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  1. Interested, but if it goes on for too long I'll hafta drop out around 5 pm PST
  2. [Current] ESPN vs Kolkata Street Pajeets

    beat Tristan 2-1
  3. my hand is ded

    nice hand
  4. Pendulum & Magician - Deck Discussion

    The Odd-Eyes Meteorburst into Tomahawk is a pretty good catch, though I'd hold off on it until CIBR arrives and we receive Destrudo the Dread Drake dude. Between Joker and Darkwurm searching a level 7 you have pretty good odds of making 2 card Tomahawks with your sormal summon. Also worth mentioning that discarding Destrudo/Darkwurm for Ravine and dumping Darkwurm/Destrudo is a Tomahawak without your normal summon. To add to this, you can make a Decode Talker with your normal summon while having at least 2 Pendulum monsters to special summon from your Extra (Destrudo goes to bottom of deck unforch). One thing about Tomahawk currently is that Tomahawk in the EMZ limits what you summon if we don't receive the Bladefly retrain. Proxy Dragon still remains in the EMZ and Akachic Magician doesn't use tokens (can't Link Spider using a Token without removing Tomahawk from EMZ) so we gotta use Gaiasaber or Firewall Dragon to point downward. You still have 3 or 2 tokens left over which is still pretty good with a pendulum summon left over (Proxy, Trigate). I might be missing something tho so definitely check me on this.
  5. Round 5: ALL THE OUTS vs Da D-Boyz

    1-2 vs Sage Lost to his True Draco Zoo while I used True Draco Zoo
  6. Gonna be out for most of the day, might be back around 7 PST for wars

    Can do mornings on Tuesday and Wednesday anytime before 11 PM

  7. The Sigirimi is Disqualified

    I would be sad to see this go as playing games against peeps without the hassle of DB ranked appealed to me. I'm definitely in need of improvement and this was perfect as long I was active. Didn't mind taking L's since I learned a lot in the games I played.
  8. Round 5: ALL THE OUTS vs Da D-Boyz

    I won 2-1 vs Me. Pure Norden Zoo vs his SPYRAL Invoked hand trap deck
  9. Samurai Jack

    a punchline more than a decade in the making lmfao
  10. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    theres also odd eyes synchron which can sync with a scaled Oaf Dragon for ignister or make Horus (sets up Nirvana High Paladin if u wanted to) for a normal summon also useful post pendulum since it can turn an earth ppal into a level 1 monster using its scale effect and sync with sorc for Nat Beast (alternatively turn sorc level 1, sync with rat summoned off Chakanine)
  11. DuelistGroundz username: Berdversary Discord username: 3-D Bird Model Formats: Current Expected level of activity: Weekends, will be super available during summer Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): N/A (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: open to criticism, will be able to test frequently
  12. Oh yeah I should have been more specific, that's me. It's kind of a pain to type so I'll just shorten to reflect what I put in the thread.
  13. add me to current dgz: same, discord: 3-D Bird Model
  14. Lightsworn - Discussion

    It seems to me that you can just make Tiger King instead of Bullhorn since Tenki adds Dragoons, which means the 1st Bullhorn grabs King Bear. You'd have a comparatively better threat on board (2300 vanilla as opposed to 0 ATK vanilla). Admittedly, it requires 1 maindeck concession in the form of Tenki but you'd be increasing the number of Rats in deck. Drawing Tenki alongside the rat combo just means you wouldn't have to make Tiger King or Bullhorn with the 2 rats in the first place (read: Minerva) since you'd use Tenki to search Dragoons and the 1st Bullhorn to search King Bear.
  15. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    I dont think deadweight is as powerful as an argument against Sorcerer as the fact that it only participates in 3 card combos. There are a few times in which this occupying a Zone matters, such as 2 Zodiac Xyz + Astrograph + 2 remaining zones which cap you at Startime Magician. You can still field another card after via normal summon Aleister It is worth noting that in most cases Astrograph still acts as a level 4 monster as it searches out a Magician. As I said before, Astrograph Sorcerer and Ages share the same trait of being only useful in 3 card combos and lacking the Magician name while still allowing me to maximize on magician cards. I already think its one of the weakest cards in the deck. OCG lack Kirin, so the space can easily go towards playing 3 Bunbunku. This would reduce some weakness to slumber (which is Pendulumgraph of Spacetime mitigates a little) Dark Hole that other boards without Stardust Dragon are weak to. As for cards that OCG plays, outside of user-generated lists we only have like 6 examples which I don't think are worth looking at as those lists do not include Duelist Advent. Realistically though, this deck is built on an imaginary format and built without taking into an account a future banlist so the most I can really talk about is some matchups (completely theoretical data as YGOpro is full of unpolished decks) tl;dr what OCG has already caught on to in establishing a basic framework.