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  1. Admin hiring

    [quote name="Crad" post="3595024" timestamp="1381554798"]Need an administrator who would piss off everyone who's ever been to YF? Why not Zoidcrad! (V)(o,,,,o)(V)[/quote] Must... rep...
  2. Your current car

    Just cycled around a few cars in my family's stable. Bought a 95 Tahoe for $500, sold my 97 Explorer for $2500 and got my dad's 2001 Mercury Mountaineer, with the 302ci V8/AWD. Will have a picture in a bit.
  3. 04/05 Chevy Impala 3.8 L v6

    Yes, the Impala is a good car. It books for about $7,000 private party, so $4,000 is reasonable. Maybe you can grab it for a few hundred less. If the car has only 100k it has plenty more miles left in it.
  4. panel name

    Rocker panels.
  5. 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Supercharged

    There is a fluid level sensor on the reservoir that you can replace and would most likely solve your problem. I don't know if its serviceable or not (if you need to buy a new reservoir that comes with the sensor), though I doubt it. Not worth fixing the CD player imo, replace with an aftermarket one and try and get the CDs out after you take it out. Guy above me is pretty much right on the misfire code. Probably should start with a tuneup (plugs, wires etc). Replace the coil pack if you still don't have spark. Probably isn't an injector problem if you don't have a DTC triggered for it (but if you have a parts store code reader you might not see it.)
  6. Your current car

    I remembered I never got a pic up of my Explorer, so here's a recent one. http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/6700/dsc00392s.jpg
  7. Your current car

    Agreed. Despite the minor stuff that hurt them, Ford powered through. No government bailout money either. Their lineup of vehicles now is superb too. They're also beginning to introduce direct injection fuel systems. I think I heard the new model year Taurus is going to be sporting a twin-turbo direct injected engine with, I think I heard, 20% better fuel economy? A lot of common problems were region-specific too (states that use road salt in the winter), that contributed to problems like the rear axles rotting away on Windstars and exhaust manifolds on the F series trucks. ( Yeah, Ford GM and Chrysler all hurt pretty badly through most of the 2000s. The slump really helped Subaru, Toyota, Honda, Nissan Hyundai/Kia (just in the past couple years) leapfrog Detroit. A few things I can pick out from Ford were struts and valvetrain problems in Taurus, exhaust manifolds on F-series, trannys in Explorers, those are the big things I come across. Electrical problems has bitten them in the ass for years, but it looks like they're finally pulling away from that; electrical is a fucking nightmare if you don't understand it. I toured the Mercedes Elite shop at UTI and they showed us a trainer vehicle that had 112 on-board computers. @_@ No thanks. (but I love Ford they're number 1 to me behind GM and Crapsler) Agreed on Chrysler 100% too, rolling lemons, all they are. Ram trucks are nice, I like them, if the tranny in it won't blow driving home. In GMs, I've seen a couple intake gaskets on 3100s, 3300s, 3400s, 3800s, moreso in the 4300s, 305 and 350 motors, although the 4300 and the V8s are insanely easy. The 3's are more of a pain, because the push rods run through the intake, so you need to disassemble the rockers and pull the push rods. A lot of people say head gaskets are common on those motors too, I haven't seen one yet though. We had a '95 Lumina that the tranny blew in around 100-150k, although I haven't seen another in a Malibu/Lumina/Imp/similar Buick Pontiac. Transmission oil coolers on Malibus/Luminas/Imps, I've seen a couple of those too. Transmission oil runs through the radiator, if that separate cooler ruptures oil mixes with the antifreeze. (yeahhh I think I can stop rambling here) That's a nice run on that Taurus there. Rotted away before the drivetrain gave, that's how you do it. My Explorer has a long life ahead of it, only 145k right now and good for several more. Though I doubt I'll have it for too long. xD I love it, but I'm always shopping. Would LOVE either another Explorer or Mountaineer with the V8 (no tradeoff fuel mileage-wise, they're practically the same) or a Grand Marquis. @approacing_darkness no, I wouldn't do that to mine. Its my daily driver, and I'm very picky about how it handles/rides. I run highway-tread (non-aggressive) passenger tires and balance them almost every time I change the oil in it, and for an Explorer, the usual driveline vibration you'd normally feel is almost non-existent. I drive it lighly too; do the speed limit, no sharp turns etc. (I live in Massachusetts, I'd rather not make friends with the stateys :/)
  8. Your current car

    O...kay then. Anyway, that's pretty refreshing that someone else thinks they're good. Too many lol ford sux idiots out there. You talking about the problems with tires, or people who just can't drive?
  9. Your current car

    That's the thing, though. Its considered unreliable by auto journalists. Doesn't mean that the car is unreliable. Anyway, I've made my point. I've backed my argument up with hard evidence and fact from what I've seen and heard working in this business. And if there's one thing I'd want to emphasize, is that maintaining a car makes it last. That's something that just isn't debatable. And, after all this, I'm very shocked you haven't been at me for my Explorer.
  10. Your current car

    I can't say much for 2. - 6., since I don't get any of that Consumer Reports mumbo-jumbo, but I can tell you from number one, that's a lot of regular wear and tear and normal maintenance items. In the 10 years I've seen Blazers come through my shop, I've seen two engine failures (from people who ran antifreeze in the oil after blown head gaskets/intake gaskets, would've been saved otherwise), fuel pumps (normal across the GM line), oil cooler lines (minor, cheap fix) and regular steering/suspension (pitman/idler arms, tie rods, ball joints etc - all normal maintenance and wear/tear.) I can give the engines and transmissions some merit, some of them are problems. But the bottom line for any car is basic maintenance. Change the oil, get it into the shop, find things that need to be addressed before they mutate into larger-scale issues. Transmissions, keep the fluid clean. Its an automatic; bright red fluid is doing its job. Keep the fluid clean, and it goes forever. That Blazer was taken care of before I got it, which is why its going to last. I had zero issues, except a dead battery, in the year I owned it. (let me touch on the rest of the areas in number 1 later)
  11. Your current car

    Then I'm curious, as to why you feel that way.
  12. Your current car

    lol Ash xD
  13. Your current car

    Recently sold my Blazer to a friend who needed a reliable car. So now I'm driving a 97' Ford Explorer, and I love it. ♥ Don't have a pic of it now, will get one later.
  14. uh hi

    Hey Jake
  15. help me car croundz

    Hyundai got better the same time Kia did. My sister's put 100k on her 07 Accent with nothing but oil changes, tires and brakes.