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  1. running a game since im retired for now

    you're like the one of the only people who still use this god forsaken site i still enjoy. pls play :(
  2. Death Note Aftergame

    It's easy to confirm yourself town when you actually try to play the game
  3. Death Note Aftergame

    I'm almost lynched day 1 every single game. Literally every single one. Then I live to mylo
  4. Death Note Aftergame

    I want an honorable mention I called out mba day 1 and jazz and I mind melded day 2 and beyond. Also someone fucking give me specd
  5. Death Note Mafia day 1

  6. Death Note Mafia day 1

    Boutta self vote so we can just move on
  7. Death Note Mafia day 1

    Did you quote the wrong posts or something? Or just making stuff up
  8. Death Note Mafia day 1

    Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess
  9. Death Note Mafia day 1

    Still I urge @my bloody arcaninearcanine and @Solsticeto put their money where their mouth is and vote me, since both of you are certain I'm scum. If I flip scum, Diana will surely follow you to jazz. We've linked so hard already, and Diana has hated him so there's no reason to kill him first in this hypothetical jazz/sage scum team you tout. Vote me.
  10. Death Note Mafia day 1

    Or perhaps it's because only scum would vote me at this point
  11. Death Note Mafia day 1

    Perhaps you're trying to play to Diana's bias of tunneling on jazz
  12. Death Note Mafia day 1

    Both of you directly oppose me and also are certain I'm scum but vote jazz ...... HMMMMMMM
  13. Death Note Mafia day 1

    If you're still unsure realize that 1) there's literally no way on earth I'm possibly scum so this whole narrative falls apart instantly 2) read all of solstices posts when her head isn't on the line, and how directionless and wishy washy they are. In what way does do they read as town trying to solve the game, in contrast to mow where the big iq comes out. 3) I'm never wrong.