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  1. Clown blade

    Stardust might have some merit in the side for Wavering Eyes.
  2. Weeaboo Test

    3, I thought I would get higher honestly but these questions were really specific
  3. Pendulum Master

    The issue here is that OCG has Lavalval chain so they don't have to dedicate deck space to increase the number of glow up in deck (for example mathematician which does not go well with the rest of the deck, now in TCG being able to access bulb is tied to raw drawing the card as opposed to when you field 2 level 4s). Standalone Beast prob doesn't cut it in OCG they would have to pair it with rafflesia or notice to be effective but don't quote me on that
  4. PSY-Frame - Discussion

    Free turns give you more time to assemble Overload + Feel Zone, since you are guaranteed to hit that sequence of cards before you deck out. I'd wager that you would lose more games when the opponent tries to kill you ASAP taking advantage of subpar hands this deck tends to open early on.
  5. Pendulum Master

    Droll and Lock Bird, Unspeakable Grimoire, Twin Twister, Guiturtle are the cards that stood out. Droll Makes sense because it beats Dracoslayer + Ariadne/Mascot, Joker --> Monkeyboard and any Sorc's for that turn. Interesting how in TCG we have access to Durendal + Lock Bird, which doubles as a solution to Maxx "C." Twin Twister being aided is no surprise, the card is better than MST by virtue of hitting multiple backrow. Interesting how a non-Ariadne build won. Would that be because Solemn Notice is subpar vs BA, given Dante/Beatrice and its 1 less card vs their backrow? Still a small sample tho, I'm confused to why Grimoire is being played (more copies of Xyz Universe?)
  6. Pendulum Master

    Literally the only situation he comes out is post Sorceror, popping a Dracoslayer to act as a bridge for Ignister. I can't really vouch for his 1st effect either to apply in situations you've "bricked" because often times giving up 2 Pendulum monsters means you've seen at least 1 Joker or Sorc (unless for some bizarre reason you overlay Draco + Mirror Conductor).
  7. Pendulum Master

    Really gimmicky but Zephyros allows you to bounce Dracoslayer so you can do another iteration of the duplication effect. He does count as 2 Level 4s when drawn (OCG he was able to trigger blades). I will post my list later since I am at work, but I've taken a different approach in deckbuilding. I completely maxxed out on Hatricker focusing on going second. Going second in the mirror it is extremely important almost imperative that you are able to Rank 4 committing to the Pendulum Zones, Dire Wolf to hit the set or to bait out possible Infinity. I am playing Hatricker over Jigabyte right now as there is not much difference outside of T1 or 2200 Dwellers. Hatricker has the added benefit when interacting with Spellcasters of accessing Trapeze Magician which completely ignores Solemn Notice. I play Dracorivals because it also ignores Notice and YS another card that bypasses the NS before a PS. Being able to drop Trapeze + 1850x 2 without having to pendulum is huge vs backrow decks and you can save your Pendulum Summon for defensive cards like Giant Hand/Infinity/Durendal
  8. The Flash

    Not really, they just make small references to the episode that aired on the same week. There are some crossover episodes but they make sure to keep it flash storyline. SO glad Tom Cavanagh is going to play a role this season.
  9. Solemn Notice (BOSH)

    Ask and you shall receive! Pendulum Effect: (1): As long as this card remains face-up in the Pendulum Zone, apply the following effects: You do not have to pay Life Points to activate a Counter Trap Card. You do not have to discard cards from your hand to activate a Counter Trap Card. Monster Effect: (1): If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can reveal 3 Counter Trap Cards from your Deck, have your opponent add 1 of them to your hand, also shuffle the rest back into your Deck.
  10. OCG Burning Abyss asking for help / advice

    While you are correct, Horn of Heaven in this case is using Flying "C" as the tribute to negate a different summon, which would appear to undermine its usefulness vs BA.
  11. OCG Burning Abyss asking for help / advice

    I would considered a copy of Alich, given how you can't guarantee to draw your defense? The main interaction that comes up is you can chain it to Idea the Heaven Knight and have it negate the incoming Eidos so they are forced to end the turn.
  12. Shaddoll - Discussion

    He's referring to Bujinki Amatererasu, it makes the most sense since the context is vs Retaliating "C."
  13. Mobile acting up?

