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  1. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    aaww damn i was hoping we'd get to pick based on personal prefrence, not difficulty level. well guess i'm playing with kaiba then
  2. Are you still enjoying this game?

    short answer: yes long answer: the updates are fun and varied (most of the time, i do wish we had less "X duelist appears randomly in duel world (or gx) duel them to obtain like 1-2 good cards and a bunch of crap" but things like KC cup and the upcoming tag duel event seem hella fun. things like the DD tower, duel a thon meters, and proper "events" like duelist kingdom, battle city, destiny board of doom, welcome to toon world, attack of the rare hunters etc were all fun. for high level ranked play, i mean if thats your only incentive to play then yeah i see why you would grow tired of it, try to find fun in the lol decks you can build and fun strats to try out. and enjoy the game on the side rather than full time. as for the new sets, i agree theyve been pumping them out a little too quickly for my liking recently. but as long as we get compensated with enough gems to pull decent stuff i'm fine, plus its not like they ever go away (they tried that once and backpedalled remember?) theyll always be there for the future if there's specific cards you want. plus more stuff like the selection box can make rare cards from other sets more readily available.
  3. So if you didnt know http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/World_Chalice http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/World_Legacy this was a set of cards introduced in code of the duelist, a fine deck on their own but that's not what i want to discuss (there's already a thread for that). they seemingly through artwork and flavor text, describe a deep and complex story that has yet to be confirmed or told by konami. compiling it further was this. http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Krawler which added not only more World Legacy cards, but an entire new archtype of monsters to fit into the story. then we got these. http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Mekk-Knight which again adds more World Legacys and another set of monsters into the story and finally (so far) we're getting this coming up. http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Troymare which adds more support, and more monsters to the story. The artwork and the 3 vanilla world chalice monsters are they best place to build the story from, the most common theory i hear is that Crowned by the World Chalice after fighting as Ib the World Chalice priestess, seemingly became corrupted somehow (as seen in some of the support artwork) and from my perspective became Destroymare Iblee but truly this is a fascinating story, glad they are trying something like they did with the duel terminal archtypes, i just wish we knew how the story fit together. so what do you all think?
  4. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    ehh dupes are always more super gems for the trader. speaking of supers, idk what to use my tickets on. there's nothing SR that i want/need
  5. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    the most popular variant seems to be the mill deck using floodgates + yuki onna to stun the opponent's field (or lol astral + spirit barriers) and reaper to mill 3 per turn, plus its a face-down banishment which is pretty brutal, the problem is unlike traditional mill which can re-summon (or re-use) warm worm for several doses of mill in a single turn, you're restricted to 3 per turn.
  6. Ancient Gears Discussion

    i mean that seems good on paper but you have 8 monsters which is a bit low considering burn can 1-1 each of them with massivemorph, mask of the accursed and so forth. would curse of anubis + windstorm be appropriate pulse mines replacements? and i only have 2 floodgate what could i replace that with?
  7. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    well you were a day off, but yeah the selection box is here completely unnanounced.
  8. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    picked one of these bad boys up the other week, never looked back. pokken was a fun bundle game for about half an hour, BoTW is addicting and fun and i plan to get MK8 and Fire Emblem Warriors later today. after that idk what to get when my next payday comes. Arms looks fun but i'm hearing so much good shit about Splatoon 2 it makes me wonder.
  9. The YGOrganization -[EXFO] A F.A. Tuner and F.A. Synchro

    well its the first to actually state it on the card but through stuff like Give and Take and Greed Quasar 12+ has been possible before
  10. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    source? ive heard nothing of this from anywhere, not even http://duellinks.gamea.co/ or ygo org, both of whom are usually quick on the datamining uptake
  11. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Zane is here and his rewards are bleh. i mean the deck has potential once we get the better support (would Drei really have been too strong?) but right now not much, overdragon is near impossible to get out strong without fusion support. there's no other fusions, there's no vanilla cyber dragon and laser/barrier are jokes. at least Repair Plant got in.
  12. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Hold on to your theorycrafting guys, an announcement has been made "Currently we are receiving a lot of feedback on Duels against a Deck using Woodland Sprite" "In order to maintain game balance and considering the KC Cup in February we may update the Limited/Forbidden list based on our current PVP duel data" "we will keep players updated on how we address this concern in future notifications" holy shit konami are doing something about it
  13. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    the box looks fine, i'm saving up my gems for a ton of it because i want volcanics and there's always a chance for scattershot down the road to break them (need i remind you we already have their own personal pot of avarice thanks to the DD fire tower) other than that, yeah most of the stuff is missing big players, i could see gaia plate bringing some kind of rock beat to the front maybe with magnet warriors and thats all i got so far
  14. Ancient Gears Discussion

