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  1. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    nah, grabbing Xenoblade 2, and maybe bayonetta down the line. might get it eventually though rn i really need to Save money and between IRL ygo and Switch games, i'm not doign a good job
  2. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    someone convince me not to buy the bayonetta games
  3. Favorite card?

    first off: hi, welcome to the forums, slog through the initial inexperience and you'll end up being mildly irritated and slightly tolerated by most of the important regs. been here near 4 years now with a rep still in the negs... anyway to the topic at hand: Garchomp, that shit shredded EX de-oh you mean Yugimonz. idk Super Quantal Carrier Great Magnus? i liked power rangers when i was younger
  4. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Earth + wind tower is here, most notable things are Windrose the elemental lord, some madolche stuff. and 10 more floors being added on monday that are apparently even harder than the rest. along with giving the monsters on those final floors a skill that drains your LP.
  5. Best tier 0 format?

    Best? none they were all terrible Most Lolsworthy? RulerBook format. no matter which side you played, you did the following. Dump entire hand for shenanigans replenish it at end phase
  6. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    how much fking money/gems did you have to pull 3 piper?
  7. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    rewind for all the plebs (me) that has no idea what happened. links?
  8. So i found the ATK Cap

    https://prnt.sc/ijo8ng context: i did this earlier too, i ended up with enough LP that when i summoned Ra, it took me down to 100, then boosted itself up to 65535, not a point higher. later (this screenshot) i had over 80000 lifepoints, i lost enough to take him up to 65535, then lost more to bring me down to 100, and he didnt gain any more atk points. so there's a hard cap coded in for ATK, never knew. (if you are wondering how i did it, massivemorph, temple of the minds eye and kisetai, about the only consistnt farm deck i could find for crowler, even then it can brick though Restart helps that)
  9. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    does Ultimate Golem exist? at all? havent got a single one to drop. got 1 from the point reward but he refuses to drop a 2nd. EDIT: after beating him again, at lv 50, after he summoned all 3 UAGG, i finally got a 2nd copy. woohoo
  10. The Ridley Scott Maneuver

    yeah i mean other than budget is there any reason you arent running floodgate/wod etc.
  11. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    i feel a bit cheated that they couldnt come up with enough unique ideas to make a seperate tower for each. unless it is 2 towers which i doubt.
  12. Ancient Gears Discussion

    so crowlers event this time brings Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem 4400, negates battle traps, piercing and IF it somehow (very unlikely) gets destroyed, you can bring back the golem from your graveyard you used for the summon (unless fusion support) cybernetic fusion support is an option to get it out easier, and the biggest problem is you need to run polymerization. but i could see Master of Fusion or something being ran over Middle aged Mechs for a deck truly focused on Ultimate Golem.
  13. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    all mine are physical for the moment except random Kof game (i forget which one) i downloaded when i was bored one day. the thing is even if most switch games wont be breaking the bank in terms of size, they still add up. the Wii U off internal memory could hold at least from my perspective about 2 full games and a bunch of download titles. meaning the switch would likely fill up quickly too, nessecitating a micro SD, which in turn would need to be kept in good condition and on hand to play any games you download to it. on the flipside, if you have the cash in the bank, you can digitally buy and download those games as soon as they come out, sometimes cheaper than any local shop and play them as soon as they download. so its entirely up to you personally i've been considering getting the 2 bayonetta games since i never owned either before now.
  14. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    to function properly it requires 3x emperor (and ultra) and multiple escape (an ultra from a pack most people wont want to pull from), so its not budget friendly, otherwise though its a decent looking deck certainly. also needs 2-3 necrofear which you wont have without farming bakura unless you played both events before. GL newbs.
  15. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    official page for the new set https://www.konami.com/yugioh/duel_links/en/box/abyss_encounters/ Gishkis, Aliens, some good stuff, nothing great in the UR department besides ties of the bretheren unless you're going for a specific deck like gishki or Water Dragon Cluster