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  1. Sorry if dumb but not sure if the stormforth either thing is as relevant as you are implying as in if people standy phase flip stormforth like I see most players do  online(denko reasoning I guess?) , then this scenario is a mute point no?   As in seems a situation where bad players may get caught out by this interaction by either ignorance or misplaying more so than cheaters would be able to abuse it. Mostly as it doesn't to me anyway seem a ruling you could reliably try to abuse/cheat unless I am missing something?
  2. A few points ive come to From testing this deck heavily for the last few days. A streamlined magician engine with pendulum calls to me just does not contribute enough or flow well with the deck, it's all about sorcerer now and pendulum call conflicts with it while all the magician cards are bad & the 2 best ones pendulum call + wisdom eye also bloody conflict with each other causing following copies to be worse. This is a point discovered by many I'm sure by I think worth repeating so others don't wate testing time. To go with this also avoid trying to mix majespecters in here. - Options I gave much more time to was the idea of 3 chicken game 3 terraform 1 pseudo space along with 3 speedroid terrotop, 2 Dice with the intention of giving +1s from AFD as well as access to trishula. The problem of course being dice is a brick but mainly that it must be normal summoned due to its awkward level. Add Multiple terror tops hands to the equation and really you are adding more problems than cool synchro plays to your deck so that gimmick too passed. - I am still playng 3 chicken game but 0 terra 0 pseudo space along with 1 ROTA , 1 help princess , 1 Arma knight 1 zephros & 1 shaddoll dragon and 1 foolish burial. Zephros has been amazing even drawing him is ok, I would love more access to him. Dragon/ Foolish/Rota I am less sure of especially dragon g1 as is a complete vanilla to draw although at least lvl 4 I guess. - Donkeys: I am at 2 Seconddonkey at the minute and seems like a perfect 2 of to me as you don't really ever want to open multiples unless you open very well as can be bricky & just force you into weak and fragile plays in general. Very good card + enabler at 2 all the same. Helps the deck to snowball advantage like it did so well pre-List. FriendDonkey - to me is a staple 1 of. It is the follow up Joker we have lost to the list, resolve sorc searching this putting sorc in grave via xyz gives you a sorcerer follow up for next turn with just your normal summon, allowing you to apply huge pressure before you attempt to pendulum summon. I have wondered is there more substance even to this card worthy of testing it at say 3 as t1 , chicken game into friend into sorc from hand is an easy + 2 that's hard to ignore all before you begin to even pendulum summon. Ofc the downsides obviously are its a level 3 :/ not a pendulum monster and could potentially be a brick but I think is worth exploring far more than any magician hybrids I am seeing all over DN. I know I saw someone a page back mention the card but not in depth so Ya that's my 2 cents at the minute for my Prague testing of this deck.
  3. Finding partnaga almost main worthy as I am siding it in basically every matchup, going on from what was said fiend is popular in the mirror, whilst also outing every 'defense' monster + safer game shots through jugglers under maxx c. And what I'm finding it very useful for also is the kozmo matchup in side as that matchup is sooo long and grindy and almost impossible to win if they stop your second Ignister as it is literally our only way to remove destroyer so partnaga gives you additional engine outs to destroyer if need be with a mix of either dweller or infinity paired with often like a 3700 joker Gets the job done.
  4. Mass shooting at Oregon community college

    Meanwhile here in Ireland not even our police force('Gardai') are armed with guns on duty ... We may have had no school shootings in our history(from what I recall/searched) but only this week was a poor father of 3 guard shot dead walking to the door of a domestic disturbance, only for the scumbag killer to then shoot the mother of his child and then himself in the head.. Causing hushed calls for our guards to be armed again. Such examples plus the ongoing problem rurally where a group of thugs enter an old defense less persons home to beat and rob them of all they own. Some people were held for days made withdraw their maximum allowance from Cash machines each day which shows the total imprisonment they are in. These occurrences which leaves the criminal in total control and to quote above article "only law abiding citizens " + Guards even here left unarmed defence less, makes me wonder if no guns no school shootings ireland is in better shape socially to ye gun crazed "shoot up all yo kids" Donald trump voting(srsly wdf??) yanks :P cause I'm not so sure.. Guns / no guns either way isn't perfect & people still find way to be disgusting and murder each other regardless . Only change this guns drama will Likely do is put a women in the white house so god bless us all stay safe Merica!
