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  1. Phantom Pain

      I agree that the Super Quantum's don't add much to this deck, but I feel like because of the small monsters, lack of pendulum summoning this deck will always be quite weak to Maxx "C", similar to BA. Obviously making 1 Xyz and then set 3 and pass is a possibility under Maxx "C", but anything this deck can make T1 just feels underwhelming and feels likely to get run over pretty easily.    Edit:    I was playing around a bit more, and I think playing more traps might be the way to go so that our T1 is a lot better. I've started running triple Ultimate Providence, and quite frankly, it's a good card because we have two very strong discard outlets, monsters & traps, few decks can go plus off discarding a trap and not only that but it sets you up to combo off even harder. I feel like the best thing this deck can do is to go first, set like 2/3 counter traps, have a monster with a big attack/defence, hopefully negate some of their key plays T2, and then go for the OTK on T3 by swinging with like Broken-Sword at 3K (or a 5K Dark Xyz Rebellion) + Leviair + another Rank 3. 
  2. Phantom Pain

    Something I found when I played around with your build was that while spell & trap destruction was both easily accessible at all times (clearly 3 backrow in 1 turn is fiendishly easy), fighting over monster heavy fields was significantly harder when they had reactive monsters, or monsters that couldn't be destroyed by card-effects. (Rafflesia and Nightmare were particularly difficult to play over.   Then going first, meant opening into say a Dante or Blue Layer or both, felt all kinds of underwhelming. I think this deck needs a better way to estabish "scary" boards or at least put out the same level of damage as Mermails going into the future.    I also am a fan of Speedroids tbh, but only 3 top, 1 borg and 1 red-eye'd dice. I think for 5 cards they make the deck significantly more consistent and add more special summons when the only PK that can SS itself is Boots. Secondly Totem bird access is also good.    Lastly, I just found Red Layer kind of trash. When I had it in my hand it contributed nothing, but that might be my limited testing. 
  3. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

      To confirm to conclusion that was reached over there it is indeed a sub-optimal card. Overall, there are quite a number of outs do the card in a number of decks including Wavering Eyes' third effect, Raigeki, Dragonpulse, Treacherous, Bottomless, Solemn, etc. This card was at its best during Nekroz format where decks ran pretty much 0 outs to it and had no way of playing around it. 
  4. Force of Will

    So I started playing this with a Machina structure deck and bought half a box of TTW (mostly cause cardboard crack and I felt like gambling on a Sylvia Gill Uber rare), planning on building a Sylvia deck, but the way R/R is at the moment, is there any reason to play anything else (even with the Errata)?
  5. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

      I would really like to run Pendulum Sorcerer (since I have a playset not in use atm), but isn't this adding a whole bunch of sub-optimal cards just for the sake of using Wizard? Meaning you might go super plus, but you're searching cards that are kind of win-more or otherwise don't really add a huge amount of value.    Looking at the targets you've suggested (if someone suggests better targets I'll amend this point): Splashmammoth, it's pretty much a win-more card that just lets you combo harder. Let's you go more plus over the one copy of Odd-Eyes Fusion we run, is a pretty much the worst scale at 4.  Silverclaw, a 5 scale is not great for us, like losing access to summoning our level 6 & 7 targets is pretty bad since they're arguably what defines Magicians over PePe. His effect isn't hugely relevant when we already have pretty big monsters that can't be boosted further (since they aren't performapal). Partnaga might be a better target since that lets stuff like Zangke, Odd-Eyes and Avian run over Monarchs.  Turn toad. This is the best search target of the ones suggested. Lizardraw is a 6-scale which is effectively a 5-scale since no one runs Stargazer, and locks us out of the big dudes, and we can't really go Guitartle > Lizardraw for the draw power since Guitartle isn't great in this deck for similar reasons.  Something else I was thinking after reading the Water discussion is that since we have access to Trishula & Psy-Framelord Omega, perhaps attempting to summon them first turn in an attempt to take as many cards as possible out of their hand for their first turn might be the way to go when being forced to go first blind. 
  6. Dueling Network

