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  1. They arent exactly flocking to Salvation either.
  2. Its like watching Stockholm. I dont understand this either. I have to agree, to date, as far as manual sims go Lackey has the fewest bugs. Thats also something on DN I never understood why the animations where so slow. It infuriated the fuck out of me when I first used it. It felt like, and still feels like dueling in molasses. Dueling was far quicker in YVD. Lacky is somewhat complex to get going, much like yvd was. We are lucky to live in an era of choice, and where (as far as I've seen) the creators of the sims are hungry for feedback and highly accessible. There are people that "JUST WANT DN BACK" and there where people that "wanted a horse that did not get tired", these people did not like cars. Competition between sims is now like a dual ranked system, we have to win as a team first, then individually do better than each other. We can't and shouldnt hurt our competitors because NAS is going around randomly knocking us off... ... like a few days ago ... We are to rare to not cooperate, but there is a capitalist like competition and spliting of the player base to give users options. DB does its job in being a less hard ass DN. The stability will come, I am sure of it. In the mean time, Salvation is really stable, browser based, simplistic... and pretty. Lackey for shear function, like prepping for a tournament with a group. Hardcore duelist should use Lackey DB for nostalgia social people Salvation for people that hate YGOPro and DB, and think lacky is to hard to use?
  3. - Added Spectating duel, you cant talk yet but you can watch. - You can kick unwanted duelist if you are in the primary slot - Smoothed some animations - Added way to "signal effect" - Enhanced banlist to follow proper set of Master Rules now.
  4. Something programmatically causes it to freeze, he's hunting it and hasnt found it yet. Sounded like a memory leak of sorts. He said he is gonna run some experiments.
  5. Spoke with him, he explained it. We just have to wait. #lotsofprogrammerjargon
  6. If your server catches on fire that much you built it wrong. Im tempted to just tell Xteven where to get a mothershittonne of hosting.
  7. I havent coded "drag" yet, I am aware it is convention. Click the card, then click the place you want it to go to, Main deck or Side Deck
  8. Added Field Spell images
  9. The engine doesn't fully allow for it, and when I edit certain files it causes the server to turn off for a moment. It's in the backlog and being added slowly. There are also some rules that conflict with common sense around "note" taking I have to account for. Each action is already recorded -> https://github.com/SalvationDevelopment/YGOPro-Salvation-Server/blob/master/libs/manual.js#L535 But it kinda looks like nonsense because the server only works with these values as a bunch of numbers and not a named card. So it cant say "Player 1 added Blue-Eyes white dragon to hand", but it can say "Player 1 added the card in the 40th slot to their hand into the 3rd position", or "Player 2 sent the monster in field slot 3 to the graveyard". https://github.com/SalvationDevelopment/YGOPro-Salvation-Server/blob/master/libs/manual.js#L489 you can also download the full duel later on, I use this for debugging, and in the future it will be used for replays. Again this feature is being added, but slowly.
  10. Added the ability to attack directly and LP updates are now posted to the chat. I spent last night mostly working on making it so the server can't be ping'ed to death, or overloaded with HTTP request. Its funny cause the lib I used was called "helmet". Staff is working on deck validation, and I managed to start pulling in profile information.
  11. - Added a checkbox that changes the field so you can play in old style pendulum mode. Great for goat format.... because everyone loves goat format. - Added automatic modes colorization system and host expectation tags to the gamelist. OCG, TCG, Goat, OCG/TCG now show up in unique colors. (Im not adding "duel notes", bite me.) - Added the ability to second guess yourself and unlock your deck. The ability was there it just was not shown nor prevent your opponent from starting the game. - Made is so that the server only uses one port for dueling so people can duel from behind school and office firewalls. (That was fun and by fun I mean not fun) - Fixed counter rendering, its responsive now. - Fixed a siding bug. - Did a major stability update by using the creator god Primus as a nuke bunker around the manual system.I think the forum will die before the game server does. I need a kick feature and we will be the manual sister to Nexus. Watchers chat is up next, followed by more forum/profile integration and camera tricks.
  12. I think its in the same boat the rest of the sims are in. A 85% completed state where the true nightmares are now under the covers are people can largely duel with it but there is something turning people off to it. Also if this thing is only on about 2hrs a night I think that is how long per night he is working on it. Approximately the same for me, but I have a team so the total hours worked is a little higher. Never underestimate the nostalgia factor in this community. If DB looked completely different no one would be using it at the moment.
  13. That and how many connections it can hold. I have a hard time believing the server is that sloppily written. Also it might provide a "small" amount of protection from a C&D to "own" the server.
  14. You would think he would enhance that mental oxygen depriving chat box. How hard is it to stick a <censored> resize button on something. From what I've seen thats the only thing I dislike about the design. <deep breath> I'm getting the feeling this is being run off someones personal PC and not a actual server.
  15. Added support for Exchange; a button for revealing your hand, and a button for sending directly to your opponents hand from hand. Added a control scheme for giving your opponent monsters. Think kaiju, greydles, 7 armed swords man, Buster Blader. Improved controls for Spy-C-Spy. Fixed minor UI bugs. Added a pretty massive stability fix. Made it so Link monsters cant go to Defense.... ever. Sending an opponents card to graveyard / Banished is automatically handled. @ACP you mentioned there where some specific bugs or missing features you wanted addressed?
  16. Its not just about money it also has to do with the way the software is written. If it is written poorly in the way it manages resources it is going to be expensive. None of this stuff is really easy though. I've seen half of all the sims explode quite spectacularly in the last month.
  17. Added deck/extra deck/grave/banished zone count indicators, intergrated the phase change buttons back into the field. and fixed a host of reported bugs.
  18. I remember speaking with BLS about this during the summit when Pendulums came out. He was aware of it, he didnt say what the algorithm was but im pretty sure it was server side so would be the Java randomizer. YGOPro uses an MT generator. Salv is using the built in .random() which for the moment Im trusting after reading this : https://v8project.blogspot.com/2015/12/theres-mathrandom-and-then-theres.html If this thread comes up with a fact back implementation for how salv should do its shuffler I'll do it. Short of hooking a radioactive rock up to the server like some online casinos getting real randomness is impossible.
  19. Not sure if anyone cares but I just finished implementing Link Summoning. As they say "first".
  20. WHAO DAMN.
  21. This thing pop out the womb complete and in battle armor, whats it based on? Also good job on launch.
  22. I cut access to manual mode from the launcher. The launcher has its own deck editor, deck storage, and can function on its own. There is an auto updater that changes your deck files when the launcher runs to keep them update to date. Thats why Salvation does not announce card ID updates. The server being empty is actually very helpful for me doing development and not having to deal with the same issues that befell DN at the moment. Percy and DN where "empty" for very long periods of time. I wont be promoting the server, putting money and energy into promotion, till it is much more stable. The point of my constant updates is to keep transparency with the community and unlike my peer developers not come off as if I am trolling the community, and train up a general cadence of how fast I can fix things. If you find something to be buggy, say specifically what it is and more importantly how to reproduce the issue.