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  1. DuelistGroundz username: Berdversary Discord username: 3-D Bird Model Formats: Current Expected level of activity: Weekends, will be super available during summer Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): N/A (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: open to criticism, will be able to test frequently
  2. Oh yeah I should have been more specific, that's me. It's kind of a pain to type so I'll just shorten to reflect what I put in the thread.
  3. add me to current dgz: same, discord: 3-D Bird Model
  4. It seems to me that you can just make Tiger King instead of Bullhorn since Tenki adds Dragoons, which means the 1st Bullhorn grabs King Bear. You'd have a comparatively better threat on board (2300 vanilla as opposed to 0 ATK vanilla). Admittedly, it requires 1 maindeck concession in the form of Tenki but you'd be increasing the number of Rats in deck. Drawing Tenki alongside the rat combo just means you wouldn't have to make Tiger King or Bullhorn with the 2 rats in the first place (read: Minerva) since you'd use Tenki to search Dragoons and the 1st Bullhorn to search King Bear.
  5. Woke Eyes Magician opt in
  6. I dont think deadweight is as powerful as an argument against Sorcerer as the fact that it only participates in 3 card combos. There are a few times in which this occupying a Zone matters, such as 2 Zodiac Xyz + Astrograph + 2 remaining zones which cap you at Startime Magician. You can still field another card after via normal summon Aleister It is worth noting that in most cases Astrograph still acts as a level 4 monster as it searches out a Magician. As I said before, Astrograph Sorcerer and Ages share the same trait of being only useful in 3 card combos and lacking the Magician name while still allowing me to maximize on magician cards. I already think its one of the weakest cards in the deck. OCG lack Kirin, so the space can easily go towards playing 3 Bunbunku. This would reduce some weakness to slumber (which is Pendulumgraph of Spacetime mitigates a little) Dark Hole that other boards without Stardust Dragon are weak to. As for cards that OCG plays, outside of user-generated lists we only have like 6 examples which I don't think are worth looking at as those lists do not include Duelist Advent. Realistically though, this deck is built on an imaginary format and built without taking into an account a future banlist so the most I can really talk about is some matchups (completely theoretical data as YGOpro is full of unpolished decks) tl;dr what OCG has already caught on to in establishing a basic framework.
  7. Main Deck Monsters (25) Dragoons of Draconia x1 Astrograph Sorcerer x3 Oafdragon Magician x1 Kirin x1 Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer x1 Performapal Skullcrobat Joker x1 Black Fang Magician x3 Insight Magician x1 Violet Poison Magician x3 Tune Magician x3 Zoodiac Molmorat x3 Zoodiac Viper x1 Spells (14) Pot of Desires x3 Pendulum Call x1 Upstart Goblin x1 Duelist Advent x3 Seasonal Triangle of Zoodiac x3 Pendulumgraph of Ages x3 Trap Pendulumgraph of Spacetime Originally this deck dropped the absolute nuts when Iris could pop itself T1, triggering Astrograph + Iris and ending with Ages + Spacetime and double Startime boards. While no longer the case, this only means that we have to find alternate ways to pop Iris T1. The deck lacks defense outside of Rank 4s, so searching Spacetime remains a crucial component towards this deck’s success. This leaves us with two options: 1. Sky Iris 2. Zoodiac These engines are similar as both provide you with scales while being able to pop a card during the process. I chose the Zoodiac engine for the following reasons -Provides defense Turn 1 as Drancia can hit normal summons and Field Spells -Viper is an alternative means of removal, non-target banish -When going second provides another summon layer before pendulum summoning as well as baiting ASF and Dimensional Barrier Not having to “draw” Drancia as you can access it whenever you have 2 Level 4s in your Extra Deck, even allowing you to access Rat if you have a normal summon available -The obvious “free” Rank 4 with the Molmorats I cannot see “Extra Deck investment” as an actual con against playing this engine. There are few other monsters I actually go into outside of Startime and Ignister. Sky Iris does nothing comparatively with more or less the same amount of maindeck investment. The only argument in favor of Sky Iris is being able to maindeck other Field Spells, such as Secret Village and Reckless Summon Magic, with little investment. The 2 Scale, Dragoons of Draconia You can also include