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  1. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

    Mario Kart, but shot like/with the gimmick of Baby Driver, with all of the songs in chiptune.
  2. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    I wouldn't be surprised if Wenger stayed at the club in some capacity, personally. Maybe some minor role at an executive level.
  3. Ready Player One

    Scott Pilgrim was made by Edgar Wright, having watched his TV show, Spaced, you can tell through the density of knowledge in his scripts that he is or was part of all of the nerd subculture he shows off in the movie. That's the difference between that and Ready Player One. There's obviously not much appreciation for anything referenced in the movie beyond the surface level, though in some ways I guess you could argue that's part of the point. I've seen the film. Its not really bad. Its just incredibly average and run of the mill. The worst thing about it was that it could have easily been so much better if the script wasnt so awful. Guess that'a what happens when you give the job of adapting a mediocre YA novel to the author.
  4. Black Panther

    It was OK. The music and acting was fantastic (the score is actually more amped than the Kendrick and Co OST stuff), and I think the visuals might have been good too (but I couldn't really tell because I could only get 3D tickets and everything looks shit in 3D). The story on a basic level was alright too, but there were weird minor choices all over the place. The politics of Wakanda are uncomfortable as well. It's basically like an Isolationist technology hoarding super rich country that has no democracy and subscribes to superstitious religious stuff and even though the film is partially about the protagonist realizing that he should change this, because it'd be more moral to help the rest of the world, the weird morals the entire fictional country live by make it difficult to really get behind the characters in some ways due to these issues actually being explored in the film. (Like for the vast majority of the film we're watching a fight between 'guy who wants to ignore every country in the world, all of which are full of people whose lives could be saved with his technology' and 'guy that wants to use said uber tech to take over the world') and honestly it's really hard to root for either. Also there's some weird logical things outside the story. Like Wakandan technology is supposed to be much greater than anything elsewhere on earth - and it is in the context of real life - but much of it has been matched within other Marvel movies. I guess it was handwaved by a line in there sorta, but I think the filmmakers should have really pushed the boat out techwise, much further than they did go. IDK about 'SJW' stuff... I guess there's humour at the expense of white characters here and there because of their race. I didn't really care about it though. I'd probably say this is like a 6/10.
  5. Lightsworn - Discussion

    Nate1080: Your dismissal of the deck seems pretty baseless. Who cares if Trickstars are still good when this deck shits on Trickstar? I think this deck is actually pretty good. You have numerous autowins going first and the deck has a tremendous grind game. Sure the deck is inconsistent to an extent, but definitely not enough to just discount it outright. Curious means that you have access to Snow much more often, and it also means that you can search Glow-Up Bulb and just auto win against Pendulum decks and other other decks that rely on Spell Cards. LS was skirting on the edge of relevancy before the list don't forget (3 topped YCS Prague in November), and I'm willing to bet that it'll do a lot more now that the majority of the monsters in the metagame aren't protected from Snow by Spyral resort.
  6. Actually you're exactly wrong. If you normal summon a monster, it doesn't start a chain. If it doesn't start a trigger effect, then you're in box B, so you can activate any speed spell 2 or higher effect before your opponent can (Box C). It literally says things work like I said they do on the flow chart. For example, if you summon Denko Sekka while you have 1 set, if the summon isn't negated, you get the first opportunity to respond to the summon. So you can flip your one set in response to Denko's summon, putting Denko Sekka's continuous effect into play. Rabbit being able to "dodge" Veiler is because the turn player is given the first opportunity to activate a card effect in a new phase (Box A) so you activate Rabbit (moving from box A, to box D) and now since Rabbit isn't on the field the opponent cannot respond to it with Veiler.
  7. The Flash

    The main villain for Legends just needs to entertaining enough to be interesting in whatever wacky scenarios are presented in each episode tbh. That's why Darhk is really so good in Legends specifically - Neal McDonough spends all his time chewing scenery like it's nobody's business. Arrow presents itself with a semblance of seriousness, therefore Darhk isn't nearly as entertaining in that way.
  8. Best Manga

    1 letter makes all the difference.
  9. Best Manga

    Beserk is cool, but Bakuman is the best manga I've ever read. The art is great, it finds a way to turn what should be a slice of life comic into a thriller/battle manga through presentation alone, while the story is simple it has layers that allow it to work on a metacommentary (the entire manga keeps shifting how it presents itself in relation to the genre of the in-universe manga that the story is about), on top of that, it's a great textbook about the manga industry in general, and pretty much every character is distinct and memorable in some way. Not to mention that the entire thing connects so well if you're an aspiring creative yourself.
  10. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    Personally I don't even give a shit about Star Wars, I saw this, and think it's got great quality in every department other than having a pretty bad screenplay (not in dialogue, but in story and the way the film is put together) which drags the film down horrendously, but it's still OK enough so I'd say it's like a 5/10. Honestly, it's probably what I'd have expected from a Rian Johnson Star Wars, because Looper was pretty similar except the plot of Looper was so insane that it being nonsensical doesn't even register while you're watching it.
  11. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    If he's leaving for the purpose of being successful why go to United over City then? Hell, Arsenal have won more than United have since Ferguson left the latter and neither have won the title since then while City look to be one of the best sides in Europe.
  12. If the summon is successful, the first thing that happens is the turn player has the ability to activate any speed spell 2 or higher effects if s/he wishes to. Then the non-turn player may do the same. After the resulting chain (if any) resolves, there is then an open game state.
  13. dude fuck the beatles

    Except none of them said such a thing. Lennon said "We're more popular than Jesus" and he also said it was a bad thing that they were. He never said anything about being better or worse in any way.
  14. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    The true reason that Bellerin's form's been dipping - he started playing bass for a psychedelic rock band from 1976 and the commitment divides his time too much.
  15. Justice League

    Saw the film. It's like a 4/10 that could have been a 6-7/10 if they hadn't massacred it in the editing room. The film sort of operates on leaps of logic and it's just rushed, obviously because Warner Bros. mandated that it had to be cut down by an hour. You can tell two people had their hands on this film as well because Joss Whedon is just a much more competent filmmaker than Zack Snyder is, so even when he's trying to imitate Snyder's cinematography it's pretty blatantly Whedon doing it. There's also large swathes of character stuff obviously missing, awkward scene transitions, scenes that visually look like they're from one of 40 different films and moments where you can tell lines of dialogue were originally meant to be but aren't. The visual stuff of this film is also sort of ugly. Ezra Miller is extremely good as this version of Barry Allen though (Flashpoint actually looks like a pretty good film), and Jason Momoa saves this version of Aquaman from being annoying as fuck. The Superman stuff is actually entertaining as well. Everything else about the film is basically functional, but nothing special. This is basically The Amazing Spider-Man 2 all over again, a mediocre film that could have actually been good had the studio not fucked it up, outside of the obvious fact that Marc Webb is a better filmmaker than Snyder. I guess if this gets a directors cut it'll probably be worth watching on Blu-ray but if you're hesitant about watching it don't go to see it.