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  1. So i tried a couple of decks based on what i had, Dark World worked for a time, but was too inconsistent Enter fabled, in pulling for DWD from the latest pack, i grabbed up enough Fabled stuff to build this beauty. Skill: The tie that Binds Monsters: 3x Fabled Dainaira 3x Fabled Gallabas 3x Fabled Ganaisha 2x Fabled Lurrie Spells: 2x Dark World Dealings 3x Enemy Controller Traps: 2x Floodgate Trap Hole 1x Wall of Disruption Gallabas takes out monsters and pops off Ganaisha and Lurrie, DWD does this too. Ganaisha is a good beater, lurrie is purely Dainaira fodder. Dainaira is a 2800 Beater that can be buffed further with Tie that Binds. the Traps and Econs deal with threats well. my main problem is decks like red-eyes that can get out big monsters quickly. i will be dropping a couple of Gallabas for Snipe hunters once (if) i pull them, Gallabas is working alright for now though. Also considering replacing Floodgates until i get snipe hunters, gallabas hits face-up monsters, and with a lack of AG or CA these days at the top, i find more use for things like Mirror Wall or even Super Rush Headlong.
  2. Our Videogame Reviews

    Splatoon 2 Arguably one of the most quirky and unique games of the last couple of years, gets a sequel on a console not doomed from the start. honestly if there was a game besides Zelda to pick up a switch for right now, this is it. The core gameplay is simple, you run around the battlefield inking walls floors and everything else allowing you to swim through it in Squid form recovering ink and moving faster, inking also fills your special meter to use your special attack, you also have a sub weapon to use usually some sort of bomb. Killing an enemy makes them explode and ink around the area in your colour fairly quickly. Different modes have different objectives. Unranked is exclusively turf wars where you fight to cover the most turf with your team, while others can have different things to do such as tower control, splat zones (control point essentially) and clam blitz where you attack the enemy goal as a team to take out their shield and fill their basket with Clams. the fun of the game comes from the variety of weapons, from the standard splattershot to the faster firing shorter range dualies, the heavy firepower of the Splattling, the Umbrella's defensive capabilities, the blaster's short range but high damage, the slosher covering ground quickly, the rollers giving you good ground coverage and fast kills on unsuspecting enemies, the brushes for a faster but weaker variation. and even the Charger which is basically a sniper rifle. you can experiment and find which one suits you best, as well as their primary function, they each have a different combination of sub weapon and special for you to consider, making it tactical as well as fun. Maps rotate every couple of hours, and every couple of days Salmon run opens up, its your classic PvE "Zombie" mode where you fight seemingly endless hordes of AI enemies and collect Golden Eggs. its fun and challenging, with each run giving you 1 of 2 maps, and 4 different weapons which get rotated between the 4 players through the waves. If you have a few Hours to kill Single Player is incredibly fun, good for getting you used to the game's more complex mechanics, and trying out new weapons before jumping into PvP with them. it does follow on slightly from Splatoon 1 but i never played it and didnt feel like i was missing anything from the story. The one thing i will say is, Multiplayer is the selling point of the game, so if you dont like playing most of the time with or against other actual players, or cant due to lack of Stable internet, the game might not be for you as the single Player is lacking. Pros: Fun unique gameplay Variety of modes and weapons Highly Addictive Cons: Highly Addictive Mostly multiplayer based 9/10
  3. Top 10 games of the last TEN years

    10. Fire Emblem: Awakening 9. Batman Arkham City 8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 7. Splatoon 2 6. Pokemon Platinum 5. Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy 4. League of Legends 3. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild All credit to Skyrim which introduced me to open world games, but this was the one i feel perfected it. the SECOND i exited that cave my breath was taken away by the gigantic landscape, the vast world to explore and the sheer amount of things to do. i still play it i'm still nowhere near even close to being done with it. its just fantastic 2. Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest This is a personal one, i completed this game on Lunatic difficulty, which if you couldnt tell by the name almost drove me insane. but when i finally completed it, i felt more satisfied than i had felt with any game before or since. the story is as thin as a dollar store napkin but the gameplay is phenomenal and the difficulty is intense but fair to experienced players. 1. Xenoblade Chronicles XBC 2 is great so far, but the original just blew me away. it took awhile to get going but once you step out of that cave into the massive Gaur Plain and the world opens up to you. you set off on an epic journey like no other. the combat system is fair and fun, the party members are all amazing. the game has one of the best storys in gaming history and to top it off it's challenging for newcomers and veterans alike depending on how you want to play it plus it has so much to do and so much replayability. my first 100% playthrough took over 100 hours. no other game has ever taken me that long (though Breath of the Wild might beat that record for me). i just cant describe it any other way but Spectacular.
  4. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    After playing XB2 for awhile, i have to agree its fun, slightly complicated but not hard for an experienced gamer to understand (wish there was a way to re-read tutorials though, seriously would it have killed them to put it in as a menu option. one flash on screen saying "press X button to do Y in battle that you'll need to memorize and perform consistently" is not enough) anybody got Star Allies? heard it was decent
  5. Yami Bakura