Performapal King Bear as a searchable high scale, but certain things come up in relation to setting up Pendulumgraph of Spacetime and Iris Spacetime requires a face-up Magician to pop and it is preferable to target a scale as often your normal summon is consumed. If you cannot place a Magician as a scale as a result of placing King Bear and Dragoons as scales, then the alternative is to pendulum summon a magician face-up. However, this conflicts with the Zodiac engine at times since, between Drancia and Bullhorn made off the Rat combo, you only have 3 zones left. ⅔ of the remaining zones are required for Startime Magician so if you resolve an Astrograph or need to PS a Kirin, Spacetime is “dead” The scale 2 comes up more often as Iris is a Scale 8 and a pendulum summon is sometimes required for Drancia to pop Iris afterwards and search Spacetime This line-up of magicians is self-explanatory, as Startime can only be made with Pendulum Magicians I see no reason to not max them out. Black Fang is interesting as it allows you to play through Strike, as well as Violet Poison being able to out boards when going second. Tune Magician is one of the best cards in the deck as it is a 1 card Ignister or Startime which allows you to create a board with a smaller Pendulum Summon. The only level 4 Magician I did not include was White Wing. Her only useful effect is the scale effect which I can see come up when going second vs Zodiac or Kirin. At the moment, she just appears to be a vanilla and lacks the DARK Spellcaster typing for Iris and Startime as well as a maindeck requirement for those fond of summoning Zarc. The card’s Tuner status isn’t even unique as Tune Magician exists and has a much a better monster effect. Duelist Advent OCG Decklists, while scarce at the moment, will not reflect Duelist Advent until MACR comes out next January. These targets perform the best as far as I can tell, however I have not compared each properly despite recognizing that certain cards compete with each other when searching for them. I am still able to point the following niches: -Luster Pendulum chosen for the ability to replicate scales ie. placing a level 4 in the extra for free, while also triggering Astrograph and Iris to supplement Zodiac Triangle and Drancia. Obviously, do not search this if you have no low scale available. -Pendulum Call chosen for its ability to search low scales if I have Iris already, making it comparatively better than Master Pendulum as Call can search Tune Magician to PS alongside a completed scale (White Wing as the low scale when I originally played the card, Violet still fulfills the same role). Extra copies Due to the deck focusing on Rank 4s, I don’t consider Astrograph as powerful as the rest of the cards. Astrograph at least replenishes itself whenever you destroy Iris or Violet with either Dracoslayer or Sign so one can consider this card as another copy of a Magician with the requirement of 2 card combos. It shines in the mirror as Astrograph counts the opponent’s destroyed cards, therefore functioning as a pseudo-juggler to sponge damage and replace itself. I prioritize searching Spacetime over Ages when given the choice, but like Astrograph I play Ages at 3 with the remaining spaces due to acting as a copy of Insight or Tune Magician at worst. Normally, I would play Ages at 1 copy as it does not function as a scale and requires 2 other cards to trigger (with the exception of Normal Summoning Timebreaker Magician and using its Monster Effect) but the Iris + Astro T1 combo no longer applies to ease triggering Iris. Filler After establishing the core of the deck, I have no idea what else to play so I chose to play Desires, Upstart and Kirin in absence of immediately powerful cards. Some ideas I have for the flex spots I will mention through the following: Pendulum Reborn + Kirin, only relevant due to Duelist Advent compatible as Startime Magician can mill Kirin from deck so that you can revive it. Additional “mill” targets can include Fairy Tail - Snow / Trick Clown / Shaddoll Dragon / Tuning Magician. Timebreaker, mentioned earlier as a way to trigger 3 Ages while outing monsters such as Drancia or baiting Spacetime in the mirror. The idea would be to play 1 copy of this as Duelist Advent → Pendulum Call would make for 5 copies. Level 3 works alongside Tune Magician in order to summon Meteorburst. Bunbunku, additional copies of Kirin, however I believe that, as a Normal Summon, it will compete with Zodiacs. 