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  1. Infernoid - Discussion

    How do you figure? Nekroz have an easy way to tribute any Extra Deck monster off with Valkyrus. Qliphorts won't leave an Extra Deck monster on the field unless it's to OTK. And then there's Burning Abyss, which this card admittedly destroys. So Infernoids have a good match up if you happen to be playing the deck that lost the most presence when THSF was released while retaining their pretty awful match-up with the former two.
  2. And someone, or some group, just led a systematic buyout of Inzektor Exa-Beetle to push it to $40.   Whoever you are, I hope you can find enough retards willing to pay $40 for a sub-standard combo card that will drop off the map in a week after release.
  3. Modern Format Discussion

    Some people (not necessarily here acting like the format is going to change a huge deal or some huge innovation is going to happen.   It's like, hint hint: You played this exact format before, sans-Khans and Junk was moving toward being the deck to beat. Now it has Anafenza to stop creature-based graveyard shit and Siege Rhino to stabilize. So why do you think anything is really changing? You just went backwards.
  4. Unless their cards in Crossover Souls are miracle-makers, no.
  5. It got printed in 6 sets, doubt it will go up that much. And then DT Instant Fusion sold out across the board with LCGX and RYMP doubling in value from $4 to $8. Good call on that one.
  6. It's all PC bullshit anyway. Stark was cracking jokes with his friends who know he's not xenophobic (the retards calling him racist are unbelievably dumb), but the mic was on because WotC apparently employs people that have no idea what the fuck they're doing in terms of streaming and a bunch of people ran away with it.   I don't give a fuck what he thinks about the Portuguese or the French, just provide commentary and a better stream.   Edit: Zac Hill had it right. "If we could be judged by our private opinions I'm sure we'd all have been arrested by now".
  7. Fate Reforged Spoiler Discussion

    I'm still standing by Whisperwood Elemental until I'm, in all likelihood, proven wrong and it doesn't get there.
  8. Fate Reforged Spoiler Discussion

    I still want to believe Whisperwood Elemental can get there in Standard. I mean, Master of the Wild Hunt could do it. It's trading the ability to function as removal for the utility of wrath protection and being able to flip up your creatures if they've got the T to survive a Lightning Strike or Stoke the Flames.
  9. Fate Reforged Spoiler Discussion

    Eh, I dunno if I'd call it a throwback to Restoration Angel. One of the most appealing things about Angel was it presented a clock by itself, the other that it created essentially free ETB triggers. This feels more like a throwback to Deputy of Acquittals.
  10. NO Indictment for Darren Wilson

    Best way to voice your displeasure with the judicial system? Burn your entire city to the ground and loot 'till you can't look no more. Nothing says peaceful protest like arson.
  11. Seeing as we don't have Outer God Nyarla in the TCG, Lavalval Chain dumping Releaser, summon Valkyrus is and tribute both is (probably) one of the better Turn 1 plays available, so yeah Lavalval Chain will be pretty important. Hell, even if we do get Nyarla, Chain is still important for being pretty much the only way to dump Releaser from the deck without running cards that have no synergy with the rest of the deck like Foolish Burial.   I'm pretty sure Arc Light is confirmed for a reprint in the SE since it's reprinting all the Supers.
  12. Qliphort - Discussion

    I can see the appeal of using Stormforth in the mirror, tributing your opponent's Saqlifice-equipped Qliphorts for Disk/Shell to force through some ridiculous damage. If they had Warning then no matter what play you made that turn you were going to get hammered, with the opponent summoning their own Disk/Shell on the following turn in all likelihood. That said it's vulnerable to effect negation like you pointed out.
  13.   Speaking of the gimmicky Exa-Beetle play, Exa-Beetle has been steadily going up. One printing, high rarity, reasonably old set. If anyone here has got any rotting away in a box or in a binder, now would probably be the best time to push them.
  14. HEROes are gonna suck but that won't stop people from playing them and overpricing shit
  15. Qliphort - Discussion

    I'm torn on Upstart Goblin. On one hand, increasing the consistency of opening with Scout is very much welcome and digging deeper into the deck for your Vanitys/Drains/side deck cards when you're searching out your Qlis is good and all, but just how necessary is it between 3 Summoner's Art, (presumably) 2 OEPD, and 2 Duality? I've been running Upstart in my Qliphort decks since testing when NECH first went up but I'm not sure whether or not it'd be better to dedicate those 3 slots to actual cards. Can I get some second opinions?