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  1. Why are sky strikers so popular? I haven't really seen them around, but they look like an incomplete archetype.
  2. Hey everyone (those of you who are left), I don't know how many of you remember me- the last time I consistently posted was over 2 years ago. I happen to be home from school for YCS NJ, and the last time I played was with Wind-Ups at ARG Atlantic City. I'm a fan of the new link and figured it'd be fun to play for the next couple weeks, until I go back to North Carolina. Anyway, I need some help understanding what the meta looks like after this banlist. From what I've seen, there will be some Mermail, Altergeist, Magical Musket, Gouki, SPYral, and Knightmare variants, but I am suffering from some serious sample bias. Can anyone lay out for me how the game looks? I'm happy to be back, btw.
  3. One thing I've been wondering about is the strength of lawnmowing in a format where there could be so many 60 card decks. I think that your idea for a 60 card deck that isnt reliant on lawnmowing is vastly superior, as it inherently protects you from other players using 60 without hampering you. Having a 60 card infernoid mirror just sounds kinda terrifying because you are relying totally on luck, but I feel that could happen kinda often at tournaments for the next couple months.
  4. Follow The Yang Zing Path

    I like the idea, but the notion that you're drawing better because you're playing more cards with desire and demise seems a little anecdotal. Do you have any statistical evidence to back that claim? Additionally, your deck seems like it's get wrecked by d barrier. Do you have a strategy for dealing with it?
  5. Zoodiac - Discussion

    Idk if it's already played, but effect veiler doesn't seem bad in the zoodiac kaiju build. You either use it on the broadbull when going second or you could potentially use it and two rats to strip a card when going first, still ending with drident trish. It also turns the level 7 kaiju into omega/stardust/stardust spark (idk what would be best), or it turns the level 8 into vermillion mech, which vanishes veiler to pop a card and then adds back veiler if it's destroyed.
  6. Pure Crystron

