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  1. Dueling Network

    Who the fuck is this guy? And why does he think he's good?
  2. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    Since people have mentioned Dealings why not just use Dragged Down to actively disrupt the opponent's hand, get a free looksie and let your plays go through?   Problem lies in that you don' get total control over what your opponent chooses to send to grave from your hand (as their is a chance they pitch an already resolved Falcon/Beast in hand or the pitch a Dragon if they do not control an S/T...but that feels a bit specific if anything) but you can still make the choice harder for them by setting your own S/T and at least giving them a harder choice.   I've tested it a bit and it feels like a direct upgrade from Dealings as you'd rather risk not resolving one of your own mons (as there are times when it will happen) and take apart your opp's vital combo piece.   I've only found room for 2 copies however.
  3. Barbaric Feast LV5

    Eh using the 53 route to drop 92 was always the least efficient method for me as it took too long to depend on your opponent to get rid of it abd when they finally want to it usually comes in the form of Blackship. its also worth mentioning that the monsters remain on field so disrupting the potential xyz summon through vanitys doesnt do jack.
  4. Winged Skyblaster Castel

    Holy shit. They finally made a fucking amazing Winged Beast Bujincarn target. Screw you Zerofyne.
  5. Handy HERO

    Main Deck -Monsters (14) Cardcar D x2 Elemental HERO Neos Alius x3 Photon Thrasher x2 Fire Hand x3 Ice Hand x3 Thunder-King Rai-Oh  -Spells (18) Mystical Space Typhoon x3 Miracle Fusion x3 Upstart Goblin x3 Pot of Duality x3 Gemini Spark x2 E - Emergency Call x2 Reinforcement of the Army  Dark Hole  -Traps (8) Skill Drain x3 Mind Crush x2 Torrential Tribute  Bottomless Trap Hole  Solemn Warning    ~Extra Deck (15)~ Elemental HERO The Shining x2 Elemental HERO Nova Master x2 Elemental HERO Absolute Zero x2 Evilswarm Exciton Knight Diamond Dire Wolf Daigusto Emeral Number 82: Heartlandraco Number 85: Crazy Box Number 101: Silent Honors ARK Number 50: Blackship of Corn Abyss Dweller Constellar Omega   Side Deck (15) Maxx "C" x3 D.D. Crow  Swift Scarecrow Black Horn of Heaven x3 Debunk x2 DNA Surgery x2 Light-Imprisoning Mirror x2 Full House   First thing I must get out of the way, this deck is not mine. It belongs to a friend of mine who asked me to post in his stead; I'll refer to him as 360Void.   So this is an odd way to go about Hand Control, as the classic route many people have taken is running Traptrix or just an an insane amount of backrow. However, Traptrix is not possible in the near future in TCG-land; without Dionaea providing a consistent Rank 4 engine and synergy with Myrmeleo the deck is substantially weaker and reliant on going first Game 1. With Pure Hand Control, the deck had an annoying weakness to Stardust Dragon as Skill Drain doesn't do shit. And so HERO were added due to synergy as they provided the following: -A 1-card out Stardust Dragon -Ridiculous synergy under Skill Drain (Absolute Zero and The Shining function as beaters that generate advantage in your favor -Nova Master is actually playable, lol. A free draw along with the consistencies of 3 Upstart, 3 Duality and 2 Cardcar means your digging into those combo pieces/Skill Drains as fast as possible. -Gemini Spark deals with floodgates against your deck such as Decree. in fact, the deck can shrug off Decree like it is nothing due to it's low Trap-line up.    Thrasher is necessary since it baits Bottomless that should be spent on Fire Hands (one the deck's few annoyances).    Black Horn used to be in the Main to deal with Heiratic Rulers and prevent Wingbeat plays from straight-up winning the game, but it was replaced with Mind Crush due to it's chainability and overall   One of the few interesting things to note about this deck is that it can deal fine against established fields should the opponent have an MST for the Skill Drain. 1 Hand can put a board behind back to acceptable levels for Stun to deal with and the fact that it pops and summons during DAMAGE STEP means fuck chainable traps (Reckless for one) and fuck Bottomless. The hands can deal with so much backrow on thier it's hardly funny: Fiendish/Compulse do nothing but stall, Solemn helps me in the long run, and Raigeki Break is dead.  The only problem is having to open multiples of the same hand in...your hand with no real way to recycle them outside of Daigusto. Obviously that's not too reliable without Dionaea so there is consideration for Pot of Dichotomy in the main.   The deck space is extremely tight, so further testing is necessary to actually work out the kinks and find out what actually works. 
  6. Bunborg 001

