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  1. Also I've just remembered that wunter is in this game, and realized he is the most obvious lynch of all time. He's played like fucking trash 2 days in a row and is borderline policy at this point. He's so obvious that we just gloss over it on our radars. vote wunter Also, to make my feelings more clear, crei, I hate how you're choosing to play, but I still think you're town. You're putting actual effort into leading town at the very least and that's a lot more than I can of the likes of wunter, and faint.
  2. You make this game very unfun by calling everyone stupid, acting as if you were better than others and getting pissy. I'm already sick of reading how mad you are at how dumb you think everyone else. It's juvenile and unnecessary. It's funny to call people bad and stupid as a joke when they fuck up but you're just being annoying. And yeah I was always on the tyranno train, if you can't see how hard I pressured him then you're blind or retarded; I just didn't vote him so the day wouldn't get hammered super-early. I didn't start the faint train either Malcolm had already expressed not liking him and I was inclined to agree. Considering I didn't want Tyranno hammered since he was L-2, and town looked like there was no chance of backing off him, I focused on my second scum read. I would have snap voted back to tyranno if someone dropped their Tyranno vote. Why do you think Tyranno made the towniest plays? Why do you think only you solstice and tyranno are the only ones playing this game? Coddle the retards a bit and explain what you mean when you systematically pocket select players. What about my logic is off? I'm listing possibilities and my reads. If you think they're bad or stupid that's but to you, but barring perfect info, what about my logic is inherently BAD? I also want you to answer my questions directly and succinctly without going on tangents, if you could manage that, crei. Do it quick so I can decide to vote you or not before I fall asleep.
  3. Would you rather go after nelrick or crei, beast? Seems to me you've got a lot more meat on nelrick, and I can agree with all those points a lot stronger than just crei generally acting scummy. Also let's go back and look at Solstice who defended Tyranno, and then defended crei because he defended tyranno. I have to head off to bed but if somebody wants to do town a solid can they look up if Solstice gave any reasoning to defend tyranno because if it's lacking we also have a decent shot at scum there. If not I can do it when I wake up in the morning.
  4. I wonder if crei still thinks I'm scum after that tyranno flip. Also gottemboys, on that one. I knew something was fishy with him... Sorry for being awol most of d2 I was hosting my big birthday party so I had pretty much no time at all to slip away to play mafia. i don't like how crei defended Tyranno for no reason, and then how he flipped scum, and I don't like him for the reasons beast mentioned. He's all over the place throwing shade and doubt on everyone and everything. He hasn't offered much insight on his own in terms of hunting scums, or doing anything proactive, and seems reluctant in really making a strong push on anything. He's playing incredibly safely making sure he doesn't get to close to anyone, nor be responsible for any trains on anyone. He's also quick to cast seeds of doubt onto literally every player here to sew confusion and doubt. However, the one thing that makes me reluctant on this point is that this is basic level scummy play. Knowing crei is a good mafia player (at least I've only heard good things), I expect him not to play like this as scum. I expect his scum game to be tighter, it feels like he doesn't care if he gets targeted and doesn't try to hide this. This could imply that he's the town PR. If worst comes to worse, he can fall back on a claim. This also could explain his posts on why he doesn't want mascis to get cc'd.
  5. the wiki is wrong. utterly wrong. Trigger-like effects have timings windows followed by a : to show they start a chain, such as " Once per turn, when you take battle damage from an opponent's attacking monster: " I dunno if Dark Room has PSCT yet but the latest version does not have a colon, and I know for a fact that it has been regarded as a continuous-like effect forever. It's written identically to Lightstage anyways which does have PSCT and is clearly a continuous-like effect.
  6. You're right, I mispoke. They are continuous-like effects and don't physically start chains you can respond to, but will function as if they did. Room of Nightmare does not start a chain however. It's functionally identical to lightstage.
  7. usually when tyranno gets tunneled as town he puts up a better fight than this, as well as continues to double down on contributing to town to make sure he doesn't get killed. Did we strike a nerve? I'm fine with a Tyranno lynch but I personally like faint better. They each have a 5% chance of being town I trust tyranno to be more useful d3 than faint will be. Also can crei and nelrick and what not fukin post, thanks.
