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  2. Can't for the next time we play this flavor of mafia again and mmf makes me the poop on the bed because I'm so shit.
  3. Back in my day a thread like this would have had threats for bans. Ahh, how far we've come. What do you think the key to your success was? I'm glad you managed to exceed your expectations, Maybe you can come up with a few cards you think might be good ideas to put into your side, and we can offer you some advice on what we think about those cards
  4. Trying to find out as much as possible in a game mode where we literally know NOTHING is the best way to play town imo. If we start finally understanding how things work when half our wolves, and townies and shit are dead we can forced into a very shitty lylo situation. (Something I noticed this forum seems to end up in at a MUCH higher frequency than other boards I've played on).
  5. I'm forcing early gameplay by pushing for info (which you actually literally mention) and apparently this is anti-town and not actually contributing. Maybe we're used to different rates of play (I mostly played games with not more than 10 minute nights/days), but realize how WIFOM my play was. It seems more and more players are jumping on the bandwagon of a lynch based on 0 objective lines of reasoning. My reaction makes sense when you think about how ridiculous Soph's scumread is. It still stands he hasn't explained himself since he literally has no reason to since his strange play seems to be bearing fruit
  6. I'll play in this one I need practise. I'm used to 15 minute rounds.
  7. My reaction was exactly the same as markus' and mark's. There is literally no reason for him to scumread me based on my post, and insta-lynching with terrible reasoning is very scummy. Even now, instead of trying to fish for info on wolves which have no clue how they work, yet seem very important to ensuring victory, we're arguing over a terrible scumread. Exactly what mafia wants. I indeed did vote him to pressure him. He's filled his quota for today, and with him leading the lynch he has no reason to explain his shoddy reasoning until he's pressured.
  8. Or maybe Grey Wind is an alpha wolf and he's the only wolf allowed to vote? All good possibilities
  9. Must be some sort of wolf mechanic. I'm afraid to to go too deep on this because we're not allowed to discuss who has wolves but it's possible wolves automatically BW votes? Sort of like pack mentality, being wolves and all? And yeah, soph's vote is incredibly sus considering he has no idea what my playstyle is, and how I play town. He's using the fact that I'm new and the uncertainty to try and push a mislynch all while subtly implying anyone who tries to gather info might get targeted, to ensure town is kept in the dark for as long as possible. vote Sophocles
  10. Explain how deliberating on game mechanics is scummy and worthy of a lynch? You're trying to stifle town from acquiring info ASAP by threatening to fos the moment someone tries to advance town's game knowledge. That's incredibly scummy.
  11. King jazz Baratheon just died so shit's gonna get fucky in the kingdom.
  12. Should we deliberate on the direwolves yet? There's 6 multis and 6 wolves, is that a coincidence, or are the wolves controlled by people? The multis also have very "dog-y" names. Hell one is fuckin 'Shaggydog'. Without knowing the mechanics of the wolves, it's hard to say; but there might be merit in outing a wolf holder early to gain info since they might be expendable what with having 6 of them.
  13. Have we decided if we're allowed to play ni two games yet?
  14. God damn I went back hundreds of pages to look at all the cuddly DN players and all the waiting for admin raging and random ass bullshit and the creation of FUCKING DROPKICK. Holy shit I love this thread so damn much and I love all you crazy niggas. Thank you for making my high-school days incredibly fun and memorable.
  15. @zappdos I'm interested in those print copies of the lists you mentioned. I haven't seen anything like this in Canada so it's safe to assume it doesn't exist but it looks really interesting. Excited to try it with friends
  16. you'll never get rid of me!!
  17. Damn I missed my chance for sweet sweet green arrows pointing upwards
  18. Shit. I should just posted the laughing black dude meme that always gets repped here. Lol @people thinking keeping illegal shit on the site is the same as not shutting down shitposting. Get your head out of your ass.
  19. nigga i'd fuck a 2 you don't know me hell i'd fuck a 1 if the lights were off
  20. I think it's fine. At the very least Markus can receive some constructive feedback. If a post in CSK bothers you that much for whatever reason just block it.
  21. Damn Soul you're fucking sexy.
  22. Are we cool with brand-new players? I have a friend or two who would be interested. They're smart and have the free time to be active. I can teach them the rules before game starts. But again, they'd probably be new and bad (worse than me!!!!!?) so if we want this to be 100% competitive and all that shit just a heads up. Of course I won't invite any full retards...
  23. I'll play. First mafia game here on DGz so if I suck ass sub the shit out of me, neg me to -100, post a pic of my 14 yearold gf in vampire cosplay in the thread, and general shit all over me.