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  1. Seems like a cool story line for potential future technology, virtual reality yugioh games where you actually are the playmaker
  2. Have you tested Destiny HERO Celestial instead of Dasher? Psz allows you to manipulate your hand nicely for thE celestial draw eff
  3. allure of darkness for extra draw power and helps unbrick if you have too many dead hand traps and chaos sorcs?
  4. So infinite looping floaters for no cost..
  5. It might end doing more damage than good for Konami considering lots of people who don't have anybody to play with irl will just be cut off from konami/yugioh totally Ik that I'm one of these people that only has access to playing yugioh through DN (other alternatives are mostly not as good), just kinda sad that i'll probably end up leaving the game because of money grabbing companies
  6. You should consider running Vanity's Emptiness at least in the side, possibly main deck if there aren't many monarch decks in your area   It's really strong for making turn 1 fields which you generally want to do with this deck, as well as dark law often makes it more difficult for opponents to thin their deck, and stardust/void ogre with vanity is extremely unfair    altho its weaker against monarchs due to stormforth, and doesnt help breaking boards going second
  7. Just a few brainstorm ideas i had.. A nice addition to the trade-in engine is the Melody of Awakening, it allows you to discard and search out BEWD or possibly another dragon you're playing (?) Possibly making trade-in more consistent although obviously it's trash just searching BEWD without trade-in, if you had a card in your hand for the combo that needed to be in the grave it might still be worth it Any thoughts on playing a low level drag unity tuner just to make CoC more consistent by being able to search a tuner from ravine, as well as if it was a level 1 (not sure on drag unity tuners and what levels they are) it would be perfect for soul charging back to summon the Blue-Eyes Synchro Also since this deck is a turn 1 big field deck would it be possible to run Into the Void, as chances are if you don't open a big field in the first couple turns you'll probably lose anyways since just 1 rank 8 isn't really enough to compete with most decks when Strike is at 3 as well as top tier decks being too strong/not caring about a lone Felgrand xyz, obviously this leads to an even more make or break glass Cannon than it already was though
  8.   Second turn in Sack City
  9. Only thing with phoenix is it seems like a big investment considering standard Goats have a decent amount of outs like TER, Tsuk/bom and NOC as well as for some decks that still play the dd warriors As well as it would have to compete with dmoc since I doubt many decks would main two 2 tribute summon monsters, it's definitely an interesting card tho
  10.   he's just so good hes giving you extra lp as a handicap, kinda like golf
  11. So a while ago I remember a guy asking about the price for the corrected 1st ed mfc dark paladin and the general consensus was that they were rare and so the seller could ask for w.e they wanted,   but is it worth anymore more than $500 realistically? cus I struggle to see it being worth that much but then also I'm not that sure and was looking for some opinions on it
  12. I was in a scumbag mood so I started playing this in TCG on DN, I just took out 1 allure, card destruction and card of demise and added in 3 RML   Im not exactly sure of the statistics but it seems stupid consistent tbh, much more consistent than other magical explosion variants Ive played
  13. Infernities were not fun to play against lol
  14. Would people sell Magical Spring now or hold out? I feel as tho it's gonna start seeing more play but I may be wrong and I've noticed that they dropped from $5 to $4 each in the last few days