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  1. Trickstars Deck Discussion

    Light stage vs multirole thing isnt 100% right. Afaik you don't get to see where they place their set cards if they bring in multiple. So you will know where striker cards are but not necessarily which one specifically
  2. Broken's Broken Game

    *doesn't sit right with me
  3. Broken's Broken Game

    is tyranno trying to pretend he's retarded and dumb telling he's vanilla town? Like the post trying to beg forgiveness for his "dumbtell" screams of being forced. Like he's trying to manipulate us into thinking a certain way and taking to him a certain way and that just doesn't sit right with him. Doesn't seem like him tbh, in my experience Tyranno has avoided dumb tells like this and tends to be EXTREMELY hard to read this early into the game. So now for a real vote unvote vote tyranno
  4. Broken's Broken Game

    fuck vote jazz
  5. Broken's Broken Game

    btw *vote jazz* cuz it's a tradition at this point to sling shit at eachother d1.
  6. Broken's Broken Game

    who's hazmah??
  7. Broken's Broken Game

    hi guys was studying and then writing a final exam all day. Here i am with quota because i have a lab tomorrow so idk when i can come back and play this shit forum game on this shit forum.
  8. Evil Dead Aftergame

    That late into the day though my only concern was just not dying, because trying to make a good coherent argument against him would have required a lot more posts and time than i had. At that point it would have looked like i was just floundering. Btw can someone pm me or something on discord the next time there's a sign up i don't really check DGz regularly anymore.
  9. Evil Dead Aftergame

    if there was more time in the day i would have pushed malcolm.
  10. Evil Dead Aftergame

    Not really lol. Feels like I try something new each time and get singled out anyways. I try to help and I'm targetted for being too eager to lynch someone or having perfect info. I try to give ideas while not hard reading people and I'm scum trying to distance. Try to floata and meme like most players here and I'm not being useful enough. Just how it is I suppose. Weaker players tend to be singled out
  11. Evil Dead Aftergame

    hi sad i got lynched d1 (as always) but glad we won i guess. didn't bother reading much after i died but it seems like nobody really like how the game ended. Was it just me or did Malcolm play the worst scum game of his life d1? Like the 0 effort vote on me was astounding. But maybe that's obvious only in hindsight/knowing I'm town.
  12. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    so does my flip matter or not rofl
  13. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    actually i don't care