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  1. kanye the life of pablo

    http://www.audioclouds.net/index.php?a=track&id=169 OG Wolves with Frank intro + Sia + Vic ft.   EDIT: Link is down, here's a mirror    http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/544629/19%20%5BBonus%5D%20OG%20Wolves%20(feat.%20Sia,%20Vic%20Mensa,%20and%20Frank%20Ocean).mp3
  2. kanye the life of pablo

    i like the frank outro but i also like the original with sia + vic so i'm conflicted. i know there's mash ups floating around of both versions but i'd like something like that on the album. what does everyone think of the outro on FML? it's weird because i keep flip-flopping on whether i like/dislike it.
  3. kanye the life of pablo

    were you implying with your original comment that 30 hours is the end of the album proper cus these lyrics are in it lol "Check it out, this the bonus track, this the bonus My favorite albums just have like bonus joints like this That's why they kick it off like this:"
  4. kanye the life of pablo

    You really think graduation is his worst album?   Also, ULB is fucking great   Personally, I do. For awhile Yeezus and Graduation were reversed for me but after subsequent listens/revisits Yeezus definitely has grown on me. I can't knock Graduation. I still think it's an incredible album and had major influence in the scene because of it. A lot of the production, while high quality, just wasn't/isn't my particular brand of hip-hop. I'm not really into some of the electronic elements that were integrated into the album. A lot of great tracks though and undeniably a really important album... but yeah. I guess that's always a major issue with a linear ranking of Kanye's discography. Most people either say MBDTF or CD as their top which not many people have qualms with but someone somewhere is probably always going to disagree with someone's "least favorite" but that's all good cus it brings up discussion. I'm excited to see what becomes of TLOP after it's remastered and "altered" for re-release next week. Hoping for Wolves to be fixed and for something to be done with the "middle" of the album because I felt it was the weakest area.
  5. kanye the life of pablo

      I agree   When I got to Wolves I was like "what the fuck is this shit", expecting Sia and Vic on the track  Kanye tweeted that he was "fixing" wolves. That can mean a few different things though. Like fixing the shitty percussion switch up at like 1:26 on the track. Or fixing Frank's vocals in the outro to sound cleaner (but I like that as is), or just adding the vic + sia features back in.
  6. kanye the life of pablo

    Lyrically the album is towards the bottom compared to his other work. Don't get me wrong, I don't go in expecting big things lyrically from Ye but some of the lines in the album are so jarring that they take you out of the song. Like the bleached asshole bit in FSMH pt. 1. Would have been a "best of" for me if Kanye didn't go so Kanye on it. Wolves does this too. Wish the vic + sia version would have made it so we would have been spared from that cringe 2nd verse by Ye. Regardless of all that I think the album is great. It's probably one of the least innovative of his discography but I think that was intentionally done by Kanye. Definitely a great medley of themes and sounds from his previous albums. Someone on reddit described it as a "greatest hits album of songs you've never heard before" which I think is pretty fitting because it lacks cohesiveness. Not in the same way Yeezus lacked cohesiveness though. This is different. After subsequent playthroughs I'm in the camp that believe the album proper ends at Wolves and everything after is essentially bonus tracks. Makes things mesh better to me. Standout tracks to me are: ULB, FML, NMPILA, 30 Hours (where the fuck is the 3 stacks verse maaaaaan). MBDTF > LR > CD > TLOP > Yeezus > 808s > Graduation
  7. Shaddoll - Discussion

    ok so, then the point isn't us undervaluing construct. it's you over-valuing construct instead of accepting that construct is actually just worse than most Nekroz monsters but can be supplemented by El Shaddoll Fusion + other non-archetypal cards... you're essentially saying that construct + something is better than *insert nekroz card*. i don't necessarily disagree with that, but it wasn't what the initial focus was about. it was a direct comparison of doll monsters (construct) to nekroz monsters and why card for card, nekroz generally have better monsters. of course if you get to compare your 2 cards to our 1 card then it's "better". Just like my 1300 vanilla monster + Lance is better than my opponent's Thunder King Rai-Oh.
  8. Location Thread

    Galveston, TX
  9. Shaddoll - Discussion

      is brionac not a card to you? or clausolas?
  10. Nekroz - Discussion

  11. Nekroz - Discussion

    Flip effects are still activated.      yeah, but the fusion monsters getting sent to extra instead of grave is what he's probably getting at.
  12. Nekroz - Discussion

    BTS is another great card to address Lilith/Shek/Canceller as well. It's slower and unsearchable but is a lot more versatile and not dependent on having 2 cards in hand alongside like you would need for Saint (Shurit + ritual monster). It doesn't do anything to address Village lock though.
  13. Nekroz - Discussion

    I mean, Senju can grab any ritual monster from deck, any ritual spell from deck (Claus), or any Nekroz card from the grave (Unic). How many times have you summoned a Ju and not known exactly what you wanted to grab with it? If this occurrence has actually come up for you then you're not playing optimally and I could see why something like Gishki Chain (which has no guarantee of even hitting a ritual monster/spell) would seem more beneficial than the Ju. I mean, you're relying on chance to hit X card that you want/need. That's just not better than Ju in any way.
  14. April 2015 Regional's Six Samurai

    I think you should be playing 3x Fiendish Chain before playing any of the other 1-of traps outside of maybe Vanity's Emptiness.