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  1. http://www.pojo.biz/board/index.php
  2. Pretty sure you're misinterpreting him. His point is that Malcolm will modkill even if day ends a bit early (and I would agree with the modkill; if you can't post in the first 47 hours then you deserve what you get)
  3. I don't, but I also don't/didn't think gemstone will get enough votes to matter. plus I thought day was going to end like an hour ago for some reason
  4. hero vote islickz lynch vote mark I'd explain but I think these are pretty obvious. Tyranno is an "okay" option but feels more like a policy lynch (yes, there are valid reasons as well, but I don't think they're strong enough atm)
  5. yeah mb I went back and the link doesn't make as much sense as I first thought
  6. i think it's interesting that jazz comes in to defend silverdude/mark (link because apparently my computer is being dumb). given that I think the latter two are suspicious, this makes jazz look suspect. gemstone is most likely town. good job!
  7. highly recommend watching this at either 2x speed or 0.5x speed best [insert time frame] of my life so far
  8. modkill
  9. essentially this: Because If I had a vig shot I'd almost be better off shooting myself (not rly but maybe) is this post serious or not? because you have a couple of actual reasons and then there's things like "faint didn't drunkpost he must be scum" and "Francis didn't react to the bomb he must also be scum". Friendly reminder that Francis was actually scum the first time he received a bomb! Why is kahu scummy if gem+francis are town? I must've missed this interaction.
  10. @vig=scum, why did you vote for Tyranno in your first post? --- The hero should be: -town (duh) -someone who is likely to stay alive for a while -(so nobody with a bomb on them) -someone with good reads (if being the hero gives stuff like a cop scan/vig/etc) My reads have not been great recently feelssadman unvote myself for hero slick is probably the towniest guy atm but I fear the tunnel. I like mascis :
  11. at a guess? francis expected to die day 0 anyway because this is a malcolm game. the fact that he is still alive gives him hope beyond his years! I think your logic on francis is pretty weak, anyway.
  12. it would be the ultimate irony if francis and gemstone are lovers
  13. make the villain the hero hero vote the antagonist