  5. Nekroz - Discussion

    Big thing in that makes this arguement of normals kind of irrelevant is that it's over math. Which really isn't comparable to a Ju at all other than they're both normals. They are very different yes math into arc T1 pass is a ok play in the mirror but that + niche otk through Valk is the really only pros it gives because what I realised after heavily testing it is it really isn't an engine card the way a Ju is as in a Ju u get your extra combo piece + a lvl 4 floater instantly math u get an arc that must die first before you get your combo piece. This makes the cards totally different tempo wise as in you top deck a Ju with some spells in grave shit gets crazy you top a live math with open board + some spells what's it guna do? May as well read there " skip your BP and entire turn; then search any ritual card and hope to not die". In my mind it has never been a normal summon problem it's just math is a bad card in the deck. Was more a tech choice that people hadn't seen before when Pat/leveretts done well with it as otk through VAlk + POC were cute innovations at the time. Don't mean they should be staple engine choices. To speak hypothetically if we were allowed 4 copies of each card like I believ Magic is? I'm Quite certain 8 Jus would of been staple as opening that card in the mirror and comparably opening it more than your Opp if they played only 6 completely outweighs opening more than 2 . To speak more of the normal summon discussion in relation to the side is interesting although less generally as was put above. Example Tellar I would put in 9 normals vs that deck and feel no pain as they just can not deal with a unicore so it helps that normals both help that goal whilst also help with strategy of sticking as many level 4s as you can beside him protecting with Valk so you are always threatening an exciton dire wolf push whilst still beating down with the unicores + jus . Ritual beast questionably a more combo deck though really still wins via its traps mostly but lvl 4s T1/2 is a must vs that deck as every lvl 4 they waste a steeds on w/ uni due to exciton whilst Denko also is just an autowin if drawn here too so 8 normals is fine. BA = backs deck I strictly would not want more than 1 in my hand vs as any extra actually do weigh heavily as -1s much more. This is amplified by fact you can just get mistake/ arrested and if are caught with 2 jus in hand here is gg. Hence I always side out 2 senjus vs ba. Dolls similar as BA except hands are very strong vs them unlike BA so they replace the jus that may otherwise be caught by mistakes. There Are more varying examples but I think I've inputed enough on meta decks here.
  6. Nekroz - Discussion

    Got T32 this weekend at Ycs Rimini with X-1-1 6th after Swiss with standard nekroz with mained retaliating C's + maxx's for that hard working vindication after my disappointment of bubbling euros for anyone who may have read my posts over last few months like. Feel must give credit to DGz here too as been lurking for years on this but only felt the urge to post for some reason this year especially pre-WCQ where It really provoked my interest in theory with djinn discussion and so forth also taking in what TJ and Joe had to say in thread about bubbling events as unlike WCQ for day 2 yday I thought and forced myself to play as if it were RND 1 at locals so I could just try focus on performing to the my best alieving focus off the fact I had to win both my last rounds to Top. It Oddly worked and I 2-0ed two mirrors in a row. So yeah just felt need to mention that, anyway. May do tourny report when I'm home later In week not sure yet as of now just buzzing with getting my 2nd top in a year after missing out just in London and euros. Going to enjoy this Italian Sun while I'm here still first!
