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  1. Hi.

      It's intriguingly gruesome.     Alright then.   I don't like revealing too much about myself but what the hell.  My name is Emily and I'm trying to get into competitive Yu-Gi-Oh.  I've always sorta liked the game as a child and recently started playing again.  There's not much about that except that I get picked-on/hit-on when I go to locals to play the game, so putting up with that is fun (and demotivating, no one takes me seriously).  I'm currently still in High School (senior) and I'm planning on attending community college for two years and transferring to William and Mary.  I work two jobs to make ends meet (poor family) and volunteer for my church's food drive every week.   Eh.
  2. Holding The Stars at Gunpoint [ Quickdraw Quasar ]

      Sorry about that.  I'll note down what not to do next time.     Would you mind posting your build? Edit: @OP where the hell is One for One?   Well, it's in there now.  A hell of a lot of things slipped my mind.   -1 D.D. Sprite, +1 141     Noted.     Thank you.  After some thought, dropping a first turn Quasar does, in fact, seem to be a huge waste of resources.  I'm going to keep playing the build and tweaking it so that it's more geared to playing a safe early game and exploding later.  I never considered Swift Scarecrow in the past (I just came back to the game, I'm rusty and have forgotten most cards), but now it's certainly looking attractive.
  3. Holding The Stars at Gunpoint [ Quickdraw Quasar ]

    Birdman is certainly interesting.  He can bounce back a lot of things ss'd from the Grave for re-use later, which tends to help a lot in the long run if I don't get the best starting hand.  Mind you the deck is fairly consistent so bad starting hands aren't all that common, but they're still there sometimes.   As fun as Drill Warrior is, I'm really more of a fan of Quasar.  Drill Warrior looping is certainly an option, but it's just not my preference.
  4. Holding The Stars at Gunpoint [ Quickdraw Quasar ]

    U havin' a giggle m8?     Other than what is either a joke or the biggest misunderstanding of the banlist ever, I'm honestly wondering what compelled you to run Phalanx for a Tempest target and just leave out Debris Dragon altogether. Oh wow.  It's 2 in the morning and god damn, that slipped my mind.  It's Decree, not Oppression, and I also forgot about Debris Dragon even being a card.  It didn't even come to mind when building.   I updated the post with relevant changes (well, the only ones being -Phalanx +Debris) and changing Oppression to Decree, because tiredness.
  5. [ MONSTERS ] X 22 3X Quickdraw Synchron 2X Level Eater 2X Maxx "C" 2X Synchron Explorer 2X Junk Synchron 2x Lonefire Blossom 2X Swift Scarecrow 1X Unknown Synchron 1X Dandylion 1X T.G. Warwolf 1X Debris Dragon 1X Genex Ally Birdman 1X Spore 1X Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms   [SPELLS] X 15 3X Mystical Space Typhoon 3X Upstart Goblin 3X Tuning 2x Pot of Dichotomy 1X RotA 1X Dark Hole 1X Foolish 1x One for One   [TRAPS] X 3 3X Royal Decree   [EXTRA DECK MONSTERS] X 15 1X AoJ Catastor 1X Junk Warrior 1X Road Warrior 1X Drill Warrior 1X Stardust Dragon 1X Shooting Star Dragon 1X Shooting Quasar Dragon 1X Stardust Spark Dragon 1X Black Rose Dragon 1X Formula Synchron 1X Puralis the Purple Pyrotile 1X Scrap Dragon 1X T.G. Hyper Librarian 1X Vulcan the Divine 1X Mechquipped Angineer   [SIDE DECK CARDS] X 15 3X D.D. Crow 3X Effect Veiler 3X Prohibition 3X Mind Crush 1X Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter 1X Maxx "C" 1x Transmigration Prophecy   CARD CHOICES AND SUCH [hr] Maxx "C":  I decided to run this over veiler as it allows me to draw while still being a target for Junk Synchron should the need arise.  It's not a Tuner, and I run a lot, so more non-Tuners are always welcome.   Puralis the Purple Pyrotile:  It's here just in case an early-game Formula Synchron gets Solemn'd or something.   Pot of Dichotomy:  Someone recommended it in this thread and it works wonders in regaining hand advantage in later parts of the duel  by returning Extra Deck monsters that were destroyed previously. [hr]   Not really a whole lot to it.
  6. Hi.

    Hi, I'm Open Fire.     Not gonna tell you my life story; you probably won't read it anyways.  I'm fairly shitty at YGO, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna try improving.  I can swallow my pride and take advice.   So, hi there DGz.  I've heard good things about you guys.