    You know this could be meant for Pendulum Gadgets should as a repeatably summonable Tuner as it doesn't banish itself when it leaves the field. They can repeatedly drop 5* and 9* Synchros...thought that doesn't really amount to much. At least it can be done multiple times due to the Gadgets' effects activating on SS.
  7. Shadow Impulse

    Doesn't Scrap Dragon get the revival effect when he is popped by an opponent's card instead?
  8. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    Instant Fusion is an efficient way to drop Midrash, and works handily should you run CotH. In fact, I'm running three straight up.   Pretty cool, how even if Instant Fusion blows it up, you can get S/T recycling effect afterwards. All this without dedicating a Normal Summon.
  9. Fire Hand and Ice Hand

      Imagine these and Dragonstar floating around at the same time. Good thing Shoufuko has the edge over these guys.
  10. Sylvan - Discussion

    Lol you are actually just completely wrong. The entire deck is built around that "gimmicky" card interaction. Calling Oath a -1 is a really dumb argument. It stays on the field and immediately gets value 9/10 times. And every turn it sticks around puts you further ahead. Maybe if you people didn't run 8000 terrible cards you wouldn't constantly brick. And saying you cut them for Upstarts is even funnier. You should have 100% been running them already. This is definitely the type of deck that wants to run as few cards as possible so it will draw things like Lonefire/Charity more frequently. You still have to set up Oath in the first place and use other cards to accomodate it outside of Charity. There's still Mt. Sylvania but in general you want to Excavate that card instead, rather than add it to hand (again, Charity is an exception). I simply disagree with the idea that you run a card that only shines with the interaction with Charity.  I do not understand where this "9/10 gets value" comes from unless you mean with Sylvania (in which case it's still a -1). Oreia is there, but that means you've already gotten your set up; I'm arguing that Upstart eases it more than Oath does as Oath requires set up outside of a few cards. And I'm not talking about 90% of the time calling "Charity" and getting a random excavate if you don't hit gold. I'd rather have more control over that aspect. I already mentioned that we have enough methods of excavating already, so I feel Oath is unneccesary. Which is why I feel it is "gimmicky."   I feel like you aren't being very clear. I'd like to know exactly why I'm wrong, outside of the general assumption that I "run 8000 cards." I mean there's no escaping the fact that Sylvans do brick from time to time. Most of the cards that contribute to this deck require set-up and Oath is one of them.  If you think it is absurd that I mentioned Upstart Goblin because apparently this is already common knowledge I guess you can get a laugh at that. I never saw it mentioned beforehand, so I was wondering if I could get some input anyway.
  11. Dragonstars/Genryuu

