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  1. YCS Dallas (10/4/14)

    what happened in that situation?
  2. YCS Dallas (10/4/14)

    Something like it was a 25 minute game 1, then game 2 is back and forth, then someone from the sidelines reminds Chris about time, so he scoops.  Tray then openly says he is going to use his full 3 minutes for siding.  Chris sharks him and Tray get's dq'ed.  I am not 100% sure so do not quote me on anything.
  3. YCS Dallas (10/4/14)

    That is so shitty man, does anyone know if Tray got banned for it?
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3z6qZReDxyUU2twcjRkaVVobVk/edit?usp=sharing I made a doc of round 1 pairings if anyone wants to access it w/o downloading it.
  5. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Because pretty sure because he is the turn player, he gets to use exciton before you can super poly.
  6. yCS tOroNTo September 2014

    Too bad he's colour blind :3
  7. YCS Madrid September 7-7th

    I thought that was like a fact of the internet, twitch chat is always cancer.  I think I know of maybe 1 streamer who has a cool chat.
  8. YCS Madrid September 7-7th

    I need to watch the VOD to see his reaction, his deck profile is going to be interesting 
  9. YCS Madrid September 7-7th

    My stream just got back up and the commentators are praising Joshua :L
  10. YCS Madrid September 7-7th

    I know he cheated was just asking if it went through, wtf don't they read chat :(   Have they like, even acknowledged it
  11. YCS Madrid September 7-7th

    Wtf happened, did Joshua win?
  12. YCS Madrid September 7-7th

    OMG my stream cut off, all I know is that the chat is going crazy over Joshua apparently cheating with Super-Poly and Construct
  13. yCS tOroNTo September 2014

    Is there any coverage, I have checked the site but the most recent update I have there is the WCQ Champion post?
  14. DG Live 167: TCG/Locked

    I have about an hour, maybe an hour and a half
  15. DG Live 167: TCG/Locked

    In, ElvishPresley
  16. 2014 World Championship

    Was there even any coverage of the worm guy, in written features or otherwise?  I was away for the full weekend so I don't know what matches got featured.
  17. DG Live Special Invitational: TCG + DUEA

    I have the final recorded if anyone wants it
  18. DG Live Special Invitational: TCG + DUEA

    Elvishpresley sending deck list right now
  19. DGz Special Invitational Details

    If I do well in this it will be a:  
  20. DG Live 164: DUEA, July 2014 TCG FINAL Qualifier

    I think I subbed to it a while ago: http://www.twitch.tv/duelistgroundz/
  21. 1st place WI State Championship

    *sigh* on phone so accidentally negged, time to go rep ur other posts :S.
  22. ARG Circuit Series Championship with $20,000 in prizes!

    http://articles.alterealitygames.com/arg-circuit-series-championship-top-16-decklists/ lists are up