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  1. lost 2-1 to Berd (trap zoo < peace zoo)
  2. @ACP You mentioned that the approval or whatever of warring hasn't been high and feedback has been poor. Can I be the first to say that I love DGz warring with all my heart, and I'm sure everyone will be sad to see it go so soon. Warring on DGz is easily the best yugioh i've ever experienced in my decade plus playing it, and more than half that playing it competitively. I'm also sure I speak for everyone on my team at least that this experience has been wonderful, and I feel like it's been handled and run very well. The stats, all the data gathering, and all that is amazing. Don't get discouraged there's so many people that appreciate all the hard work you do, even though they're not the most vocal ones. <3 I hope you change your decision to pause warring, or at least feel better about having done it; because it's been great so far.
  3. wow no chart for me???
  4. Sacked hard by hardtospellwrong twice. Nice draws dude! draco zoo> kaiju zoo draco zoo > kaiju zoo hardtospell on draco zoo each time
  5. i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. do me now, dennis
  7. x>y means x beats y i assume
  8. Sage (pure zoo) > be(a)st (demise true draco)
  9. i have seen the news, and holy shit am i excited. i was literally thinking last night how sick it'd be if they were playable in the future, and with the unrestrictions, as well as support in MACR and the next pack, things looks pretty good.
  10. what news exactly was this? I still have my entire odd-eyes deck so being able to play one of my favorite decks again is great
  11. aw damn i'm too late
  12. Sage (pure zoo) beats @LunarDarkGaia (quasar darklaw synchro spam-thing) Lunar, what would you call your deck? Looked cool.
  13. my masterplan has been foiled already!
  14. Also I'd really like to live past d1 so I can actually play, thanks. I'm starting to actually get a little salty about this because so many people make atrocious posts and clearly don't try to play the game and still live to day 5, and then there's me... I keep saying I'm just going to float all game but this time I'll actually fucking do it. Catch me posting anything but memes and making quota next game; you'll see!
  16. did someone say league?
  17. I doubt it's hardware in the fact that "oh your motherboard has a crack in it". It's very likely to be one specific piece of hardware that has faulty/corrupted drivers. That or something doesn't like the BIOS your motherboard runs. Especially since the IRQL error is the most common, which comes up when something tries to reference something it isn't allowed to. I imagine that something is fucked up and is shooting off random pointers for some reason (pointers are pretty much when a program directly references something in memory, like "the attack of blue-eyes". Sometimes the program gets it right and points to the right address, or one that doesn't cause a harmful error when read, sometimes it points to something it doesn't have permission to read from and gives the IRQL error, and sometimes it hits something random, and when the program reads that memory, and performs the actions on it, it causes something wacky to happen and crashes something/gives a random error. That's my guess.
  18. I noticed your minidumps reference YGOpro/percy crashing, very often. Much more than any other program. May be something to investigate there
  19. Okay so I didn't see you responded tiill now for some reason. Your errors would denote a faulty driver. I had sorta similar problems as well when I used a shitty Taiwanese headset driver. When shit crashes randomly and for varying reasons this would lead me to believe a few things, the most likely being one of your drivers is being bad and fucking up how the entire computer works. If a driver is corrupted it can start doing very weird things and it can throw the computer out of whack. Then, depending on what exactly it was trying to do at the time, it could fail, and give a random error. Alternatively maybe some of your hardware just doesn't like the BIOS/drivers of your other hardware. As Zayelion mentioned, rarely, some parts do not work well with another which can lead to the same problem above. Finally, the less likely problem is something is off with some of your hardware. It could honestly be anything, the RAM, Harddisk, CPU, Motherboard, (doubt it's the GPU but it could), Sound Card, etc. Rather than simple incompatibility, it's possible one of these was built faultily, but usually if hardware is fucked like that you'd have much bigger problems so I honestly doubt this is the case. It's much more likely to be a software problem, and I'm willing to be it's a bad driver. Try doing a system restore to see if it's a program you downloaded. If it still doesn't work maybe find a willing friend and swap hardware one by one, seeing if switching something off fixes the problem. Alternatively you could go into device manager and try uninstalling each driver manually but this isn't really recommended unless you know what you're doing or you can damage your OS. Good luck!
  20. sage (true draco zoodiacfoes) beats @LunarDarkGaia (Dark Gaia OTK)
  21. As usual with anime that gets so hyped it becomes something even people who aren't into anime watch, it's average at best, and way over hyped.
  22. ^ I agree 100%. It seemed pretty standard and pretty much right after that whole painting-style scene the entire movie went downhill. It started getting repetitive and a little forced, as well as rushed. And I was dissapointed that which trivializes the whole point of the entire movie, and their whole struggle. Feels like they just threw that in there so people wouldn't be sad or upset if it didn't happen. Not to mention how atrocious the rotoscoping was 90% of the time. As 2k17 mentioned the animation really detracted from the film many times. As the funimation subs were fucking so much worse than they usually are which is strange considering it got an actual movie theater release.
  23. Can you post the specs for your rig? also where you got the parts might help. From what it sounds like having many many different errors and problems all happening independently and stuff like that either means a hard disk is fucky, or the motherboard is fucky, or it could be your RAM. Poor power supply can also be a reason but you say you fixed that. AKA it could be anything, and everything that's broken. It might help if you also list examples of error messages. I assume you've also tried doing a factory reset and a complete format of your OS right
  24. damn i really wanted to use my power on a previous president, save them, and get to make an awesome, "Get down, my fuhrer!" OMGUS post At least I still died with my president, like a good bodyguard.
  25. oh also. unpresident crei president mark [vote chancellor crei] Let's get mark elected and have him pick crei. Doesn't matter who gets elected but mark has the most votes