      Possibly sharing one of the DDoS'd resources, like it might be trying to call a list of something like card-names or something. 
  7. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

      Now we have 1 Joker & 1 Monkeyboard, I'm really not feeling like Wizard is a good card for this deck. There just aren't enough good targets to search for. I also feel like with access to cards like Stardust, P. Call and Avian, I think don't magicians need to clear our scales before passing turns because the odds are remarkably stacked in our favour now to resolve a wavering eyes going against PePe without them being able to respond in kind. 
  8. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    Something I thought mentioning is that Dragon's Bind can be made an even harder lock with the inclusion of Avian who's 2700 ATK can be resummoned every turn while Bind is active. So while it introduces more non combo pieces, having access to stardust spark + Avian + Bind is almost always game. Obviously getting all on the field isn't easy or even likely tbh, just a point of consideration.
  9. Okay, I liked the content, but my issues are purely with the content:   Firstly, I'm not sure who's breathing that was, but they should be keeping their face a bit further. A pop filter can help remind you if you're getting too close. I found this video very, very useful in the audio production of some of the videos I used to make. Obviously you can't really do post on a live-stream, but having one person controlling levels/volume/etc is good. I'm not sure who's who, but someone also had some really bad audio-quality consistently, and may want to buy/borrow a slightly better mic if this becomes a regular thing
  10. Dueling Network

      What engine are you playing them in? Can't seem to get them to function enough to be properly rage inducing with Dracorivals. 
  11. Pure Shaddolls

    When you activate Magical Spring, aren't you trying to always blow them out with bad scale choices? Since I always hold the MS for when they play the Wisdom Eye/Wisdom Eye, the Luster/Plushfire and or Wisdom Eye/Dragonpit, to lock them out of playing proper yugioh. This spell also gets so much better with Pendulum Wizard's arrival since if they can't get the effect off, they're not getting the stupid plusses that the deck has. 
  12. Dueling Network

      Minerva Turbo is a pretty strong deck at the moment and bad players have the expectation that you shouldn't play prize-cards since you didn't earn them despite playing on an online Yugioh simulator that gives access to every card ever printed.    The only argument might be tournament testing (where playing against Minerva Turbo is an incredibly unlikely match-up) but given most of these players are using decks that aren't even tournament viable themselves, that argument goes out the window
  13. Now that the common agreement is to side out Wavering Eyes in the mirror, are there any ways an opponent might find a way to somehow have 3 faceup Wavering Eyes yet play a set in his deck, without a violation of the rules? I can't think of anything without the rules of no cards that aren't in play being allowed in the deck box coming to mind.
  14. Thinking of picking up Mermails in case BOSH proves to be too retarded expensive and selling all my Ignisters, Lusters, and all those wonderfully over-priced cards. I was thinking of getting maximum rarity on everything except the remarkably expensive Ultimate Rare stuff for hopefully around $100, is this a good price?   Similarly an Ivory Spellgrounds for 65AUD, I feel like while I'm going to use it a lot, I'm partially picking it up because it should appreciate over time, is this good/bad/retarded?
  15. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    Two really fantastic cards in this deck are:    Mask Change 2, this can let you dodge a breakthrough skill or a veiler targetting a Savant Kepler or Night Howling, while putting a 2400 monster on the board and giving you access to a macro-cosmos (which annihilates the recursive power of Pendulum decks).   Transmodify. This is practically an OTK with the Slime Pair: Use Swiral Slime + Necro Slime for D'Arc, transmodify it for D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok, who then can summon back the D'Arc that was tributed. Then you banish both Slimes from grave with Necro Slime's effect to summon a second D'Arc to give you a grand total of 7800 damage (without normal summoning), and you can end the turn by overlaying the two D'Arcs into Red-Eyes Dark Flare Metal Dragon meaning your opponent can't take any actions on that turn or they lose. Alternatively normal summon something to bring your damage to 8000+ and swing for game.