  7. Nekroz - Discussion

    To be fair I think he presented most of his points well and for someone who claims to not play the format understood its broad sense well. The top BA players on dn kyman, n3sh,masik all build there decks in this fashion using obscure cards that go with BA's floaty engine to win rather than relyng solely on skill drain mistake, they run mirror forces dark holes ( kyman even playing D.prison as of now ) horn of heavens divine wraths , traveller of BA , cards that work with their floaty engine and work hard to Reduce nekroz resources as fast as possible . Clearly what has happened is they see like everyone should that the general nekroz gameplan g1 vs BA is you make a sceptical push t1 through their heavy backrow with first 2 spells then pass they clear your board while u pray they didn't draw another trap and then usually T2 although maybe later if hand is weak , though better if earlier though as they have statistically less traps (less draws) then in this turn u make an all out push involving party of either dweller , brio , trish , DA(sometimes strong) and hope to completely shatter there board and leave them with no cards and low if not dead on LP. This is the standard proceeding of events in the matchup. 1 turn basically decides the whole match! reading the backrow is imperative to this in that if are reading discard traps u go dweller if are reading negation BTS u go brio/Da/ first to bait then try for the trish/dweller this makes obscure choices a blowout as in if there's no backrow response and you have resolved dwellers effect or summoned a Valk often you presume the backrow is dead/mismatched ie dead lake , a solemn warning (Bad vs nekroz in general) but then go battle phase and run your field into mirror force or worse you run down their field with dweller and they travelled it all back m2 making your dweller pointless. Running into a mirror force / TT doesn't mean you're bad either in BA especially they arnt commonly played hence why they can blowout like the power cards they are still defined as from years ago. So yeah I tend to agree and get fed up of this "BA deck = small deck " as if it were helmet qli/tellar when it is a major problem for nekroz. G2/3 while being "allowed to play " sounds cute as fuck, when forced to go first I love opening mst decree Valk double spell or some shit and getting otked feels great but this interaction is ignored too apparently? When bricking removal in fact is a very common real issue with this deck also just as much as bricking engine + no removal g2/3 to their mistake. The balance is soo fragile. Since looking like BA discussion at this stage want to say just to input a weeks testing on the card with others on my team but not saying testing should matter much as you know but Retaliating C has been amazing in main for me! Ive settled on 2 retaliation + 1 maxx in main with 3rd one in side and if u open it in the mirror is such an autowin I'm tempted to put in the 3rd one. Gets "fairer' in the late game due to a full grave like but still is very strong. Manju no grave pass is now a correct play in avoiding trish and blowing opp out with it rather than praying to not be otked like b4. Midgame leave out a Valk when you have it Ive found to be best. Vs rogue then g1 fact is lvl 4 makes it so useful you're not like cringing when u draw it as with shared ride/ lancea vs rogue as can summon uni/Valk + R4s. Lastly a note on jeffs post that I disagree with is on the mirror. While going first is bad and an uphill struggle just as every format b4 draw change was going 2nd incl say D.rulers + ravine format going 2nd was still a comparable disadvantage u had to live with. This doesn't make the mirror bad and unwinnable. I honestly wouldn't be playing this format only for nekroz mirrors I love them and if I had to play BA or qli and them cancerous mirrors whilst dealing with Denko + decree vs nekroz praying I get lucky would of given up on the format. Nekroz mirrors are a capped resource war capped to 6 cards in hand + empty field and 6 spells (7 if lucky and rip late prep) this to me is way more important than opening a Ju or not as say opening ravine or sacred sword during ravine format!? U can absolutely still win without a Ju where as no ravine sacred sword when your PPP had theirs then was near impossible to win then especially if ancient fairy dragon had resolved. There are many late game gungnir + DA wars that are a war of spell usage attrition where your decisions and spell choices are more key than how many Jus have resolves or CA you are behind. As is LP, LP counts as a resource like it used to in goat format(I personally don't play goats now just watch it) but if you are low on life but winning on spells + resources it is still a dangerous game as u must end with Valk up + back up or a Valk in hand every turn or risk dying to easy ( gung ) otks . So yeah I dare say disagree with Jeff and have loved the past year of nekroz mirrors more than any other mirror since I've been back playing (2012 windups btw js)
  8. Nekroz - Discussion

