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  1. wow no chart for me???
  2. Sacked hard by hardtospellwrong twice. Nice draws dude! draco zoo> kaiju zoo draco zoo > kaiju zoo hardtospell on draco zoo each time
  3. i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. do me now, dennis
  5. x>y means x beats y i assume
  6. Sage (pure zoo) > be(a)st (demise true draco)
  7. i have seen the news, and holy shit am i excited. i was literally thinking last night how sick it'd be if they were playable in the future, and with the unrestrictions, as well as support in MACR and the next pack, things looks pretty good.
  8. what news exactly was this? I still have my entire odd-eyes deck so being able to play one of my favorite decks again is great
  9. aw damn i'm too late
  10. Sage (pure zoo) beats @LunarDarkGaia (quasar darklaw synchro spam-thing) Lunar, what would you call your deck? Looked cool.
  11. my masterplan has been foiled already!
  12. Also I'd really like to live past d1 so I can actually play, thanks. I'm starting to actually get a little salty about this because so many people make atrocious posts and clearly don't try to play the game and still live to day 5, and then there's me... I keep saying I'm just going to float all game but this time I'll actually fucking do it. Catch me posting anything but memes and making quota next game; you'll see!
  14. did someone say league?
  15. I doubt it's hardware in the fact that "oh your motherboard has a crack in it". It's very likely to be one specific piece of hardware that has faulty/corrupted drivers. That or something doesn't like the BIOS your motherboard runs. Especially since the IRQL error is the most common, which comes up when something tries to reference something it isn't allowed to. I imagine that something is fucked up and is shooting off random pointers for some reason (pointers are pretty much when a program directly references something in memory, like "the attack of blue-eyes". Sometimes the program gets it right and points to the right address, or one that doesn't cause a harmful error when read, sometimes it points to something it doesn't have permission to read from and gives the IRQL error, and sometimes it hits something random, and when the program reads that memory, and performs the actions on it, it causes something wacky to happen and crashes something/gives a random error. That's my guess.