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  1. Every unbanned card is errataed.
  2. They probably deem Instant Fusion a positive addition to the game, given how many cards are designed around it now. So they'd rather hit the shitty old card that nobody was ever going to use legitimately and whose only purpose was ever going to be these random autowin interactions. Like how OCG just finally went and limited Blaze Fenix instead of hitting every single card that's ever been used to summon Blaze Fenix on Niconico like the TCG did.
  3. Tribute Independent Nightingale summoned by Instant Fusion to summon Tyrant Neptune, get a massive attack Towers that also burns the opponent for 5k. It wasn't anything competitive but due to all of the pieces of the combo being potentially searchable Konami kind of put a stop to it early.
  4. That second one seems like a fake entry I mean, Card Trader?
  5. It's hard to motivate people to talk about random decks in a tier 0 format, with a new series on the horizon that may very well kill off every single existing deck other than a handful. Anyone coming to DGz knowing what kind of site it is is going to be more inclined to discuss Zoos, especially given it's the first non coinflip format in a while, and the cardpool relevant to Zoodiac in the TCG is vastly different to what the OCG has so it's not a solved format right out the gate.
  6. I assume it's Twilightsworn Ryko, referencing the artwork of Dark Smog.
  7. They link to adjacent zones, extra zones are not adjacent to each other
  8. The wording in the V Jump and I think some older leaks describing the new mechanic as something that can interact with many different card types imply that yes, you can link to S/T zones as well. The Master Rule outline on the website also only talks about Link Markers pointing to zones on the field, it doesn't specifically ask for monster zones only. I'd expect to see some S/Ts that gain additional benefits if activated in a linked zone, or continuous S/Ts that do things while linked, stuff along those lines.
  9. The difference being that Pendulum wasn't required for a good number of decks to actually function, and many of those decks can't just accomodate random Link monsters that do nothing to actually further their plays beyond unlocking monster zones. If they wanna do this then they need to come out with solid Link-based themes fast and consistently, because a drip feed of one playable Link based theme every 6 months when every other summoning method got its legs broken isn't going to cut it.
  10. http://www.yugioh-card.com/japan/howto/new_master_rule/ 融合、シンクロ、エクシーズ、ペンデュラムのいずれのモンスターも、 エクストラデッキから特殊召喚される場合 には、基本的に エクストラモンスターゾーン に特殊召喚することになるぞ。
  11. So it's confirmed that pendulums special summoned from the extra deck have to go to an extra deck zone or linked zone. RIP Pendulum
  12. Clearly making turn 1 Quasar + Blazar + Sifr the new meta is the way to go then
  13. How the shit is making the game more about turboing out your bosses slowing the game down
  14. Every summoning mechanic had ways to balance strong monsters. Didn't change much.