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  1. Outer Entity Azathot

    Outer En[tity] Aza[thot]
  2. this thread is literally 5 years old
  3. green eggs and ham

    So uhh what's up with the sudden influx of spam bots?
  4. ACAB Mafia

    abandoned due to lack of interest scum didn't submit a NK, 5 of you didn't submit night actions. wutdo.png
  5. ACAB Mafia

    thegoldentyranno: malcolm, wunter wunterslaus: faint, tyranno, rei broken brilliance: slickz Wunter was lynched! He was: Night 1 starts now and ends in 23 hours and 30 minutes (20:00 GMT+1) I was planning to modkill for quota but that would kill 1/3 of you. As of tomorrow I'm just going to kill people indiscriminately for not making it, so shape up
  6. ACAB Mafia

    day is over etc I'll announce stuff in ~1 hour
  7. ACAB Mafia

    on the other hand 1/3 of the playerbase is currently under quota ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. ACAB Mafia

    There are like 9 mins til eod
  9. some kind of signups

    Game's up. Someone remove the player list from mafia specs and ping broken brilliance on discord thanks
  10. ACAB Mafia

    Everyone should have a role PM by now. Player List: 1. @rei 2. @Wunterslaus 3. @Silver 4. @Malcolm @Malcolm's Multi 5. @slickz 6. @Francis J Underwood 7. @TheGoldenTyranno 8. @Faint 9. @Broken Brilliance There's no such thing as free healthcare :^) DAY 1 STARTS NOW AND ENDS IN APPROX 54 HOURS (18:00 GMT+1)
  11. ACAB Mafia

    needless to say don't post itt until day starts
  12. ACAB Mafia

    General rules/info: No fucking neutrals. This game will probably be unbalanced as hell and super swingy. Almost everything has been randomised so blame RNG for this Standard rules apply, hopefully you all know these by now. FULL CLAIMING. Don't necessarily expect "town" roles to be town or "scum" roles to be scum, though. 48/24 phases for the first couple of days, we'll see if they need shortening. 4 post quota. You have 48 hours this shouldn't be hard. Scum will be using a qt. On day 1 only, majority will not end day early. After that, it will. Ties will result in the lynch of whoever hit that number of votes first. I'll announce MYLO/LYLO etc. PM me if you have game/role related questions. More specific role info: Docs will only prevent one kill action per heal All roles are compulsive - if you do not submit an action then I will randomise it. Nobody will be made aware of their sanities. A sample role PM might be "You are a Macho Cop. You are Town.", or "You are a Doc. You are scum, qt is here." The following roles may be in the game (and there may be up to 2 of each): Normal Doc - works as normal Naïve Doc - heals always fail Paranoid Doc - Jailor CPR Doc - if the target wasn't due to be killed by someone else, then he dies Doc Martin - faints (read: dies) at the sight of blood; dies in place of his target Sane Cop - normal cop Insane Cop - receives the opposite alignment of the target (eg scum scans as town) Paranoid Cop - always receives "scum" as the result Naïve Cop - always receives "town" as the result In addition, docs may have the following role modifiers: Macho - unaffected by all doctor actions (except their own) Weak - dies if he targets the opposite alignment None - no modifier Cops may have the following role modifiers: Macho - unaffected by all doctor actions Weak - dies if he targets the opposite alignment Amnesiac - someone else (chosen randomly each time) receives the scan results Role - scans for "cop" or "doc". Can only be sane or insane (not paranoid/naïve) None - no modifier Check out the mafiascum pages on Cop/Doc for more info on these roles/modifiers. THE GAME HAS NOT YET STARTED AND I HAVEN'T SENT OUT ROLE PMS. I WILL POST AGAIN ONCE ALL OF THE SETUP IS COMPLETE.
  13. some kind of signups

    update: it's a lot more complicated than I thought to randomise this. I'll put a thread up soon but the game won't start for 12-24 hours
  14. some kind of signups

    I've been super busy but I'll try and get it started by tonight or tomorrow morning