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  1. Marik

    how does AG autowin? the top ranking deck in the KC cup had no beast and only 2 golem to get around mask of the accursed or massivemorph, also no rare metalmorph. i mean with those 2 cards yeah they cant do shit once beast starts negating their monster effects and you can get around their massivemorph/accursed with tribute summons but otherwise summoning golem when they have a set might as well be an auto win for them if its massivemorph since all they need is one Swords Woman to take the game.
  2. Burning Abyss

    if you can handle one less monster i'd try a 3rd strike, its almost never dead and can stop a lot of threats before they become threats.
  3. Burning Abyss

    i dont see much use for Tour Bus, BLS while a good beater isnt going to be live too often with only 3 maindeck light targets and honestly in this format with so much negation and fairly easy removal he's not as good as he once was, the banish effect isnt even that good due to ghost ogre and a lot of target immune cards. personally if you have Droll i would main at least 2, it helps considerably against Spyral and Trickstar which are pretty much the 2 biggest decks right now. something like -1 Tour Bus - 1 BLS (if you're adamant about keeping him, then you don't need more than 1) +2 Droll to Main this opens 2 slots in the side for anything you want like Mistake, Dimensional Barrier or future Ash Blossoms. might also be helpful to try and fit in a 3rd Strike
  4. Marik

    osnap 2nd lava golem? welp time to pull some Massivemorph
  5. Trickstars Deck Discussion

    Prague 2.0 says otherwise. trickstar was like 2nd most played deck behind Spyral with i think 7 out of the top 32 playing it. anyway it's certainly a strong deck rn i know a few of my local Pros are testing it out for the future, it's still not amazing with the right counters and outs. i mean for god's sake i went 2-1 against it with Fire King. but if you arent maining a ton of outs like i was (mistake, warning, strike etc) then the burn can take you down fairly quickly. i've seen some guys at my locals tech in stuff like Secret Barrel and Dice Jar to try for a more turbo burn oriented deck but i think stun works better, reincarnation + droll is a wincon on its own (and with the upcoming droll reprint more people will have it)
  6. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Latest update info tells us Marik returns on thursday (7th) and "Completing this event will reward a card of unmatched power". which all but confirms Winged Dragon of Ra, the question is how. ra on its own would be far too week, sphere mode might be a little too strong, the only possible thing i could see is maybe making it an exclusive skill for marik that can summon sphere mode under strict conditions.
  7. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    see this is the problem, you reallly struggle for space, with 9 monsters, 3x soul exchange and a couple of beast rising, you have only 6 open spots for econ, headlong, hazy glory if you think you need it. floodgate, disruption, mirror wall and anything else you might want.
  8. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    so something like 3x Spyhnx 2x Peryton 2x Mantikor 2x Cerberus 1-3 (depending on what you have) Soul Exchange 1-3 Hazy Glory Mirror Wall Wall of Disruption any other meta backrow (floodgate, econ, headlong)
  9. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Someone should really make a generic thread for stuff like pulls, bragging, event discussion etc. stop us clogging up the news thread anyway All Missions complete. This is the deck i mostly used with some tweaks here and there for certain decks, and i changed chars completely for some challenges (usually yugi for fusions, pegasus for low level/rituals and ishizu for recovering LP) Note: the deck was different before the addition of the new mini box, containing some lower levelled monsters like blazing inpachi and heavy knight of the flame along with 3x Hypogriff and additional econ/headlong
  10. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    Most of the decks i've seen so far seem to be focused on sphynx and nothing else with stuff like electro for lockdown and molten zombie for drawing. some occasionally ran hippogrif. this was before the new Mini Box though which as well as the trap also gave us Ceberus (summonable without tribute, searcher) Peryton (tribute self + Discard fire for 2x Hazy from deck) and Mantikor (2200 beater, immune to non targetting destruction by sending fire from field or hand on top of usual immune to targetting) plus the Trap which allows 1. summons with no tribute and 2. recycling of hazy monsters if you really need it. i mean its difficult to build it consistently you need to figure out which monsters to use as well as which (if any) low level monsters you want (i mean theoretically with cerberus and soul exchange do you need low levels?) i've been running Golden Apples to some decent effect, but its just deciding what to use and what to use with them this is what i've been using rn and when it works, it works like hell but when it bricks it has nothing to come back with 3x Sphynx 2x Peryton 2x Cerberus 2x Mantikor 1x Soul Exchange (pulling for more) 2x Super Rush Headlong 2x Enemy Controller (could swap 1 SRH for another controller) 2x Floodgate Trap Hole 2x Golden Apples 3x Hazy Glory
  11. Have A Question? Ask it here.

    the updated rulebook from the latest structure decks explains it well. basically... 1. a monsters link rating is how many non link monsters are needed to summon it, as well as an indication of how many link arrows it has 2. using a link monster for a link summon you can treat it as the same number of monsters as its link score Scenario: you want Decode talker, a Link 3 monster. it Requires 2+ effect monsters, this means you can A. use 3 effect monsters (or xyz, synchro etc) B. Use a link 2 monster + 1 effect monster in this case the link 2 counts as 2 monsters due to its link rating to perform a link summon just send the correct monsters from the field, to the graveyard (or remove them from the field if they are tokens) then summon it from your extra deck. though be aware of the new Extra Zone rules.
  12. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    ok i just pulled off a pretty easy OTK (in the vein of Naturia and the like), could be something to try. Field: Hazy Glory Hand: Hazy Flame Peryton, Hazy Flame Sphynx Normal peryton, tribute + discard sphynx, get sphynx + mantikor/hypogrif. use sphynx, call mill right to revive 1st sphynx, you have 6000 on board with sphynx + mantikor totalling 4100 alone so you can take out a <1900 monster with sphynx first if you need to. the thing i was wondering most of all is Beatdown VS Aroma Strategy. Beatdown especially with peryton seems like a good idea now since you can swarm high levels quickly, but Aroma Strategy guarantees the Sphynx call any time so you can keep special summoning consistently.
  13. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    ok i've been having great fun shredding the D.D tower with a Hazy Flame deck, initially just using sphynx and hippogrif, but now it has new toys i was wondering if it was at all viable? i mean its immune to some of the most annoying cards in the game, notably Enemy Controller. its not hard to summon them out now with Hazy Glory and things like Sphynx and Peryton can swarm them fairly quickly. now granted their biggest weakness is non targetting removal and most monsters with 2200+ atk (AKA cyber angel in a nutshell) which makes me wonder. so what could a Hazy Flame deck do?
  14. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    so with the addition of Medium of the Ice Barrier. does this make them any more viable? or are the generals still better with Magic Triangle
  15. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    i'm trying for all the missions, though if it ends up like last time i might blitz through the last few monsters to beat the tower and claim the final reward