    Exa sorc Da; feel are staples this format also. Exa sorc arnt bricks t1 either just alter your plays. Like exa = claus exo into Valk play & simple sorc play is Ju search summon Valk tribute sorc and ju ends u even t1 with 5 + Valk IH still plus sorc In grave to be abused by Valk on next turn. Relevance of sorc in grave set up can't be stressed enough in raw CA but is so strong and tempo swinging. Often I leave the sorc + spell in there depending on matchup as then if use Valk on opp turn get to start ur turn with exa SS eff = often free R4. Also lets you summon stronger trishes late game as exo banish exa + uni/sorc summons trish whilst getting back sorc/shurit which even after summoning a free boss monster in trish treatens a follow up r4 in sorc or cycle play in shurit. Other relevnt is exo banish exa + shurit for Valk immediatly puts shurit Valk on board for easy +1 with Valk or follow up cycle push via the shurit again. DA = towers is everywhere still + good vs rogue exa target and in mirror gives 'safe' otk you put the standard 6600 on board with Valk so that if they don't have the Valk u drop DA and go cowboy for game then also this play can sneak a few wins through Valk if u didn't have to search the DA as sometimes Ppl have to take it and play the mirror at 1400 game u just dmg step it on last atk and bam quick sneaky game wrapped up. Not so staple; Princess + catastor I play both currently as want to maximise engine b4 adding any Maxx c msts etc but this may change.. These t1 are more bricky but do provide advantage + use in their own right that have made me not drop them yet. Catastor probably stronger search than da with exa in reality as extends your plays more or can be 4th unicore if shurits online. - provides free rank 4 plays with sorc and also prob most relevantly can provide near 10k otks with exa/sorc without needing all 3 spells in 1 turn. Princess is good vs rogue whilst also can really provide snowball advantage. Like for example as dirk made point of t1 now how if to emeral Valk is still strongest or what is. I find in them all engine strong hands princess is card I go to now. Eg; Ju + claus/kal + uni/Valk + sorc/dance/brio Ju summon - use claus and brio to get to above then kal into uni , arc get exo, summon emeral detach unicore use effect but leave uni in there summon Valk via exo and dance recover uni trib Valk and emeral draw 2 uni for Valk. If have a 5 th combo card eg shurit/rota/other way to exa/sorc/dance will do same but leave the Valk up and tribute of emerald plus exa/sorc as even if open to trish u still went +2 resolved an emeral and put dance + exa/sorc in grave with 2 spells which Is so strong near autowin that it makes trish not matter cause u have too many resources that alls their trish did was make way for you to trish them back and possibly otk as they didn't actually deplete your resources even with trish. Note: this combo leaves exa + dance + 2 spells in grave which gives the scary option of going exa get dance back then if u tribute dance via Valk again u can bring exa back from banished to possibly banish and use again In later turn for shurit/cycle etc (may be win-moat hence 'Note' but have been surprised how often been able to do that play) Last thing which why originally was coming to post for response on is: Retaliating c in Main: This card is nuts in the mirror especially going 2nd but actually has uses going 1st and vs rogue and fact replaces itself means can kind of be more part of engine than say a shared ride can be(I'll expand). Problem with shared ride maxx in mirror is u brick they don't stop u dying from easy otk as if u got no nek cards in grave as u brick 10 draws cool u still die. Retaliating c you can now pass open board or summon Ju pass with no grave(no trish) and not die whilst blowing your opp plays. Whilst vs rogue can use as engine card in couple of ways. Is lvl 4 dno why but wow is that good obvious utility. Best play in deck is going Valk through shurit so t1 vs unknown can go shur-> brio-> sorc then summon "C" tribute C plus sorc draw two search for sorc + search maxx pass replicating Valk + shared ride set up in mirror. Vs BA searches maxx but also u summon it with a Valk/gung makes fire lake dead whilst also = pseudo dweller . Makes veiler hand traps dead in any matchups they used whilst also being great vs noids , dolls few more matchups ! Thoughts ?
  9. Nekroz - Discussion

    I too thought BA were best deck and made wrong choice at WCQ as lost to 2 BAs then I thought Also time gamers locals tmr since every it and much of what dirk said came to me also hence why am now even more sure nekroz is right choice. What the BA matchup is I feel compared to say then qli RB etc is just a really uncontrollable matchup. And what I mean by uncontrollable is unlike qli and ritual beast where g1 if they draw floods/go-off can be difficult I still feel confident of winning out g2/3 cause 5/6 s/t hate + hands vs qli , some denkos decrees + mass removals(TT/hole) vs RB and away u go, satisfied, unlikely to be surprised. BA on the other hand you have g1 similar to qli where if they drew the mistake skill drain emptiness and u don't see/main the mst you're 1 down ok. G2/3 is where the struggle is unlike the other matchups, you must out the flood backs and monsters easy right? Ok but look deeper into the matchup you see the choices to do this are low and contain such high variance. Fire/ice hand while qli and dolls sit and invite Hands in to reap havoc hands are generally bad and inconsistent vs BA due to def Dante and also majesty's but then pros are downerd magicians golem Virgil canceller are made often too and most of all CCV having a fire hand in deck for can autowin u the game. Hence variance here that I tend to leave out of my deck vs BA . Denko: simple enough one they have mistake