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  1. Ancient Gears Discussion

    so crowlers event this time brings Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem 4400, negates battle traps, piercing and IF it somehow (very unlikely) gets destroyed, you can bring back the golem from your graveyard you used for the summon (unless fusion support) cybernetic fusion support is an option to get it out easier, and the biggest problem is you need to run polymerization. but i could see Master of Fusion or something being ran over Middle aged Mechs for a deck truly focused on Ultimate Golem.
  2. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    all mine are physical for the moment except random Kof game (i forget which one) i downloaded when i was bored one day. the thing is even if most switch games wont be breaking the bank in terms of size, they still add up. the Wii U off internal memory could hold at least from my perspective about 2 full games and a bunch of download titles. meaning the switch would likely fill up quickly too, nessecitating a micro SD, which in turn would need to be kept in good condition and on hand to play any games you download to it. on the flipside, if you have the cash in the bank, you can digitally buy and download those games as soon as they come out, sometimes cheaper than any local shop and play them as soon as they download. so its entirely up to you personally i've been considering getting the 2 bayonetta games since i never owned either before now.
  3. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    to function properly it requires 3x emperor (and ultra) and multiple escape (an ultra from a pack most people wont want to pull from), so its not budget friendly, otherwise though its a decent looking deck certainly. also needs 2-3 necrofear which you wont have without farming bakura unless you played both events before. GL newbs.
  4. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    official page for the new set https://www.konami.com/yugioh/duel_links/en/box/abyss_encounters/ Gishkis, Aliens, some good stuff, nothing great in the UR department besides ties of the bretheren unless you're going for a specific deck like gishki or Water Dragon Cluster
  5. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    so am ithe only one seeing some variation of Diamond Dude Turbo with water dragon cluster? like i could totally see it, the main thing would be something to put D20 back on top if you open it (or back in the deck in general)
  6. What games are you currently playing?

    yeah the last playthrough was just for show, i might try a speedrun sometime. i do like how you can pick a diff sprite for link using the randomizer site (yes i would like to play alttp with Derpy Hooves)
  7. ABC - Discussion

    well i was thinking more of a smaller engine, i mean with 3 Ojamadification, 2-3 Ojamagic and 1 each of Black, Green and Yellow that's 8-9 cards, throw in 3 of A, B and C along with destrudo and you're sitting at like 13-14 monsters and 4-5 spells, plenty of room for anything else you might want to throw in, dead cards are always helpful as fodder for ABC, and even if you dont have Ojamadification in hand, getting the 3 Ojamas out of your deck to avoid potential dead draws by throwing away Ojamagic gives you more fodder and a good amount of deck thinning.
  8. ABC - Discussion

    its still theorycrafting for the moment, but i hear talk that Ojamas might be an engine splashed into ABC once the new stuff hits, since it turns Ojamagic into an instant ABC. Discard Ojamagic through something (ravine, ABC eff etc) serch 3 ojamas, play Ojamadification, banish ojamas, summon A, B and C, shenanigans. banish Ojamadification to recycle 3 ojamas and draw 1.
  9. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    i mean duel him every time he shows up for mission at least and if you missed Pulse Mines last time its here again for your Machine decks.
  10. What games are you currently playing?

    so far i havent kept a record of times, need to get good at the game (like properly good) first. though i have learned some of the games Crazier glitches for this recent playthrough, Spindashing, Clipping into places early, the exploration glitch. For god's sake i'm about to complete my 2nd Dark World dungeon and i STILL dont have the bow, hookshot or mirror.
  11. What games are you currently playing?

    Playing BOTW, and likely will be for the forseeable future, pre-ordered Secret of Mana on Steam and will likely spend as much of thursday as i can blowing through it. Fire Emblem Warriors kinda burned out on me after the main campaign, and splatoon 2 is still hella fun to whip out when there's nothign better to do. also playing my like 5th Randomized run of A Link to the Past.
  12. Burning Abyss

    i mean props for playing without the PK engine, i personally use it but it can be a bit bothersome sometimes. one card i would highly reccomend is Lost Wind. negates a monster effect and perma halves atk. and can be re-set (then banished) in response to an extra deck summon, so running even 2 of it, basically makes it 4 in certain matchups. from personal playtesting it works wonders against the Paleo matchup at the very least. i would personally -2 Strike +2 Lost Wind, but that's just me also i see a lot more people running Cosmic Cyclone over Twin Twisters, but in this deck i can see the benefit of Twisters so meh, personal prefrence.
  13. KC Cup

    i'm seeing a lot of Silent Magician/Horus in Stage 1 (among other decks that Econ does fuck all against) so for now if you're grinding through stage 1, trap heavy with floodgates, disruption and whatnot might be the way to go
  14. KC Cup

    i'm seeing far too many rogue decks i'm mostly unprepared for like random warrior beat and 3SD Daedelus (and life cost 0.dek) but this is mostly what i'm playing, pulling for a wall of diruption (and then a 2nd each of it + chalice)
  15. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    still running beast eh? thought people cut that shit