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  1. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    Calculating the chances of getting a playable hand in Dragons is probably tougher to do than in any other deck. In the end, I don't think it's even worth it.   Like it was previously mentioned, Dragons need 2+ cards to make a play. If that play gets stopped, they'd need another big amount of cards to do anything, which ofc includes Dragons in grave, which also includes Dragon fuel etc. That's far too hard to calculate -even impossible I'd say, but you never know with Sam-   What I'm trying to say is being able to play YGO doesn't just come down to having SOMETHING to do and not just get poked to death when most decks atm are 50% traps. Having solid follow-ups all the time is really really important and that's something Gears do really good. Granted, Dragons are really good at that as well, maybe even better, but they definitely have more trouble reaching game-states where they can provide follow-ups all the time while in Gears it's as simple as looking at your starting hand and seeing an Armor and a Mk2/Armor/Arsenal/GGG/fuck even Accel and knowing that if anything happens to that Armor you still have a fair chance of winning
  2. Geargia - Discussion

    Sorry if someone addressed this already, I didn't have the time to go through all posts.   Sam, while what you say is generally right, comparing the box engine to the karakuri engine isn't that simple. The most important problem with the bigger monster line-ups is the increase of normal summons. Goldfish and fortress are cards you can use in conjunction with a card that requires a normal summon, while for Karakuris you must give up your summon for the turn to use.    Add in the fact that Kuris do nothing on their own while Gearframe is beastly and Goldfish can pull dead accels off your hand in the early game and get you started   Add in the the fact that Kuris take up extra deck space and kinda force you to not play pure Gears when you draw them but combo off to not be left with  -1 in hand while the box engine compliments the puregear playstyle.   Add in the fact that Goldfish speeds up the deck a lot and created insta win hands turn 1   Add in the fact that although Kuris can play discard traps they are not as efficient and guaranteed to be live as in BoxGears     The question in my mind -and practically what I abstracted from your post- is wether to run box over pure and not box over kuri. Cause box is in my eyes a much better engine in general, but why use it when we weren't using kuri for practically the same reasons last format?
  3. Geargia - Discussion

    This is all solid insight but I have my objections.   The problem in Gears isn't really what happens after the Armor flip, but before. Everyone who has played the deck extensively can tell you that the games you lose are the games where armor wasn't there -and by that I don't mean just the games where you don't see armor/gear but the ones you fail to resolve them as well-  and not the ones where Armor just wasn't strong enough, cause it arguably is one of the -if not the- best standalone monsters in the game. And that's practically the biggest reason everyone switched to pure gears.   You also have to consider that turboing into Gigant might not be optimal with all the hands running around   However, I won't reject this idea without testing cause the perks are actually p real.
  4. Geargia - Discussion

    Nah it's actually just Kuri Gears with 3 Barrel for me. Any combo that pulls 2 Burei in regular Karakuri gears can make the combo happen and i think it's kinda more consistent than dragon rulers cause w/o the babies they aren't really a reliable r7 engine.   I mean it is actually just less consistent karakuri gears that just make larger combos I just wanted to pull the combo once or twice on DN unrated and then let the deck die lol
  5. Geargia - Discussion

    The draw 6 combo is now TCG legal  -and KaraGears can pull it in several different ways- I tried the deck for fun and it is what it is, a fun deck.   Seriously, it runs 3 Karakuri Barrel     On a more serious note and much to my surprise, Gears are getting a solid amount of representation in Philly
  6. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    It's kinda hard to imagine how they'd still have 2 sets after you Draco'd and Helio'd tho
  7. Post-PRIO Madolche

    Crow is also good in the mirror and Debunk sucks there big time so idk why you'd want it over crow in the main
  8. Post-PRIO Madolche

    Kamion makes beetle.   that's p relevant But you literally play no other darks lol. That's irrelevant. omg i'm fucking stupid thought this was infernity. Appologies
  9. Post-PRIO Madolche

    Kamion makes beetle.   that's p relevant
  10. Geargia for YCS Philly

    I came here cause of your name -hail nirvana-   I would comment on the deck but Chumlee pretty much covered everything I wanted to say
  11. Post-PRIO Madolche

    Curious on 2 things.   Why do you main Bottomless but no Compuls?   Why side Mind Control when you could side LIM? -also has applications vs artifacts, MC isn't THAT great against Bujins anyway-
  12. Sylvan - Discussion

    Peas' only worthwhile targets are  Lonefire, Spore and Copy Plant* All non searchables. It's not a card u want to see early w/o lonefire. Peas is gonna be dead weight until you can get access to LFB and since you have no real way of getting that lonefire in the grave except from drawing it or milling it randomly -both reliant on luck-  you definitely don't want Peas at 3 copies.   *on a side note, how many people run this card with the TCG exclusive? I can't claim I have done much testing with the deck but i literally never went into it aside from making Quasar once with Lonefire/Soul Charge. Considering Lonfire/Charge can make Felgrand & Hermit w/ 5 cards in hand -or other better combos which I'm not aware of-, the Quasar combo taking up a big chunk of the extra deck and the new lvl 1 plant girl doing the job better, how important is copy plant?
  13. Infernity - Discussion

    How exactly are you gonna hit Sphere with MST since u have to set it to go off? I mean sure sometimes you just summon something and attack and maybe they are stupid enough to play sphere at that point but how often is that going to happen?
  14. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    2 BEWD 1 Stone seems really odd.   Probably cause of Shrine Soul Charge combo but running extra normals for a combo involving 2 non-searchables doesn't quite feel right
  15. Geargia - Discussion

    I really fail to see why we are discussing the Fire King matchup   This thread has admittedly been kinda dead lately and is bound to get more inactive the deeper we go into Primal format since we didn't get Auger.   Anyway for the sake of it, Fire Kings are NOT consistent at Garunix looping, they brick easily in general, and have zero threatening plays outside of Garunix and the limiteds. Both Vanity and Crow counter the deck excellently and they you probably should have some copies of one -if not both of them- between your main and side. Pair that up with Macro DiFi Soul D. and losing to Fire Kings in a match is near impossible.   I actually think we have a solid matchup against them pre-side cause Onslaught is just 3 cards and if they don't open it Armor is bound to outpace them p fast cause they have no other real ways of getting out of the early game vs Gears if they don't have it.   Can we go back to discussing meta and bringing up -shitty or not- techs now?