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  1. Hello.

    My body is ready. For all the negs.   First time here, and yeah that's it.    
  2. Hello.

    Not planning to.   But I"m assuming this has to do with DNF? No. It has nothing to do with DNF. We at DGz do not openly discriminate against people from other sites such as Pojo and DNF, it just happens that an overwhelming amount of people come from those sites, do not read pinned topics, do not see what the general feel for the site is (we call this lurking), and come to us expecting that we owe them feedback.   Lurking is a beneficial tool that new users can use to join the community. It allows you to get a feel for what to post and what not to post. It also let's you know what type of humor is actual humor and what is people being silly.   To use the example of the banlist thread that Satchmo provided, most new members go in there and post something along the lines of:   "Ban Mermail stuff cause that deck is annoying! Also can Konami bring back Spellbook of Judgment so I can play it again?"   As you can see, stuff like this is not acceptable because DGz is of the opinion that banlist speculation should be about what should happen to make the game healthier and what decks should be rotated out and WHY. The why is the most important part and at the core, DGz (especially YGO) is about the WHY. If you post something, you should have a huge amount of thought put behind that and post it along with it. Wrong or not, atleast you tried.   New members will also get negged as they adjust to the community. People who are quickly told to get out are people who care about these green and red points too much. This is not to say that these are meaningless, but use them as feedback. If you get negged, wonder why, but don't post something like "you guys are so dumb why would you neg me". If you get possed, know that you probably made a good point or your argument was well founded or maybe you were genuinely funny.   I could go into it more, but I'm running out of steam and I have other things to do.   TLDR: Read the paragraph, it'll save you some drama. Lurk the boards. DGz is a competitive community, transition to it or expect to be told to leave. I'm sorry if I did not appear as a valuable member. The only reason why i mentioned DNF as I thought Satchmo was referring to my activity in the banlist "discussion" there (because you definitely don't need to tell me it's not up to standard) and because of what I may have posted there, those opinions were not welcome in this forum.  The question that came after was asking for confirmation if that were true, so I could change accordingly to DGz standards.    I don't really care about negs or anything, as you can tell from my OP. I came here not because this was the place for me, but because I wanted to learn how to actually Theory-Oh.   Thanks for the advice, it was pretty informative.
  3. Bujin - Discussion

    I appreciate heresy of all kinds.   Given the fact that your opponent seems to have trouble dealing with 1 Crane (only in desperate situations are they forced to attack as Hare+Quilin already guarantees doom for the opponent's monster, which means by that time you've already won; for example a Mermail player trades his Megalo and a Controller in hand for a Leo in a final push), 2 in hand pretty much spells out "gg."  When you're already winning (a Yamato on board) you tend to have a couple "dead" cards such as extra copies of Cranes and Yamato, and Bujincarnation. Whereas Yamato and Bujincarn are usable should the opponent deal with the initial Yamato, the latter two do a fine job of making up for it; Crane dos not.  I kid you not, there are times where I use up my 2nd Crane for discard fodder or for Xyz Material as the situation favors dropping Susanowo or ARK over retaining the Crane. There are times where I feel I'd rather have the usefulness of a Relic should I happen to go over hand-size limit; without relics in hand Crane is the first to go.   It doesn't seem like a bad idea from what I can tell. I just feel that 3 crane is simply convention and it doesn't hurt to have as much as you think you need. Sometimes I fluxuate in my relic count, sometimes dropping 1 card for a 3rd Turtle, Hare, or Mikazuchi. 
  4. Bujin - Discussion

      You don't worry with Turtle at 1?  When people see it in my grave they don't usually try any effects, unless they feel they can burn the Turtle and hit you with another effect.  If they see 2 they just give up.  Prisoner is more defense, but since it's not searchable like Turtle I would be more nervous about it. Been meaning to respond to this. Turtle at 1 has not been problematic, but I can see what you mean. Generally, Skill Prisoner takes off the pressure of Turtle of negating everything, as Monster Effects are bee's knees apparrently. It simplifies my opening hand in which I choose to bury Hare while setting Skill Prisoner on top of Yamato.   I have one gripe with Turtle as he tells the opponent what not to do in a given situation, allowing them to conserve their resources until they get over it, similar to playing around Herald of Protection decks (you accumulate resources until you have enough in hand to get over the maximum amount of Fairy/Herald Fodder that your opponent may have in hand). I can see how it is redundant as Turtle can do the job effectively, but it's niche is in "forcing" (in a way) to play as if the Turtle was not there. Assuming I have a Susanowo on board and I have Crane in hand as well as Hare in grave, no doubt that the opponent will "play around it" by dropping ARK and resolving it's effect. The absence of Turtle will lead him to think that, and thus the Set Skill Prisoner slaps him on the wrist and leaves him with even less back-ups than a Turtle would have.   Turtle discourages plays and changes their playstyle. Skill Prisoner (while Set) has the utility of punishing my opponent for playing as he normally would. They have relatively the same effect on the opponent, but I find that Skill Prisoner certainly fits my playstyle.   Like I said before, it has become less glorious as a neat tech once I realized it doesn't help against Arts. Just my train of thought when I was promoting it a while back.
  5. Bujin - Discussion

    That's why I still decided to keep Turtle at 1.   In general I only needed to use at least 1 per Duel as Bujincarnation can still recycle it, if needed to be. Turtle doesn't necessarily get triggered as often and seems to sit there, taunting my opponent to try something. To a degree Skill Prisoner does the same thing as well as protecting any card that isn't just Yamato and in tandem with Breakthrough it functions as a soft lockdown on top of the relics. I feel that Yamato isn't fast enough to drop enough turtles to get past multiple effect targeting. I can save the Turtle for actual S/T such as the Fiendish you mentioned, while Prisoner deals with the effect targetting.    It's sad that Moralltach does not target (because that dwindles my faith in Skill Prisoner altogether) as that was really the reason I wanted to try it.
  6. Bujin - Discussion

    Right now, nothing since you are right, Turtle does enough. But come PRIO...   Other Bujin Mirrors, Prisoner cancels out Quilin and Centipede. Stops Moralltach from popping your stuff. Cancels out a Pleiades ready to bounce your ****. Twice. Marshalleaf gets imprisoned as well; but that's all I can think of atm.   Prisoner along with Breakthrough pretty much tells Artifacts "no," and just shapes the match-up in your favor.
  7. Hello.

    Not planning to.   But I"m assuming this has to do with DNF?
  8. Bujin - Discussion

    Artifact engine in homage to the Tenki-Bear engine? Except much faster and can keep up with this incarnation of the deck? Yes, please.   I want to add with the Discard engine along with Breakthrough Skill: Thoughts on Skill Prisoner?   I decided to cut Turtle to 1 and add 2 copies of Skill Prisoner in order to capitalize on 3 Hares to make Bujincarnation even more live. Skill Prisoner is essentially a longer-lasting Turtle with a essentially more uses, in this case being 4. If I'm that worried about losing to S/T Targets, I still have Lance at 3 and the single copy of Turtle. Next format, or whatever the TCG list will be when PRIO comes along is, seems to be leaning toward stopping effect negation in general and Skill Prisoner also has the niche effect of stopping rogue Gorillas from popping your Continuous S/T.