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  1. Metalfoes

    Due to Scapegoat's text I don't think it is worthwhile at least not the way I believe you mean it. Scenario 1 (your scenario?) Your turn: Scapegoat has been set the turn before (as slow as a trap) and you have a MF scale 1 activate MF scale on Scapegoat 2 activate Scapegoat 3 resolve Scapegoat: 4 tokens and you can't summon for the rest of the turn. 4 resolve MF scale Your turn is probably over because you can't summon any monsters. Scenario 2 Opponent's turn Scapegoat has been set on your turn a) activate Scapegoat in the battlephase to block attacks b) activate Scapegoat in the end phase to get 4 tokens Your turn Turn 2 tokens into Missus Radiant Pop the other 2 for searches or use them for a fusion summon.
  2. Metalfoes

    Performapal King Bear
  3. D/D/D - Discussion

    DDD is part of DD but not vice versa. So yes Ragnarok can SS a DDD monster from the GY. If you look at combo #7, he is used to bring back Genghis.
  4. ABC - Discussion

    While that is true how do you actually guarantee that? The chance to open both cards (BF + Desires) when going first is less than 10%. The chance to open with BF is around 33.8% But the chance to open with Desires has the same likelyhood. So in 33.8% of all opening hands you get the 28.6% chance of banishing a 1-of. While it is easy to say just resolve your search before Desires it is by far harder to actually pull that off consistently.
  5. ABC - Discussion

    I think Vu ran 2 Garnets because Desires banishing your only copy of Garnet is a real problem as well. With Desires you have now the problem of either drawing or banishing your only copy of the card. In a 40 cards deck the chance to banish a 1-of if you go first is around 28.6%. If you run 2 the chance to banish 1 rises to nearly 50% but the really relevant number for banishing both copies is only 7.5%.
  6. Metalfoes

    Kuraz is not a pendulum monster so he can't be a scale nor can he be recured. His level isn't really helpful either. He can't search more pendulum monsters but draws 1-2 cards this can be good or bad. It is unlikely that you can tribute summon him so he requires the pendulum summon. You can't push for damage with him if you used his effect. And he is a rather bad fusion material because we don't run Crimsonite. On the bright side you can hit your opponent's cards but then he is drawing. And if you can pendulum summon you can probably make better plays to break your opponent's board. I see no real value in running Kuraz in this deck. But I would run Raddishorse instead of Princess. It's a scale and has useful effects. With the amount of dark level 4s you run it is unlikely to open Joker or Joker + Princess reliably and the dark-only XYZs (Nightmare) are only good going first anyway.
  7. Metalfoes

    Here's Billy Brake's build: Billy Brake's deck Most interesting card choices: 2x Fullmetalfoes Fusion 2x Combination 0x Counter and the amount of MF fusion he is running.
  8. ABC - Discussion

    1) Play BF you get 2 NS. Due to the needed maindeck space 4 or 5 cards probably 5 with Desires you have to run less traps. 2) See 1) and play traps/quickplays you can chain anytime?
  9. Cyber Hero ABC

    Since the release of INOV we've got Dimensional Barrier. Do you think it is feasible to build a deck for going second that can't play if they flip the card? There's a 34% chance that that happens and the chance is higher if they resolved Tsukuyomi.
  10. ABC - Discussion

    Thrasher + lvl3 Dragunity tuner = S7nchro Gadget + Dragunity doesn't work. So I don't see that much value in running a lvl 3 Dragunity tuner. What about Torque Tune Gear (TTG) if you want to have Synchro access. Hangar alone can out both fiends if you run TTG. It enables S8nchro access and if you are so inclined Trishula access.
  11. Metalfoes

    While you are right about Dark Law's Macrocosmos effect a def pos. Toadally Awesome has 0 DEF and even Gendo has 300 ATK so he (every monster with more than 0 ATK that doesn't use an effect) can kill it at the cost of your battle phase.
  12. Majespecter Discussion

    I do understand your reasons for not running Kirin but you can tribute summon Kirin to put in on board or you run some scales with a value of 7 or higher like Eccentrick she can even deal with backrow and floodgate monsters as well. And once you have Kirin on board its like a free trap every turn not wasting your actual traps.
  13. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    And come INOV, every deck gets Dimension Barrier. It works the other way around as well.
  14. ABC - Discussion

    Here's a list of DB combos (some combos are from other players on the internet but I don't remember their names: if you feel like there is one of your combos feel credited)
  15. ABC - Discussion

    Well that's actually pretty low. And I think that 3 of each Gardgets isn't even the common number I believe more people are testing 2 of each. One way to get to our A,B and Cs faster would be to mill them. Charge of the Lightbrigade + Raiden equals a mill 5 in MP1. Raiden works with Thrasher but not with the Gadgets. If you are one of the people that have a Minerva you can increase the milled cards by 3 but you need either Thrasher or IF and a milled lvl4 monster among the already milled cards. IF enables R4nk access after a Charge and/or Raiden mill but which R4nk will be actually useful T1? Raiden + a lvl4 is any generic S8nchro as well. All of the mill options suffer from less control over the outcome than the combo themaninblack calculated. Needlebug Nest and Kuribandit are too slow because you want to make Dragon Buster on T1 not on your next turn. BF offers the option to send any light monster and gives you 2 NS a turn. So BF + any 2 different monsters from among A,B and C gives you your Dragon Buster. But thats a 3 card combo that only puts Dragon Buster on the field. If you have a 3rd lvl4 light monster you get Tsuku + Dragon Buster. OTOH, BF gives you the chance to brick with BF and a GK in hand. AHL + Prisma in deck You need any two different monsters from A,B and C in hand + AHL AHL SS Prisma Prisma effect to send the piece you are missing to the GY NS A,B or C SS Tsuku Tsuku effect detach A,B or C and discard the remaining piece. SS Dragon Buster downsides: 3 card combo, costs 4k life, you have to run Prisma. I'm brainstorming right now so the options might be rather crappy.