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  1. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    That stings, man.
  2. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    No wonder we get to page 37 on day 1 if people don't know how to write 1 fucking long post instead of shitposting all over, bro. I think Francis has been stuck with his impression of me going after Antag since page 16-17? when I actually already cleared up that I had missed his reasoning for what appeared as an inconsistency in my eyes. After that, I OMGUS'd Francis for the giggles and have since pushed on a Mark lynch, going by suspicions that have been confirmed by other people, if we're at that. However, Kahu's repeated use of 'in case shit happens and Mark flips town' makes me think he might be covering himself up beforehand, knowing Mark will indeed flip towns, which makes him the most scummy player rite now, even over Tyranno, who has just been playing off without doing anything remarkable to stand as scummy to my eyes. Perhaps I just don't know his usual playstyle and you guys do, so there might be that. I'll stick my guns on Kahu and will leave for work. Again. Take care.
  3. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    Jazz, I like you a lot.
  4. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    I agree with you on the quoted, but I'm also starting to grow wary of you for insisting so much that 'in case he flips town, it's no biggie'. I don't think the case will arise, but in case shit happens, you'd look a lot like you're tryinna distance yourself from guilt while riding the current bandwagon to a possible safe mislynch. In your last post, you're also tryinna use Tyranno as a scapegoat 'in case Mark flips town', so rite now I'm just gonna Unvote Mark Vote Kahu
  5. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    You insist that if Kahu is scum, then Gemstone is town, but also stated that if Kahu flips town, then Gemstone might still be town. So you're saying A => C B => possibly C How is this logical at all? It gives us no info at all, regardless the result, and if so, then a Kahu lynch is pointless. In which case, what is your case? This is what I'm calling you out on. If I missed something, please do tell me what am I not seeing
  6. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

  7. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    Several of his posts explaining the Mark-Silver interaction have been pretty close to what I concluded myself while reading the thread, so he gets points for that. Also, he's been an active player and, in his Mascis interaction, the original OMGUS turned into a collected conclusion when they agreed to vote Tyranno, which seems like a pro-town play, keeping their own interactions for later into the game, once we've got more info.
  8. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    Then what the fudge are you saying? I feel even more strongly now that you're just playing the confusion game, not contributing anything but a pile of bull interactions that will only help you set-up wifom once you're dead.
  9. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    So you can have Bronchitis and sleep, work, etc. so it justifies you not posting for an entire 20 pages of game, but me joining up from 16 to 19 (the only spare time I've had between my two works) is scummy af. Sure, kettle, I getcha. My usual playstyle shouldn't be relied upon anymore. Last time I played decently, I had 1 work and uni. Now I work at 2 places, sometimes doing long night shifts, and still have uni going down. So yeah, kinda can't invest the same amount of time I used to do before I retired. I don't think so, JC. I believe either one or both of them are scum. Mark has been adamantly defending Silverdude while there's absolutely no reason to do so, while actively pursuing lynches that go nowhere despite he himself admiting he has other stronger scum reads, I.E. he says 'Tyranno is scum, so let's lynch Beast'. He seems awfully off to me, but I can't really say he reeks of scum. I've seen him post a few vids but, alas, I can't watch any of them because third world ain't got 4G for smartphones and fuck me wasting the 1 monthly gb I have for this shit. Perhaps you guys suspect him for said vids, and if so, I ask of you to tell me why. This is why I dislike you. You're pushing for a lynch based on what? On what Francis has said? From what I recall, he hasn't even pointed out why does he suspect me, and I do believe I've tried to contribute way more than you have. I might have legit misread Antag on his hero vote, but it's mostly because of the scarce time I can dedicate to reading in-depth all these 30 fucking pages of day 1. I remember mafia games being a lot more slow-paced than this. My sentiments exactly. I feel very strong townie vibes from Jazz thus far, which lead me to a faint suspicion on Mascis push on him. Still, I don't think either of them should be touched this early in the game, but it's an interesting interaction to bear in mind in further days, should they live that long. Fuck you, Scumwood. I had to catch up with a lot, you can go tru my profile and see the rep I handed out and timestamps if you don't believe it's taken me about an hour to read it all Unvote Scumwood, Vote Mark for lynch Unvote Kahu, vote Slickz for Hero
  10. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    No, I just skimmed tru the tread and missed that. Kinda seemed fishy that he wouldn't seek to get the vote for himself if he actually wanted a townie to hold power. As I stated before, I voted Kahu because personal reasons (he would look good as a tranny and I'm into that), so his alignment wasn't important for me when I voted. Also, Unvote Antag, Vote Scumwood.
  11. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    So I don't think he's scum! Neutral, perhaps, but not scum.
  12. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    I'd lynch Mascis just to get over with these OMGUS posts, but his wife was pretty funny, tbh, and if he was scum he would be acting so retarded to push on a lynch nobody's going for atm.
  13. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    I woke and tried to make quota after seeing we were 20+ hours in the game and 16 pages before I even posted twice. So can you get where I'm coming from?
  14. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    I think we're facing a bigger risk than we're assuming with these bomb thingies. What if they're some chain-reaction thingies inside some time lapse? Like, if we lynch someone of the bombed guys the same day they got the bomb, they would all die. Or if we kill somebody carrying a bomb, then he takes down the last 1-2 guys who voted him? Might explain why someone can carry more than 1 bomb. There's also a chance it will get more dangerous with the passing of days, like, it might become a kill for the bomber in the long term, if the carrier is still alive. Which would also explain why somebody can carry more than one, in case there's bulletproof around. I dunno. Complicated shit.
  15. Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - DAY SIX

    Antag pointed out that Hero Powers should be given to a townie, so he's tryinna make you believe he's townie, too. But I believe you're all forgetting that this is Fuck You Mafia and, as such, it's unlikely that there's only two parties running around, so there's that. I'm voting you because I do believe Magical Girl sounds like a role, and not likely a scum one, so it seems pretty safe or interesting, at least. Plus I want to see you cross-dress, so there's that, too. As I just stated, we could either lynch scum or third/fourth party. There could be lovers, traitor, serial killer, I don't know. In a 23 people game I think we're facing at least 6-7 not-townie-roles, so chances are we lynch good if we pick some blatant contradiction, like Antag's post.