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  1. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    ngl I didn't even read the flavour shoutouts to rei for hosting this, definitely wasn't the most enjoyable game I've ever played but it wasn't bad at all
  2. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    also shoutouts for making me shit fucking india fucking racist
  3. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    I am offended why was JC modkilled? and can we get qts pls
  4. ebwop this has nothing to do with lfn's thing, it's a KotF reference I know faint is the safe option for best girl but I want to feel cute again If you believe I'm town then つ ◕_◕ ༽つGIVE ME YOUR ENERGY つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  5. also exchanging sexual favours for best girl votes vote antag best girl
  6. yikes virtual vote on Soph but not an actual one because majority
  7. y tho (Not that I'm opposed but I've yet to hear any explanation from anyone)
  8. I'm mildly worried that there are enough question marks for us to sift through and that we might end up essentially blanking out the next two phases. I think everyone should be posting trust lists with reasoning at this point (if not today then tomorrow)
  9. 24h days are fine Is there a reason people want Soph dead more than Malcolm? Granted I think both are scum but I'm still curious and/or confused. vote faint for best girl
  10. vote Malcolm Does anyone disagree with this or is the day just auto
  11. trust list = scum :^) roughly in order, kinda low effort but this is where I stand on people town: Antag - 1 0 0 % LFN - shouldn't need to explain this one slickz - generally pro-town behaviour + the ZP flip. almost universally townread at this point. Solstice - I've explained this one before and my opinion hasn't changed on the guy Jazz - he's been off on some of his reads but that doesn't make him scum, I think overall he's . also his frustration has felt genuine Silver - almost a dumbtell; silver hasn't had an amazing game but I don't see him going after malcolm if they're scum together and Wunter - JC + Jazz explained this one pretty well. I think he's been too aggressive to be scum (something I mentioned early d2). unsure: Faint - his reasoning to switch off ZP was really weird and idk if it's just town paranoia or what. towniest person in this bit though. Walia - hard townread him d1 but I feel like he's coasted a bit since then. Hazmah - liked his content d1 but he hasn't done anything since other than push mascis today. Mascis - feels like he's given up. possibly 3rd party but that's irrelevant. almost has to be scum by process of elimination scum: Sophocles - I'm gone over my suspicions of him a few times already and I feel like he fits well on a scum team with ZP and Malcolm (though I couldn't tell you what led me to this conclusion l m a o) Malcolm - ded today I don't really wanna give best girl to LFN under the assumption that he's likely dead tonight, but I have no real preference otherwise - not sure I trust Faint enough but he can have it if nobody else is agreeable I suppose. I'd take it but I don't think enough people confidently town read me for that to happen.
  12. I also have a vote out on malcolm unvote vote malcolm just to make sure As for best girl - if anyone specifically wants it then they can have it as far as I'm concerned; I wanted it before but not anymore.
  13. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    I have an idea for a smaller game if the larger one doesn't work out
  14. ffs can I not get ninjad ONE time
  15. stuff others have said re him being a mislynch target, but also I don't think scum silver tries to buss malcolm. if malcolm is town then I'd have to reconsider silver but I don't expect that flip to happen. @Faint why town Soph?