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  1. Russia to Invade Ukraine

    Obama vs Russia. I hope not.
  2. My 2013 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 R-Spec.

    410@5600rpm 4th gear pull at 53 degrees F
  3. Initially, I was going to trade my 370 for a 2013 370 fairlady. Switching it up once in a while is just mad refreshing though. Photobucket; (I'll add more when I get back to the computer) http://s894.photobucket.com/user/theamazingleo/profile/ Current mods; Performance - Driveshaft Shop CF Driveshaft SFR High Rise Cams Injen SRI Ark GRiP v2 Catback Ark R-Spec Headers Ark Downpipe 2nd Cat Delete to Straight Pipe BTRcc Stage 1 Custom 93 Tune Cosmetic- Painted Tail and Headlights M&S Complete Rebadge Lightstrike StreetGlow Underbody Kit (because when you're drifting at night, people sauce) Reaction Videos When I get enough posts, I'll direct link. Otherwise, just search for my youtube channel "DEVLLLSH".
  4. Pokemon X and Y

    [quote name="Sixxy" post="3686198" timestamp="1391862887"]@Exiled: PM'd you.   @Maz: You can get the one from the PokEdit Event Database through :).[/quote] Oh word
  5. hai ygos.

    Faint's good people.
  6. Pokemon X and Y

    Anyone get a shiny genesecks through?
  7. hai ygos.

    Like 2008, I mean. lul
  8. hai ygos.

    Haven't touched this game since monarchs topped. Yah, been a minute. Does any of my old ygoetc people still play? Ohokai. -Mazerkist