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  1. so my new years resolution is to be a mod on dgz
  2. ye kid poker is my favorite of all time next to durr and souls avatar.
  3. is there more pos reps than neg reps ?
  4. ACP is love, ACP is life.
  5. yo every shirt shoul com with a grand mole
  6. its australia so flip it upside down and its 666
  7. the field spell just makes guiaba food for you lol
  8. yea but I feel like dgz ygo discord is mostly about random notepad talk or ideas i mean i would be down to put the paleo as a channel on the dgz discord but i feel it would be too big but hey i noticed ur on it, so ill be more active on it.
  9. shapesister is pretty busted i aint gunna lie btw does anybody want to make a paleo discord ? im kinda down
  10. Playing regular mirror wouldn't be too bad either. But slumber and Kaijus imo have been the way to go because blue eyes players tend to leave spirit on board to negate a trap in grave or make spark to disrupt chain links.
  11. To be fair, I was in the position he was (-250 rep) but I don't see much hope
  12. Jesus Christ lmao
  13. Best website for book pdfs? 


    Torrents for books

  14. only reason guys listen to drake is cuz they girls listen to drake.