      This is going to be a long ass read.   Main Deck -Monsters (20) Fire King High Avatar Garunix x2 Fire Dragonstar Shungei x3 Fire King Avatar Yaksha x3 Fire King Avatar Barong x3 Masked Chameleon x3 Earth Dragonstar Heikan x3 Light Dragonstar Rifun x3 -Spells (13) Onslaught of the Fire Kings x2 Foolish Burial Mystical Space Typhoon x2 Circle of the Fire Kings x3 Supply Unit x3 Fire Formation  - Tenki x2 -Traps (7) Bottomless Trap Hole Mirror Force x2 Torrential Tribute Breakthrough Skill x2 Solemn Warning   Extra Deck (15) Scrap Dragon Stardust Dragon Stardust Spark Dragon Shining Dragonstar Shoufuku x3 Black Rose Dragon Naturia Landoise Armades, Keeper of Illusions Ally of Justice Catastor Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand Bujintei Kagutsuchi King of the Feral Imps Number 101: Silent Honors ARK Evilswarm Exciton Knight   Side Deck (15) Thunder King Rai-Oh Maxx “C” x2 D.D. Crow x2 Mystical Space Typhoon Twister x2 Mind Crush x2 Breakthrough Skill Mistake x2 Skill Drain x2     Background: Dragonstars are the premier archetype introduced by DUEA (The Duelist Advent). Essentially, Konami created an archetype of dragons that aren’t dragons – they have their own type known as Genryuu, or Mythic Dragon. Only three members have been confirmed, 2 Non-Tuners and a Tuner, but the idea behind the archetype is clear: 1)    Each member shares an effect that activates upon being destroyed by a card effect or by battle while being sent to the grave that summons a “Dragonstar” from the deck. 2)    The non-tuners of the archetype can Delta Accel Synchro – that is, they can Synchro Summon on the opponent’s turn, even kicking it up a notch by being able to do it during the Battle Phase. However, only Dragonstars can be used as Synchro Material for this effect. 3)    Upon being used as Synchro Material, these non-tuners give the Synchro Monsters some neat buffs. For now, Heikan and Shungei give the Synchro Monster a once-per-turn immunity to battle and 500 ATK respectively. 4)    All 3 members have 0 DEF.   The Deck: Despite being their own type and having no S/T support for that type whatsoever, that doesn’t stop them from receiving some neat Attribute support. And it doesn’t stop there. Out of the three, I decided to capitalize on the one that supported another archetype of floaters – Fire Kings. And so this piece of aids was born. Then reborn in a pillar of flames. Then began Rotating Turkeys…you get the idea. So basically this deck is meant to abuse the crap out of Supply Unit and the stupidity that is the Genryuu Engine. The synergy is unreal on paper, and it works fine in practice. The Fire King Engine is meant to be an alternate win condition as well as a scapegoat before the actual Genryuu shenanigans begins.   Reasoning and Philosophy: -Masked Chameleon: Boy Konami, you guys really know how to design an archetype, don’t you? This card is the closest thing to a splashable tuner our card pool has to offer and it does not disappoint. A deck wouldn’t be complete with a 1-card Xyz or Synchro would they, especially when the whole archetype has 0 DEF? Chameleon can revive Shungei and drop his homie Shoufuko for an instant +1 removal. It’s annoying that you can’t use Shoufuko’s effect due Chameleon’s restriction, but I generally Normal Chameleon without Fire Kings or Dragonstars to pop in the first place. He has a hilarious interaction with Heikan in that they are both EARTH, giving me access to a Landoise that can’t be destroyed by battle. However, this isn’t as useful as it sounds since it is only effective late-game when my opponent has no disruptive backrow in the first place; otherwise he’d be an annoying fucktard. With Shungei, he creates respectable beatsticks, from a 3000 Stardust Spark to a 3300 Scrap Dragon. A key player in this deck, and Foolish Burial is run to accommodate him should he wind up dead early-game. Yet, I’m afraid that at 3, this will happen more often so I’ve been thinking of cutting him to 2. He can’t be summoned if I already control a Garunix (or have resolved his revival effect and he gets Bottomless’d) or an 8* Synchro.  Definitely a nice emergency Xyz/Synchro should I need it, and searchable at that.   -Fire King Avatar Yaksha This card is also searchable piece of the deck through Tenki which I run at 2. While it seems like an inconsistent combo piece that was shoved in just to justify the presence Garunix, it serves the same purpose in Genryuu as it does in Fire Kings. A 1800~1900 beater meant to wreck face, then should the opponent respond, gets Circled. Yaksha then destroys a Genryuu or Barong in hand, the Genryuu getting it’s effect off as it only needs to be destroyed by a card effect and sent to the grave….way too much like Fire Kings. Yaksha serves as the main floater tying both archetypes together, while establishing some type of field presence and caution on my opponent’s part; forcing my opponent to Blackship Yaksha in fear of Garunix is always bonus, and I can crash the little motherfucker if I need to.   -Supply Unit I hear people going on about this card being the next staple and crap like that. But this shit won’t shine in other decks like it does here. The timing was too perfect. Anyway, this card replaces your floater which should already be replacing itself. It’s ultra GAIDS-y when you have Rotating Turkeys on board and it’s pretty damn easy to resolve during your own turn. Opening this card and a Dragonstar means you have a free Upstart engine, which acts as MST fodder. Between Tenki and this card, your opponent is going to have a tough time deciding between letting you get your plays, or letting you draw into your outs. Stupid card is stupid and pretty much makes me consider cutting the Fire King engine down so I can add some more defensive cards; this provides me with an amazing outlet to deckthin…dropping multiples will be an absolute nightmare for my opponent. Sorta like resolving Triple Black Whirlwind and you just summoned a Sirocco. It clogs like a mofo sometimes, but all it needs is a bit of oil to outrun my opponent in the advantage arms race.   -Shining Dragonstar Shoufuko Words cannot describe how good this Alsei is. Despite having a tragic flaw in that it’s not Tiaramisu (it targets), it’s technically Speed Spell 2. Remember when I said they can Synchro Summon on the opponent’s turn? Well, once you have all 3 Dragonstars on field, your opponent is fucked hard. And since Dragonstars are usually triggered once run over by the opponent, he’s not in a very good position. Anyway, he’s going to have a tough time committing to th ebaord since you can shuffle whatever you damn please, whether it’s end of Main Phase 1, Battle Phase or End of Main Phase 2. Then this guy becomes 2950 beater that won’t die in battle once. This is the ultimate middle finger to your opponent as he forces him or her to conserve their damn resources. Try anything and they get burned either way….Maxx “C” syndrome at its finest. It’s hilarious how this card works so well with Fire Kings. Pop Yaksha, Barong, Garunix whatever, it’s not just a Dragonstar deck.   -Fire King Avatar Barong/Circle of the Fire Kings/Onslaught of the Fire Kings Now I’m not an expert on Fire Kings, so ratios may be a bit off. Feel free to correct me on that as I meant to splash them in. I really haven’t decided what is more important, dropping Garunix as soon as possible or grinding out my opponent through Circle Shenanigans. I might as well mention that Circle has another target in the form of Dragonstar Shungei. Generally, this gives me access to a 3-material Shoufuko (not bad) if I have Heikan in Deck, a second Shungei + Rifun in grave. As it is quickplay, this makes it a lot easier to do this on my opponent’s turn. Extra Techs These are some ideas I’ve been fiddling around with, but haven’t tested or found the room or whatever. I’ll be brief. Flamvell Firedog: The idea behind this is that you run over a monster, tool Shungei, Xyz into King of the Feral Imps and search Masked Chameleon (while detaching Shungei).   Forbidden Lance: This is more of a protecting your plays kind of thing, and I believe I have enough already with Circle at 3. Lance is generally useful should Circle not have a target in grave and helps Garunix or Shoufoku get past the 3000 ATK barrier.   Balmung the Underworld Fighter: I can make 4* Synchros with Heikan and Rifun, and Balmung would fit nicely, as I can drop him while Garunix begins his rampage and get his effect off. Possibly thinking of running 2, but the idea seems so situational despite the allure of an infinite loop…would have wished he was FIRE, honestly. Heikan grants him a battle immunity so the opponent is forced to waste a D-prison…2000 ATK isn’t all that much, but it increases the likeliness of him being destroyed by a card effect at least.   Daigusto Emeral: To recycle all the floaters, should a Genryuu wind up dead.   Conclusion: The archetype looks really good so far. Despite the fact that the deck dies to Turbo Synchron (lol, that’s not true), it needs a bit more members to be fully fleshed out. It works fine as part of Fire kings, but I anticipate that Konami has an obligation to create more Dragonstar members. This deck is far from being perfected, but here’s a good start. Let’s hope this deck isn’t Hazy Flames – Electric Boogaloo.
  12. Blackwings (the right way)

