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  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    i didnt like the deranking mainly cuz it took me back down to bronze 2. but i'm up to gold1 already within a day so in the end it dosent really matter, and it makes 30 duels for a super easier to attain (finally i'll have a fking Enemy Controller) new box is fairly ass i might farm 1 silent magician for yugi shenanigans but i'm still focused rn on getting a 3rd sphere kuriboh and more sonic bird/senju
  2. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    here's a stupid Q (didnt know where else to ask). does anyone know the story of these monsters? the flavor text points to some battle for beckoned, a great hero that chosen idolized and that crowned is a mage in the war. plus with "World Legacy" stuff coming in the next set supporting Crawlers, i have to wonder if its basically a new DT Chapter.
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    i managed to get to gold 3 from bronze 5 in a few hours with a basic Naturia deck missing several key cards like windstorm and Econ. so yeah. anyway new stuff coming through this month and next, looks fine the Duelist Kingdom event will be fun, the "spooked to your grave" is obviously Bonz what i'm curious about though is the one coming later "a new world with new duelists" with some stuff from it coming out recently (vampire genesis, LV monsters) i'm wondering, is it GX? think about it. its a natural progression from the original YGO, still no synchros or Xyz (or pends) to worry about and you could introduce new archtypes slowly like the basic E-heroes. Cyber Angels. Armed Dragons. Roids. that kind of thing
  4. Machopony Tries his luck at the LLDS

    So this wasnt my average locals, this was a proper event with judges, proper scorecards. decklists to be submitted and a sharp start and completion. Having (almost) completed my World Chalice deck (was missing 2 venus, 3 shine ball and 2 guardragon, picked up a venus and 3 shine balls at the event ordered guardragons and venus off ebay) i decided to try my luck with the deck. Build is here: Card Choices: i drew into too many of the normals too often, will cut those down when i get venus in the deck, might also cut a gofu. the field spell wasnt really ever useful, it was a test thing and it didnt work i'll probably take it out, Kurenai was a niche tech which i never drew and sided out more often than not. Grand Horn and Dimensional Barrier are amazing, i might actually main a couple more grand horn. since i didnt have the raw speed i needed i tried to gear more towards setting up plays over a few turns and slowing down my opponent, worked fine against slower decks, but against the big boys it struggled. Friday night there's a Vanguard sneak peek some guys go to, locals guy says that he'd let the YGO guys come and test and buy mega tins early (i bought 3 yugi and 1 kaiba, ended with a playset of dark magical circle and magicians rod for a deck down the line, otherwise not much. some zoo stuff and a couple of twin burst, and a grand total of 6 fking Fairy Tail Sleeper) first match was a world chalice mirror against a guy i'm getting friendly with, he had the proper build and showed me some combos i didnt know for the tour on sat, we had a fun duel, he won obv but it was a good match. also played a little kid with his ancient gear deck who sacked 2 power bond in 2 games, yeah i cant stop 9k chaos giant without my sideboard. i mean with dimensional barriers and grand horn i could stop it coming now but meh. so me and my buddy got there like 45min early, lifted some cash, i bought a set of shine balls and paid entry, pulled jack shit from my 2 mega packs for entry. buddy had to go post some cards and get a snack, i filled out my decklist and waited for it to start. R1: Dinomist And as luck would have it, my buddy/roomate in the first fking duel. i was pretty confident, he's not that great and he re-built this deck last night after selling a fair bit of it away then pulling the stuff back off the mega tins. G1 he got out 2 plesios and a ceratops with 6 dinomist cards on board and powerload, i scooped. G2: reversal of fate, i opened pretty nuts and did my spamming to end with a