drain + fiends which all make Denko almost a blank card. Note; with mistake arrest this theory may need to be revisited? Although still unsure it alone makes the card instant staple in the matchup. Decree: thought by most to be saving grace in the matchup. But I've feel theres a very noticeable paradox with the card that's emphasised in the BA matchup more than say tellar etc where decree shines. It takes the advantage that is undoubtedly there of going 2nd and makes it a big fat purple neg 1. Why BA emphasises this is because it kills u very fast so ideally as like vs tellar when u got decree u slow roll manju search Valk set decree pass and go off next turn. Vs BA if you are facing a dante or 2 often with a searched tour guide u know you are facing near lethal damage next turn if u don't attempt a play so now decree isn't helping u combo and also isn't even surpressing any of the blow the backrow are inflicting u so u risk eating the backrow turn 1 with a blank decree else pray u don't die as u eat minimum 5000 dmg. U may suggest go first when decree is in your deck. Ok if we ignore the fact nekroz really need the extra card for its combos for a second and focus on your deck going 1st where decree clearly is stronger. Going 1st makes much of the other cards u may have/side poorer ; Denko/hands , mst is a brick going 1st as is maxx c as is many of cards u may side for fiends BTS raigeki hole eccentrick arch fiend all cards where the 1 less card going first to combo is magnified and turn to bricks. Card even more questionable now with mistaken arrest. Msts: pretty obvious but unlike decree 1 mst doesn't beat 2 mistakes, drawing multiples early often means you have very few plays due to less combo cards again magnified going 1st where u draw 2 means u prob lose as have only 3 cards left to do shit. Also note variance in BA decks make this card awkward as well because some players did not side / main mistake at WCQ I presume from Hobans theory of hVing better mirror so had more rounded trap line up of max griefings,BTSs,large discard trap lineups all these traps mst is terrible against because you are holding (-1) it for a flood they may not even run whilst they pluck away at your resources with said chainable traps. Mistake Arrest new negative also. Last card~ Eccentrick Archfiend: new set new format felt this would solve BA matchup and its uncontrollable inconsistency with its saturated side board problem less BTSs less msts simply play this cart. Early application backed up as much mistake or a fiend no problem great! Last week or so problem resurfaced, dn high rated BA players were adjusting . Mistaken arrest had replaced mistakes and a new flood that blanks this card started seeing play - Anti spell fragrance- Eccentrick is completely dead vs it and also poor vs mistaken arrest so what fkn now? Hence I'm here , (are Ycs goers in Rimini/Toronto behind Dn rated?) In my experience yes often so as rated tends to be same circle of high competitive players but still can't ignore this side board problem vs good BA players still exists! I have more highlighted my exp problems more than provided solution I'm afraid. Have any of ye guys come to similar frustrations in the matchup and come to a consistent solution for this format? ( clearly I speak KDE format only and am under naive impression new age DGz won't respond with "hah yeah but not telling as Ycs coming up like" like steinman and dirk have commendably spoke up about
  10. Needed 1 win from my last 3 to guarantee top 64 and managed to lose all 3. Absolutely gutted with myself. This format is just awful though draws and slow play was atrocious this event all my nekroz mirrors g1 took minimum 30 mins and despite me winning 5 out of 6 of them and all the hours I put in testing I didn't enjoy any of them. Only mirror I lost was due to a 38 min g1 where my opp took 11 mins to search his last spell and summon a DA (only out at 800lp to my Valk) with an onlooking judge doing nothing and then proceeded to try pull the " I have 2 minutes to side and am allowed 3 mins" and am guna take them so u lose again all to my face with a judge watching. I called HJ and he almost got dqed but didn't want to win that way either so least gave 2 minute extension so we had 4mins for g2 where he Again took the full 4 mins shamelessly in front of judge to do the standard fkn laval djinn lock search Valk. So turn 5 g2 ends both players 8000 LP each so draw thus Opp winning by default due to g1. Like this is not yugioh anyone wants to play and feel is upto konami I feel to fix it as you can't blame the scum players who bend it to there advantage but the system that allows it. I loved my dn testing for this format but then the event was just not enjoyable in comparison as a whole even when winning, the top just wouldn't of giving the satisfaction I had practised so hard for I feel like big ygo events are such a slog Going the distance is a wonder how they're worth it like Ive only had water chocolate and few bananas to eat in 2 days stomach feels like death!:P Anyway that's my post euros rant hope didn't come across too much as "lost on bubble insert salty rant here" Oh Other loss and a draw were to BA (valens and Ricardo who in T4 nw) cause drawing 2 mistakes to my single mst (never saw decree) is quite the blowout
  11. Nekroz - Discussion

    Ratios would u play though? 1 Farfa 2 griefing 2/2 or 2/3? Cause any more than 1 Farfa seems kind of bricky no?
