough to get a delta shuffler) Ss strawman, strawman ss delta, delta send soar trooper, search yaksha Synch straw and bw thing into afdx afd effect , search yaksha afd effect pop field spell. Add kozmotown,, eff of fk island kills ship afd and yaksha Ship ss shuttle, shuttle send soar, yaksha blow up delta Delta ss soar, soar ss soar, soar ss straw, straw ss delta shuffle send dd Overlay into invoker, exiled shuffler, get straw, straw ss delta, send whatever Overlay straw and straw into herald, send back whstever add dd Play kozmotown add backnyour first ship Trivute invoker and herald for dd, dd kill itself to slio, slip kill town Play town add dd Overylay infinity, mulligan town negate, seaech planet Banish dd and original ship, ss dp
  10. Kozmo - Discussion

    You can make your Planet board with Gofu, Island and a ship as well
  11. The dude that won literally got a free match win in top 16 due to time, he was gonna deck out but was saved by time being only three turns. Sucks too cuz he played the entire match like shit.
  12. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    When you send your xyza for zaborg you send omegas and you can use then to recycle a card in either players grave ask to the deck
  13. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    When you send your xyza for zaborg you send omegas and you can use then to recycle a card in either players grave ask to the deck
  14. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I think getting a super searchable monarch spell card shouldn't be too unlikely, it'sbery strong vs ba as well, they can't farfa or fog blade your monarchs which is nice. Twin twister does wreck it but I think its a solid side card. I love searchable side cards as well. I'll test it this weekend some more and do the math on getting a fog king plus it up and let you all know. Trying to be more helpful and not such a dick head to everyone