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  1. Qliphort - Discussion

      Without lose a turn and trampolynx you can get a full qli deck + side for under 130 dollars.   I say without trampolynx because then an extra isn't as much of a priority since you'll be Xyzing far less often.
  2. Qliphort - Discussion

      You don't just come into a thread and tell us to pay attention to you. Not only does it make you seem like a bratty preteen who gets ignored by their parents, but if your input is worth discussing, people will fucking discuss it.
  3. Infernoid - Discussion

    The idea is cute but why would you bother? The card slots you waste running Piper, Merchant and Kinka Byo aren't worth the advantage they grant.
  4. Dueling Network

    How does someone pass the admin exam but not read Qliphort cards. 
  5. The YGOrganization - Later VJ News

    D/D are getting quite legit.
  6. itt favorite movie quotes

      "He's an angry elf"
  7. I'd say it's worth it. Even at a higher level I advocate for MST in the qli main due to mistake.
  8. Chicken Game

    Once we get Leonidas I doubt this deck will get anywhere. Activates from hand and basically means this deck, as well as all burn, loses the game.
  9. Qliphort - Discussion

      I'm glad I didn't downvote you :) 
  10. Qliphort - Discussion

    It's generally best to offer something forward for discussion rather than just saying a card name. If you want to talk about stormforth then you should actually take the time to write a post about it. That's the point of a discussion thread.   EDIT: Misunderstanding
  11. Qliphort - Discussion

    It's very prevalent in OCG, so I made the assumption that that would carry on to TCG. Is there something about the OCG meta that's very different? 
  12. Qliphort - Discussion

    Yuki will almost definitely be mained by alot of people, as it has tons of utility. I've moved impenetrable from side to main and I'm liking it alot. Nice insurance. 
  13. If I activate Mind Crush and declare a Quick Play such as Book of Moon, and then they respond by activating Book of Moon from the hand, do I therefore discard a card from mind crush since Book of Moon is no longer in their hand?
  14. Qliphort - Discussion

      Saying that we HAVE to win in 4 turns is a bit of a stretch, imo.
  15. So, are lose a turns expected to go up or down on release?