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  1. Broken's 1st aftergame thread

    I can't remember everything but it had: -an insane cop that didn't know he was insane -one of the mechanics was "no lynch this day phase" -another was "whoever gets lynched gets to shoot someone" which punishes town for playing well (if scum get a gun then that's absurd) and rewards them for playing poorly -judas -a serial killer which was later changed to a neutral thunderdomer (massively swingy) - we eventually ended up with the lyncher role -a lynchproof mafia goon (until mylo, but...)
  2. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    I still can't play so I can take a look I think we can all agree I do an excellent job of this
  3. Broken's 1st aftergame thread

    in terms of game balance - it was questionable but if you'd seen what I got sent initially then I think you would have no complaints
  4. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    would be nice to tie that into sword and shield release in some way
  5. Broken's Broken Game Pt. 2 Sign-ups

    not in bc I don't have time but if you want to shoot me the setup I can take a look
  6. Get a Job Mafia Aftergame - Scum Wins

  7. Get a Job Mafia Aftergame - Scum Wins

    I didn't have time to follow this but someone give me a tl;dr
  8. Get a Job Mafia Sign-Ups

  9. Get a Job Mafia Sign-Ups

    Tentatively in but I start uni again soon so will be even more of a non entity than normal in as sub
  10. Overlord Mafia Post-Game Thread - Town Wins

    fuck sake ninja'd
  11. Overlord Mafia Post-Game Thread - Town Wins

    game was fun. I have a very large complaint with miller being a thing - it is even worse than godfather in my eyes. I considered it when I got the role flip but I figured that it wasn't a role you'd include @scum post qt pls
  12. Overlord Mafia Day 4 - All According To Plan

    there is 0 reason to not kill tyranno here we have no reason to expect bullshit and a role which had "steal win if you're alive and scum are all dead" is bastard, which goes against what I would expect from Francis (and honestly if it is in the game I would tear him to shreds in the aftergame thread) there is a chance that the lynch ends the game. Idon't think anyone thinks tyranno is pro town (iirc he's claimed tracker which is the same role as 2k19), so he needs to die at some point. there is a chance his role that malcolm was painted scum (and then we can lynch faint/me or whatever if the game is still going on) I don't believe there are more than 4 non town entities. Exception: there may be lovers but we only need to kill one of those, so it boils down to the same. there are 8 players left in the game after tyranno dies. (Imo) at most one of these is non town, and all of jazz, MBA, 2k19 are confirmed town in my eyes, and hazmah is fairly close, which makes slickz pretty likely town. there are enough lynches to kill me, Malcolm and Faint if we need to - more if there are no more NKs the attempt to switch the lynch off tyranno is asinine at best
  13. Overlord Mafia Day 4 - All According To Plan

    really makes you think
  14. Overlord Mafia Day 4 - All According To Plan

    he was far from the main proponent of the rei lynch, mba jazz jc slickz all went after rei first.
  15. Overlord Mafia Day 4 - All According To Plan

    n1: slickz is town via 2k19 n2: 2k19 is town via me n3: malcolm is scum via me 2k19's tracks: n1: hazmah visiting Slickz and myself (in that order) n2: tracked hazmah again to be sure and he went on both myself and Antag (in that order) n3: unknown @2k19 don't think there's any reason to hold back on this