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  1. Mostly one group including Mikołaj. But they just ended yugioh career at European WCQ this year. Mostly they would just make day 2, our best records are Top16 YCS Bochum 2016 and Top16 WCQ EU 2014. EDIT: The unofficial champ from 2010 is Łukasz Cielebański
  2. Oh yes, this year winner was Mikołaj Drzewiecki, Pure Sky Striker. Also, if you want include polish letters: - Paweł instead of Pawel - Łukasz instead of Lukasz Found better source for 2009 :D - https://isa.pl/yugioh/ygocover.php
  3. It's Waldyra for sure, I've checked archive of our discussion board and it says "Karlzone", my friend who played at this time know all the names through FB. (it's even here https://yugipedia.com/wiki/World_Championship_Qualifiers) In 2010 we didn't have official Nationals, unofficial champion was guy nicknamed Om3n who played Blackwings. I'm working on his real name.
  4. @Blacklisted I've written you a message about Polish Nationals, here's copy for easier access: 2009 champion - Sebastian Waldyra decks: 2005 - Cookie Cutter 2006 - Tomato Control 2007 - Bazoo Trooper (probably) 2008 - DDT 2009 - Twilight Lightsworn
  5. I know most of you probably went through this already, but... Breaker vs RoD aka how exactly Priority on Ignition Effects works. I know very well how Fast Effect Timings work today. Most essential questions: 1. When can Ignition Effect be activated using Priority? ONLY during Summon Response Window, or at any point in Main Phase (after resolving chain)? 2. Is Breaker's effect an exception to this? (Because, IDK, whole Priority on Ignitions is kinda made-up.) I'm asking, because I got mixed answers from Pro DGz guys. I lurked into old topics and it's also divided there. Cameron and ACP say that it works only during Summon Response Window (so RoD controller can "choose" if he wants to deal 1600 or 1900). Jazz, Kris and MMF say that Priority on Ignition Effect can be used even in "after chain/effect is resolved" window (so RoD controller can really only deal 1900, if Breaker player wants to attack with it). I was looking through some old UDE forums, but the only thing I ever found about "Priority on Ignition Effects" was about "Summon Response Priority on Ignition Effects".
  6. Goat Duel Review Thread

    I saw it right after writing, but that Duo was such a bad play anyways. Maybe Im wrong (please, correct me then), but because Rafflesia had not a good hand, and WGM was first to discard/commit to the field - I would definitely wait as long as I can (trying not to lose reasources by discarding at the end of turn, of course).
  7. Goat Duel Review Thread

    Rafflesia (The Ice Queen), in game 3, 36th minute. IMO its one of the cases you dont activate pot of greed. Its a stale mate, and you want to wait for options. You're even on cards (and you have serpent in hand), so there no need to rush to 6 cards limit.
  8. Waboku ruling (even though you can't find it) is everything that it needs. Thank you.
  9. 0 ATK monsters thing - the line, that they cannot destroy each other was introduced to the rulebook in Zexal era, source: Rulebook 8.0 - Zexal era rulebook Rulebook 8.0 - updated, p. 44 I remember, that writing it in a rulebook was announced in my country as a rule change, but it COULD be wrong (I'm from Poland, btw). Before the "change" I've never had such a situation, but the general rule was "same ATK and attack position - destroy each other". Thunder Dragon etc. thing - found that page with the discussion, RotA and Skilled Magicians are there, so I guess it applies to Tomato too (no ruling though). Monster Gate and Reasoning have ruling that if no monster is found then the deck is shuffled and effect dissapears.
  10. In 2015 there was a change in determining winner: - Before 2015: A Duel cannot end during the resolution of a card effect, but will end immediately afterwards if the victory condition has still been achieved. - After 2015: If a player’s Life Points reach 0 during the resolution of a card effect or a player is required to draw and cannot, the Duel immediately ends. If a card’s special victory condition, such as that of Exodia the Forbidden One is achieved during the resolution of a card effect, the Duel does not immediately end. If the victory condition is still true after the current effect on the Chain resolves completely, the Duel ends. Today effect of Morphing Jar cannot be activated if one of players have less than 5 cards in a deck (unless it was force-activated in battle etc.), was it the same in 2005?
  11. I wanted to clarify and sum up all the rulings that differ from present ones. Of course there are some of them on @Jazz's website (http://formatlibrary.weebly.com/rulings), but unfortunetelly it's far from complete. I'll list some, that are missing. It would be great if somebody could help me with it, because I'm only playing since 2008 or sth. - No upper deck limit (Main and Fusion, cannot be simulated on Duelingbook etc.) - Starting player 1st turn draw (pretty obvious, but worth mentioning) - Only one Field Spell; also replaced Fields are destroyed (same as above) - 0 ATK monsters can destroy each other in battle (both Attack position) - Ignition-like effects of Continuous Trap cards can only be activated if they are already face-up - There is no "early trigger" rule in SEGOC (rule was in effect in TCG from 2007 until 2017) - Effects that search deck can be activated even if there are no legal "targets" for them (but I'm not sure how many cards fall into this rule, RotA and Thunder Dragon for sure, but does it applicate to Mystic Tomato and Monster Gate too?) - Old structure of the Battle Phase (is it different from the one that we had before the change in 2015 or sth?)