    Yeah it's happening to me as well. I was using Chrome on my iPhone and kept getting that message, but after switching back to Safari i don't have that issue anymore.
  14. YGO Idea Pad/Things to Consider

    that zefra yang zing build being mentioned doesn't run Creation, NB96 pretty much described it, it's a Jiatou combo deck that aims to OTK with triple Baxia. Norden makes it a lot easier to push through Veiler and I believe technical play can solve maxx "c" (pend summon your guys, then synchro on their turn). You can do cute shit with the Oracle of the Zefra like stacking a handtrap if you have maxx "c" in hand, which makes it considerably easier to end your opponents turn (Lancea vs Nekroz) so you can OTK on the following turn. I haven't played very much with the deck, but I think some form of Void Ogre, Zefrassault and Herald of the Arc Light is how the deck aims to beat Nekroz. There's also Chiwen + Bixi + Level 6 Zefraying for Chaofeng which locks out the Jus and the Rituals.
  15. New Monarch

    Most lists I've seen main at least 1 Eccentrick, but no more than 2. Some narrower outs include Sorcerer Pendulum effect, Partnaga/Silver Claw and Mirror Conductor.
  16. Dueling Network

    That's just as odd as the time where I randomly played Jake Phinney and discarded a Mikazukinoyaiba from his hand way back when NECH released. He played qlis lmao.
  17. if you click on this topic you must post

    I gotchu http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=134389&hl=baburnzzzz
  18. Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament Hong Kong 2015

    excuse this double
  19. Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament Hong Kong 2015

    Wow that guy actually sided 3 Magical Spring, perhaps it will catch on as it is in auto win vs Draco + Ice cream, beats wavering for 2 He did his best to completely ignore wavering eyes in that decklist perhaps that would attribute to his success.
  20. Pendulum Master

    Re: Alchemic Magician Ill admit I haven't tested it, but if the aim of the play is to make ot T1 and gain access to those quick plays or double up on drawn quick plays it appears to lose to Dire Wolf. This deck is able to make 4's for free before investing in a Pendulum Summon because of Caster + Familiar, it would appear that you can still make Dire Wolf to run over Alchemic, then M2 force out the wavering eyes. It's much more relevant when both players have Wavering eyes since Wolf will ensure that the opponent's wavering eyes be on the lowest chain link. It seems far from an auto win if it isn't wavering eyes for 4. Great Horn of Heaven seems like the next staple in back row decks. Going with what I mentioned earlier its very easy to play around the card even if it reduces tempo for that turn. As I mentioned earlier this deck has an easy time making a Rank 4 before actually committing, our Level 4s pay for themselves and Trapeze Magician floats off Warning, GHorn, etc. Because if this I want to side the hands going second as it would discourage the use of Warning and Great Horn on a pendulum summon, the hand will still trigger and net you a level 4 in the process or pick apart their board. They just seem like the ideal pendulum summon to beat backrow, drawing multiples and their normal summon flaws become non issues. Countering a multitude of floodgate strategies, especially ASF. The issue? Fire Hand is awful vs Majespecter likely the most common backrow deck, despite having a themed anti-summon trap.
  21. supporters of cricks lend your energy, we need a reptile for president
  22. Igknight - Discussion

    the field spell is awful, as far as two card combos within the deck go, it's worse than any 2 igknights resolving as you are left with 1 card in the extra deck rather than 2. You would actually max out on every Igknight card (Summoner's Art and Rota included) before playing Ignition Phoenix.
  23. Clown blade

    Jigabyte > Archfiend Eater > Inari Fire is how I see the cards in terms of value, tho the first effect which they all share is their main utility.   When comparing ratios such as 3 Jigabyte vs 2 Jigabyte + 1 Archfiend, there's really not much difference -You still have the same amount of monsters that can SS themselves if you control a Spellcaster therefore the deck is not worse in that regard if you run 2 Jiga + 1 Archfiend > 3 Jigabyte -A slight percentage of the time (if you play the 1st copy of archfiend over the third copy of jigabyte) you can board 3 monsters as you can only control 1 Jigabyte as opposed to hand combinations with just 3 jigabyte. -The number of Jigabyte doesn't matter as long as you have 1 copy left in your deck for Feral Imps to search. Perhaps the ideal number of Jigabytes is 2 for situations where you used the first to summon Feral Imps and so you can grab the second left in deck. -Very VERY marginal but you in situations where your Jigabyte is torrential'd it can replace itself with Archfiend?    If anything there is to be gained I believe that before playing the third Jigabyte you should play Archfiend, then Inari Fire. Archfiend comes up more often than Inari as its much easier to trigger.
  24. Dueling Network

    tacoman92  (|:|)