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  1. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    I play (though I doubt timezones work out well), haven't been enjoying either meta much just because it feels stale for me rn. I don't even dislike Zoroark but I'm bored of it, it's even more dominant in expanded (contributed to my ~35 game win streak on ladder).
  2. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    literally just don't sign up for games?¿?¿?
  3. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    underrated thread not in bc I have exams which I haven't even started studying for
  4. Stephen Hawking has died aged 76

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43396008 He passed away peacefully at home. I've had an hour to digest this and I'm still shocked, to be honest.
  5. Favorite card?

    @wrinklywinkie aha...
  6. TGT presents Star-Crossed Mafia Signups[Cancelled]

    We've played this setup before: Game thread Aftergame thread I personally enjoyed it but it was probably the best I've ever played. (not in btw, I have too many exams coming up. look for me in June)
  7. what

  8. Goat Format: CotH MST Sacred Crane Interaction

    No, he means the way he said - the first scenario has never been debated (continuous s/t must remain FU to resolve). Can't answer the question though I'm afraid, I'd personally have it activate (see: jinzo stays on the field in this case) but I'm far from an authority and the case I cite isn't really comparable.
  9. rip kid no cry Apology Letter

    this is the worst post I've read this year
  10. I Will Sing For You

    Turn down for what - dj snake & lil jon bonus points if you perform the dance
  11. New Year Backup 6 Mafia

    requesting ban
  12. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    "Stop liking what I don't like"
  13. New Year Backup 6 Mafia

    would love to play but I have an exam on Monday :/ can theoretically play/sub after that