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  1. Every summoning mechanic had ways to balance strong monsters. Didn't change much.
  2. Until they start printing really strong Link monsters and it all starts all over again. Especially because Link monsters have the most generic requirements yet, literally anything works, they don't even need specific levels. The main difference now is that you need to summon your extra deck stuff in a specific order to unlock your field spaces.
  3. Asymmetrical Link monsters I assume
  4. it's funny because the most efficent link monster so far is limited to earth monsters which means Zoodiacs still get to unlock their extra deck stuff and everyone else doesn't
  5. It's easy to forget about rituals
  6. I wish they would've imported N'tss and Hiruko in this set, without them Zoo Infernoid loses a bit of its bite sadly. It'll be too late next set, because Ghost Ash will just push that variant out of the game again.
  7. Zoo Metalfoes and Zoo Invoked are about it for now. Zoo Magicians and Zoo Draco after MACR but I'm pretty sure the former's bad and the latter is in some weird RPS relation with pure and Kaiju with people side decking into a different variant sometimes.
  8. Just repeating what they said. They like to overhype things.
  9. "One of the best monsters". Not the best.
  10. SD cards are going to be included in the TCG version of Maximum Crisis. No idea about Tune Magician, but it could be the 10th import.
  11. dragon rulers 2: electric boogaloo

    Dunno why you'd bother with Draius, he's actually just straight up the worst out of the small guys. Also not sure why you'd want to skip Zoodiacs when this memey little fuck exists.
  12. I hope we'll get a clearer picture of Oviraptor soon, the internet is really divided on whether it destroys a non token dinosaur or any level 4 or lower I think I see a レベル in there but I'm not sure
  13. They can't special summon anything except Dinosaurs while the Token's out. More of a joke than a serious suggestion though, I suppose.
  14. Oh wait, meant to say field spell. Mind blanked out there.
  15. That trap + Rivalry kek