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  1. Consider the following scenario: My opponent activates Premature Burial, Targeting Jinzo. In response to the activation of Premature Burial, I activate Ring of Destruction targeting my own Chaos Sorcerer. My opponent then, in response to my activation of ROD, activates Royal Decree. Now, It seems to me that things work like this: Decree resolves first, negating all traps. Then ROD resolves without effect, meaning Chaos Sorcerer is not destroyed and no player takes any damage. Finally, Premature Burial resolves, summoning Jinzo. Is this mistaken? I encountered a player who "has been playing for 13 years, so they would know" that ROD has a 'Cost' which is that the Monster targeted by it must be destroyed even under Royal Decree. I've never heard this before. What's the deal?
  2. OCG Goat Format

    1st blank 第六感 Sixth Sense 2nd blank マシュマロン Marshmallon 3rd blank 現世と冥界の逆転 Return from the different dimension (?) 4th blank 死のデッキ破壊ウイルス Deck devi(?)
  3. RPS Paradox

    If I understand correctly, paper is the safe choice for making top cut, but will struggle once there. In this case, It seems the best choice because it would be the best choice over the course of multiple tournaments. Making top at 5 tournaments vs winning 1 and not making top at the other 4. the former seems more attractive to me due to being consistentcy* at the highest level.  
  4. RPS Paradox

    My intuition is to pick paper because it has a greater chance of being paired with a winning match-up. The greater representation of rock and lesser representation of scissors looks like it means a higher chance of going up against an auto-win match-up. If you pick scissors you have the same chance of encountering an auto-win match up as if you picked paper, but with a greater chance of getting and auto lose match-up. 
  5. Sorry to derail this thread, but...   My nephew recently became very interested in the game, so I keep playing so that he's got someone to play with and teach him a bit about the game/take to locals. 
  6. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Danissgar > Dapper Man Dan/gangstarr1 2-0
  7. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Blue Team: Danissgar  2 > 0 Light Blue Team: Pac-Faq/Unkn0wnCh1m3ra 
  8. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Blue Team Danissgar Beat Red Team/Strategic Insomniacs ralfiano 2-0   Good games friend.
  9. Newgioh Format Thread

      lucksack city. i'm the mayor.
  10. 1. Danissgar 2. Eastern Standard Time 3.Free agent 4. Danissgar 5.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  11. Goat Control Guide

    Page 33 of 56 In the deck list what I think is supposed to be book of moon is called 'Book of Book'.    Nevertheless, fantastic guide. I particularly enjoyed the individual card analysis. 
  12. I'm really enjoying the Exarion-less format. I thought that I would miss Exarion badly, but no Exarion really does open up a lot of card choices for a more diverse metagame.