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  1. was referring to the end of year game aka the last game before I joined ft nelrick's reincarnation just one game before nelrick came back! spoOOky
  2. this has (sorta) been done before iirc - characters have been taken from various Mafia games
  3. Election Mafia, but Japanese, so it's a dick joke
  4. @Gemstone Mine MUY IMPORTANTE also I am like 87% sure solstice is scum but I don't understand the Sophocles point - why do you/others think he should be lynched?
  5. come back to us bb
  6. no need i'm confirmed town so I don't need to share it to gain town cred when the ability is relevant I'll share it with town but it's not super strong (or is it???)
  7. why does it matter?
  8. @Gemstone Mine where did you redirect the all-seeing eye? I MUST KNOW FOR REASONS WHICH ARE NOT SUSPICIOUS
  9. I really wish gamblinggroundz was still a thing I am 1 0 0 % sure you have not solved the game. Ignore the shield and pretend it doesn't exist. What are your new reads?
  10. I feel like this argument boils down to "hindsight is 20/20" I do think scanning people with extra lives is a good idea, but scanning people you townread is also a bit of a waste of time. mark's play was clearly suboptimal looking back but I can't fault it at the time.
  11. yo for the record that was entirely RNG but it was hilarious so I didn't reroll gemstone messed up though. The correct play was to give himself the bomb and then pass it to you day 1, and detonate it night 1.
  12. I don't really have a read on him as a Mafia player tbh oh I also have a feeling darkblaze is town - I could be wrong but I'd lean town on him.
  13. hm = honourable mention role sheet is in the mod notes
  14. also you can now talk about the other game bc it's over
  15. HoS we're not even halfway through the day and you each only has two votes at this stage, there is PLENTY of time to swing a lynch Solstice and PSK aren't both scum I think