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  1. vote count bot broke earlier fixes incoming !
  2. for clarity, these are not my words, but Sophocles' speculation vote count to follow soon™
  3. inb4 new doctor is also a lesbian :^)
  4. Yeah both finals were a bit disappointing. This year's men's was plagued by injury, too (Djokovic, Murray, and Cilic).
  5. incredible Roger really is the GOAT
  6. hi, two things: The next player who bitches that roles weren't randomly assigned is getting modkilled. Roles were assigned (to the best of my knowledge) by a concept about randomness that some of you seem to have missed is that seemingly nonrandom events happen surprisingly often (see: the Improbability Principle). Stop acting as if the whole world revolves around you; you are not relevant. Implying that Beast does not have the integrity to assign roles in an unbiased manner is honestly insulting. Similarly, the next player who whines that this game is bastardised will also get modkilled. You can complain postgame if you wish, but since none of you have seen the actual setup, shut the fuck up and play.
  7. vote count before I go to bed: 2k17!: mark SnowMegido: 2k17! Cunning Mastermind: Solstice
  8. bumping because wow wild scenes today
  9. vote count:
  10. Sophocles has been B a N n E d
  11. yeah beast is next followed by probably mascis if he can host; this is the order in which those were approved
  12. disappointing I think this was Markus's best game on dg so far. no comments on anything else really, I don't think any of the scum played amazingly (haven't read the qts yet though so I might change my mind)
  13. vote mascis scum pls nk me tonight so I don't have to deal with this thx
  14. if the scum team is Markus Tyranno mascis I will be kinda mad but accepting of Markus' excellent game if mascis is town I will be even madder q u o t a u o t a
  15. yes Markus etc deserve another look at but Mascis is so unbelievably scum it hurts @Wunterslaus @Silver can you confirm that the two of you are masons please? Wunter's claim yesterday was somewhat ambiguous don't want to have any doubts there I'm including you in this btw. Why is Markus a better kill than mascis?