    ok, i came up with this deck after scrounging what i had and seeing some other vids and lists online, its still not a guaranteed win, you need 2 cards in your opening hand. Restart can help with that. (also gdi Bakura drop trance already) 3x Guardian Statue 3x Medusa Worm 2x Crystal Seer (this is mostly to nullify his potential searches off sangan and doomdog so he dosent deck out first) 2x Golden Ladybug (neutralizes Burning Land) 1x Winged Dragon of Ra 3x Array of Revealing Light (key) 1x Anti Magic Arrows (in case he still has Poison of the Old Man set on your last turn, this lets ra go through safely without him burning your 100lp) 2x Exile of the Wicked (you could add a 3rd, or replace it with more backrow hate to stop ectoplasmer if you want) 1x Wild Tornado (i prefer this over Twister due to no LP cost, usually takes out Burning Land to stop him killing himself) 2x Aegis of Gaia (for the final turn) you need Worm/Statue + Array in your opening hand, play Array and declare Fiend, this stuns all his monsters for a turn letting statue or worm get rid of them, doll + ecto can be annoying but sometimes he likes to summon a weaker monster and tribute it, giving you a turn to destroy Doll with Worm or Exile of the Wicked. on your last turn make sure to have at least 4000 LP, if you dont hit 9999 damage then 8k isnt a guarantee, but over 5k can still just about pull it off. flip your 2 traps to boost yourself by 6k, use worm/statues to clear his field, tribute for Ra, boost Ra, AMA and attack for game. gets you Summon DIVINE monster on top of the usual LP on the brink, cards on the brink etc etc.
  6. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Tristan is somehow in duel links, has some accessories
  7. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Here's the full card list https://www.konami.com/yugioh/duel_links/en/box/valiant_souls/
  8. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    >ultimate crystal magic + rainbow overdragon in duel links Konami, are you high as a kite? because that is SO broke i dont even know where to begin
  9. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    >only new cards so we're just ignoring the massive E-HERO Plasma Vice picture
  10. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Jesse is here, nice collection of cards, starter deck is ass but you can easily grab the beasts from the event. some old Zane cards return from the EX trader. Event is another "gather items and duel at the gate" event A-la crowler/pegasus/bakura/marik/dox bros For farming him, he really has nothing to stop the majority of farm decks, if you can get paladin early (not even first turn) you have him pretty much beat, i imagine labryinth builder and unhappy girl would work fine too, i'd avoid Elements Unite due to Amethyst cat though.
  11. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    nah, grabbing Xenoblade 2, and maybe bayonetta down the line. might get it eventually though rn i really need to Save money and between IRL ygo and Switch games, i'm not doign a good job
  12. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    someone convince me not to buy the bayonetta games
  13. Favorite card?

    first off: hi, welcome to the forums, slog through the initial inexperience and you'll end up being mildly irritated and slightly tolerated by most of the important regs. been here near 4 years now with a rep still in the negs... anyway to the topic at hand: Garchomp, that shit shredded EX de-oh you mean Yugimonz. idk Super Quantal Carrier Great Magnus? i liked power rangers when i was younger
  14. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Earth + wind tower is here, most notable things are Windrose the elemental lord, some madolche stuff. and 10 more floors being added on monday that are apparently even harder than the rest. along with giving the monsters on those final floors a skill that drains your LP.
  15. Best tier 0 format?

    Best? none they were all terrible Most Lolsworthy? RulerBook format. no matter which side you played, you did the following. Dump entire hand for shenanigans replenish it at end phase
  16. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    how much fking money/gems did you have to pull 3 piper?
  17. So i found the ATK Cap

    https://prnt.sc/ijo8ng context: i did this earlier too, i ended up with enough LP that when i summoned Ra, it took me down to 100, then boosted itself up to 65535, not a point higher. later (this screenshot) i had over 80000 lifepoints, i lost enough to take him up to 65535, then lost more to bring me down to 100, and he didnt gain any more atk points. so there's a hard cap coded in for ATK, never knew. (if you are wondering how i did it, massivemorph, temple of the minds eye and kisetai, about the only consistnt farm deck i could find for crowler, even then it can brick though Restart helps that)
  18. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    rewind for all the plebs (me) that has no idea what happened. links?
  19. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    does Ultimate Golem exist? at all? havent got a single one to drop. got 1 from the point reward but he refuses to drop a 2nd. EDIT: after beating him again, at lv 50, after he summoned all 3 UAGG, i finally got a 2nd copy. woohoo
  20. The Ridley Scott Maneuver

    yeah i mean other than budget is there any reason you arent running floodgate/wod etc.
  21. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    i feel a bit cheated that they couldnt come up with enough unique ideas to make a seperate tower for each. unless it is 2 towers which i doubt.
  22. Ancient Gears Discussion

    so crowlers event this time brings Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem 4400, negates battle traps, piercing and IF it somehow (very unlikely) gets destroyed, you can bring back the golem from your graveyard you used for the summon (unless fusion support) cybernetic fusion support is an option to get it out easier, and the biggest problem is you need to run polymerization. but i could see Master of Fusion or something being ran over Middle aged Mechs for a deck truly focused on Ultimate Golem.
  23. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    all mine are physical for the moment except random Kof game (i forget which one) i downloaded when i was bored one day. the thing is even if most switch games wont be breaking the bank in terms of size, they still add up. the Wii U off internal memory could hold at least from my perspective about 2 full games and a bunch of download titles. meaning the switch would likely fill up quickly too, nessecitating a micro SD, which in turn would need to be kept in good condition and on hand to play any games you download to it. on the flipside, if you have the cash in the bank, you can digitally buy and download those games as soon as they come out, sometimes cheaper than any local shop and play them as soon as they download. so its entirely up to you personally i've been considering getting the 2 bayonetta games since i never owned either before now.
  24. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    to function properly it requires 3x emperor (and ultra) and multiple escape (an ultra from a pack most people wont want to pull from), so its not budget friendly, otherwise though its a decent looking deck certainly. also needs 2-3 necrofear which you wont have without farming bakura unless you played both events before. GL newbs.
  25. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    official page for the new set https://www.konami.com/yugioh/duel_links/en/box/abyss_encounters/ Gishkis, Aliens, some good stuff, nothing great in the UR department besides ties of the bretheren unless you're going for a specific deck like gishki or Water Dragon Cluster