    Lavalval Chain is more than enough to pseudo-tutor DAD.   My main problem with the deck is that this is probably the most cookie cutter Blackwing deck I've seen, sans the Upstarts. The same geenric build persists, so whatever the "right way" is, it just boils down to the techs on plays or ratios such as 1-2 Kochi or even 1-of Sirocco. It simply doesn't exist.
  13. Damn been trying to perfect Critdra my whole life...it's starting to bear fruit at least.   Pairing him with Scolipede got me results. I'm in a conundrum - Lansat Sub-Pass to give Kingdra a free moveslot or just stick with IronDef passing? Paired him with Memento Dual Screens Latios...Fairies should screw themselves lol Paired him with Sheer force LO NidoKing (lol the shiny's are alternate colors of each other)...well, it was below OU standards, but ti was fun nonetheless.   Critdra is my baby, I know I'm bad for using him...but yeah. I'm an ok player at this game...I can team-build, but my sets are more anti-meta oriented such as Defensive Jellicent or Sp.Def Skarmory lol.
  14. pkmn sprite gifs

    I swear to god if someone steals Talonflame...I will eat their babies.   Reserving my favorite little flame chicken till I can get off my phone.
  15. Dragonstars/Genryuu

      Ah finally, I have enough time to respond to this. The obvious answer is that there's no room, but Circle functioned well enough as it generally interrupted what my opponent attempted to do whther it is responding with a Battle Trap with more or less the same results; MST would still hit Circle, same with Double Cyclone....it produced even better results when I chained it to Morlatach's activation as I would still get the +1 of Shungei/Barong as well as Garunix's revival...in this situation (as Moraltach does not target) the opponent must waste it by hitting Circle; as it only hits face-ups there there are relatively few incentives for my opponent to pop one of my floaters (Supply Unit is always and will be the primary target). In this scenario Circle offers more and is more readily available than CoTH especially when drawn; I generally have enough targets as it is.   However, this all sounded nice in theory until I someone notified me that Circle + Shungei do not work; as I'm relatively confused on this it would be nice if someone informed me why. In light of this information, I might as well cut Circle to 2, or even 1 as it is readily searchable anyway, and stuff some CotH in it's place.
  16. Bujin - Discussion

    Been testing against LS lately, and have gotten my ass handed to me most of the time; it feels a bit like a dice roll match-up and even then with the lack of summon response compared to last format, LS manage to power through many of responses outside of going 1st Turn Yamato backed up w/1-2x Breakthrough and/or Solemn Warning.   Michael is essential costless and they have no problem getting around Turtle; Judgement Dragon albeit not as consistent still poses as not OPT non-targetting removal. Certain builds I've faced run the 2-3 Plague, 3 Mali engine to pump out Beelze, one of the few Extra Deck mons that Bujins actually have to play arround. The deck has just as much outs as we do options and it's not necessarily my favorite match-up. Luckily they have a couple instances of brick hands, or else I'd be more than alarmed.   There's no Light-Imp for us, or D-Fissure/Macro to use against them, so what else? Thoughts on the match-up in general?   It's assumed that Realm of Light will not provide them w/Felice. 
  17. Sylvan - Discussion

    I've been testing Upstart Goblin over Archfiend's Oath and I've enjoyed the results.   As usual, Upstart can both function as a faster way to dig into your combo pieces, while synergizing along with Sylvania's stacking effect (Call atacked Charity and voila). I've found Oath to be too dependent on Sylvania, and contributed to most of my brick hands; even with Charioty the -1 of playing the card isn't made up for with the -1 you have to invest into to make Oath live. I also think that we have enough excavation methods to get by without Oath.   Upstart does not have any of those problems and can be used without having to worry about "gimmicky" card interactions.
  18. Artifact Scythe

    This card at least makes me more inclined to use Breakthrough Skill over Fiendish Chain.   I like how it's kinda splashy. I'm not sure if I'd run more than 1 of Scythe in Artifacts.
  19. Artifact Scythe

    What the hell.   Now this deck hates on mostly everything the opponent does.   Hopefully the dude read the text wrong. Until then, I'll just be flipping tables.
  20. Dragonstars/Genryuu

    Damn, I'm going to have to change the whole list, because pure Dragonstars look pretty damn good.   ...also I'll update the OP later and fix the decklist accordingly.
  21. Number 82: Heartlandraco

    I wouldn't go as far as calling this card Cowboy's replacement but the similarities between them are quite striking. Cowboy is usually the final nail in the coffin at the end if an OTK, where as this Heartlandraco doesn't facilitate them. It restricts your options for BP somewhat. At least this card can still steal games by getting past unbreakable fields for GG.
  22. Dragonstars/Genryuu

    Holy crap, that's ridiculous.   Alright, I'll probably cut a Masked Chameleon, but not sure what else as I want to use One for One as well; I have a high enough monster count to run it, and there are some situations where Garunix doesn't do shit in hand.
  23. Colossal Fighter

    To be fair, this shouldn't have happened in the first place, considering it looked way too much like those DNF SC threads. And this isn't DNF.
  24. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

    It's officially the Sangan for Pendulums.   The EP thing sorta makes it too slow for my taste, but the splashability of Odd-Eyes makes up for it. Now we wait for actually good targets.
  25. The Moon

    There's still Rainbow Kuriboh which pretty much makes Crimson Blader deadweight. At least.