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  1. Just repeating what they said. They like to overhype things.
  2. "One of the best monsters". Not the best.
  3. SD cards are going to be included in the TCG version of Maximum Crisis. No idea about Tune Magician, but it could be the 10th import.
  4. dragon rulers 2: electric boogaloo

    Dunno why you'd bother with Draius, he's actually just straight up the worst out of the small guys. Also not sure why you'd want to skip Zoodiacs when this memey little fuck exists.
  5. I hope we'll get a clearer picture of Oviraptor soon, the internet is really divided on whether it destroys a non token dinosaur or any level 4 or lower I think I see a レベル in there but I'm not sure
  6. They can't special summon anything except Dinosaurs while the Token's out. More of a joke than a serious suggestion though, I suppose.
  7. Oh wait, meant to say field spell. Mind blanked out there.
  8. That trap + Rivalry kek
  9. How much use are you actually getting out of Astrograph? I feel like you could probably drop it in favor of other cards like most OCG players have, as it's pretty much just dead weight on the field due to not being level 4.
  10. -Tenki is limited and Bear can search Tenki I guess -Bearman is really winmore, in any situation where he's going to be useful to you you probably don't need him to win in the first place, and since he's a situational main deck card he inherently adds inconsistency. -Going Drancia -> Emeral and shuffling back Molmorats and Zodiac Xyz is also arguably just way more valuable than the Giantrainer wombo combo since it actually gives the deck some longevity past its initial load.
  11. dragon rulers 2: electric boogaloo

    MACR-JP078 幽麗なる幻滝 Yuurei-naru Genrou (Etheral Wyrmterfall) Normal Trap Card (1) Activate 1 of the following effects. ● Add 1 Wyrm-Type monster from your Deck to your hand. ● Send any number of Wyrm-Type monsters from your hand or face-up on your side of the field to the Graveyard; draw cards equal to the number of monsters you sent to the Graveyard+1. MACR-JP023 真竜騎将ドライアスⅢ世 Shinryuu Kishou Draius Sanyo (Draius III, the True Dracoknight) Level 6 EARTH Wyrm-Type Effect Monster ATK 2100 DEF 2800 If this You can Tribute a Continuous Spell/Trap Card to Tribute Summon (but not Set) this card. (1) If this face-up card that was Tribute Summoned leaves the field: You can Special Summon 1 “True Draco” or “True King” monster from your Deck in face-up Defense Position. (2) “True Draco” or “True King” monsters on the field, except this card, cannot be targeted or destroyed by the effects of your opponent’s cards. Final bits of support for the theme from MACR.
  12. Oh also, as a not so subtle hint the structure deck reprints Miracle Synchro Fusion, for which Zarc is an eligible target.
  13. I fail to see the point of a set of 0-13 scales for a monster that can't be pendulum summoned, unless Gate Zero has an effect that lets you Pendulum Summon Zarc.
  14. Isn't pure with Kaijus the most common build, then Eidolons? Staring down just a Drancia and rank 4 isn't very scary, but staring down the same with a set DBarrier, Solemn Strike and ASF with the threat of them doing it all again next turn and hitting you for lethal because they run like 2 Emeral and one of the avarice trap is a whole different story entirely.
  15. dragon rulers 2: electric boogaloo

    Also, is Succession even worth it if you're not playing the Tribute guys? It seems kind of unnecessary in this sort of build. How much is it actually doing for you, and how often does it contribute to bad hands? In your deck it just seems like another Supply Squad, with most of the same issues.