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  1. supporters of cricks lend your energy, we need a reptile for president
  2. Igknight - Discussion

    the field spell is awful, as far as two card combos within the deck go, it's worse than any 2 igknights resolving as you are left with 1 card in the extra deck rather than 2. You would actually max out on every Igknight card (Summoner's Art and Rota included) before playing Ignition Phoenix.
  3. Clown blade

    Jigabyte > Archfiend Eater > Inari Fire is how I see the cards in terms of value, tho the first effect which they all share is their main utility.   When comparing ratios such as 3 Jigabyte vs 2 Jigabyte + 1 Archfiend, there's really not much difference -You still have the same amount of monsters that can SS themselves if you control a Spellcaster therefore the deck is not worse in that regard if you run 2 Jiga + 1 Archfiend > 3 Jigabyte -A slight percentage of the time (if you play the 1st copy of archfiend over the third copy of jigabyte) you can board 3 monsters as you can only control 1 Jigabyte as opposed to hand combinations with just 3 jigabyte. -The number of Jigabyte doesn't matter as long as you have 1 copy left in your deck for Feral Imps to search. Perhaps the ideal number of Jigabytes is 2 for situations where you used the first to summon Feral Imps and so you can grab the second left in deck. -Very VERY marginal but you in situations where your Jigabyte is torrential'd it can replace itself with Archfiend?    If anything there is to be gained I believe that before playing the third Jigabyte you should play Archfiend, then Inari Fire. Archfiend comes up more often than Inari as its much easier to trigger.
  4. Dueling Network

    tacoman92  (|:|)
  5. Pendulum Master

    Honestly that doesn't sound like a good reason to play Silver Claw. Feral Imps is practically free in this deck and that scenario just seems unrealistic. Being able to use Claw alongside Sorcerer as a scale to pump joker/claw to 3100 and OTK with Trapeze is the most value I've gotten from the card. I think Monkeyboard's greatest contribution to the deck (just from looking at the card) is the ability to pop out scales for free T1 w/Sorceror since it offsets the minus (+ the 2nd card off Joker) which eliminates the risk of getting blown out by Waverig Eyes the following turn. I don't think increasing the number of Lizardraws in our deck is necessary when the deck has Dracoslayer and Wavering Eyes to remove "dead" Monkeyboards.
  6. Splatoon

    I thought that was how it worked too. I've lost around 12-16 rating grinding to S+ vs "even" match ups. It does feel off but I don't want to assume it's broken or anything.
  7. Dueling Network

    Nah, he means if you have 4 Burgess in grave and you activate a trap, you are only allowed to summon 1 Burgess from your grave.
  8. Splatoon

    Oh that's me, but I also have a little brother who plays when I'm at work.
  9. Rick and Morty

  10. Pendulum Master

    The most ideal situation is you have a level 4 to overlay with Damajuggler. Just having King of the Feral Imps detaching a Damajuggler is where the combos start branching out.
  11. Shaddoll - Discussion

    It's a good thing you cut Dracoslayer as the only Pendulum Monsters you ran to make Ignister Prominence are all Tuners.
  12. Splatoon

    kek moray towers is my jam, i get better results with the slosher there because of the height differences. Its easier to approach walls too because of the arc. I dunno if I have it in me to get to S+
  13. Battle of the Pets 2015

    say hi to cricks the leopard gecko [spoiler] [/spoiler] your new reptile overlord
  14. Ant-man

    I had zero idea who Guardians of the Galaxy where, but I sure as hell enjoyed the movie. GoTG is probably one of their lesser known franchises and it did amazing, most of Marvel's marketing went toward putting Raccoon in UMvC3 or cameos in the Avengers Assemble show which went past my radar completely before going into the movie.
  15. Pendulum Master

    I mean don't all other builds coming to TCG share the same issue of not having access to those Xyz? The engine is fairly intact, you always have access to Clown due to Flame Mascot, and while not strictly the same in practice as Clownblade, King provides the extra Level 4. I think the only missing piece post DOCS is Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer.
  16. Pendulum Master

    I'm liking the Helprincess Sorcerer engine as well as the King-Jigabyte engine. It increases this decks ceiling and damage output a lot. To elaborate on this post, you are normally searching Helprincess if you've pendulum summoned Sorcerer without having used your normal summon, add Joker and Princess. Princess being DARK gives you access to Master Key which is more relevant in TCG as a good T1 option wether to protect scales or Set floods/floodgate monsters. I've long since dropped Odd-Eyes once realizing how Flame Mascot actually worked. OCG has lists dropping the magicians in favor of a full Performage Deck.
  17. Pendulum Master

    Magical Spring I only bring this up because it's interactions with cards in the future is slowly being defined, definitely a lot better in our current card pool than when it was released in DUEA. Ideally this would prevent: -Wavering Eyes for 2 -Double Insight which can lead to a full scale lock for 2 turns in which case you've won or restrict the opponent to either summoning 4's (if Scales are Insight + Scale 2-3) or 7's (Scales are Insight + Dragon's Lair) -Dracoslayer Luster Pendulum -Arc in the Sky -Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer if targetting a Scale -Heiress The interactions become narrower and narrower as the list goes on, but we can already see the current trend in Scales needing destruction to gain value. Ignister Prominence can ignore the full protection Spring gives the opponent if that matters. Honestly not sold on the card when compared to other stun cards such as Mistaken Arrest, but Spring has the niche of increasing your deck's consistency.
  18. Pendulum Master

