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  1. Barrier Statues/Dyna

    Hi there, I have spend the last two weeks playing this kind of deck and played it kind of similar but yet different. 3 Dyna: Is of course correct as it is the best monster and and one of the best cards in the deck. Barrier Statues: I played 6 and would not go below that. It has to do with the amount of cards in the deck that are only good if you have a monster on board. And you really need a monster on board to win. More on that further below. I main the wind one. Majespecter is the only thing commonly played atm until wind witches come. Dark Synchro and Heroes are too common to play the dark one imho. Equips: 3 Shield is of course correct as it is the best card of the deck if you have a monster. Mage Power is really great and I went from 0 to 1 to 2 and even to 3 (not sure about it though). It's basically another Shield without the effect of coming back when destroyed. Therefore I want to get it often. But it's almost useless however once you have drawn shield apart from making direct attacks bigger, which is not too bad actually. Mass Destruction: I only play the Raigeki, but going 2nd vs. a board (especially ABC) is sometimes unwinnable without it. Therefore, Dark Hole seems an OK idea. But isnt it often dead in the run of a duel? Draw Spells: You don't play Desires for financial reasons - then be it. Duality is of course staple. However, I did cut the Demise and Upstart. Demise was too often underwhelming and dead. If you draw it on the first turn, it's mostly good (But even here: I hate packing 5 in my backrow and not leaving a slot open if the combination of cards I have is suboptimal). After that I found myself in the position to have more than 2 cards in hand and with only one or no slot free on the field. It seemed mad at first to cut Demise but I do not miss it. Real Traps: The 3 Solemns and BTH are a good ratio imho. 4 Solemns is often a bid too much as opponents very often can't special anyways. I play 4 Mirror Forces (one regular) and find that pretty good for all situations where you don't have a monster or don't have an equip (or play Deflector). I also think that they are better than the Trap Holes, especially going second, when there already is a board you face. That situation is a weak spot of the deck anyways. Destruction prevention traps: I only play 4 of the PK traps as they only do something when you don't have a monster. Opening 2 of them without a monster often means you die. 3 Bribe is perfect, I would play more if I could. I also main Deflector, although it conflicts with the equips, but having something vs. S/T destruction is too important. Mirror Forces also help with the Deflector use. I found Huge Rev underwhelming and cut it overall as it is only good vs. Twin Twister (which is commonly played of course but often enough not mained or replaced by MSTs or Cyclones). Deflector helps vs. all of them. In sum, my gameplan is usually summoning Dyna and equipping it. After that negate all destruction cards the opponent has and win. An equipped Dyna is an autowin against almost everything.
  2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    I have very mixed feelings about it. What I like is that it's a real anti-war film. It left me depressed with the way people are and the world is. It feels bad to know that people are dying in wars all over the world. The way Orson Krennic says "its beautiful" when the laser is fired is really fucked up. It strikes you what a cold blooded mess the empire's elite is. This is the Star Wars material that makes the empire look actually disgusting. Almost no fascination left. Even the total megalomania of the empire just feels terrible, like when you see that they build a shield around an entire planet. And of course the death star itself. There the film does a great job imho. I also think that although you know that somehow the plans will reach Leia, it's thrilling to watch the struggle and see how they do it. The acting is also solid for the most part and great in some others. Felicity Jones is good, Ben Mendelsohn is very good, while Donnie Yen... well I did not like him. I also totally loved that a general Syndulla gets called out at the rebel base at one point. What I did not like was that the story itself is kinda thin. And the characters are shallow. There is no big world, no whole universe no details. Of course it's just one movie not a complete series but without it being part of the known Star Wars Universe, it would have left even more questions unanswered. You learn only so few things about the planet, the rebellion and the Rogue One squad. I hate when people are not properly introduced and their stories are not told or only told by totally interchangeable clich├ęs. Well and Star Wars without proper Jedis is just not Star Wars for me. They are my main reason to love the whole thing and enjoy the magic. Overall, pretty good anti-war film, but not my kinda Star Wars.
  3. Lightsworn - Discussion

    Oh boy, this almost looks like good old Performages again... I miss you broken clowns. Joshua plays 3 2ofs as extenders/starters with Hattricker, Thrasher and Goldfish. But Jigabyte as a 3of. It's interesting that all of these aim at the same thing in their core but with each a little twist to it. Would be interesting to know if he'd build the same way after the tourney (although highly likely he would as he won and "It worked" for him...). And this deck is actually looking less dependent on Minerva than other version seen before. Not implying that the deck will function just fine without her... Just looks like the latest incarnation of random rank4 spam like Clownblade was before.
  4. Online Tournaments With Prizes!

    Time was always the main reason for me to NOT to play DN too much. One match on DN typically lasted longer than 3 on *pro. Thank you for the effort. TCG makes this interesting. Also for the full manual mode: please make it happen soon!
  5. Updated Suspended Players List

    If the rape thread actually happened he is treated mildly with 3 years. What a caveman...
  6. Yosenju

    It's funny how you can just replace the Yosenjus and Tenkis with Qli cards and Summoner's Art for basically the same thing. Deck is good. I like the Qli version better though. For Yosenju, I would suggest Raigeki/Dark Holes. You will not always be able to bounce everything back. The mirror forces are great and all but some ezpz massremoval helps, too.
  7. Qli is da nutz with CoD. On an equal unfairness level like Soul Charge, Sixth Sense and Return b4 that. Get em.
  8. Ask a Trumpologist anything

