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  1. League of Legends

    Just play a non-standard support, get kills, and don't die.
  2. League of Legends

  3. Switch Mafia Post Game - Town wins

      Wait, I'm forced to read my role pm? I've seriously considered not doing that just in case I'm scum.     DDOS   Also how did ygo get into this wtf?
  4. League of Legends

    I think I'm actually most bothered by the Muramana changes. It just feels... wrong? 
  5. Switch Mafia Day 7 - The Decision 2016.

    I wanna say Malcolm is playing like he's town, but I'd hate to ignore him if he's scum managing to lead town by now. Then again, I won't be able to convince anyone of that anyway even if it is the case.    Alive = scum is pretty crappy reasoning anyway. 
  6. Switch Mafia Day 7 - The Decision 2016.

      Glad to see you paying so much attention to my activity.    How is that contributing, exactly? 
  7. Switch Mafia Day 7 - The Decision 2016.

    Sorry.    Not gonna lie, I just straight up didn't feel like playing last night when the day started.      FoS         Heat soft defending Reli/slickz here after Gemstone and I brought it up seems a bit suspect
  8. Switch Mafia Day 7 - The Decision 2016.

    Tbh I don't even know what y'all are fighting about. I stopped reading after nick said something about negs.
  9. Switch Mafia Day 7 - The Decision 2016.

    I actually really like reli for scum now with that omgus, so vote reli
  10. Switch Mafia Day 7 - The Decision 2016.

      Also, is simply agreeing without committing to a vote really "jumping on a train"? That reaction was awfully quick and aggressive, considering the nearly insignificant amount of pressure applied.    So, either you already think I'm scum, which would be fine, but I haven't seen one mention of you thinking that so far, let alone voting me prior to this.   Or, you just don't care. Reli for SK? 
  11. Switch Mafia Day 7 - The Decision 2016.

      That's our allen <3         Also, I don't like this post. The bolded is not an attitude of someone trying to advance a town agenda, and with the way Allen has treated the game thus far, I'm pretty sure he'd know that.    The serial killer accusations may have some merit to them.    allen is always confident to the point of bordering cockiness.     So what do you think of Allen then, in terms of the actual game? Posts like this don't really get you anywhere.    He's basically saying "it's this way and I'm confident about it, trust me". Normally, when allen says that, chances are that you should trust him because he generally knows what he's doing and knows when he knows what he's doing.   I think allen would act exactly like this as town.   I think it's possible that allen would act like this as mafia.   I think allen would act exactly like this as serial killer.   Point being, his attitude is not a reason to lynch him.     You're missing my point.    No one wants to die, unless it's part of a weird alternate win-con or to activate an ability (neither of which should exist in this game based on what Francis has said). That doesn't help you or your faction win.    Throwing out reads like that with the caveat "If I'm wrong you can kill me" is not something town would truly mean (unless they are just extremely that lacking in confidence in their reads, which we've noted Allen isn't), but it gives him an out as scum or SK when his reads are wrong.    I'm not saying that one post means he's scum, but I find it suspicious.
  12. Switch Mafia Day 7 - The Decision 2016.

      Duly noted. 
  13. Switch Mafia Day 7 - The Decision 2016.

      Incoming piggyback: I agree with Gemstone.    Again, I kind of feel that way about JC. too, only providing steady remarks without actual observations. He committed to voting me pretty quickly though, but only after I had plenty of pressure from Malcolm and others from the previous day.