    Unfortunately, it's immune to destruction and the burn effect is a continuous effect.
  19. Pendulum Master

    You don't necessarily need to use Dracoslayer's Pendulum effect, simply drawing him (with 1 copy remaining in deck) and pendulum summoning him with at least 2 level 4's sets up the Prominence --> Paladin --> Prominence #2 board. Draco is an awkward scale, but I tried to mitigate that by focusing more 4's as shown in my build below [spoiler]  [/spoiler] Basic tl;dr is that it's Majespecter Magicians, with an unoptimized extra (Lightning is in there for some reason even tho we won't get him until next spring), and I adopted some of the OCG trends of removing odd-eyes and friends. Odd Eyes Absolute is busted and functions similarly to the trap so I'm definitely thinking of just scrapping this altogether (basic idea is that you gain an edge in the mirror when forced to go first, but the deck itself has issues if I win the die roll. Outside of Unicorn, I definitely want to avoid drawing the Majespecter support when going second)   Majespecter Magicians isn't as popular in the OCG, the clownblade variant beats it in popularity by a huge margin. I assume its because of the following: -Performage Damajuggler is an out to Wavering Eyes -Performage Flame Mascot acting as another Level 4, a decent scale + another copy of Tricklown iwhen triggered by Sorceror -The least demanding engine in terms of space (Lavalval Chain) -Haven't tested it, but possibly just outgrinds the Majespecters outright (poWer card >>>>>> Trap...)
  20. Pendulum Master

    Yeah minus felgrand I usually end up with 8 on average T1 hand, Joker + Insight + Wavering is also a super busted setup I'll elaborate soon one possible combo.
  21. Pendulum Master

    Yeah I'm only trying to point that out, my bad if it sounded like I was implying it was shit. Dracoslayer combos very well with the Majespecter cards, opening Raccoon + Dracoslayer nets a Raccoon + Fox + Counter Trap. [spoiler]Normal Summon Raccoon, add Fox. Place both Fox and Dracoslayer in Pendulum Zones, then use Dracoslayer on Fox to add Fox #2. Place Fox #2 on the now open Scale and PS Fox in the Extra Deck. The only reason why I find this final step significant is because those 2 cards alone let you end with +2, especially going first with just 5 cards LIMITATIONS: Being unable to summon Unicorn/Inferior Dragon Magician[/spoiler] I think Sorcerer should also be played in this build now that we have the new Dracoslayer Xyz. I used to dislike Dracoslayer when I was running Odd-Eyes and Avians etc, because of its awkward Scale of 5 presenting a trade off between summoning 4's and 7's. I was also running Sky Arc to "load up" the Extra Deck but it only mattered if it was allowed to be on the field more than 1 turn, Sorcerer did the same thing but gave me immediate advantage by searching Joker instead of a level 7 vanilla. The Xyz meshes well with the Dracoslayer + Sorcerer combo, usually after pendulum summoning Sorcerer I pop Dracoslayer which sets up Majester Paladin's detach effect. If you have a spare level 4 on board this combo links into Ignister Prominence. Some notable things: [spoiler]-Even tho you already Pendulum Summoned at this point, popping Dracoslayer w/Sorc frees up a slot for any potential Insight Magicians or just to have 1 less slot to avoid a potential Wavering Eyes blowout. -The obvious +1 Majester Paladin at EP, much better when forced to go first. -After summoning Ignister Prominence, if you have ANOTHER level 4 on board you can drop a second Majester Paladin and resummon the Dracoslayer used for the Synchro in ATK. I'm not sure if 2 is the correct number but you have limited options w/the second Dracoslayer summoned off Ignister. [/spoiler] I've cut Summoners Art to 0 as the deck is a lot less reliant on Dragon's Lair Magician than I thought. I'll post my build for the context I based my thoughts soon. I've really just been goldfishing with this revised version of the deck just to see if there are any T1 combos, and the above are the ones I found worth sharing. Oh a few other things, I'm very tempted to run Performapal Lizardraw just so I can pop both my scales T1, but after looking at the Performapal line-up I've ran into the same problem Rapt has: awful performapals. Also Ignite Reload as a 1-of. A mulligan that can trade any drawn multiples of magispecters (given their hard OPT) and it replaces itself essentially putting your deck at 39. It virtually has no restriction (no Lizardraw I guess) and by running 1, your eliminate the risk of drawing into another copy because it's own hard OPT.
  22. Pendulum Master

    Majespecter Tempest only negates Special summons and monster effects.
  23. Dueling Network

    The level 6 and 5 slightly improve the dek so you no longer have to run the level 3's. Still pretty lacking overall, especially when it's in the same set as majespecters. Obligatory mention that Greydle is the new Yang Zing Floater.dek
  24. Off Ete MetearWurst Drugin
  25. Pendulum Master

    That's odd, because when going second I want to see as many Dragon Lair possible during a combo once my opponent realizes it's the best scale in the deck, aiming hate at it in an attempt to lock me out with lower level scales.