    how does soldier help exactly? not questioning it just wondering.
  15. Ancient Gears Discussion

    so i'm thinking here 2x Golem 3x Knight 2x Sphere Kuriboh (other monster(s)) 1x Castle (i feel like maining one of the lvup rewards is fine even with the skill) 3x Enemy Controller (CA are still huge) the rest can just be staples, floodgate. disruption, mirror wall, headlong, rare metalmorph is a possible choice.
  16. Ancient Gears Discussion

    so with KC cup coming again in feb and my only current meta relevant deck being AG (also just got crowler to 35 for 2nd golem) is the deck still good? i know 3SD ninjas and CA took a bit of a hit with the skill change and banlist, and i dont see the change to Middle Aged Mechs hurting AG too much. the problem is rn idk what the "top" decks are, burn variants and hazys are up there from what i hear and CAs are still pretty strong. so how does/can ancient gear still put up a fight? their main advantage rn is Golem, 3000/3000, piercing, no s/ts during battle is a lot to handle, it cant be easily specialled but with castle it can easily be tributed, and something like Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat can generate enough tokens if you really need to, Knight is still a great early beater, beast might not be as useful anymore and Electro while helpful again could be cut down/out, sphere kuriboh seems like a nice choice as well
  17. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    few noteworthy things Duelist Chronicles Battle City begins tomorrow, with Arkana as the reward character Zane is coming in early january (also his cards have been datamined but i dont feel comfortable disclosing that here, google it) Giveaways in early jan including tickets, mats, sleeves and gems New duel-a-thon mid jan Yugi Moto to the gate mid Jan Late jan tag duel event, confirmed to be player + AI giving you the choice of kaiba, joey and yami yugi Early Feb: character becomes "stronger than ever", text implies Chazz, so some kinda super chazz event Mid feb: KC cup returns
  18. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    isnt absolute still at 3 and its the regular Machine Angel Ritual at 2 with dakini? supplemented by the only 2 semid cards at all in your deck.
  19. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    so with Bonz bringing Ghostrick Witch, Stein and Vanish. is there any viability in them yet? i mean the one card that could skyrocket them would be Mansion but i'm not sure how fair that would be rn. the biggest weakness i see is that you have no Main Phase 2, so you cant attack then flip them back down for protection via vanish/feint plan but they could be fun to try.
  20. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    well good thing i only pulled one Trasnformation when trying for XYZ dragon cannon. i still think AG will be competitive, just not as easy to get out golem now. Aroma Hazy will be fairly strong yeah.
  21. Volcanic Counter Burn for Regionals

    no offence but i dont even know where to begin with this, so much mishmash it makes my eyes burn. i mean you have a clear theme which is a good start but beyond that i got nothing.i'd honestly pick a more focused theme (Fire King or Volcanic for example) and work from there. for Volcanic check out Blaze Accelerator Reload as a fantastic card for consistency, and add volcanic scattershot and royal firestorm guards. counter can still be kept in if you really want For fire king, focus on popping off garunix with Island as much as possible and searching/reviving your lower levelled monsters for easy rank 4 plays and more effects going off. (coach soldier wolfbark and fire formation tenki help there) honestly my best advice would be deconstruct it and focus it more.
  22. Marik

    Ra is out, Marik is fairly easy to beat even at lv50, just have something to steal or set Ra (Econ, Floodgate etc) i dont see Ra itself making much of an impression unless someone has found something bs that i'm not aware of yet
  23. Marik

    how does AG autowin? the top ranking deck in the KC cup had no beast and only 2 golem to get around mask of the accursed or massivemorph, also no rare metalmorph. i mean with those 2 cards yeah they cant do shit once beast starts negating their monster effects and you can get around their massivemorph/accursed with tribute summons but otherwise summoning golem when they have a set might as well be an auto win for them if its massivemorph since all they need is one Swords Woman to take the game.
  24. Burning Abyss

    if you can handle one less monster i'd try a 3rd strike, its almost never dead and can stop a lot of threats before they become threats.
  25. Burning Abyss

    i dont see much use for Tour Bus, BLS while a good beater isnt going to be live too often with only 3 maindeck light targets and honestly in this format with so much negation and fairly easy removal he's not as good as he once was, the banish effect isnt even that good due to ghost ogre and a lot of target immune cards. personally if you have Droll i would main at least 2, it helps considerably against Spyral and Trickstar which are pretty much the 2 biggest decks right now. something like -1 Tour Bus - 1 BLS (if you're adamant about keeping him, then you don't need more than 1) +2 Droll to Main this opens 2 slots in the side for anything you want like Mistake, Dimensional Barrier or future Ash Blossoms. might also be helpful to try and fit in a 3rd Strike