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  1. Eh... Shades was my favourite villain character from that show. It was sort of funny how he was just some regular criminal guy who constantly had to put up with everyone around him doing crazy shit and being wannabe super-villains. So that was fun to watch. Cottonmouth was cool but they killed him off far too early.
  2. Honestly I'd prefer if they decided to forgo making a season 2 of this and Luke Cage in favour of a Heroes For Hire series. It'd probably work better.
  3. Both of these things are true - except the Neptune would have 6000 ATK. You summon Lyrical Luscinia - Independent Nightingale, which is unaffected by card effects, has 1000 ATK gains 500 ATK x its level and burns for 500 x its level every turn, you then burn for 500, tribute it for Neptune then burn for 5000. Then unless they have a Kaiju they just pass and you burn them for 5000 again during the next turn.
  4. I think a lot of the issues with Arsenal recently have been at least somewhat psychological. The uncertainty associated with Wenger possibly leaving has left everything in limbo and it's especially the case given how stable the club normally is. I expect things will pick up at least a little bit once Wenger announces what he's going to do.
  5. Their reasoning was that it's actually not a great draw midgame, which is a lot more relevant when you're playing Paleozoic because literally every game you play is drawn out.
  6. It's only really bad if they open the combo + Barrage anyway and you don't open another handtrap (Ogre, or another Flying "C"), so there are occasions where it's bad but you really need something that hits the mirror turn one anyway since you basically lose to the combo going second if you can't disrupt them somehow regardless and Flying C is one of the better things that can do that. Trading one for one with one of their defensive cards like a Chalice or Book Of Moon isn't even bad either - it's basically just average at that point. The biggest problem with it is that can be bad at times when you're not ahead, but that's the case with all floodgate cards regardless and at least Flying C can be dropped turn 1,
  7. The only time it didn't straight up win the mirror was the one where I fucked up anyway. The guy won by using Chain Disappearance on it.
  8. Went 4-3 drop. I played a pure Zoo list with mained Lullaby and Flying "C" (and most importantly, 1 copy of Ramram - which is broken). Deck was insane but I took 2 losses to random Maxx C/Dimensional Barrier/Metalfoe-going-first shit and I misplayed against the mirror once out of the 4 I played and it (deservedly) cost me the match. Probably just going to look around Prague or some shit tomorrow.
  9. This card could be kinda cool in OCG format, since they have like 3 Upstart, 3 Chicken Game, 3 Terraforming, 3 Rabbit - so there could be something there.
  10. This is actually a common enough thing for shit like Beats headphones to put extra weights in them so that they feel more valuable when you're holding them.
  11. Top 5 Worst Anime
  12. I wouldn't use a 15th place in an OTS tournament and a 22nd place at a regionals as evidence that the deck is still topping. I tried playing this deck a bit with Zoo cards because it's an engine that doesn't lose to mass removal, has a lot of draw power and also searchable defensive cards. It didn't quite work, there's too many problems with the Darklord engine - the biggest being that it's extremely weak going second and too inefficient. I can't see a version of this deck without the Zoo engine being any better.
  13. As a handtrap Veiler is so woefully mediocre though. Like against a Rat combo the best it does is stop them from searching Whiptail or from putting Rats back with Emeral. The former isn't exactly the best one for one ever and if you're disrupting Emeral then D.D. Crow is straight up better.
  14. My favourite way of making sure the zones are correct is to take your '94 Spellground and draw them on with a Sharpie Marker.
  15. I think players should have to agree upon a way of maintaining consistency regarding which zones the cards are placed in - and using mats with zones on them is one very easy way of doing that, but I don't think it should necessarily be required. Especially since a good majority of the mats Konami have made have lacked zones.