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  1. Might as well ask, Since i have been finding no use in Snatch is there any bad conquences of me dropping it for a dance princess?
  2. You were active? loljk but I hoped you would have known sooner who those certain shit mods were   but you cant fire 90% of the staff though....
  3. See you might say good staff, but most of the good staff i knew left years ago hope most people do find there peace here if they do come here though
  4. You do relize Dnf has always had bullshit Staff issues Since Nexus least he was the smart one
  5. So because i am 26 and have had 0 need to learn coding before i was forced to take into to programming I have 0 idea what the hell i am doing Urthor said to try here so if i get yelled at i am complaining to him later   i have to take that code and make it do this:   Once a valid input file is specified, the program will read in, decode, and process all the cards in the file.  The output of the program will be written to the specified output file.                    The program will evaluate each coded card entry and determine if it is valid in terms of rank, suit, and format.  If valid, the program will output the possible values of the card (multiple values for an ace, single values for the others).  If invalid, the program will output out the appropriate error message.  If two or more coding errors are found, the card code is deemed “unrecognizable”. .   with these documents: Posted inside google docs to make my life easier   IN:       2-H OUT:  Two of hearts (value = 2) IN:       1-C OUT:   Invalid card rank in 1-C IN:       7-K   I have 0 idea what i am doing would prefer you to use smaller words due to english not being my first language plz   Any help is appericated like i need help
  6. I suggest chalice/breakthrough skill over fiendish but nice list to say the least also chirmatechs for what deck? geargia is basically dead and i see no machine decks that are tier 1
  7. America being the ass backwards country again deneb resolves with effect everywhere else
  8. well in the second case supply is always link 1 because its manditory but yea turn player always has the chance to be the lowest number in the chain do to the passing of priority I think its what it is called
  9.   Yes but do you fucking suck       Bump
  10. i want to play wars again on dgz they look so much better then dnf wars   in for warring free agent
  11. 1. let house duston die and summon 3-4 duston on both sides of the field 2. Summon Starduston 3. in standby play battle mania and otk
  12. Supprisingly enough this was brought to my intenstions on the Dnf About there being a Starduston Otk i thought it looked pretty cool that they have there own otk within the archtype. Then i just read starduston and just fell in love with the deck.     How it works: 1. let house duston die and summon 3-4 duston on both sides of the field 2. Summon Starduston 3. in standby play battle mania and otk   Deck sample: ( this is the deck i use) 3x blue dustion 3x green duston 3x red duston 3x yellow duston 3x house duston 3x starduston 3x pot of duality 3x upstart goblin 3x Were arf thou? 3x battle mania 3x mystical 3x Anti-spell fragrence 2x Maxx "c" 1x one day of peace 1x one for one     Side Deck: 3x Kaiser Colo 3x Dust Tornado 3x night beam 3x Trap Stun 3x Cused seal of the forbidden spell     Extra: Bunch of random cards That you will never ever use because dustons cant be Xyz'd, Synchroed or tributed   Do what you want with it i dont care really just put suggestions or if you dont like it just post y its bad
  13. So gx era Odds it has something to do with heroes
  14. hm looks like a good concept problem is though i really dont see how it works   3 creator swap seems bad and dead frogs dont even run that i am also wondering y you dont run thunder king which is in my opinion the best splashable monster in any deck
  15. see i always thought harpies were under rated congratz for the top and this makes me want to play harpies again