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  1. Added RPS
  2. You nailed it. You are completely correct, but easy does not mean intuitive. YVD, YGOPro, and DN have ingrained standards; like shopping cards. Maybe we are in an era where we can redefine that. Its a "feel" thing. For me personally, there is something about the layout of the program that makes visualizing the game state difficult. It doesn't use the actual field like every YGO sim up till now. There are certain aspects of DN that I straight up hate but the UI makes sense to the end user due to either conditioning or that they legitimately make sense. I did not say it does not function. It's the only one without bugs from what I can see. I guess what I am getting at is I want it to be more like YVD, lackey feels like Hudzilla or the TCGplayer sim visually. I'm not picking here either, each sim has this issue also. To this day YGOPro's resolving mechanic feels unnatural to me. Executing proper chains even when the mechanism is there is just hard. Salvation takes far to many clicks to perform an action in a game, and it doesn't alert users to information changes in a natural trackable way. DN/DB is slow and lacks certain controls. Its chat is ABSOLUTELY SUFFOCATING. Those negatives with its positives make out who survives in the post DN world. Watching someone play on lackey like your and Sactmo 's recent duel feels like watching someone operate mechanical controls. Your opponents hand being oversized, vertical, and on the side is the most jaring. Flipping cards before setting them seems strange. Also part of the reason I did not take to DN was the learning curve to perform actions was high and the CONSEQUENCES for not knowing them all was off-putting. I'm sure we've all seen Xtevens sped up videos squiddy. Yeah thats not natural. I disagree with the lazy assertion and I point to statistics from the YGOPro Checkmate server during the height of the YGOPro era, the release of the pendulum mechanic, the owner of checkmate create a bot that on the hour collected statisitcs from all the sims. DN had consistently between 25% and 40% market with it regularly decreasing over the months that we tracked. It is more so that people are not allowed to, or can not figure out how to download a program. Not laziness. The next part is marketing. Salvation can not be marketed, it does not have a replay system, and can not be streamed because it requires hardware acceleration from chrome. This means it can not be used with OBS/Twitch. Im not sure if Lackey has a way for people to join started games, but this is critical to yugitubers promoting it. YGOPro has replays, DevPro has spectating, DB has watchers chat. More people will use Lackey if it is promoted. As of today I can not recommend any sim on the merits of the sim alone, they are all difficult to use or are missing key features. So I have to go off of the owners and staffs behaviors.
  3. Salvation and YGOPro have the same card hover issue. It can be circumvented in tracing a route outside of the program window around other cards, or in Salvation's case clicking and dragging the card to the text window. All three programs have the same issue with long text, I tried reducing the text size in salvations case but got negative feedback. Your second point about having to do many complex movements is just an issue all manual sims will have in general. Its exacerbated by the animation speed. It SHOULD be no more than 800 milliseconds, or as you pointed out drag and drop with lock mapping (YVD style). I don't believe this is a limitation of Flash. I do believe that Xteven is aware of the animation speed problem. Matches on YVD still took 30 mins, whereas they take 10mins on a YGOPro. Basically, there is not going to be a perfect solution for a long time. Each sim has an innate architectural problem that makes it hard to duel with. - DB, Speed, layout, random bugs - YGOPro, improper rulings, layout, DL - Salvation, layout, random bugs - Lacky, major layout issues, unintuitive, DL
  4. Except the owner is socialable with the userbase
  5. @Storm Wolf Added CRV Goats
  6. - Removed a host of menus - Card drag bug fixed by a community member. Its very cool that random people can find bugs before I see them and fix stuff before I can even see it.
  7. I'm trying to figure out how a 1-3hr download takes "weeks",... Export the Databases Download the Databases Go to new server, install a real browser Download applications to make the server run Run the server applications Upload source Run source code.... Help? IDGI.
  8. DuelingNetwork, and YGOPro didnt have "search" by set for some reason... - Added Search by Set, over "search by date", we have release date info also and plan to use it to do pre-release info and "era" filtering for the nostalgia buffs. - Added operation based filtering (greater than, less than, equal to) to Attack, Defense, Level, and Scale search. Didnt make it a range because no card I know of uses a range. Find 5 cards that do and I'll add range search. - Made it so menus automatically go away when moving the mouse away from the menu. - Made parts of the server more dynamic to reduce down time. - Added a touch of color in places. - Added Token Sorting
  9. - Fixed the text on the card description in deck edit so its easier to read and does not cause a scroll as often. - Archetypes are now sorted in the drop down list - There has been a massive reduction in lag - Spectators controlling the duel and ultimately crashing them seems to be fixed for the moment. Still needs testing, still needs UI cleanup. - April fools effect was rolled back - There is now a reset search button in the deck search - There is a new camera system, you can slide the duel in 2D space, and tilt it toward or away from you for a DN or YGOPro feel. Still working on persisting it.
  10. This is not a sustainable model, anyone that thinks otherwise either has Stockholm's or enjoys running a cult.
  11. Exarion Universe or no Exarion Universe?
  12. Reworked the layout of the deck editor. @Junior Bucks Added Drag and Drop for moving cards from search and among the main, extra, and side deck. Removing a card requires clicking for safety reasons. Deck editor now works on lower resolutions. Changing the banlist will now filter out cards that did not exist during that era.
  13. They arent exactly flocking to Salvation either.
  14. Its like watching Stockholm. I dont understand this either. I have to agree, to date, as far as manual sims go Lackey has the fewest bugs. Thats also something on DN I never understood why the animations where so slow. It infuriated the fuck out of me when I first used it. It felt like, and still feels like dueling in molasses. Dueling was far quicker in YVD. Lacky is somewhat complex to get going, much like yvd was. We are lucky to live in an era of choice, and where (as far as I've seen) the creators of the sims are hungry for feedback and highly accessible. There are people that "JUST WANT DN BACK" and there where people that "wanted a horse that did not get tired", these people did not like cars. Competition between sims is now like a dual ranked system, we have to win as a team first, then individually do better than each other. We can't and shouldnt hurt our competitors because NAS is going around randomly knocking us off... ... like a few days ago ... We are to rare to not cooperate, but there is a capitalist like competition and spliting of the player base to give users options. DB does its job in being a less hard ass DN. The stability will come, I am sure of it. In the mean time, Salvation is really stable, browser based, simplistic... and pretty. Lackey for shear function, like prepping for a tournament with a group. Hardcore duelist should use Lackey DB for nostalgia social people Salvation for people that hate YGOPro and DB, and think lacky is to hard to use?
  15. - Added Spectating duel, you cant talk yet but you can watch. - You can kick unwanted duelist if you are in the primary slot - Smoothed some animations - Added way to "signal effect" - Enhanced banlist to follow proper set of Master Rules now.