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  1. Shadoll Books.

  2. Shadoll Books.

           Shadolls have peeked my interest since i saw a brief list of Duelist Advent. Dark spell casters with all them having 2 effects seemed nice. I opt'd to play 2 ors instead of 3s due to i see everything usually. The reason i chose to go with spell books incorporated because we all know for the most part it lacked field presence,blah blah. Its just another variant to play that isn't high priestess reliant,world bricking,etc.        The choices of 2 ofs will probably annoy some people, and the extra/side could use a lot of work. Just being able to continue to play books normally with the fact of a monster always on board is a win in my book, as well as having a boss such as mid rash. Anyways just thought i'd share something since I hardly ever post.
  3. Karakuri OTK!

    merchant is first turn nat beast access
  4. Out of Time

    i don't think you explained swords of concealing.
  5. ARGCS 2nd Place Boiiiiiii READ IT AND WHEEP!

    congrats, & future "hate" posts will be from scrubs, prepare.
  6. How do you feel about CoTH in the main?
  7. Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis

     have you tested this? one match, drew horrible so it definitely needs revisions.
  8. Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis

    just going off the idea.
  9. Fincess

  10. bugs with costumes -.-

  11. bugs with costumes -.-

    after constant CONSTANT testing, pure has just proven itself to be the best, so here is my build(the side needs a large amount of work)
  12. bugs with costumes -.-

    that was really my Goal tbh...Inzektors not resolving is an issue. So with that being said I wanted to have an alternative way of playing which is the level 3 access from having a Jiangshi on board. Also ladybug can manipulate other levels of the ghostricks.
  13. bugs with costumes -.-

    -.- dunno how I missed that.
  14. bugs with costumes -.-

      He shouldn't be doing it at the expense of running things like Call or Foolish, IMO.  yeah I was being sarcastic. Call is amazing and shouldn't be at 3 imo. Since it is, it's dumb to not run in the deck I was running it @ 2, and then I cut one for fiendish. Then I thought to test out the other trap being It wouldn't be mst'd. But going off that logic is bad, i'll add it back @ 2.
  15. bugs with costumes -.-

        Since Ghostricks have come out i've been testing misc. builds that I found were subpar due to lack of beaters & keeping a monster on board. That was the case until the release of Ghostrick Mary & Jackfrost, to aide our beloved Jiangshi. A german friend of mine, Haze_ventura explained to me why he switched over from Xyz Frog to Ghostrick, talking about Dark Creator, Downerd Magician, and such. I then started looking at Ghostricks as more of an "engine".        Although it was just a theory I thought about, another friend of mine has incorporated Ghostrick in his Maldoche build. I then tried to think of other decks Ghostricks could help potential decks that lacked either floaters, or just overall needed an engine until they got there combos off. Now i'm not saying Inzektors needed it, but with a floating jiangshi on board, I now have an alternative play if my Inzektor is now negated by Effect Veiler, Fiendish Chain,etc..        Another cool tech I really wanted to incorporate was the Dark Creator. The potential game changing plays he has to offer attracted me to playing him. Making my opponent have to "deal" with Creator constantly summoning back a fallen card & a solid 3000 defense monster would often make my opponent have to overextend, and that's where my bugs come in, and rampage.        Although this is huge rough draft, and could use loads of fine tuning I just thought i'd share this, and possibly give someone else an idea.    *edit CoTH