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  1. Kaiju kozmos topped at locals

    congrats on your top
  2. Zoodiac - Discussion

    I think I'm pretty certain that Zoo Infernoids are the best deck, but what other engines are worth playing with zoodiacs? I'm sure metalfoes will still be relevant and the kaiju variant will pop up a bit first, but anything else?
  3. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    I don't know why you would play anything without PK since going first with that and Beatrice vs ABC is really good, also Desires is basically a free dante since you're just playing like 18+ names and rhinos that you'll probably draw 2 names/eruption, and banishing targets for desires doesnt matter if you're killing them lol.
  4. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    I was testing a build with Hieretics and I thought it was pretty fun but honestly I think the extradeck problem is really hard to solve since you want 2 atum, 2 gaia, and I was using Sun Dragon Inti just as a beater so I could tag my Spirit out. Problem is the engine is like around 15 cards which is a lot. Also playing multiple vanillas suck and desires doesnt work too well with it.
  5. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    Graff is also a normal summon. And you have to consider any turn after T1 you usually have a normal summon in the form of TGU anyways, so you really only want normal summons that're exceptional first turn.
  6. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    If you're unable to trigger a single threatening BA effect that turn and all you have going for you is Slumber you're probably going to lose that game anyways. That's the thing about Spirit Dragon, is it's really easy to force out. Just make Farfa CL2 on any single chain and they're forced to stop it.
  7. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    I think traps are cool and all but I don't really think we understand what the meta is yet outside of BA and BEWD so it's really hard to discuss traps like Karma Cut and etc into a broad field that we aren't sure even exists yet. If you play BA and BEWD all day you may just find Karma Cut to be amazing, but what about if Kozmo picks up? That deck can facilitate so many draw cards that I'm sure it will pop up somewhere, and if so, how much of the field in any given room will be Kozmo? Fortunately I think that the BA and BEWD match-ups are pretty similar. Beatrice and Spirit lose to the same type of cards; Kaiju's, , Large Scale Destruction effs like Raigeki and Dark Hole, non-targetting monster effs, and things similar in nature which is actually a huge card pool we have to mess around with and this decks engine is so simple and convenient to access between Terrortops/TGU that often you can see multiples of these cards and still win the game, if not see multiple turns. As long as you play one out, either multiple Kaijus, Raigeki, PWWB, Karma Cut, etc, it's really easy to win with this deck once you get over their first board you can often put on 3k+ damage, which means you're going to win on the following turn. if they are unable to mount a come back, which if you get rid of their first beatrice without using yours, is really easy. Blue-Eyes usually can't win if you break their first board, that deck is very reliant on drawing non-searchable cards to revive monsters, often needing multiples, and against BA, Beatrice is at 1, and staring down Dante isn't that worrisome, so I think building any BA deck in the future with ANY tech choices should be HEAVILY focused on outs to those cards and realistically nothing else outside the standard engine, considering the knowledge of the cardpool in the game atm. I think a list playing Dark Holes/Raigeki, or even a list using Slumber to search Kaijus, is probably the best option for us.
  8. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    I really don't think that this deck is worth archiving because we're most likely going to see some lists topping sooner or another and we should have a place to at least discuss them. Also has anybody thought about playing BackJack again since fiend griefing and a few other traps are just really good against BEWD? I was testing the PK variant with rhapsody added to get over azure eyes but I'm starting to just think using PWWB with Farfa to out their Spirit may be better. And since they're turn player Azure is CL1 and Farfa can banish it as CL2. If you put that deck on a 2 turn clock they really have to find a way to break your board and stop your set up or they just lose. Also opinions on Downerd? I genuinely believe it isnt needed but a few people have said otherwise to me.
  9. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    I think a lot of the people who are hyping the deck didn't realize that the OCG has neither the Kaijus or Kozmo, both of which are a real problem for this deck. I do, however, think that Kozmos, and a few other decks are going to be hit on the upcoming banlist which to me feels like the real reason to pick this deck up. Knowing it's strong and going to be picked up for the next so or so upcoming months makes it a sound investment. Also, has anybody figured out a list of "mandatory" or fixated cards that are important to combos/overall consistency? I have a hard time on even discussing tech cards personally when we've yet to find an optimal or standard list going into the future. Once we figure out what we HAVE to play it's a lot easier to figure out what we can add. Also, I really don't think Ophion will be a problem, especially since that deck is destroyed on another level by anything besides blue eyes, and Pendelum will just dismantle IMO, so I'd consider siding Ophion options more than maining them and focus on going first.
  10. Pokemon GO

    I live right across from a pokestop, like a solid 15 feet from my doorstep, and so far every five minutes I get to collect at least 3 pokeballs and maybe an egg. Also I've only managed to find sandshrews, ekans, growlithe, and other basic insect/dog/bird pokemon. Has anybody found any Snorlax's etc?
  11. 2nd Place Australian Nats Report (Domain)

    " I activate stormforth and return and tribute his carrier for my caius, I declare Caius cl1 and return cl2 and he makes his carrier cl3 on my caius. I banish his scout and add an ehther. I then activate mithra effect and to my surprise it resolves ! I ask him do you have an out to the thunder token I just gave you because he has a face-up rivalry and he says he doesn`t and scoops. Game 2 I resolve a twin twister/ full house for 5 and win" How'd you get the search from return if the monster wasn't face up by the end of the chain? Also, he can just tribute set, but I guess the poor guy never realized.
  12. The red deck boxes that Pat and crew use are hard to find, cheap, and people like to buy that type of shit. If you do find any Yokai deckboxes tho PM me and I'd probably be interested if I can't find it online. 
  13. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    Also, realistically allure is only good if you don't open any of your engine cards, but when you play 6, that chance is probably really low. So playing more BA's is realistically better because if you happen to mill one of your multiple calcabs or libic, etc etc, they could open more lines of play. 
  14. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    I think Allure is a lot better in the PK variant, and by better I mean extremely good, but shit in pure BA. The reason being if you open it you can banish a PK besides boots to dig for boots/terror top and abuse levair without using their effects for the turn. 
  15. WATER - Discussion

    Gamciel is realistically the best answer since it's good against Kozmos and Beatrice Game 1 and doesnt give them a chance to respond. And if they see it game 1 they may consider activating beatrice preemptively game 2 or 3?