blademaster, ningrisu, priestess and a spare beckoned out. beat over his monsters and swung direct, he couldnt respond and next turn was game. G3: Man i love Dimensional Barrier. drew it like Turn 1, set it, he got a decent board out i managed to get my stuff out and clear it for a bit of direct damage. on his Standby i flipped Barrier, called pendulum, he looked at me with a "i'm going to kill you later you son of a bitch" look and ended, i swung direct for the game. 1-0 R2: Mermail Atlantean Hey 2012 called, it wants its deck back! In all seriousness, nice guy, good games G1: he derped and herped, not much i could do in response, he ultimately won G2: he bricked like hell and i got a nice board out swung over 2 turns for the game G3: Opened a pair of Mind Crush, managed to stop the worst of his plays, he still got a good board out after i beat some LP off him, and then he OTKed me 1-1 R3: True King Dinos A member of Team New Tier, a proper professional team? yeah i had absolutely no chance and i knew it, wasnt even trying G1: he spent 5 min playing solitaire to end with some True King Xyz an oviraptor and a babycerasaurus. got rid of the xyz and beat over cera, but my hand wasnt good enough to make a big play. next turn he crushed me. G2: i put up a fight, drew a half decent hand and got a good board out, which he promptly beat over with Ultimate Conductor and a true king monster. OTKed. 1-2 R4: Performapal Props for uniqueness, and a surprisingly strong deck. G1: he rolled over me, i drew absolute garbage and got decimated G2: drew a decent opener and got a nice board out, played around a couple of traps and managed to beat him over a couple of turns. G3: just as we started, Time was called for the round so we had to go for a quick 5 turn duel. T0 he got a silverclaw out, T1 i got some stuff out beat him down a bit T2 he got some stuff out beat over my link spider for a good chunk of damage T3: using proxy dragon i managed to get ningrisu out and beat him down to like 800 LP. T4: he dropped proxy to 0 and got his monster up to 3600, exactly how many LP i had left. was a really GG 1-3 R5: Graydle I like the guy, he calls me "cheeky smile". has a shirt with a pair of owls saying "Nice Hooters" too. G1: i open shit and get stomped, manage to stop his big plays with some well placed traps but ran into a storming mirror force and got beat down G2: ran into storming again, but managed to beat through the disadvantage and stop his big plays (swords of revealing light + drill barnacle for one) beat him over a couple of turns time got called before G3 so judge ruled a draw on account of no time. 1-1-3 Overall Thoughts: i did better than i thought i would. sure i lost 3 but 2 of them were extremely close and if i had the proper build, mightve swung in my favour. Dimensional Barrier is amazing, Grand Horn of Heaven is great and Mind Crush is still a fantastic side card against search heavy decks that rely on one or 2 big cards. Had a good time even if i did end up losing a fair few games. it was a learning experience for next time, and hell organizer said he would probably do a Regional either before or after christmas. if i can perfect my deck and combos for then, i might stand a proper chance next time.
  5. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    so what are people's thoughts on the reward cards this time? obv some stuff like dimension gate is still great for farming but the one card i saw (assuming it works with phoenix) is destruct potion. Opponent targets monster (phoenix most likely but also works with say, yaksha) with riryoku, or econ or something that gets it off field without destroying it/weakens it. pop potion get back 2400 lp, phoenix comes back unharmed next SP
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    anyone wants to add me be my guest, name is MachoPony
  7. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    ok i have that entire deck minus a 2nd sphere kuriboh, are you telling me i could finally work my way up to KoG? i tried before with dinos but i never had 3SD or Relinquished Harpies and the like. but liking the look of the fire deck i bought a fair few of the phoenix pack, and even reset the box for a 2nd phoenix. damn
  8. Gouki Re-Match

