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  1. [NEEDS UPDATE] Mermail - Discussion

    personally, i don't think patrick hoban's idea about infantry is really reasonable. yes of course it is a useless card at times, but he completely forgot to mention the fact that infantry can help plus over your opponent. infantry with abyssteus in hand mid game or as simply as second turn can make your opponent -1 ( considering everything resolves properly). infantry also combos off well with diva marksman plays making an easy gungir or black rose. and especially with the new release of armored kappa, infantry can be utilized in many way. To say that the card is virtually useless simply because it requires combo pieces, is like saying bird man is a bad card because you need to have a follow up play. 
  2. all about the fire fists

    omg ikr 
  3. i am 902's evil twin bother