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  1. I've been fooling around with the plant deck for about an hour and the added consistency of desires and catalyst field make it super fun! Big asterisk is the fact that I'm on nexus, which limits your turn to four minutes no matter what. I've found it really difficult to go off properly because of such a short clock, but the potential to make some absolutely disgusting fields is there. One notable turn 1 ended with tzolkin, omega, crystal wing, and stardust with a catalyst field, two in hand from desires, and omega returning banished cards on the next turn.
  2. When did the yugioh section become markgroundz? That is all.
  3. To be fair, there may have been some benefit in siding in DiFi going second in the mirror, since you could pitch your babies, make your plays, then drop it before going for the extra to cut off veiler and scarecrow during the otk attempt. Like obviously that wouldn't stop Maxx, and obviously it wasn't nearly as good as vanity's, but I could see that having been something that could work at one event and catch people by surprise. A big part of that format was the constant introduction of cards like puppet plant, electric virus, etc. that would vary in usefulness depending on what people were playing around. Still, vanity's is the best. And Evilswarm would make the handtraps pretty redundant without needing another spell. I just think there is something to be said for playing a card that essentially reads "your hand is perfectly irrelevant this turn".
  4. I've only been playing the game again for a couple weeks and I can say that I prefer floodgates to what we have now. It's so much easier to autowin than to autolose. I'd rather have three vanity's emptiness in mine and my opponent's decks and have a format defined around respecting that rather than have a format defined by solemns, dimensional barriers, a 2200 judgment, and building an all or nothing board on the first turn. That's not to say that I think that the game is no longer "skillful". It's just... different. It's much less a game about player interaction and more about knowing all of the different ways to play out your opening hand going first to minimize the chance of being outed. It's not like veiler is very good anymore, so the only card you have to "respect" is maxx c. I know perfectly well that some of us prefer degenerate combo decks (i.e. Gishkill), and that's fine. But I'd rather that kind of playing be a single facet of the game, rather than how the game works. I know that part of this is rose-tinted lenses, but I was watching the stream from YCS Anaheim on youtube, and the only part I enjoyed was watching squiddy whoop some ass with metalfoes. He was the only game I saw that moved past the first couple turns. Like I said, I've been away for awhile and there's no real use complaining when I can't really change anything, but I just feel a little unsure about what the game has become. On that note, I think bringing Dragon Rulers and Dolls back would be good for the game. They're cards that say no to the whole strategy of shoving your hand onto the board turn one, as people would actually have to respect power cards again. If we're at a point where even raigeki isn't considered a threat, something simply has to change. At least, that's my two cents from a semi-fresh pair of eyes.
  5. Have only been looking back into the game for a couple days, but Jigobyte and King of the Feral Imps seems like a decent way to make Bahamut Shark. Any deck that uses Summoner Monk can search out a water to xyz with the in hand Jigobyte.
  6. I remember you too!
  7. I'm a first year, trying to do a double major in business and quantitative biology, so I've been spending a lot of my time trying to nail down my b-school app. Unfortunately, there's a student lottery for UNC-Duke tickets, so I doubt that I'm even going to be able to go this year. Sorry!
  8. Thanks mark! I haven't paid any attention to the meta since about a year ago, so I'm going to have a little catching up to do. Hopefully I'll be able to start giving input in a week or two.
  9. Yeah, it was Huey from the Boondocks! Nice memory haha.
  10. Hey guys! I don't know if I left much of an impact when I was active from 2014 to about a year ago, but you may (or may not) have noticed that I had decided to take a break from dgz and the game. With IB testing and college decision taking up so much of my time, it was definitely the right decision. Anyway, with a semester at UNC-Chapel Hill under my belt, I want to look into the game again. I don't know how much traffic the site gets in general these days, but I'm sure I'll be able to contribute! To any of you that remember me at all, I hope that you've been well!!
  11. Pick the qualities you liked about UPenn (location, culture, facilities, whatever else it was) and research other schools that have similar things; you've got another 55 hours to send in regular decision applications Getting rejected from UPenn honestly shouldn't be something to be too upset about imo, I've always thought it was in a shithole of a location and not really worthwhile just for the sake of "Ivy League prestige"   Thanks for the advice, and to clarify, I have applied to multiple other schools, but I didn't really look into them nearly as much as UPenn.    I guess it also came as a bit of a blow to my confidence that I wasn't even deferred. Not to brag but I have a pretty strong profile (perfect ACT, perfect Math 2, 95.7 GPA unweighted, track, music, camp counselor, etc.), so I had felt a little "invincible". Hopefully this isn't a prelude to the results at other competitive schools that I applied to like Duke.   Eh, I guess I'm just a classic insecure teenager lol
  12. I thought I wasn't upset about being rejected from UPenn but then I realized that I have no real backup plan. Now I'm just putting on airs even though I have no idea where else I want to go.
  13. Rick and Morty comic from Bazoo (thanks dude) Shirts Popcorn that I can't eat till February cause I got my wisdom teeth pulled An orange bowtie A nice water bottle A plane ticket to California
  14. My biggest issue with your posts is that you have the huge paragraphs. I understand that you like to write in a stream of consciousness, but going back and separating the big blocks into smaller pieces may make it a little easier to digest.
  15. How is kozmo getting three spots in the top classified as dominating?