    I said I would deliver, and I tried my best. I was out of the game for all of last format, so there are some innovations and techs that I’m either unaware of in general or that I don’t fully understan. Feel free to tear this deck apart. I think that DGz needs something new to discuss and innovate, even if said discussion and innovation is negging me and telling me how little I understand about the game. To be honest, I picked up Crystrons for the same reason I’ve picked up almost any deck I’ve played: entertainment value and price. I found it cool that the deck had a unique “don’t lose” button in the form of summoning powered inzektron on my opponent’s turn, the on theme synchros were interesting, and the cards were all super cheap. For a while, I played around with an infusion of the scrap field spell and a scrap golem, as opening recycler+field spell+any crystron was pretty much an auto win (you would go +3 then make a trishula on your opponent’s turn). The risk of opening golem was too great, so that got dropped. Other dropped cards included the crystron field spell, starlight junktion, extra tuners, and supply squads. All useful, and all the definitions of winmore. I was more likely to lose because I opened too many of them than to win because I opened some of them. The current build is focused on seeing Crystron Sulphafnir as much as possible, seeing that it is the key combo piece: Monsters (29) 3x Crystron Sulphafnir (level 5, basically crystron galaxy soldier) 3x Crystron Thystvern (level 3, banish from grave to search a crystron monster) 3x Crystron Smiger (level 3, banish from grave to search a crystron trap) 2x Crystron Rosenix (level 4, banish from grave to summon a level 1 crystron token) 1x Crystron Prasiortle (level 2, banish from grave to special summon any crystron from hand) 2x Crystron Quan (level 1 tuner, can synch with monster in hand during opponent’s turn) 2x Crystron Citree (level 2 tuner, can synch with monster in grave during opponent’s turn) 1x Crystron Rion (level 3 tuner, can synch with banished monster during opponent’s turn) 3x Speedroid Terrortop 1x Speedroid Taketomborg 1x Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice 3x Scrap Recycler 1x Mathematician 1x Jet Synchron 2x Maxx “C” Spells (7) 2x Twin Twister 1x Raigeki 1x Foolish Burial 1x Soul Charge 1x Book of Moon 1x Forbidden Chalice Traps (4) 3x Crystron Impact (special summon a banished crystron, makes opponent’s monsters have 0 defense, banish from grave to negate an effect that targets a crystron) 1x Crystron Entry (special summon 2 crystron tuners- 1 from hand and 1 from grave, banish from grave for foolish burial effect) Extra (15) 1x Crystron Phoenix (level 9, two synchros, banish all spell and traps your opponent controls and in their grave, special a monster from grave when destroyed) 1x Crystron Quariongandrax (level 9, two tuners+one non tuner, banish up to 3 monsters from your opponents field and grave, special a banished monster when destroyed) 1x Trishula 1x Vermillion Dragon Mech 1x Psy-Framelord Omega 1x Black Rose Moonlight Dragon 1x Black Rose Dragon 1x Powered Inzektron 1x Crystron Ametrix (level 5, switches opponent’s special summoned monsters to defense, specials non-Synchro Cyrstron from grave when destroyed) 1x Accel Synchron 1x Crystron Quandax (level 4 tuner, can synchro with other monsters you control during opponent’s main phase or battle phase, specials non-Synchro Crystron from grave when destroyed) 1x Formula Synchron 1x The Phantom Knight of Break Sword 1x Leviair the Sea Dragon 1x Mechquipped Angineer I’m gonna preface the deck explanation by conceding that I am not sure that this is the best way to make use of the Crystron engine. I think that Me.’s explanation for his frog/crystron/genex/yang zing disaster is extremely fair, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s flat out superior to mine. However, the benefits of playing 40 cards are clear, seeing that the deck doesn’t only want to see Sulphefnir, but an additional Crystron. Given that Me. is playing a slightly lower Crystron count, he may be able to dump Sulphefnir just as consistently, but he may not be able to actually summon it. My build definitely doesn’t have as many cool tricks, but it does its job well. As always, the first question is “why play this over zoodiac”? My primary reasoning is that this is essentially a Tier 0 format, meaning that everyone is always going to be prepared for zoodiacs. While some cards, like the kaijus, are still powerful against crystrons, most “power traps” are not. D-Barrier doesn’t stop me from synchroing during my opponent’s turn, and solemn striking floaters is silly. Furthermore, the floaters and traps gives you a solid chance of either breaking through a T1 zoodiac setup or simply out-resourcing them. Your level 9 synchros cut them off from recycling rats and xyz, and black rose dragon or black rose moonlight dragon during the opponent’s turn can be devastating. To be honest, the deck could even fit the zoodiac engine, an idea I played around with. Using the rats for summoning trishula or omega instead of xyzing can be pretty funny, and the natural staying power of the crystrons actually boosts the deck a lot in terms of turn two plays. I might make another post regarding that concept later, but right now the focus is on pure. Since we have now provided some reasonable justification for at least considering the deck, it’s time to discuss theory. I made this deck using the process established by Chumlee, where you add 3 of each engine card and make cuts based on space. In terms of the maindeck, I started off with 3 of every Crystron monster, just to see what would happen. That was way too many tuners, so I cut each down to two. Even then, I found that Rion(the level 3 tuner), wasn’t relevant to any major plays besides easier BRD access, so I cut it down to one. The other two are needed at two apiece so that one can be summoned from the deck if the other is drawn into. My ideal turn one play goes into accel and formula with the trap set, so cards that don’t make that happen were the others to be cut. That namely refers to Prasiortle, the level two. Its level is just very awkward given that most of the tuners are level 1 and 2, so it’s kept at 1 to allow for accessibility when it comes up, just like Rion. Only two Rosenix are played due to space issues, as I needed to cut one more Crystron and it is the next worst one. The supporting monsters are mostly self-explanatory. Recycler and Math dump Crystrons, Speedroids mostly draw traps/other negation, but they can also make accel or leviair to improve first turn options. Jet Synchron is super key, mostly because it can make stuff like formula and quandax while getting Crystrons in the grave. Recycling it with Vermillion Dragon or Omega is also super cute, and dumping it for Accel is important to open up turn one options. Spells are also self-explanatory. Raigeki, BoM, and Chalice are answers to Crystal Wing, Invoked, and Drident, and Soul Charge and Foolish improve the turn one plays. Twin Twister is another card that could be worthwhile, but was cut to 2 to make space. It’s even further down the list of cards to add than extra Crystrons, though. The Crystron impacts are super key. Each one is an additional turn of plays, given that you only have ~4 turns of summoning and searching before the deck runs out of steam via normal means. With Impact, you can bring back the level 3 searchers so that they can be dumped to the grave for more value and additional plusses. Additionally, it provides options in terms of the non-tuners it can bring onto the field when trying to disrupt opponent’s plays, so that you don’t need to choose on your own turn whether something like BRD or Powered Inzektron or Crystron Ametrix will be best. Due to their searchability, you could theoretically play 2 or even 1 and still see them very often, but playing 3 is crucial when trying to maximize the number of plays that can be made throughout the duel. Crystron Entry isn’t nearly as good, but it’s played to get one final Smiger search if you burn out of Impacts. Also, there are some games where you will need to search a trap to discard for Sulphefnir for one reason or another, and Entry is a much better discard than Impact, as its foolish burial/level modulation effect is so versatile. The extra is designed to make big plays. Like I’ve been saying, you want to try to start with accel in some form. There are so many combinations based of ways to make it that it would take a really long time to list possible plays, as I normally try to do. One rule of thumb I’ve seen when testing is to base what you do after accel based on the availability of Crystron Impact. It’s ideal to have accel with rosenix, the level four, in the hand or grave. With Impact, you can make accel level four after dumping jet synchron, and then make formula using synchron and the rosenix token. This sets you up to make a variety of disruptive synchros, as mentioned above. Without Impact, you can boost accel to level six and summon the rosenix token, leaving you with three cards in hand and a means of going into one of the Black Rose Dragons during your opponent’s turn. Obviously, Omega’s interactions with the banished monsters are notable, but the rest of the extra is just based around disruption and sheer power, with the exception of the rank 3s. I actually am unsure about Mechquipped, since I’m not playing a floodgate monster. Something like Leo or Totem Bird would be included instead, but they still don’t solve the problem of kaijus. I’m almost tempted to play something like Mask of Restrict as a potential answer to cards that are otherwise really difficult to deal with. I don’t have a side listed because I still don’t know enough about the meta to make an effective one. It would likely include Flying C’s, System Downs, extra power traps for going first, and more destruction spells. I’m also examining the feasibility of Retaliating “C” and stuff like Mischief of the Yokai/Breakthrough Skill, which have really neat interactions with Omega. Thanks for reading- hopefully this will inspire some discussion, even if you hate the deck. I think that it’s really important to examine strategies outside of zoodiac infusions, because I’m just not convinced that they’re as powerful as they seem. They saturate the winning decks because the engine is small, efficient, and powerful, making them usable in a lot of different strategies. Just because they’re usable doesn’t mean that they’re as insane as dragon rulers. From my perspective, the zoodiacs are a better tour guide engine circa 2012- potentially staple, but not unbeatable.
  7. Crystron

