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  1. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    Deck won YCS Bochum.
  2. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    Props to Marco for the win, but variance is variance.
  3. November 6th, 2017 Yugioh Forbidden & Limited List

    Explains why Double Helix wasn't a secret then.
  4. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    But Emeral tho.
  5. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    nobody is playing trickstar or metaphys, it's all dinos, ABC and invoked draco
  6. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    Considering this deck basically eats up its entire extra deck to make a play, do you just scoop if your first board isn't enough to win?
  7. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    As crazy strong as the Supreme King Dragons are, those are coming out post-Links. Though idk, maybe this deck's engine is strong enough to still function even after Links. 3 Skullcrobat and 3 Pendulum Wizard is pretty insane. Anyone think of any decent Performapal search targets for Pendulum Wizard that work in Magicians? There's a new level 8 one coming in July (2 weeks before Links) that's also an Odd-Eyes monster and can fuse with anything in your monster or pendulum zones so that lets you play odd-eyes vortex without actually having to run odd-eyes, but as a level 8 you then rely on its own summoning condition since you can't Pendulum it. Anything else doesn't seem to have that much synergy.
  8. ignore this necro bump

    Zoo is still the best deck in OCG with no norden, no barrage, 1 rat, no drident and no terrortop, it'll survive somehow
  9. Tamer Editor

    What a great idea releasing this after the new rules.
  10. [PSA] Cubic OTK

    That second one seems like a fake entry I mean, Card Trader?
  11. Crystron

    It's hard to motivate people to talk about random decks in a tier 0 format, with a new series on the horizon that may very well kill off every single existing deck other than a handful. Anyone coming to DGz knowing what kind of site it is is going to be more inclined to discuss Zoos, especially given it's the first non coinflip format in a while, and the cardpool relevant to Zoodiac in the TCG is vastly different to what the OCG has so it's not a solved format right out the gate.
  12. Link Summon Awareness Thread

    The wording in the V Jump and I think some older leaks describing the new mechanic as something that can interact with many different card types imply that yes, you can link to S/T zones as well. The Master Rule outline on the website also only talks about Link Markers pointing to zones on the field, it doesn't specifically ask for monster zones only. I'd expect to see some S/Ts that gain additional benefits if activated in a linked zone, or continuous S/Ts that do things while linked, stuff along those lines.
  13. Zoodiac - Discussion

    I wish they would've imported N'tss and Hiruko in this set, without them Zoo Infernoid loses a bit of its bite sadly. It'll be too late next set, because Ghost Ash will just push that variant out of the game again.
  14. Zoodiac - Discussion

    Zoo Metalfoes and Zoo Invoked are about it for now. Zoo Magicians and Zoo Draco after MACR but I'm pretty sure the former's bad and the latter is in some weird RPS relation with pure and Kaiju with people side decking into a different variant sometimes.
  15. Sea Monster of Theseus

    Just repeating what they said. They like to overhype things.