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  1. Fire Fist - Discussion

    you're retarded Please explain the definition of "retarded" to me? I'd really appreciate it, kid.
  2. Fire Fist - Discussion

    Hey there everyone,   I'm fairly new to DGZ, having been a part of the Pojo community for quite some time, so forgive me if I seem unknowing to the ways of this forum.   In regards to this thread in particular (I have been playing Fire Fist since YCS New Jersey of 2013), I have come to realize that a lot of you like to discredit the 3.5 Axis version of the deck to be viable in the higher-end competitive scene anymore (you all like to argue to, as did the guys over on Pojo). I'd like to say that that version of the deck is no-where inferior to +1 and in my experience at multiple locals throughout the state of NJ, this version is thriving. With cards like Fire Formation- Goyok., Rekindling, and the amount of pressure you can put on your opponent with grinding them out until it is the right time to lay your Horse Prince play on the field, I have consistently beaten our +1 counterpart. I'd be more than glad to post my deck-list that has been giving me success and explain my tech choices as well but, please do not discredit players opinions just because you choose to follow someone who has topped some events or gained some higher-level success in the YGO community. Just because certain choices and theory-o they used worked for them, doesn't mean it is accurate or correct (ex. maining 3 Upstarts and 3 Reckless in every God damn deck this format, stop riding Hoban's dick). Uthor, you seem like a respectable guy but, tone it down a bit with your comments and opinions. No need to shove them down everyone's throat.   In other news, could someone please answer this question?:   Ghostrick Alucard or Mechquipped Angineer in 3.5?