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  1. in
  2. silverdude (goat control) > soul (chaos night assailant merchant OTK)
  3. mmf do my graph p/s
  4. I like how ACP doesnt realize that all his users are me on different accounts. Dont believe me? watch me post this on my other accounts
  5. actually on the low key, aqua madar neo was needed for a high level normal spellcaster for jester im testing it rn in gks because there was always an opprotunity to summon it via soul exchange late game.
  6. I just fucked a hot pocket and now I am reading how to make nuclear fisssion with a stove and coconut oil this is how messed up this season was.
  7. JC can finally dominate me.
  8. mark mark mark mark mark
  9. tbh the song they put at the end makes me
  10. yea all the time 1. for jade insect whistle, just main a ladybug. ladybug all around is a good card. also playing possessed dark soul for cacoon and the gyaku-gire panda is also p nice with obv being good against relin and random level 3s like sonic duck and jerry beans 2. you can play a combination of like econ, windstorm, anubis, for cocoon. make sure however to activate econ in battle step against cocoon to avoid sphere kuriboh 3. twister for mask. also good after relin sucks up and declares attack and agaisnst harpies hunting ground among other things.
  11. whatever you get from LDs is random i mean I was getting no enemy controllers for like a month and a half an all of a sudden I got 2 within 24 hours hackers have nothing to do with konami adjusting stuff konami does what is good for business. like youve said before, all the stuff you get is random right ?
  12. lol wat its random just like youve said before.
  13. grimey is a savage