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  1. rei and wumbo agreed on something? stop the press
  2. england is not an island you uncultured fuck
  3. Ireland isn't a real country it's an island
  4. i cheat so what i win
  5. edited for you
  6. Ojamas can play Fusion cards to access King/Knight (3/2, respectively) or even First of the Dragons, which is still a decent card. Instant Fusion + Ayer's Rock Sunrise gives you a bunch of recovery, too. It's a shame Ojamas suck, really, or I'd enlist @Tygo to help.
  7. FuFu is still the nuts if you resolve it. It just takes longer so you can't do degenerate things turn 1. But in Infernoid, for example, they either have the out or you mill your entire deck and autowin. Order is "okay" but you realistically need to be able to win the next turn for it to be worthwhile. It reminds me of a card whose name escapes me at this time
  8. ITT: DNF
  9. qfe also happy to help out with hosting if you need it (Sophocles this goes for you too)
  10. mandatory everyone is a reggie multi
  11. yeah, I don't have the time or inclination to play rn I don't see the problem of letting people sign up for both as long as the host has the final say in whether they can play in both
  12. wew fucking lad
  13. "Fuck this game" - Jazz
  14. wait is this the guy who sent dick pics to a minor
  15. not much of a story, my cousins and I did a pantomime for diwali and I stole the show as sita, the female princess who gets kidnapped. i wore a saree and a wig. I was like 13 so no pics u filthy paedos