    Isn't it somewhat ironic that America has immigration as one of the major themes in the election debates?   How are you personally affected by immigration?   What is so bad about a government spending money that is t seen as a generally good thing to cut spending?   Why are taxes or at least raising taxes generally bad?
  9. Sold all my cards. Did not play a single game even online since. Come here and look around still. I consider it a break atm. Although interest is already fading tbh.
  10. While a 37 card list is indeed easier to find now, simply including Upstart doesn't solve the problems the new list causes for the deck. It's obviously not that simple. -2 Joker and Monkey as well as -2 Luster is such a huge hit for the consistency of the deck. While the Performages maybe are not super-essential for the deck (like the OCG shows), hitting all 3 engines hard plus taking away one of the strongest extra-deck monsters changes everything to a point where it's not "I'll just play Upstart now" anymore.   You really have to re-think how you will play now. What do you want to achieve? Go 1st still? To go into what now? Do you need a new game-plan and how can you get there most likely and most often? Just going back to MagiPePe is also not possible because Luster-Plush was such an integral part of that deck. At first glance it almost seems that you might even have to reconsider the Rank4 route without the Mages. But then again, which are the alternatives and are they better? Can the Performapals solve the issues on their own with Donkey Princess and others? Most likely not just like that.   Think about Rescue Rabbit and Dai. How can you still easily plus without bricking too hard. Pendulum Call was always good for that. I am still undecided whether I should drop the deck or not.
  11.   You're not going to find an ideal build for going 2nd by playing traps in it. The best solution would be the find a build that wins game 1 against the mirror when going 2nd and then blind 2nd, and that build wouldn't be using traps.   I am not talking about an ideal build for going 2nd. You didn't even read what I wrote. Don't just quick reply triggered by some words you saw skimming my post. I want to improve my build for the cases going 2nd in G1. This is not equal to building a full "I go 2nd every time" deck. Cards that can do this are spells and handtraps mostly. Haven't got a solution yet, but will continue to search for something...     And a build that "works" both 1st and 2nd is going to be inferior to a build that does one of them better and always gets to go 1st/2nd. While true, what has this to do with what I wrote? Never implied to make build that is trying to be just "working" going 1st. Read properly what I wrote, not what you want it to mean.   And, to my understanding of the word superb, if you try to mix the solutions to the problems, you won't be superb at either. The goal shouldn't be "superb" anyways, it should be ideal. You make it sound like keeping going second in mind while building will automatically result in a bad build for going first. That is simply not true. If you want to build exclusively for going 1st, do it and exclude all handtraps. If you want to go always 2nd, do it, find a build that is even stronger than the common going 1st-build. In addition, you are implying I am derailing the thread? Because what I am talking about has nothing todo with the topic of this thread, right? Just go and fuck each other guys.
  12.   You're not going to find an ideal build for going 2nd by playing traps in it. The best solution would be the find a build that wins game 1 against the mirror when going 2nd and then blind 2nd, and that build wouldn't be using traps.   I am not talking about an ideal build for going 2nd. You didn't even read what I wrote. Don't just quick reply triggered by some words you saw skimming my post. I want to improve my build for the cases going 2nd in G1. This is not equal to building a full "I go 2nd every time" deck. Cards that can do this are spells and handtraps mostly. Haven't got a solution yet, but will continue to search for something...
  13. Atm, the major thing to fix imho is going second. The deck is fine if you go first and make your board. Opponents need broken hands to brake the board and not get beaten during your next turn. That's OK.   BUT, going second is still full of problems. Are the handtraps a solution? Should we cut one of the 3 sub-engines (although most likely this question can be cut down to Dracos or Mages) to make room for cards that help you there?   I would still view the deck with all 3 engines as the overall strongest and most consistent. But a build with Secondonkeys instead of Mages works too. There could be tweaking potential in this direction. Cutting Dracos (apart from Luster) also doesn't mean you will lose. Even though some people want make it look like that by calling Dracorivals uber-broken etc.   The point is that I find it hard to win Game1's in the mirror when going 2nd and opponent does not brick. I don't want to rely on coinflips. I want to find a 37 card build with handtraps as well as real traps (either Solemns or Trap Holes) that functions superb when going 1st and good going 2nd.
  14. I reeeeally liked Beast in the Mirror and still think that Beast + Pleiades maybe is the best board.   BUT agree that it's absolutely correct that the normal summon of Joker is sooo much stronger than the shit tuner. In addition, combinations of CyDra/Raffle/Evilswarm Nightmare is not particularly worse. So we are not talking about giving up the godly Beast + Pleiades for a mediocre replacement but much rather the trade of one insane board vs. another, while making one extra deck spot free (which I find big) and eliminating a shit card from the main deck as well as a conflicting normal summon.   As a result: No Beast anymore... :sadface:   To win, you usually need the Performapal engine to function in my experience. The duels where your initial Joker/Monky eff gets negated by Strke/Veiler/Ogre are usually much, much harder to play.   Regarding the extra deck: 2x Ignister Majester Dinoster CyDra Nova CyDra Inf Ptolemaeus Rafflesia Trapeze Castel Diamond Dire Dweller Nightmare Emeral King of the Feral Imps 1x or 2x Norden   Those are the most commonly ran monsters, I guess. When we are not searching for Palomuro, do we need KingotFI anymore? I feel like searching for Lizard or Jigabyte (if even played) is hardly ever needed. Also running Emeral over a 2nd Norden (assuming I am playing 3 Instant Fusion, which I still think is an awesome card)?