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  1. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    But Emeral tho.
  2. The YGOrganization -[VJMP] Subterror Promo Card

    SPYRALs have a legitimately insane ceiling with their link monster, but the deck is too reliant on opening with extremely easy to disrupt combos I find. Sure, if it does get going you'll probably just win right then and there, but, well. If. But that deck is in this volatile positon where one more really good main deck monster that makes getting your combos started more consistent will just push it into busted territory. Cards like Quik-Fix and Rescue are very good reminders why Konami puts hard OPTs on everything now. Or Master Plan telling us why we don't often get monsters that just search 3 cards from your deck on their own.
  3. The YGOrganization -[VJMP] Subterror Promo Card

    Looking at past trends this can only really go one of two ways. The card isn't good enough and Subterrors remain bad. Or the card is good enough but ends up being better in other decks as some kind of engine because the remaining Subterrors are still bad.
  4. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    nobody is playing trickstar or metaphys, it's all dinos, ABC and invoked draco
  5. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    Considering this deck basically eats up its entire extra deck to make a play, do you just scoop if your first board isn't enough to win?
  6. The vast majority of tournaments in the OCG are unofficial and thus not bound by any of the usual rules, meaning that they generally adopt new banlists a few days to a week after they're published, rather than at their official date. Granted, the deck's probably not as good as other alternatives in the OCG meta now, so I don't actually think it needs any more hitting, it's just insane to see an archetype still kicking after having just about every single one of its consistency and power cards axed.
  7. Banned Drident, Barrage, Bull and limited Rat, semi limited Tenki and limited Terrortop in the OCG all to try to kill this deck. And it's still topping. How would you even stop it at this point? Just ban every single Zoodiac card?
  8. They can't hit Terraforming, too many decks that rely on their field spells as key engines, like every other theme they release these days relies on a field spell to work. Terraforming to 1 and basically all that shit just crashes and burns. Of course it's a bandaid solution to flawed card design, but at this point hitting Terraforming would cause way too much collateral damage for a card that isn't really an issue in itself as much as Konami's tendency to make field spells too powerful.
  9. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    As crazy strong as the Supreme King Dragons are, those are coming out post-Links. Though idk, maybe this deck's engine is strong enough to still function even after Links. 3 Skullcrobat and 3 Pendulum Wizard is pretty insane. Anyone think of any decent Performapal search targets for Pendulum Wizard that work in Magicians? There's a new level 8 one coming in July (2 weeks before Links) that's also an Odd-Eyes monster and can fuse with anything in your monster or pendulum zones so that lets you play odd-eyes vortex without actually having to run odd-eyes, but as a level 8 you then rely on its own summoning condition since you can't Pendulum it. Anything else doesn't seem to have that much synergy.
  10. ignore this necro bump

    Zoo is still the best deck in OCG with no norden, no barrage, 1 rat, no drident and no terrortop, it'll survive somehow
  11. Tamer Editor

    What a great idea releasing this after the new rules.
  12. Every unbanned card is errataed.
  13. They probably deem Instant Fusion a positive addition to the game, given how many cards are designed around it now. So they'd rather hit the shitty old card that nobody was ever going to use legitimately and whose only purpose was ever going to be these random autowin interactions. Like how OCG just finally went and limited Blaze Fenix instead of hitting every single card that's ever been used to summon Blaze Fenix on Niconico like the TCG did.
  14. Tribute Independent Nightingale summoned by Instant Fusion to summon Tyrant Neptune, get a massive attack Towers that also burns the opponent for 5k. It wasn't anything competitive but due to all of the pieces of the combo being potentially searchable Konami kind of put a stop to it early.