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  1. Kozmo - Discussion

    its been now confimed, infinity will be in BOSH sauce:https://www.facebook.com/OfficialYuGiOhTCG/photos/a.498905223471514.130793.124988010863239/1157084537653576/?type=3&theater
  2. Nekroz - Discussion

    so is the deck dead or what? why does no one comment anymore?
  3. Infernoid - Discussion

    isnt chicken games bad in this deck as you cant really kill your opponent while it is on the field?
  4. Infernoid - Discussion

    I assume infernoids will side chaos hunter to counter that. At any rate the true test starts now     The dude that won Dallas was playing a single Chaos Hunter in the board, but I don't understand the logic behind it: CL1 Reasoning/Monster Gate, CL2 Retaliating C. At this point the Noid player can't activate CHunter because the the roach hasn't been summoned yet. So the the chain resolves with roach summoning itself, then the Reasoning eff resolves and all the Noid players shit gets banished anyway, defeating the purpose of CHunter.   Furthermore, CHunter is a "When...: You CAN..." eff. Roach is summoned after CL1, so I'm pretty sure Hunter would miss the timing regardless.     But Retaliating C is also gamebreaking against Dolls and still very relevant against Nekroz. Your right that Lancea or Iron wall are stronger against Noids but the meta is pretty diverse at the moment and I don't think there is space in most sideboards for much specific Noid hate. Besides Retaliating addresses the decks (arguably) strongest cards, Reasoning and Monster Gate. Noids is often playing a weaker deck (compared to the rest of the field) unless it can resolve one of these cards.   the thing is that it is not specific infernoid hate, it's very strong against nekroz, combine 2 lanceas/iron wall for nekroz and 2 retaliating for nekroz and shaddoll and there you got 4 cards in side vs infernoid without using exclusively against them, add 2 vanity fiend if you are using qli or burning abyss and there you got 6 cards
  5. Infernoid - Discussion

    I think it's jsut better to side lancea or imperial iron wall against infernoid, they are good against nekroz and also against infernoid
  6. Nekroz - Discussion

      I'm currently using BTS in the side deck as burning abyss have become pretty popular and they tend to side majesty fiend/vanity fiend/spell canceler, even if they don't side it in or don't have it currently it's not completely dead against burning abyss, even using it on a dante that tries to crash with your abyss dweller to lower its atk followed by dweller effect tend to be enough to make it worth it, though the same can't be said about using it against qli to stop majesty/vanity/canceler as the card is pretty much dead if they don't use any of the aforementioned, because of this BTS isn't an absolute answer against those pesky monster floodgates, which quite frankly is the main use it has, it can also stop anoyatyllis which is nice I guess.       Wouldn't it be better to simply take out the exa and put in dance princess while keeping the sorcerer (sorcerer itself is pretty useful specially when going first in the mirror as you can search for sorcerer, tribute sorcerer and manju/clown to summon valk, search another valk and tribute the on field valkyrus + clown)? its a level 4 so it works great with instant fusion, recovers shurit or w/e you want that is banished (which most of the time is any card in the deck as you would have a unicore or brionac banished), hell it even recovers trishula if it gets banished and punish your oponent for leaving a field (or hand), most of the time you are ritual summoning level 4 or 8 so it works well to even replace shurit in that sense, it also gives the middle finger to naturia beast and helps set up fields vs burning abyss without getting disrupted by the traps and makes maxx c and mind crush less optimal against you
  7. Nekroz - Discussion

          I'll take w/e he's smoking
  8. Nekroz - Discussion

    over the top of what? really what's the difference between otking with herald to otking with masquerade? now a days you don't grind the mirror match anymore, realistically you will not be reusing the herald with norden and yet you make the deck less consistent than if you were only running the clowns and instants 
  9. Nekroz - Discussion

    still is just more consistent using only the clowns and norden without mathemagicians and bulb
  10. Infernoid - Discussion

    ok vintage, I dont play those formats so I got confused, the idea is still there though
  11. Infernoid - Discussion

    black lotus is a $7000-12000 card, each moxen is $2000-3000, all the P9 is really expensive and yet legacy vintage is a thing, the point I'm trying to make is that the cost of the card doesn't really matter when we are discussing what is the most optimal build, who knows? maybe minerva is the card that could push this deck to tier 0... or maybe not, but we should let the actual testing tell us that, not the price. the price of the card is not a good enough argument to avoid testing/discussing the card
  12. Infernoid - Discussion

    saying that you shouldn't build your deck around a prize card because of its cost is like saying that back in the day we shouldn't had built decks around dracossack, spellbook of judgement or dark armed dragon, hell even crush card virus which is also a prize card. that argument is simply flawed, the price of a card should not matter when thinking about what is optimal or not, if we say "well minerva is worth 1000 bucks so we should just ignore it" why would it be any different than when we paid 300 for a set of nekroz of brionacs or dracossacks? do you think it would be correct to say "well nekroz of brionac is a 1000 dollars card, that's why we should ignore it" if brionac was a prize card? sure, the card has a hefty price tag on it, but so what? if it's an important part of the engine then you need it, whether you like it or not.   In MTG there are some really expensive cards but you still run them because if you don't the deck is simply inferior, using a legacy vintage deck without the moxen or black lotus is a joke, if you can't afford that kind of cards fine, but don't try to shut that suggestion because of that
  13. Nekroz - Discussion

    sure I would like to run maxx c and veilers but there isn't much space really, you have to play less combo cards and diminish your otk and combo potential in order to run more defensive cards in an attempt to protect yourself from opposing otks, I don't really care much about norden in rogue decks, what's the most their norden can do that you can't get rid of? also most of the time you have a unicore on board vs them so it shuts their norden off, the real trouble is norden and masquerade otking you through valk in the mirror so what would you rather do? be the one making the otks? or stopping opposing otks? because for certain there's no way to fit multiple maxx cs, veilers, instants and clowns in the deck without cutting anything, also I don't like the odds of actually stopping the otk with maxx c and hoping to draw the veiler
  14. Nekroz - Discussion

    while maxx c works ok with norden, it doesnt really stop the otk, if im going to otk I dont mind giving my opponent infinte cards if I kill him that turn, veiler is the better option as it entirely stops norden and can also stop the otk
  15. Nekroz - Discussion

    its the same chain but that rule doesn't apply here as the activation is the one negated, you can continue using gorz in that situation (this was already been clarified by judges so no point in arguing that), anyways yeah, gorz is not very good, in fact it only works if the opponent is trying to otk you when you have 8000 lp , the otk in which you already took some damage and receive 5600 from masquerade and valkyrus will still kill you, still I'm just giving more options, I even ended the post saying that I might end up using veiler