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  1. Seto Kaiba

  2. Previous list stays in effect until the 5th (ie Sunday) http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited Changes: FORBIDDEN: n/a LIMITED: BLACKWING - GOFU THE VAGUE SHADOW SPYRAL GEAR - DRONE SPYRAL QUIK-FIX SET ROTATION SEMI-LIMITED: n/a NO LONGER LIMITED: n/a Seems like Konami realised we were in a tier 0 format, props.
  3. DGz Live #208: Advanced Format (28/10/17)

    One idea might be to have a signup bot, so that people can type /in (possibly specifying a format, etc) and /out and we can start lives whenever there are sufficient people around. A permanent signups thread could also be useful in that regard.
  4. The Alcoholism Thread

    Since this is revived - recommendations for good (and relatively cheap+available) beers? I've only really had Guinness which was decent, and some Czech stuff which was really damn good. generic other alcoholic drinks too I guess
  5. You're entirely missing the point; yes, it's possible to play, but people aren't going to bother if they have to close a tab every single time they click on a link (which is what is happening for me on mobile atm). It might just be my phone which sucks, but it sounds like I'm not the only one experiencing this. I think banner ads are absolutely fine FYI but pop-ups are just... not. I can't think of a single website with pop-up ads that I'd consider "good".
  6. The YGOrganization -[DP19] Ojama and Ancient Gear Cards

    @Tygo holy shit these are actually good ...given that they're ojama support
  7. digbick

    your IQ clearly isn't high enough to appreciate this
  8. Raichu GX Discussion

    (pls put an image of Raichu in the OP ty) Prof's Letter is probably better than Clemont because you can play a supporter alongside it and play multiples in a turn. The deck is unfortunately outclassed by Turbo Dark in Expanded because of Dark Patch, Hoopa, Darkrais/Ytal being basic and thus both easier to get into play AND easy to support w/ Elixir, and generally being less clunky (all of the support you mentioned is stage 1/2). It might be worth looking at in Standard but obviously not as a meta contender. Baby Ray might be better than Raikou, haven't really thought about it. Something like 4:4 Raichu 2-3 Raikou SHL 3:2:3 Magnezone (or 2-2-2) 1-3 Lele 4 UB 3-4 N 3 Sycamore (you can switch these, but I prefer this ratio in decks with multiple evolutions) 2-3 Guzma 0-1 Acerola 1-2 Brigette 0-1 Fisherman 3-4 Prof Letter 2-4 Evosoda 0-2 Candy 0-4 Elixir 2-3 CB 1-2 Float 1-3 Field Blower/Stadium 12-15 [L] Energy could be a fairly fun deck to play
  9. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups

    qfe, I was drunk when I approved this
  10. Shining Legends Singles Discussion Thread

    I can't believe no-one's discussing how amazing Mewtwo-GX's SR art is: Hoopa and this are the only meta-relevant cards, though marshadow is potentially cute (marshadow + delinquent is rude). Venusaur would be amazing if we had mons that it supported properly, but as things stand we don't. Yes, Raikou is in the set. Elixir was printed in BKT or BKP which is still legal.
  11. Vancouver Regional Championships

    It's an option, but you do NOT want to get a Lele start - and you will far too often with 2 Lele imo. The 2 prizes is also annoying. I may end up cutting my copy. I wish this game had a sideboard.
  12. Vancouver Regional Championships

    Personally I've felt like the biggest problem is that it's a stage 3 deck, but yeah prizing Frogadier is very painful. Most of the inconsistency stems from taking too long to set up and not being able to do so even close 100% of the time; you also give mulligan draws more than most other decks. Another problem is the Geargia problem; going second is like going fourth (unless you run Talonflame/Wally and hit those). I include a single copy of candy myself because it has generic utility (especially I in combination with Splash Energy and Brooklet Hill. I don't think it's worth salvaging the Garb matchups. Golisopod destroys you especially with Acerola, Trashalanche can be played around but you can't do that AND beat its partner(s), Garbotoxin is very annoying, Drampa is a pain thanks to Righteous Edge, Espeon's GX attack is ruinous early game, and if they play Espeon EX that's pretty brutal too. Best way to win is to prize all their Golisopods :^)
  13. Vancouver Regional Championships

    In general Frog feels like it's one of the best decks in the format, other than the fact that it's inconsistent. You can OHKO Garde (2 GWS + CB Moonlight) while sniping Ralts, Metagross is just completely free, Volc gets murdered unless they hit you super early with the Kiawe. Garb is pretty bad (esp golisopod garb), Vikabulu also sucks if you can't chain Shadow Stitchings, and A-tales can be awkward (a koko hit means they can snipe your Frogadiers as well as OHKO Break, and the GX attack is very threatening), but other than that it does pretty well.
  14. epicmafia game night?

    Wouldn't you be drunk?