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  1. World Cup 2018 Fantasy Football, & Discussion Thread

    also lol @ Hernandez falling over in a stiff breeze and the commentators ripping into him "dislocated shoelace" l m a o
  2. World Cup 2018 Fantasy Football, & Discussion Thread

    So was it a penalty? I think Australia were very unlucky to come out of this game with nothing. I don't want to say they played better than France, but they were certainly better than I expected while France were worse.
  3. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    I think walia has to be town yeah, his eod posts were good but also the dumbtell early on not hard convinced on anyone else* - I want BB dead because he's annoying but I'm less convinced he's scum, I can't see scum playing the way he is. I could be wrong but something just doesn't add up. I refuse to believe he's a jester l m f a o did not like the sage train at all. malcolm scum feels acceptable but almost too obvious. I don't like the way he misrepresented my argument to not lynch sage though. essentially I agree with a lot of what jazz says so he's probably town
  4. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    See: This pretty much explains it. I'm not saying sage is town but rather that I expect him to be easier to read. BB seems to have no indication of wanting to play (which makes me question why he signed up at all - but could also be indicative of rolling scum) and I highlighted the other stuff I disliked above. Also I'd rather kill someone who's not contributing than someone who has. tl;dr I think killing BB is better than Sage because BB is playing antitown, not that killing Sage is wrong (he's making an effort at the very least)
  5. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    As town or as scum? Post is unclear (you could like him as a lynch target or as a townie town town) Anyone's thoughts on Faint?
  6. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    3:45 left in day approximately. Logic Malcolm MacDude have no content (someone wanna ping the latter on discord?). Not indicative of alignment yet but you three need to actually post or die. Broken brilliance has excuses which is almost worse than having nothing (he also promised an analysis which is yet to come). Strong dislike of "I don't owe you shit" as a post. I'm hesitant to vote Sage because I know he can perform later on and I think he may have the motivation to do so. unvote vote Broken Brilliance @Broken Brilliance give us some content or die
  7. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    to clarify the latter half: what jazz is doing isn't scummy in itself but being the main active voice doesn't make him autotown.
  8. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    do you actually dislike jazz or is this a meme (genuine q btw) parts of this are incorrect, as others have said, but I also noted Jazz' eagerness as something to think about. I don't think it's very alignment indicative (he does this as either alignment and so should everyone else) which is why I didn't say anything, but it might end up being something to think about later in the game.
  9. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    why? all he has is that one intro post (iirc) which isn't exactly indicative of anything
  10. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    how do I mafia again omegalul
  11. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    this was sophocles not me, think you're reading too much into this
  12. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    vote scumwood vote MacDude whose alt are you
  13. Army of Darkness Mafia Signups & Discussion

    in to vote scumwood 2018
  14. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    Yeah in hindsight my brain was pretty much just on crack. Thoughts on Lillie? You have 11 outs into a t1 Lillie which is pretty nuts. I've been meaning to test it out (possibly with a 1:1 split of that/Brigette) but I just don't have time rn.