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  1. rip kid no cry Apology Letter

    I forgive you bro. If you honestly really want to change, and really show that you do (like not hanging around morons anymore), then I accept you apology. I didn't really understand your post much, but I've always believed that every one has some sort of traumatic past that makes them the way they are. I'm not sure how you related to me, but I hope you can put your past behind you and become a good person. ♥
  2. im making a group for moral christian drawers, anyone with talents for moral christian drawings plz contact me thx



    1. Faint


      can i join?

  3. thx

    Don't you know that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit?
  4. [Goat] Damage Step

    bro u description ting still say all da outs
  5. thx

    And on this day, nothing of value was lost.
  6. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    ayy lmao need a team. If you want shitty memes and an only slightly better player, pick me. DGz: SageRhapsody Discord: Sage Format: Current Activity: A lot bro
  7. Shit People Say In Discord

    you know what was a bad idea??? What the fuck are these facebook tier-upvotes? What have I ruew-turned too? I demands rew-tribution! This cannot stand, this is reuw-ly fucking bad.
  8. ily u bby

    1. Markus


      give me a kiss also some money.

  9. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    (I don't have plans to host another one. ;3)
  10. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    TheGoldenTyranno is the most popular user in the history of DGz SHIT NIBBA CAN SEE MY WARNING POINTS NOW. (Tygo if you're out there. Fuck you~ <3)
  11. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    tyranno has a good town game
  12. Forest Fire Mafia Sign Ups

    I'll sub but I can't guarantee I'll be much good/read much of anything when if I get put in.
  13. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    Yeah and I only unblocked him for like 5 minutes so I could take screenshots of him. He would pm me something every couple minutes to check if he could for some reason. LMAO
  14. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    Now it's gonna seem like I'm on a crusade or some sort of witch hunt but can we remove this absolute scum off our site? What the fuck does he contribute to our name? I've been watching what he says in the discord and literally 100% of it non-sense random retarded pojo chatter and "trolling". I've been keeping an on eye on him and his buddy "JJ" and him have one primarily goal here. To "troll" and act like absolute morons. Are we that starved for new blood that we let the quality of our gene pool be lowered so much by these guys? I'm not even worried about the harassment or anything, like that fuck that. When people made Kevin Spacey jokes, even when I saw the rip kid guy say 'I want to fuck sage so bad that my dick get stuck to his ass like hair on ass.' I genuinely laughed because it was so absurd, and i'm not so thinned skinned to immediately jump to being offended. And you guys all are now talking about how it's fucked up and are so surprised that DGz has gone so far down the hole that shit like that happens but what was the reaction of mods and userbase when this shit was said? They even tagged a mod. All that happened was 3 random users said "hey guys that ain't cool. This isn't #shitposting". When a real community would dogpile the fuck out of these morons and bury them in shit. The harshest remark they got was: In what world do people like this get second chances? Retards who are so brazen to do this shit are obviously without remorse. I came back into the discord and was literally the FIRST thing I see. Y'all are great at doing your due process when people come to you about stuff, but the lack of initiative really speaks volumes. Especially when considering these goons are as far as I random warring refugees who have done nothing and carry no weight. The hesitation about mark is a bit more justified because he was close to people and had help a good deal with the site, but coddling these troglodytes just denotes lack of back bone. As the final nail in the coffin, this is what I got from Mr. Near early in the morning while trying to sleep. it goes on in japanese for another couple of pages. He keeps sending more shit every few hours to check if I've unblocked him. It's honestly very pathetic this 12 yearold has literally nothing more exciting to do in his life. I've also got my eye on these JJ and Young Metro fucks. Again I'm not trying to start some sort of witch hunt, or tell people they're not allowed to "troll" or say whatever they want to say but if the community is still fine with shit like this then I'm probably out again. Permanently. I don't really play ygo anymore, I'm here for the people. Also, development while I was typing this: I had to unblock near for like 5 minutes to take screenshots, and he's already noticed and "trolling" about it. They do all this trolling in #findyugioh games were people pay less attention and it can get lost in people looking for games. Most of this trolling is harmless and just shitty jokes, but honestly they are red flags. People who makes these jokes about their own pretty much within 24 hours of it coming out are clearly scum. I ask that not only action be taken against these guys ASAP, but that anyone in the community who says they care about making DGz great again (lol) help nip this shit in the butt just as quickly as it arises. Thank you.