    Very true Satchmo. I guess the point I was trying to get at is that we need to improve quality before the numbers roll in again. Good posts from the 10ish currently active members may not draw in crowds like rapture's and hoban's posts from dragon ruler format, but they give us a reason to keep trying at all, and they give those who stumble upon the forum a reason to stay. There's no point lamenting the lack of numbers when there's really not much we can currently do about it outside of being the best forum we can be. Also, sorry if I seem a little pretentious making posts like this after just coming back to a post-apocalyptic DGz. I've actually been lurking for the past month, and from reading the threads I've missed, I understand that everyone's been trying really hard to remedy the problems the site has faced.
  8. Crystron

    @victor when I was posting on here about a year ago I never really expected any response to what I wrote. I still don't. If the site's issue is both a lack of commenting and a lack of material, then I can at least try my best to create more material. Hoban used to be made fun of all the time on here. Chumlee was just another infernity player until he innovated BA. We don't need to be big names to have big ideas.
  9. Also I try way too hard.
  10. I'm Deidara- left for a while and then came back thinking that I was still relevant when I have no idea what art (yugioh) even is these days.
  11. Crystron

    That's a really interesting idea! I've actually been using crystrons as a way to reintroduce myself to the format for the past month, and I'm going to try to post a list on here in the next couple days. The interesting thing about the deck is that its openings are actually scarily consistent thanks to 3 scrap recycler, math, and foolish. TBH, the ability to black rose dragon on your opponent's turn for a simple two card combo is really scary, and that along has given the deck potential to stand toe to toe with zoodiacs if piloted properly.
  12. I've been fooling around with the plant deck for about an hour and the added consistency of desires and catalyst field make it super fun! Big asterisk is the fact that I'm on nexus, which limits your turn to four minutes no matter what. I've found it really difficult to go off properly because of such a short clock, but the potential to make some absolutely disgusting fields is there. One notable turn 1 ended with tzolkin, omega, crystal wing, and stardust with a catalyst field, two in hand from desires, and omega returning banished cards on the next turn.
  13. Have A Question? Ask it here.

    When did the yugioh section become markgroundz? That is all.
  14. To be fair, there may have been some benefit in siding in DiFi going second in the mirror, since you could pitch your babies, make your plays, then drop it before going for the extra to cut off veiler and scarecrow during the otk attempt. Like obviously that wouldn't stop Maxx, and obviously it wasn't nearly as good as vanity's, but I could see that having been something that could work at one event and catch people by surprise. A big part of that format was the constant introduction of cards like puppet plant, electric virus, etc. that would vary in usefulness depending on what people were playing around. Still, vanity's is the best. And Evilswarm would make the handtraps pretty redundant without needing another spell. I just think there is something to be said for playing a card that essentially reads "your hand is perfectly irrelevant this turn".
  15. I've only been playing the game again for a couple weeks and I can say that I prefer floodgates to what we have now. It's so much easier to autowin than to autolose. I'd rather have three vanity's emptiness in mine and my opponent's decks and have a format defined around respecting that rather than have a format defined by solemns, dimensional barriers, a 2200 judgment, and building an all or nothing board on the first turn. That's not to say that I think that the game is no longer "skillful". It's just... different. It's much less a game about player interaction and more about knowing all of the different ways to play out your opening hand going first to minimize the chance of being outed. It's not like veiler is very good anymore, so the only card you have to "respect" is maxx c. I know perfectly well that some of us prefer degenerate combo decks (i.e. Gishkill), and that's fine. But I'd rather that kind of playing be a single facet of the game, rather than how the game works. I know that part of this is rose-tinted lenses, but I was watching the stream from YCS Anaheim on youtube, and the only part I enjoyed was watching squiddy whoop some ass with metalfoes. He was the only game I saw that moved past the first couple turns. Like I said, I've been away for awhile and there's no real use complaining when I can't really change anything, but I just feel a little unsure about what the game has become. On that note, I think bringing Dragon Rulers and Dolls back would be good for the game. They're cards that say no to the whole strategy of shoving your hand onto the board turn one, as people would actually have to respect power cards again. If we're at a point where even raigeki isn't considered a threat, something simply has to change. At least, that's my two cents from a semi-fresh pair of eyes.