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  1. lol hope you have more to say
  2. Tyranno, give me a reason why I shouldn't vote for you. I've literally only seen you play town and your playing this game is a tiny bit off. That alone lets me lean towards you being scum. Are there any insights you can offer to change my mind? or maybe you can help us find an even juicier lynch target
  3. oh yeah okay I thought you were saying that we rushed him and didn't give him enough time to respond.
  4. What do you mean by "we bum rushed him to death" Solstice?
  5. I know this is pretty much a hard defense, and I don't love how Mascis is playing, (at least until he explains himself), but I'm going to use logic here and say I think it's very safe to assume Mafia never gathers attention to themsleves fishing for set-up. When they have a roleblocker, and 2 goons they exactly that they're in setup 11. That's the point of the setup. Mafia only has one PR but they know the setup from d1. Assuming that's true, what that leaves is either mascis being vt and just trying to do some fancy play or something and catch someone out, or he's the commuter, and was trying to figure out what the setup was, and if there was a second faction (very useful knowledge to have asap imo) involved.
  6. why in the fuck did slick claim right before day end?? What possible use would that fucking be? He wasn't even trying to bait a NK by being jailer or some shit, he's just plain stupid. I have half a mind to fucking sub out of this shit wtf???
  7. @iSlickz @Winter Multi Also wtf Tyranno's rep is about to become 0????? How could this possibly happen?
  8. I have to say I love this post to bits. I agree with every single point Jazz made here, and love him for making the post. I will be removing my hos on him, thusly. On that note, Jazz, I know it sucks that people call you shit, and all that stuff but try to let it wash over you. You get nothing out of exploding all over everyone. If you had calmly called out Slickz for being a dick (essiently stop after your first post) you would have succeeded. I really dislike how Faint and Sllick tunneled Jazz hard as if trying to revitalize the dead train on him, and went extremely hard on the vote, but suddenly dropped it when Jazz threw a fit. What exactly suddenly changed your minds? It wouldn't necessarily be hard for jazz to fake a tantrum as scum, and even if the tantrum was legit, it could be made just as easily if he were scum anyways. This isn't a good reason to retract. Also, crei, I really like how you called my post out. I knew as I was writing it, the logic had many holes, and hinged upon many assumptions being true, yet I knew it would also get the ball rolling. And on the off-chance I made some god-like read/got lucky it had the chance to nail scum and cause a panic-reaction. The post had enough "points" and arguments designed for scum to latch onto, to try and push a lynch if Jazz were town. Essentially, my post was made to gauge reactions, and here are my reads now, based on the reactions to my post. crei: Love how you were really the only one to call me out on the iffy logic when as scum you could have either agreed with me to push a mislynch, or just glossed over my post to distance yourself. townread malcolm: In contrast, I don't love how you immediately swallowed my push like that and tried to do that thing where you act super-confident and town blindly follows you and does what you say. I know you like to make posts like that, but I really wish you'd contribute some more now, to counter-act this. soft fos jazz: Overall good response, and I like you very much for town now for how you've been playing, and your post I've quoted. town tyranno: I litearlly can never get a read on you, and you play the same way every single game. Every game I've played with you, you've been town and you've played like this all those games so so far i have no reason to suspect you as scum. Slick and Faith are both on my radar right now, and they're my hardest fos for now just because of that whole jazz exchange. i want them to explain themselves a bit on that whole exchange.
  9. Okay I'm back from work so I've got a lot of reading to do. I was reading down to the end of pg 6, when THIS terrible fucking post popped out at me. I usually never post until i'm caught up with the thread but what in the fuck is this pile of dog shit holy shit. alright brb more reading to do
  10. I posted why i think you're scum. I was also going to ask for tyranno's reasoning after hearing your defense. And on the subject of your defense. You imply that you lean towards it being more likely that your voters aren't scum, because they were meme votes when scum wouldn't want to do meme votes. This reasoning simply isn't true and I expect you to realize why scum might meme vote first thing in a game, or the very least I expect you to have a null-read considering memes are nothing to go off of. The fact that you soft defend potential scum, compounded by your fishing for info is very suspect.
  11. can you explain your fascination with a wolf faction, as well as why you keep trying to soft vig? If you're town I see no use at all in softing it, especially this early.
  12. Okay replace my vote with Slick's then. unvote I'm not off your case I just don't want a hammer. hos jazz
  13. Jazz - (3) Sage, Mascis, Crei digbick - (1) Jazz Majority is 7.
  14. wait what's the vote count?
  15. vote soph Now that that's out of the way (the joke being we always vote eachother d1), I just want to say I won't be nearly as active as I usually am since I work all day weekends. Normally i post from my phone when i have a moment but that broke yesterday. I'll definitely try my best to contribute, since you all know how much I abhorred floating- but it'll have to heavy amounts of activity at one time rather than throughout the day. What do you think these people, as well as future others should have said/say considering 'the game' so far has simply been memes? When you start basing reads on memes and the reactions to them, on the first few pages it tends to never goes well. Additionally "I don't assume any scum are on my wagon right now because they all did it for memes." is a very strangely worded, as well as thought-out sentence. Tyranno asks if we should assume any scum are on Jazz's wagon. Then Jazz says that he thinks no scum are on his wagon, because he knows all the votes were simply memes. This hints at perfect info. Even if he thought all the votes were jokes, there's no reason to believe it's impossible there's scumvotes on him. He even goes on to soft defending scum saying they wouldn't do any meme wagon votes, even though meme voting early on is in favor of scum considering if the target shows a poor reaction town doesn't like to the vote, they can get mislynched, and if nothing really comes out of it, at the end of the day, everyone writes it off as a funny meme-joke vote. It's essentially risk free to scum. Then, notice how Jazz tries to divert and deflect attention away by randomly mentioning people for floating even though it's only a few hours into a 48hour day phase, and literally nothing's really happened yet. The vig thing is also likely to be some sort of attempt at softing the role. My guess is that Jazz is mafia JOAT. He mentions the wolf faction twice and seems to be caught up in it for no reason. Not sure why he'd think rolling wolf would make silver mad anyways. Because of this, it's likely his scum only has 2 players, in which case guarantees that there's a wolf faction in his eyes. This is reinforced by the fact that the set-up has no vig in it. He sets up the vig soft so that if he has to hard claim it later, he can't be hard cc'd, and town would have to out a PR that is out-side the set-up with a vig to cc him. Vig claims are also usually seen as town considering the real vig can just shoot him so scum tends to never claim it. Forcing a doc tracker or commuter out is very useful if you have a JOAT since you can strongman the tracker since doc will heal him and commuter, or just regular kill the doc if he outs. It's very likely Jazz is just the mafia goon, and his JOAT partner is hiding as well. vote jazz
  16. spoopy, you have to add a lovers role and make me and jazz them pls ty. or else i'm not playing
  17. gooderest
  18. Uh I have a warning point because "JAZZ FUCKING SUCKS" is game-relevant???? LOL is this a meme? Did I miss something here? I mean I don't care it's 1/3 strikes and I'm not retarded enough to act like a clown and get more strikes but this has to be a joke...
  19. Yeah I know but sometimes retards like me get confused. Especially since most of DGz mafia posts are jokes that are basically completely irrelvant
  20. Rip crei's rep.
  21. thanks allen!
  22. Btw crei's post was gold. If we lose that there's no point to mafia anymore.