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  1. Didn't you know? Logic is my alter ego.
  2. I like how ACP doesnt realize that all his users are me on different accounts. Dont believe me? watch me post this on my other accounts
  3. I approved it, not him so you'll get upset at me instead
  4. This game is really cool guys sign up!
  5. personally I think tree stump sucks because you don't have a vote and are thus disincentivised to play the game
  6. say hi to dnf for me
  7. literally every big fight is town v town : D we r good fixed
  8. I can host it if it starts in the next week or so Would need someone else for things like vote counts probably
  9. this was fun enjoyed playing w 2k17 despite my read, pls continue playing with us!
  10. wild game! vote gemstone
  11. probs gonna be asleep for eod but I'll check back in an hour or so before I head off someone should quote train 2k17 and gemstone imotbhjslmao
  12. reeeeee I can't spoiler without being retarded
  13. malcolm pt 2