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  1. Retired?
  2. wouldnt it just require your opponent to just have a links monster ?
  3. oops wrong thread lmao
  4. doesnt that require for your opponent to already have a links monster ?
  5. i did i found a pound of coke and a box of starstrike blast instead
  6. hate to ask again but where is the QT
  7. Alright if it will make you feel better i will pray for you
  8. cuz wunter hasnt been actively posting and i have. mark is only working on whats in front of him
  9. at this point im actually looking for information for a justifable lynch later in the game. no reason to lynch anybody right now based on information and only basing it what time they are active or not. from the looks of it, mascis, you already seem to be trying to lynch me for floating for my 2nd ever mafia game. "guess silver didnt float his first game and now hes trying to float his second game. he was town for not floating and hes floating he must be scum" lol that the worst logic ive ever seen.
  10. ok gemstone sure
  11. @iSlickz why are you overreacting jesus its only day 1
  12. i think mark playing bad d1 shouldnt justify a lynch tbh for as long as mark has been playing this game, the way he set himself is too easy of a scum read like it feels like bait but im not trying to lynch anybody right now other than juan because juan has been floating from what ive noticed and it just looks like hes only going to float until the night vote the number juan
  13. yeah i didnt want to say anything until now but mark defending more felt kinda weird but mark being a dumb town is a legit strat for scum tbh
  14. tbh i wouldnt mind a islickz or juan lynch today
  15. unvote