    a friend of mine was building metalfoes gouki, so the interaction is definately there. even with headbatt in Circuit Breakers i can see how adding a couple of non gouki cards could help with the deck, tbh as much as i like the idea of Red layer + FoTW i feel they could easily brick especially since riscoripio and red layer would be your only valid targets. the obvious card for the deck is Transmodify but that's all i got rn
  9. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    here's a stupid question, would it be possible to build a budget version of the deck with only one Guarddragon and 0 Lee? i'd rather not shell out £36 (minimum) for a set of Lee and another £16 for 2 more dragons. if i have to i will, since i really want to play this deck but i was just wondering if it was possible? i have 3 of everything else except ningrisu which i have at 2 (pulled one from a box, got a 2nd for a steal from Locals organizer)
  10. MachoPony goes to locals for the first time in forever

    i mean i'd run a third if i had more ways than just oviraptor and Ultimate conductor to pop it myself, like true kings or something. but 2 is fine as it stands, it can be searched, dumped, or brought out whenever i need it, and tbh the only thing it searches that petiteranadon cant is other copies of itself or petiteranadon
  11. Well 3rd time but ehh first time i didnt have a deck and borrowed some guy's blue-eyes, and had no idea what i was doing, and last time i had a crappy paleo deck that beat one guy playing a tzolkin deck. so those dont matter So about a month ago a guy at my work was looking up ygo stuff, i inquired since i still played mostly on ygopro and he told me about this guy who runs a tournament most weekends in the next town over, went a couple of times to get a feel for it, this time was for realsies. i didn't do too bad considering i was playing A. a deck i had no experience with and B. a deck made out of nothing but 3 structure decks and some spare traps my friend gave me (at least the structure in question came with twin twisters and quaking mirror force) so the night before, he says he's going out drinking so great i'm on my own, whoopee. i get there register and decide not to trek through the 10 feet of fog and pissing rain to get a half assed burger.i just played duel links, bought some packs, pulled a scarlight and immediately traded it for some good side stuff i was missing like mind crush and a gem knight pearl (also missing an extra deck). the guy was collecting the "Red" stuff and i didnt need scarlight anyway, he gave me a pair of B.E.S Big Core and a Big Core MK2 later as well for the B.E.S deck i'm trying to build. a few other guys looked at my binder but nothing intrested anyone. surprising since i had a quaking mirror force in there, i guess people just bought the dinosaur deck and didnt use it for anytthing but twin and quaking speaking of which, that's what i was playing. dinos, with no extra deck, no bahamut hsark (though the guy i gave scarlight to had one in his binder i couldve traded for) no toad (i'm not made of money) just the 3x ultimate conductors in the main for beatdown and a terrible side with some other big dinos just in case. deck looked like this 3x Soul Eating Oviraptor 3x Miscellaneosaurus 3x Petiteranadon 2x Babycerasaurus 3x Ultimate Conductor Tyranno 3x Megalosmasher X 1x Rescue Rabbit 1x Tyranno Infinity 3x Fossil Dig 3x Lost World 3x Terraforming 2x Twin Twisters 1x Swords of Concealing Light 2x Magic Cylinder 2x Fossil Excavation 1x Survival of the Fittest 3x Quaking Mirror Force 1x Mirror Force Side: 2x Mind Crush 2x Survival's End 1x Survival of the Fittest 1x Burial from a Different Dimension 1x D.D.R Different Dimension Reincarnation 2x Super Conductor Tyranno 1x Tyranno Infinity 1x Swords of Concealing Light 1x Secret Blast 2x Stegocyber 1x Mirror Force it was the best i could do on short notice and medium budget, not busting out all my cash for true kings or a stacked extra deck i'll barely need beyond bahamut shark and toad. the deck worked fine getting the big dinos out fairly quick, filling the grave and banishing cards to power up infinity, plussing off their dark holes and stuff. one of the games i sided in super condutor over ultimate conductor, you'll see why and it def helped, most of the time i just sided in mind crush and occasionally DDR or Stegocyber, once i sided in the 2nd infinity. R1 Ancient Gear This was a nightmare, he got out chaos giant both games and stomped me before i could put up a fight, g2 i got an early ultimate conductor and got rid of chaos giant but he got rid of my ultimate conductor next turn and won anyway, i drew ass though so did he in g1 apparently R2: Shinobird Spirit i know this kid, and like him. he plays weird stuff like exodia and this thing. g1 i barely scraped a win by beating face with my dinos every time hihs spirits returned to hand, G2 i sided mind crushes in to prematurely take out the ritual, didnt draw them and he bounced my field repeatedly and won. G3 i drew into my mind crushes early and stopped him getting the ritual out, he didnt have much more to threaten me besides dark dust spirit and shinobird crow running over everything i had but i sided in super conductor over ultimate conductor in g2 because i woouldnt need to set his monsters, since he rarely had any on my turn and super conductor was easier to bring out, just pop a petiteranadon. R3: DDD This was hilarious, i got so many pluses on the first couple of turns with rescue rabbit + lost world, him hitting dark hole and taking out 2 monsters but leaving the megalosmashers to again be saved by lost world, the game was tight too i got him low but he won in the end. we took so long though that when i let him go first, time was called after he paid 1000 LP for a card, so i won the game by LP without even doing anything and it was declared a draw. during G1 he summoned all his big D/D/D cards and i swung back hard as i could but it was just too much for me. now this is where the organizer i swear smoked a ton of weed and decided both YGO and the vanguard players on the other side, should have some tag matches. R4: Tag w Spyral VS UA Monarch and IDK i think the other guy was playing battlin boxers, i saw glassjaw and switch hitter but i also saw a ton of battle traps like dimensional prison and beast king barbaros too so i have no idea. anyway we stomped them my partner kept his stuff alive and kept poking at them, i got a big hit of 5k damage on them with ultimate conductor. we ultimately won and we were only playing 1 game so yay. R5: Tag w Abyss Actor VS Ancient Gear and DDD oh look, my R1 and R3 opponents again. yikes they just overwhelmed us summoning a ton of big beaters like D'arc, oblivion and Chaos Giant and they ended up beating us down hard, dosent help my partner was messing about with this abyss actor deck, his Spyrals got him to the finals anyway already since he was unbeaten to this point. R6: tag w graydle kaiju VS UA monatch and Ancient Gear this one was considerably closer, my partner didnt do much, he never got to keep anything on the field, most he was able to do was kaiju a Goalkeeper, i did most of the damage with ultimate conductor, but eventually he got out Chaos Giant and swung with limiter removal for game. 2 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses the Spyral guy and Ancient Gear guy fought in the finals, the Spyral kid won some packs, he gave a couple to the other guy and he pulled a Big Core, which he gave to me gladly, i think one of them pulled Union Hangar too, so nice for them All in all i had a good time and i'll def be going back sometime, the dinos performed well and really my only problem was the ancient gear guy and his chaos giant since it was basically guaranteed damage, and my only real out was ultimate conductor. bought some packs on the way out, pulled some cyber angel stuff and gave it to the Spyral kid since i didnt need it. so how was my first tour report?
  12. IRL Budget(ish) Paleozoic

