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  1. The Doctor's already pretty much canonically bisexual as it is.
  2. The problem isn't even really the quality of players (which has declined somewhat), but I would argue that it's still mostly the intensity of the league that's stopping Premier League teams from succeeding in Europe. Combine that with the teams in the other top leagues having the luxury of a winter break and you start seeing where they get a lot of innate advantages. I think the decline in the top teams performing in europe in particular has coincided with an increase in the quality of the average premier league team while the best teams have hit a point of stagnation. On top of that, I would be very interested to see what the rates of injuries in Germany or France are in comparison to England. English teams being the richest doesn't necessarily help out with anything either, since when a Premier League team comes knocking on a door for any player from the continent, you can expect their evaluation of their player to skyrocket. The money mostly just causes market inflation. If no Premier League teams were interested in Lacazette for example and he was sold to a German team it probably would have been for 30 million instead of 50.
  3. To be fair to Konami, it is actually illegal. Since they played the game out first it comes under changing the result of the match after its conclusion.
  4. Billy Brake and Jackie Bernal both banned for 6 months. Apparently they played each other in a regional and Jackie won but gave Billy the win because he needed the Worlds Points more. Then Billy mentioned it on a Youtube video.
  5. Format is pretty shitty atm, like deckbuilding-wise it seems OK, there's a lot of room for innovation, but as far as the other facets of the game goes there's definitely been far better formats. Zoodiac is the best deck at the moment, to the point where the only 3 real decks (as in, you could probably actually win a major event with it) are all Zoo variants. A list is gonna come into effect mid-June (basically just for the Worlds Qualifiers), and' the changes will cut out quite a bit of the bullshit, but the makeup of the top cuts won't really change too much. Link monsters and the rule changes accompanying their introduction won't be introduced until after the NAWCQ and the format will be drastically different when that happens.
  6. Also re: Arrow finale: re: Flash finale:
  7. Oh btw my Discord name is A11sopp.
  8. Yeah this is correct, but only for traps that discard as cost. I'm pretty sure Konami specifically made Dinomiscus and Pikaia's discards be part of the effect so it wouldn't be possible to do this for those cards. But yeah, you can do it for Wing Blast/Raigeki Break.
  9. DuelistGroundz username: Mr Dragon Discord username: A11sopp Formats: current only Expected level of activity: Most nights in a week, though take into account some slight potential timezone related awkwardness Want to be in a team with: Anybody other than Tyranno. Credentials/Why you would be a good team member: Uh none. I've bubbled almost every premier event I've entered though so I'm perfect if you want a team that won't quite win but almost will. But seriously though I'm decent with YGO theory and my main goal in the game ATM is improving myself.
  10. I've watched all of it, and actually don't think the ending is that bad. And even if it was I don't think a sitcom having a bad ending is necessarily that big of a problem, even one as story driven as HIMYM.
  11. Having watched nearly all of this now and my opinion of the second half of the show has made me think it's slightly better than I thought it was - it's not incredibly dull anymore, it's just sorta badly written. It's as if they had like 22 episodes worth of material and instead of cutting out the extraneous crap they decided to just cram everything in then remove everything in between that would give the narrative any flow or consequence Like early on they spend 3 episodes trying to show Danny working to get people to believe his identity and him trying to get his company back, then they just drop all of that on his lap in the 4th episode almost completely out of nowhere. This type of thing happens so often that I'm beginning to believe that the real reason for this being delayed for a year is because of scripting problems. Outside of that and the action being the show is fine I guess, but obviously those are two big issues. One thing that I can recommend about this show though is that it has one random hilarious dark comedy scene in it (and I'm perfectly willing to admit the comedy is possibly unintentional) Spoilers below for episode 9:
  12. Only current Mr Dragon/A11sopp
  13. Given that the Thor films so far have been really dull, 'not feeling like a Thor film' can only be a positive.
  14. In no particular order Monty Python's Flying Circus Angel Doctor Who Sherlock Black Mirror The IT Crowd How I Met Your Mother Being Human (U.K) Red Dwarf Whitechapel >Forcing myself not to put shows that only have like 1 or 2 seasons/only have 1 Season I really like/I've only watched sporadic episodes of, otherwise Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Psych, Heroes, and quite a lot more would be in or or almost this list. Also forcing myself to choose between Angel and Buffy because they're so similar. (And yeah wow I'm so British lol. The funny thing is I think on average American TV shits on British stuff, except maybe when it comes to comedy, but a lot of my favourite shows are British. Maybe I just need to see more top quality American TV since I haven't actually seen nearly anything on say, the OPs list. I tend to be behind when watching TV since I watch so many films.)
  15. Hello... *runs away, terrified*