  8. Also if multiple effects all trigger at the same time, or multiple times they go on chain. Look up SEGOC for more info
  9. 3600 The key here is Lycorissica says " Each time a card(s) ". The (s) means it does matter how many cards is added, if 5 are added all at once, then it only triggers once. So, your Reincarnation resolves, and Lycorissica 1 and 2 go on chain (SEGOC). They resolve, doing 1000 each. Total: 2000 Then Lightstage, and Dark Room go on chain. You can order it how ever you like. So 2 lightstage chains deal 200 each, for 400, and same as Dark Room for 600. Total: 3000 Finally, 2 Dark Room chains onto itself again for lightstage, dealing another 600. Total: 3600 The trick to remember is that one full chain has to resolve before the cards can activate and burn again. If you're curious if you didn't have Dark Room, you'd only be doing 2400 damage.
  10. Yeah this is a terrible response. I won't even call it a defense because it's like you're flailing, grasping at anything trying to keep afloat. You're also trying to appeal to some sort of rationale while trying to seem detached from it all, even though the overall point isn't even true or relevant. Like "isn't it dumb to lynch me for this, saying this from a completely 3rd person perspective." It's not very convincing if that's what you were going for. I know you like to have someone lead you when you're town. So I'm gonna make a bunch of backreads, and I want your help solving the case if you're town, County Sheriff. I don't like Malcolm nearly as much as Beast, and I don't even like beast all too much anyways. I want to elaborate on Beast in a bit though. I like Malcolm because I've been agreeing with him an almost every single point so far. Now what remains to be seen is if those are points he specifically made to be easy to agree with or not. What about Solstice made them stand out to you? What do you think now that they've posted a bit more? For me, it's that I usually see Solstice being calm, yet they went on a huge, long rant about how mad they are at Digbick, when they could have waited for after-game thread. It's not like moaning here would bring us back our PR. Scum has a bigger reason to try and seem upset at bad stuff happening to town, and the fact that he made multiple, large posts about it, with long periods of times between them might indicate that they're putting on airs, or acting. It's a little meta, and I don't know Solstice's playstyle well, so what does town think about this matter? Soph, you're tunneling way too hard, for way too little, and running on your track record, your initial reads tend to be wrong. I'm very fine with killing Tyranno, but I worry with that chance that he flips town, we end up with nearly no information on the flip. On that note, I want to take the lead and vote Winter Multi. He's been playing very erratically, and seems to not really be sure at what he wants to do. He doesn't want to commit to a tunnel/read he makes, he doesn't seem to try to further town's game state by giving up good reads or thoughts, this one post he recently made is really jarring: two people mentioned how the claim was probably a townie move. He might be a little suspect, but it's reason to have him target #1. Seems like you're going after someone you won't be held accountable for tunneling later. the crei malcolm thing is useless bullshit. He states what 5 other people have said about about me. Defends tyranno but does it extremely shittily with no real evidence or proof. This is the right lynch guys.
  11. Yeah we know, what we want to know is exactly what you thought it'd do? Even though I did say scum probably wouldn't gather attention to himself by fishing for setup info if he were in setup 11 since he'd know what it was 100%. Then again, I do not put it past you to pull a next-level, knowing this. If you were scum, you'd know you can claim a role that doesn't exist, retract, and with good players like crei and malcolm existing, they'll probably assume you wouldn't do such a move as scum. If this happens, you can get a lot of trust from town for a relatively safe play. Town isn't likely to lynch you for making a dumb play unless you continue acting dumb. So, if you are town, at the very least, explain your line of thinking a bit better. (How you'd think claiming would affect the game, what info you think you'd get, how you'd use that info for town), and then, moving on, contribute a bit more. I more you post garbage d2, the more your day 1 looks scummy.
  12. lol hope you have more to say
  13. Tyranno, give me a reason why I shouldn't vote for you. I've literally only seen you play town and your playing this game is a tiny bit off. That alone lets me lean towards you being scum. Are there any insights you can offer to change my mind? or maybe you can help us find an even juicier lynch target
  14. oh yeah okay I thought you were saying that we rushed him and didn't give him enough time to respond.
  15. What do you mean by "we bum rushed him to death" Solstice?