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  1. Any canadians (preferably ontario)/NY-ers want to split shipping? I'd get one if I don't have to pay a bajillion on shipping.
  2. I can't really get a read on any of the scum reads the past few pages since all parties seem to be latching onto each other for the tiniest things trying to find some fault or something.
  3. Yeah I think it was. Also aren't we not allowed to reference what's happened in on-going games?
  4. Maddox is the shit
  5. Your reasoning is a bit flawed here. If he knew doing that math thing would get him lynched he wouldn't do it as town or scum. Not like his goal as town is to get lynched, right?
  6. you don't need to read to use your nose.
  7. So how much better would this format be if we just banned duo? Even pot could do with being removed. Neither of these cards are skillful nor do they make the game any more fun once they're played. Never has anyone I played with felt good after winning a game where they resolved duo and pot. Is there merit to really trying to test goats (-) or whatever you guys called it, again?
  9. Can't for the next time we play this flavor of mafia again and mmf makes me the poop on the bed because I'm so shit.
  10. Back in my day a thread like this would have had threats for bans. Ahh, how far we've come. What do you think the key to your success was? I'm glad you managed to exceed your expectations, Maybe you can come up with a few cards you think might be good ideas to put into your side, and we can offer you some advice on what we think about those cards
  11. Trying to find out as much as possible in a game mode where we literally know NOTHING is the best way to play town imo. If we start finally understanding how things work when half our wolves, and townies and shit are dead we can forced into a very shitty lylo situation. (Something I noticed this forum seems to end up in at a MUCH higher frequency than other boards I've played on).
  12. I'm forcing early gameplay by pushing for info (which you actually literally mention) and apparently this is anti-town and not actually contributing. Maybe we're used to different rates of play (I mostly played games with not more than 10 minute nights/days), but realize how WIFOM my play was. It seems more and more players are jumping on the bandwagon of a lynch based on 0 objective lines of reasoning. My reaction makes sense when you think about how ridiculous Soph's scumread is. It still stands he hasn't explained himself since he literally has no reason to since his strange play seems to be bearing fruit
  13. I'll play in this one I need practise. I'm used to 15 minute rounds.
  14. My reaction was exactly the same as markus' and mark's. There is literally no reason for him to scumread me based on my post, and insta-lynching with terrible reasoning is very scummy. Even now, instead of trying to fish for info on wolves which have no clue how they work, yet seem very important to ensuring victory, we're arguing over a terrible scumread. Exactly what mafia wants. I indeed did vote him to pressure him. He's filled his quota for today, and with him leading the lynch he has no reason to explain his shoddy reasoning until he's pressured.