  12. Satellarknight - Discussion

    Why 2 honest ? And did u like them?
  13. Dueling Network

    And no you wouldn't have to reveal just like playing vs infernity you wouldn't have any right to ask Opp to verify his backrows had no set monsters In it before admitting defeat
  14. Region Ruling inconsistensies

    I hadn't heard it explained like that before "can be seen" as such but makes more sense now why the London HJ ruled it the way he did now thinking on this. By extension to this then I presume fiend griefing chained to dante's cost targeting a milled BA will cause the BA monster to not activate as 'can't be seen' in deck!?
  15. Ok I am a European player attending the WCQ. Below is what I have gathered and sent to a couple friend's who will be judging the event in Dublin. They said to they get back to me/forward to HJ if unsure. But I said I would throw this here to further try to reach experienced players/judges who may be familiar more with certain region differences and thus have an idea how the following will be ruled at the European Championship!(not USWCQ!) So here goes;   1) Like everyone, Lose 1 turn vs ; books & removed from field(El fusion) tops my list as to how HJ EUWCQ will rule the card.   2) Another common one that I always ask at events is,    Mst vs Call of the haunted(COTH) on Deneb.    I do this as was commonly ruled differently to the USA where in Eu deneb would get its effect,     until at ycs london 14 I asked HJ the friday and said he would be ruling against that due to the mind control vs sinister shadow games      ruling at the time.    This confused me as before that I had just accepted the ruling difference between US/DN and EU on the matter.    My Irish nats 15 was ruled deneb would get its effect again for eg.   - Current format iteration of this scenario would be;  Summon nekroz of trishula activate its efect, opponent chains call of the haunted cl2 targeting in grave deneb.   Chain resolves deneb is summoned and then i resolve trish's non-targetting effect on deneb banishing it.   Can deneb activate as is banished before can activate its on summon effect?   3) Fiend Griefing:        - Similar to atlantean vs crow/transmigration of past where I have US related links but was told by people is different again in EU.    so Example A);                I have Fiend griefing set and my opponent activates Dante's effect to mill 3 cards from the top of the deck to gain 500 atk for each (the cost being the mill).     One of the milled cards is a Graff,of Burning abyss. If I chain Fiend griefing to the cost of Dante's effect targeting the Graff,   will the graff be able to activate its grave effect on a new chain despite being in deck at activation?         Example B)  I activate nekroz Exomirror cl1, (with a Trishula in hand) opponent chains trap Fiend griefing cl2, targeting monster in my grave(irrelevent in this case).                Chain resolves; Griefing returns monster to deck and sends the monster Alich, of burning abyss to the grave              whilst Exomirror then resolves summoning Trishula.   New chain is formed which lies my question. It is being accepted by players currently that if both players wish to activate their optional monster effects respectively,     then the chain must be formed as follows due to the player controlling Trishula being the turn player.   - CL1 Trishula    - Cl2 Alich     ; thus will result in alich resolving first negating the trishula meaning trishula's effect when resolving will be negated.    Why I am uncertain of this is due to alich being sent to the grave before trishula is summoned and will use Shaddolls as example of this.   So I summon Shaddoll Construct with a spell using Shaddoll Hedgehog as material to summon it.   Despite both being also optional effects, in the TCG the chain must be formed as cl1 hedgehog cl2 construct.  In OCG you can form the chain as turn player wants to ie, cl1 construct cl2 hedgehog but not in TCG.   So I am wondering are players forming the Trishula vs Alich chain wrong using ocg logic or is it infact correct that the chain must be cl1 trish cl2 alich?    4) Ritual mechanics: Well known European players at ycs Bochum(March) and australian national(June) claimed judges were ruling the following scenario as follows;     If you activated nekroz cycle(below) with a level 4 monster on the field you could tribute an in-hand nekroz unicore(lvl 4) and summon that same   Unicore from the graveyard similar to machina fortress can tribute itself from hand to summon himself from grave.    Is this a legal move?   DN admins ruled it not to be due to ritual summoning mechanics and I tend to agree.