1 Aleister the Invoker + 1 Caligula + 1 Eidolon Summoning Magic This is most likely my next inclusion as Startime Magician can search Aleister as long as I can Normal Summon. Should I draw the Fusion Spell, I can mill Aleister off Startime. Caligula and Drancia or the Pendulumgraph trap perform a soft lock which would increase my board’s “nuttiness.” However, the board still remains weak to Raigeki/Dark Hole with the exception of the trap. The Zodiac Package takes up the bulk of the Extra, a 2nd Broadbull played to Xyz with the Molmorats after searching a scale and overlaying a Drancia on, leaving me with a 2 material Drancia with the ability to freely pop Iris after using that Broadbull to search Viper. Admittedly, the 2nd Broadbull would come up more if I played King Bear. The 2nd Drancia rarely comes up outside of a surviving Zodiac Xyz, so a legitimate contender for the chopping block. Lightning, Trapeze, Daigusto, and Dweller constitute the “staple” package. Castel does not seem required as Drancia performs a similar niche and I have access to Ignister, while less likely than most Castel summons, to shuffle floaters into the deck. Lightning and Trapeze allow me to OTK when given the chance. Dweller bodies the True King matchup when going first. I don’t think Number 38 comes up often outside of giving you something to do with a Dracoslayer when not already placed as a scale. I’m thinking of making room for Stardust Dragon or other synchros. I only play 1 copy of Startime as you only need it face-up so Pendulumgraph of Spacetime pops 2 cards and you can revive it with Black Fang should you need it again. Going for a second Startime usually means you have your Pendulum Summon has been consumed and in most cases you search a Normal Summon you cannot take advantage of or a damage modifier such as Violet/Black Fang as a Scale.
  8. pretty sure there is a case in favor of playing 1 copy of green layer as its guaranteed in every single Alphan resolution
  9. pretty sure this deck should be playing upstart, Desires and into the void; play the 6th Field spell as well reason being that twins and raigeki arent combo carts and there'd be no reason not to go all in and drop magnus G1 and most Magnus drops end you with 0 cards in hand anyway. most magnus drops require you to have 6 cards in hand (3 pilots, 3 discards) and desires alleviates that when going first. if you worried about "dead terraformings" in the absence of chicken game, you can play 1 copy of Ritual Sanctuary it combos with Brilliant dumping Alphan and is slightly better than any card you would discard for the field spell due to Alphan's copy level effect (effectively being any level Quant while giving you 2 material Quantals rather than just 1) As far as additional "engine cards" that allow you to drop Magnus, you can play feast of the Wild LV 5 to correct all Alphans (I've found making the Rank 5 the hardest part of dropping Magnus) as its basically a copy of Red layer (more important as opposed to vanilla level 5 drops such as cyber dragon clones). It even makes your boards nuttier by pairing Magnus with a Magnaliger to protect magnus.
  10. Not a huge star wars fan since I grew up with Episode III but I had a good time.
  11. Only if I exit through the bus entrance, otherwise he can't hear me if I exit through the back. For the most part only older people do, young people going too school busy glued to their smartphone gg
  12. Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  13. Adding Invoker is basically all the investment you need. I can understand that drawing Terrortop and Sign cand be seen as "redundant" but in general this gives you the tools to play through Strikes/opposing Drancia. Anything to secure your normal for Aleister, especially 1 card combos.
  14. Mom

    It doesn't seem you have any attachment to your mother so it should be easier to cut ties. I was in a similar situation but there were emotional complications when leaving since I had misgivings about leaving her on her own. My solution was to save enough money (I planned this 2 years ahead as I was waiting for my younger brother to turn 18) to get me and my brother out of there ASAP, move to a completely different city, and purchase new phones so she couldn't contact me. I didn't do this on my own, I had some support (the drive there, looking for housing etc) so that would be the first step: finding people to confide in (in my example it was a combination of people I met at church/social events) I can definitely attest that I'm in a better place and most people don't even know I had problems with my parents in the first place since you'd be starting anew. Time away has given me enough to internalize all these issues and focus on myself.
  15. The gadget effects are mutually exclusive so they don't float if you chain Strike to the Gadget's SS from hand effect.