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  1. And how do we know it's not happening between the 3? Ur telling me that acp dq on perovic after he told madgician to make a separate account and then banning the multi, but letting madgician join warring anyway and acp at the end winning him was not suspicious at all ? Okk
  2. I asked for a vote P_p ok stop exaggerating Jesus Christ
  3. Next time, have a good reason to kick me out, don't kick me out because you are losing an obvious argument if the sky is blue or not.
  4. My issue was how it was handled initially. Acp would not budge on his stance for pride or idfk. and he has been doing this the entire war season, going behind the rest of the council with mmf and satchmo making the main decisions like the dqs and rules. While they are high authority figures, they all seem to share the same view on things and I would like if all of war council could make decisions on things instead of those 3. Me and Tristan both fought for the errata and there's even posts on fb acp asking Julia to clarify. I don't know what happened since I got kicked from the war council channel for arguing to vote on the issue and then I left the dgz channel because I got tired of the politics behind the decisions made. I will not attempt to reclaim my post as captain because now I see the obvious attempts to slander my name by apparently calling acp a tyrannt and threatening to leave. I called him Allen C Pennington Trump Jr (at least I kept ur maiden name) and I didnt threaten to leave, I fucking left.
  5. Can I be better than wunter
  6. back in
  7. N3sh. will officially lead Team Beer. Any questions you go to him.
  8. I am out. Not dealing with this BS from ACP. Can't deal with ignorance from higher power officials. If we can not create dialogue between us, then there is not point trying to be on this website.
  9. I agree with Mark and Me.
  10. nvm out
  11. what
  12. so wait, no claiming, or even hints ?
  13. yess
  14. Incoming negs
  15. because mafia is dying