    So i built this deck recently using stuff my friends got me and whatever i could grab cheap online. the extra deck is incomplete and suggestions are welcome for that, fixes for the main are also welcome though prefaribly cheap-ish cards, budget is the biggest reason for one particularly large omission (Toadally Awesome) 3x Swap Frog 2x Ronintoadin 3x Dupe Frog 3x Tin Goldfish(This is the section i'm most concerned about, friend reccomended them but i only have 1 rank 4 and i rarely draw 2 of these cards together to grab said xyz, i think i did it once when i already had an established board and really didnt need it) 1x Silent Angler (see above) 3x Wetlands 2x Terraforming 3x Mirror Force 2x Magic Cylinder 1x Compulsory Evacuation Device 2x Paleozoic Leanchoilia 2x Paleozoic Dinomischus 3x Paleozoic Canadia 3x Paleozoic Pikaia 3x Paleozoic Olenoides 3x Paleozoic Marrella 1x Paleozoic Halucinogena 3x Paleozoic Opabinia 3x Paleozoic Anomalicaris 2x Number 45: Crumble Logos the Prophet of Demolition 1x Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark 2x Gachi Gachi Gantetsu Side: (subject to substantial change) 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 3x Galaxy Cyclone 1x Paleozoic Leanchoilia 2x Paleozoic Halucinogena 2x Paleozoic Eidonia 1x Paleozoic Dinomischus 1x Imperial Order 2x Kuribandit For the monsters, its just the standard frog stuff with a small rank 4 engine i wouldnt mind replacing. it was reccomended by a friend but not really working. the main cards are swap and ronintoadin swap dumps ronin or a dupe to revive ronin. ronin stays out pretty often with 2k def to block or make a quick xyz play. for the spells, wetlands is basically my wincon short of repeated swinging with Xyz since it turns paleos into 2400 beatsticks and even swap frog goes to 2200. plus a few cards these days have low enough def that a powered up ronin can take them out if i set them down first. the traps are all i could gather, though i did grab a dinosmasher's fury SD at my locals so i do have quaking mirror force if i dont decide to sell it. (might grab a couple more and try to build dinos, always good to have multiple options) mirror force is good board removal if they dont have anything to stop it, only one guy predicted it and put his ultimate conductor in def before swinging. magic cylinder is a nice game ender or just some quick damage if i need it. the paleos i chose were for the best effects like popping backrow, sending other traps, drawing. dinomischus is good being a straight banish but it does target and it requires a discard so i only play 2, one halucinogen is to make up numbers and its a nice battle surprise, leano is good for recycling paleos that got banished, but since its not always active i cut it to 2. the extra deck is whatever i could grab cheap, a friend reccomended cat shark and he might get me one, if not i might try to grab one. Crumble Logos is a surprisingly good card, the paleo Xyz are essential to the deck, i havent played gachi once so it could easily go same with spider shark if i decide to cut the level 4s, if i do pick up toad sometime i dont need bahamut shark to get it out so the rank 4s arent neccesary anyway. for the side, kuribandit is a good earlygame card to set up the grave with paleos. backrow hate is backrow hate though i dont think i need all of it. the paleos in the side are the ones i dont run in the main in case i need something like a quick power boost, an additional banish or to weaken some strong monsters. imperial order i pulled in my duelist saga packs i got the last time i was at locals and has helped a couple of times. the decks i usually face at locals are shaddoll trains, blue-eyes, a guy was playing new dinos today and there's a couple of spyral players. the biggest problem i (and everyone) else had was this guy playing invoker cybers. i couldnt do anything, he 2-0 me in about 10 minutes. any advice would be very helpful, as i said improvements would be best if they were budget choices. i don't need all the absolute best most expensive cards if something slightly cheaper does the same job. Thank you!
  13. Go Go Power Rangers (Super Quant)

    a wut now? also to add to my earlier statement (unlesss theres a ruling i'm missing) magnus can resummon the 3 xyz and blue layer can shuffle magnus back into the deck so he can be resummoned if someone throws a kaiju down or something
  14. Go Go Power Rangers (Super Quant)

    Magnus is the main wincon but that's not to say the deck instantly dies without it, the individual Xyz have decent stats and effects themselves, and i can always just use whatever kaiju they give me against them unless its a full on kaiju deck. in that case i have to rely on using things like magnaliger and castel to keep em off the field so i can swing harder
  15. Go Go Power Rangers (Super Quant)

    i meant that as a joke about share the pain, i know kaijus are a real threat