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  1. Inquisition

    Sorry for late reply.   Everyone is inactive due to finals and work lately. 2 more weeks and we can re-discuss if you're still open?
  2. War: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=162813 Winner: Inquisition   1  Zakrok  0  [angel]    1  omglolltsj 0  Atsuka   1  omglolltsj 0  Jurdinator   1  omglolltsj 0  Atsuka   1  Scarlett Shadow 0  [angel]   1  Lucas 0  Atsuka
  3. Shaddoll - Discussion

      Don't know if it was mentioned here before, but thoughts on Cursed Seal?   Has versatility against rogue decks like Prophecy. Also hits Scout hard on the drawback that you need Seal early game. Can just decide the duel early if you go first and draw it. Or second if you get lucky. On a personal level, I wouldn't run it in Shaddolls for personal utility of better choices; but I do want to hear other thoughts on it in case I missed something.   ---   If Killer is out, Metaion can actually be somewhat ok mid game or on a t1 Killer in comparison to prevention that can't do shit at that point. Metaion is just a little more dynamic. If you have the backrow to stop Killer again (bth for the pendulums that will be ss'd, vanity and pray, sanctum for a scale), it's even better. The whole chances if you side in 3 Metaion (for w.e. reason, if you think it works) and main 3 Sanctum or Vanity (exclusive), then it would be around 14% to open both if you went second, around 10% if you went first. (+4.5% ish every draw) Not terrible odds. (40% chance if you run 3, 30% if you run 2 if you wanted separate). All theoretical probability of course, so practice will vary. Metaion on it's own against Killer with no real backrow is a problem and falls into a very large drawback since it does virtually nothing significant at that point. [ math - P(x) = ([aCx] x [n-aCr-x]) / nCr   and/or  n! / ([n-r]!r!) , google for explanation if you want to expand on it, won't derail to math.thread, just posted percentages to show Metaions midgame and early advantage on Killer if anyone was thinking on it ]   However, prevention seems to be the safer route anyway as a t1 Killer is, as already said multiple times in the thread, pretty hard to get over and rare. In which case, Fairy Wind with possible Hands and/or Artifacts is the best bet considering the generalization of traps, the floating and popping unexpectedly (sometimes), and the smooth sub-engine respectively. Looking into more though, but none are really clicking as consistent enough with other cards or significantly powerful enough to change the favor.
  4. wanna learn shit

  5. If this is still relevant thread: Just start with learning how to T-Shuffle and Six Step. That would get you started. From there, do 3-step, and then progress into freezes to build your muscles and get used to the strain over time.   [spoiler] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPdQ1gN7Ngo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWClxRC7-0s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCNwb0kTwWY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emSmkYdGw0A  [/spoiler]   Those would be a starting point. Practice them, then start to branch out by watching music videos or battles and trying to mimic them; with your own style of course, as long as it succeeds.    Break a leg.
  6. Inquisition

    New War: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=162813      Little overdue, but if you are still looking for a war: 6v6, 6-7 Hearts Double Elim?  If not, then sorry we missed you.
  7.  6v6 l Hearts l [DGz l DN] 《Inquisition》 6 ♥♥♥♥♥♥   Carbon | Carbon yehosera | yehosera       Lucas | CuStOm                          Zakrok | ! Hayley Williams<3 omglolltsj | omglolltsj Scarlett Shadow | Scarlett Shadow          【Sky Parameters】 0 ♥♥♥♥♥♥   Atsuka | Atsuka SQUIDS~ | SQUIDS~  wrinklywinkie | wrinklywinkie. Elvish Presley | ElvishPresley [angel] | linkarl Jurdinator | Jurd           ❂War Results❂ --------------------------   ⊹ Zakrok vs. [angel] ⊹ omglolltsj vs. Atsuka ⊹ omglolltsj vs. Jurdinator ⊹ omglolltsj vs. Atsuka ⊹ Scarlett Shadow vs. [angel] ⊹ Lucas vs. Atsuka
  8. Inquisition

    - redgamer   +Scarlett +yehosera +omg +Lucas +Zakrok +Carbon     Now ready for wars.
  9. Java v. C/C++

    In direct comparison, C is growing to meet it's limitation. Java is in an upward curve that is looked upon as having a much more long-lasting practical use.   C allows structural programming which deviates from pure syntax of being object oriented -- not saying it doesn't include it. But this makes it reliant on functions. C (you can tell that I consider C++ close to the same) was intended for Unix and therefore does not have the capability to branch out as widely as Java.     Java can be ran in a variety of places and wouldn't need to be rewrote like C based languages do for each different compiler.       Basically, Java is slightly more difficult in my opinion but it's turnout is much higher and will be relevant longer.     Edit:   Java for avg better job. C for learning and solid job.   In the way that Physics isn't too difficult until you decide to look further (which is when it becomes difficult) would be what I consider C. Java has the potential but considering it has a ways to get to that point, it is a popular demand in the market right now with high hopes.
  10. Inquisition

      Will be.   2 Members dropping the game and another being exceptionally inactive in a sudden turn is slightly disconcerting. So, will be trying to get more members.     If you want a war, I can contact you as soon as we're ready.
  11. Inquisition

    - Push to Blow   - Li Kit Chun             - Supposedly   http://forum.duelingnetwork.com/index.php?/topic/133280-supposedly-im-gone/       Update (8/8/14) mm/dd/yy   - Hyperz   http://forum.duelingnetwork.com/index.php?/topic/133215-screw-ygo-im-outta-here/       -
  12. Worm Hands

    I can agree with the side deck advice -- thank you. (Keeping Twister, will drop Vanity for Horns)     But I generally don't mind drawing into a Yagan as I do a Cartaros. At least Yagan has a practical field use and can make Nebula more live since Yagan may actually live.     Dropping one of each Hand for 2 Myrm is certainly viable -- but if I were to drop one of each Hand, I would only add 1 Myrm and 1 Soul Charge. I also don't actually see me dropping one of each Hand either -- they just work so well and the dead draws are never really dead draws. The rare multiple Hand drawing is negligible.     I have never used Tsukuyomi before, ever. Explain to me how it works well here and why I would make it over other options?
  13. Worm Hands

      Will add Ship. Thought I had it there.   Duality rarely does, and on the chance it hinders; I prefer the utility Duality provides me in more situations over the minute chance of blocking a single (albeit default) play.
  14. Worm Hands

    With Mind Control and no RUM, I end up with this:  [spoiler][/spoiler]
  15. Worm Hands

      If I were to cut a Draco or Cowboy -- what would you recommend in it's place? I was thinking maybe Rhapsody in Berserk or Emeral if I could get my hands on either of them.   --   RUM7 has never actually failed me yet other than when it gets into my opening hand of 5. I assume that if I get Nebula, I would generate enough advantage that even drawing RUM wouldn't set me back too much when contrasted with the higher chances of drawing it on it's own. I'm open to cutting it for Mind Control though since the points are valid and Control does more in terms of drawing it in more situations and against a lot of decks at the moment. Will test it out and do calculations -- thank you.   --   Gaia wins some games. The residual damage ender where Cowboy isn't enough and I already have an Omega out for whatever reason the situation demanded. I don't actually even make rank 4's very often -- around 2 a game on average -- RUM being a third. However it is rare I use Gaia. But same question; what is more useful here in the place of M7 and/or Gaia (other than Rhapsody and Emeral which would be replaced already)?