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  1. > claimed im vanilla to be honest islickz, wanting to lynch every person that wants to lynch you is your tell so bad
  2. lol
  3. unvote ah ok. i think that last post islickz made me think hes really scum vote islickz
  4. although islickz hasn't been doing anything other than randomly voting and he's not even trying
  5. I think it's pretty bad scum if you really try to get a lynch that quickly to kill Markus is what I was getting that. I respect Nelrick enough as a player to understand this could be a ploy but in the other hand, him not explaining himself well is what really makes him intriguing
  6. Idk I can't get a read really on the quick vote by those two. It feels too easy for at least one of them being scum. hm for now I'm going with my gut vote nate1080
  7. Yeah Nelrick is also sus.
  8. I'm genuinely curious about the interactions between Nate and Markus. Nate on one hand started a Markus train earlier. Markus now playing defensively had set out his reads like a good town. He's trying to win the game for town in my eyes But the thing that's sus is that Markus reads Nate like a good town but if Markus is town he would sus of Nate. Wunter teaming also is seems like a ploy to get some town with him for now I will hold my vote @TheGoldenTyranno how much time until until end of day
  9. btw im actually vanilla town read the OP and thought tyranno was being retarded by making OP first then making role pms
  10. Now mark hates me because I am better than him on duel links but hey buddy, at least you get the cheater jazz right ?
  11. Me and Jazz got a divorce after I found out that Mark was plowing my waifu while I was grinding on duel links its a long story
  12. sup i haven't played in a long time, what's the meme now
  13. in
  14. silverdude (goat control) > soul (chaos night assailant merchant OTK)