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  1. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    Personally I don't even give a shit about Star Wars, I saw this, and think it's got great quality in every department other than having a pretty bad screenplay (not in dialogue, but in story and the way the film is put together) which drags the film down horrendously, but it's still OK enough so I'd say it's like a 5/10. Honestly, it's probably what I'd have expected from a Rian Johnson Star Wars, because Looper was pretty similar except the plot of Looper was so insane that it being nonsensical doesn't even register while you're watching it.
  2. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    If he's leaving for the purpose of being successful why go to United over City then? Hell, Arsenal have won more than United have since Ferguson left the latter and neither have won the title since then while City look to be one of the best sides in Europe.
  3. If the summon is successful, the first thing that happens is the turn player has the ability to activate any speed spell 2 or higher effects if s/he wishes to. Then the non-turn player may do the same. After the resulting chain (if any) resolves, there is then an open game state.
  4. dude fuck the beatles

    Except none of them said such a thing. Lennon said "We're more popular than Jesus" and he also said it was a bad thing that they were. He never said anything about being better or worse in any way.
  5. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    The true reason that Bellerin's form's been dipping - he started playing bass for a psychedelic rock band from 1976 and the commitment divides his time too much.
  6. Justice League

    Saw the film. It's like a 4/10 that could have been a 6-7/10 if they hadn't massacred it in the editing room. The film sort of operates on leaps of logic and it's just rushed, obviously because Warner Bros. mandated that it had to be cut down by an hour. You can tell two people had their hands on this film as well because Joss Whedon is just a much more competent filmmaker than Zack Snyder is, so even when he's trying to imitate Snyder's cinematography it's pretty blatantly Whedon doing it. There's also large swathes of character stuff obviously missing, awkward scene transitions, scenes that visually look like they're from one of 40 different films and moments where you can tell lines of dialogue were originally meant to be but aren't. The visual stuff of this film is also sort of ugly. Ezra Miller is extremely good as this version of Barry Allen though (Flashpoint actually looks like a pretty good film), and Jason Momoa saves this version of Aquaman from being annoying as fuck. The Superman stuff is actually entertaining as well. Everything else about the film is basically functional, but nothing special. This is basically The Amazing Spider-Man 2 all over again, a mediocre film that could have actually been good had the studio not fucked it up, outside of the obvious fact that Marc Webb is a better filmmaker than Snyder. I guess if this gets a directors cut it'll probably be worth watching on Blu-ray but if you're hesitant about watching it don't go to see it.
  7. Justice League

    Honestly I'm expecting this to be a more or less OK 2 hour advert for the 3 hour blu-ray version that'll probably be entertaining.
  8. Thor: Ragnarok

    I thought Wonder Woman was more or less just a bit above average and Spider-Man was a bit formulaic. This on the other hand was just a straight up good comedy film. Like I can understand being disappointed that that was the direction that they went in, but given that Taika Waititi was the director of the film, nobody should really have been surprised at all. (This is basically one of his movies, but it just happens to be a Thor sequel - it's almost reminiscent of the way Nolan made 3 Christopher Nolan movies that just happened to be about Batman.) It's nothing great but it's definitely better than every Superhero film this year other than Guardians 2. It's also way better than Thor 1 and 2 which are easily the most forgettable Marvel films.
  9. I think people have a problem with FTK decks that goes on beyond the problems players have with other 'unfun' decks. People won't start respecting FTK decks as real until someone wins an event with one out of nowhere. People, and more specifically Yu-Gi-Oh players, are results oriented and so will ignore any amount of logic regarding how good something is until they see decklists posted on Youtube. FTK decks aren't really particularly different to other types of combo decks in a practical sense, but because they've garnered a reputation for being inconsistent and fragile simply because they're FTK decks, players will sleep on them endlessly. Frog FTK is the obvious exception, but people seem to regard it as that, an exception to some general unspoken rule that FTK decks have to be unviable.
  10. SPYRAL - Discussion

    The possibility of drawing multiple copies of an unsearchable three-off is not a good enough reason to play less copies of it, I believe Matt Monahan had an article that explained the reasoning more precisely, the numbers though, I think, speak for themselves. Chances of drawing more than one Double Summon going first 0.036% - one in 28 games. Chances of drawing more than one Double Summon going second 0.054% - one in 18 games. I don't think drawing it in multiples perhaps twice in a 16 round event is going to outweigh the benefits of having more cards that allow you into a combo. Drawing it with a way to play already that isn't double summon isn't even a problem, since it's either irrelevant to the chances of your combo going through or it'll allow you to continue to make a play if they can disrupt you through Ashing Machine Dupe, for example. And you'll never otherwise brick more because you're playing Double Summon since you should be playing as many copies of your main combo pieces as you can anyway, for maximum consistency. This is a fairly pointless thing to say. Either you can come up with a reason why that specific ratio happens to be correct, or you can't. If that 'ratio' isn't arbitrary then you should be able to reasonably defend it, and if that logic was good enough I'd accept it because asking for a good defence of that statement was part of the point to my post to begin with.
  11. SPYRAL - Discussion

    Play 3/3. Stopping at 3/2 seems really random and arbitrary.
  12. Legion

    Yeah this show is great. It has some of the best visuals and cinematography on TV, and while there's not a whole lot of story, the strength of the exploration of the characters more than makes up for it. I was actually genuinely surprised that they'd make an X-Men spin off so low-concept.
  13. YCS Rimini 2017

    I'm enjoying some of the tweaks to the coverage that they've made. The renewed focus on teams in the written coverage is something in particular that I was pleasantly surprised by. The simpler overlay for the stream is welcome too, given that the old one made it feel like you were watching a news channel.
  14. Doctor Who

    The Doctor's already pretty much canonically bisexual as it is.
  15. Barclays Premier League 2016/17

    The problem isn't even really the quality of players (which has declined somewhat), but I would argue that it's still mostly the intensity of the league that's stopping Premier League teams from succeeding in Europe. Combine that with the teams in the other top leagues having the luxury of a winter break and you start seeing where they get a lot of innate advantages. I think the decline in the top teams performing in europe in particular has coincided with an increase in the quality of the average premier league team while the best teams have hit a point of stagnation. On top of that, I would be very interested to see what the rates of injuries in Germany or France are in comparison to England. English teams being the richest doesn't necessarily help out with anything either, since when a Premier League team comes knocking on a door for any player from the continent, you can expect their evaluation of their player to skyrocket. The money mostly just causes market inflation. If no Premier League teams were interested in Lacazette for example and he was sold to a German team it probably would have been for 30 million instead of 50.