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  1. I voted myself day 1 lol Thanks for letting Lord Malcolm play in my stead, Franku. Good luck, Krusty Krab!
  2. Your challenges are sick
  3. What are the odds of that being an elaborate ruse?
  4. Doggo's living with me mom and brothers now. There he has two doggo friends who take care of him, and his backyard is now bigger for doggo stuff to do. I'll take some pics of him when I go visit so you can see the dogtrio.
  5. Y'all some sick niggas and Ilu
  6. So, when do we play?
  8. Why did the forum interface change so much, guys? I can barely navigate my way tru all this white space.
  9. Btw, Francis, I didn't ask for 10 more hours. I didn't realize game had started because it caught me somewhere between sleep + two jobs (I think I was almost at the end of my first shift at that moment) and merely stated how long it would be before I could post. IMO, modkills were way too lax and time extensions for the day were bread for breakfast. I should've been modkilled d1, just as Markus should have at (I think it was) day 2. 
  10. I would've done the same in your place. In fact, I've done it every time I roll scum.
  11. Where did I do that?
  12. Sadly true. I couldn't believe people gave so much tought to my silly claim.
  13. I trust you and Allen the most, I dislike Markus and Gemstone Mine. Topp Ladd is the worst player on this site, but I like him this far. Monet is a big question mark, what's new. Etc. I'll be heading to bed. See ya at post game.
  14. Game thoughts: wild game!
  15. Just for the record, signing up for this game was probably a bad idea. I'm working around 14 hours a day and running on 3-4 hours sleep, since about 2-3 months ago. North Koreans have a better life quality than I do right now, so I'm just gonna make this my last game till I find a job that doesn't abuse me in order to survive.