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  1. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Brandish gouki seems playable because the hornet bit token is a warrior so it gives you half of isolde
  2. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Is there any way to search for or dump Diabolos to the graveyard outside of foolish burial?
  3. Silverclaw can singlehandedly out kirin since he becomes a 2100, so he would force the bounce and you can setup a board in mp2
  4. YCS Rhode Island

    top 32 from Zodiac
  5. And we're back

    My notifications don't work anymore. Anyone else have this issue? EDIT: Never mind I checked the notification settings and being notified when someone comments cannot be turned on. So that explains it EDIT 2: Found the activity stream button at the top, so all my problems are solved
  6. Agent 007

    You should play ancient sacred wyvern. It allows for an OTK with just earth and brilliant.    Brilliant dump anything. Summon Earth Venus summon 2-3 balls Earth + seraph = Wyvern 2 balls = Phoenix   3000(phoenix) + 1600(venus) + 6700(wyvern) = 11300   My friend and I were also playing Juragedo because there are other plays where you are close to game and juragedo pushes through. Juragedo + phoenix is cool   With earth and brilliant you can also search and summon kristya and trish.   You dump kristya with the brilliant Sync earth, seraph, and a ball into Trish (4 in grave currently - earth, kristya, ball, seraph) Make Herald with the other 2 balls. Detatch one to add kristya back, leaving you with the same in grave   There's another cool play that earth brilliant enables, but I don't remember it right now. Trade in would be a card to consider with all the 8s you run and the COTH and oasis.
  7. What A Time To Be Alive

    streaming link   http://musicmp3.ru/artist_drake-and-future__album_what-a-time-to-be-alive.html#.VgIdUt9Viko
  8. Top 8 Louisville

    Guess I just forgot to write secret village in the qli side spot.    I sided 3 villages over 3 lancea vs nekroz because they can't play under village unless they play the new zefra guy, dance princess, or the hands,  while they can still make rank 4s and summon monsters under lancea to an extent.   Lancea is strong vs other decks like ritual beasts and infernoids, because their turn basically ends if you use lancea. 
  9. Top 8 Louisville

    I wasn't going to go to this regional, but my work randomly changed my schedule so I was able to go to an event before the nawcq. We planned to meet at a Walmart at about 4 am, so our ride showed up an hour late at about 5 and we were off. I picked up some KMC hyper mat minis at the event to try for the first time, and they were probably the best sleeves I have ever used.    I was disapointed with how I did at the YCS, x-3 drop after round 8, but I thought my list was fine and the only error was my play, so I played the same list.   http://i.imgur.com/8rTXNVB.png   The only really interesting thing about my list was the nephe-shaddoll fusion, which I like a lot. It is versatile and allows you to make any of your fusions, mostly making easy constructs or actually being able to make anoyatyllis without having to use core. I really don't want to play exciton, or castel. I'd like to fit in goyo and armades, because I haven't made a rank 4 in a long time. The one time I did, it won me the game though. Book of moon was very underwhelming and I don't know if I want to continue playing it right now. I took out crush card from my previous list for nephe because crush card was underwhelming most of the time that I used it. Could be a side deck card instead of mirror force though, because I put that in vs yosenju/antimeta tribute stun type decks. Every card in my side deck went in at some point this tournament.   Vs nekroz I put in  2 Lancea 3 Village Taking out 2 MST 1 Shadow games 1 Veiler 1 Hedgehog   Wanted to keep in 2 veilers for the Jus, but lancea has more applications than just negating on field effs.    Vs Qlis 2 denko 1 mst Out 2 veiler 1 vanity   If I saw them doing a storm forth + vanity's/majesty's fiend I put in mirror forces too   Vs mirror 2 maxx C 2 De fusion Out Book of moon 3 mistakes   If I saw them doing a call build I would put in a 3rd mst and take out a mind crush.       I let my opponents go first every time that I won the dice roll. One person told me he assumed I was playing nekroz because of that, I just like having an extra card to work with.    The tournament started swiftly after registration ended, at 10:15 round 1 was up.   Round 1   Spirit beasts    I had seen this guy's deck a bit before the tournament because he was showing my friend that he played a frightfur chimera in his extra deck and had 3 mark of the rose in his side.   G1: He had skill drain, so it was a bit of a struggle to get over that, but I eventually ended up beating him down.   G2: He didn't draw anything playable.   1-0   Round 2   Mistake dolls   G1: I noticed that he was playing lanceas in the main, which was probably dead against me often. I believe at some point this game I had a construct and shekhinaga on board and he couldn't do much about it.   G2: He kept in lanceas and I was able to summon construct and shek and mind crush fusions out of his hand after he added them back.   2-0   Round 3   Yosenju   G1: He goes first, summons kycoo, sets 3. In my standby he flips macro, I chain el shaddoll sending squamata and falco because I had no out to macro in my hand. Attack with winda, he fiendishes. He attacks my falco, I set squamata. Next turn I flip squamata, he fiendishes that too, but I was able to out his macro at this point and just overpowered him.   G2: I put in MST and mirror force because I wasn't sure what he was playing, but didn't want any kycoo/tributestun/antimeta stuff to mess me up. Appanrently he was playing yosenjus so I mirror forced him for 4 at one point and mind crushed for 2 kamas later.   3-0   Lunch break after this round. $5 for 1/4th of a pizza.   Round 4  (Clifton Land)   Seraph dolls   A few weeks ago in Madison, I dueled Clifton in round 9 on the bubble and got obliterated.   G1: A game I probably should have won. He has absolutely nothing, I hit him for some free damage. Eventually he gets out a squamata, falco, and dragon in attack mode. I have construct, BLS, and el shaddoll fusion, enough for game. He is forced to veiler my BLS to live. I destroyed his squamata and falco, leaving him with a level 4 for some reason. Next turn he summons his 3rd squamata, makes exciton, I chain el shaddoll to make a winda. He destroys all 5 of my cards, leaving me with nothing except winda. Then he summons BLS and banishes winda. So I lost.   G2: He resolves the star seraph combo and draws into vanity's from it. Diamond + vanity's was too much.   3-1   Round 5   Nekroz   G1: I don't remember this game except that I lost.   G2: Had secret village of the spellcasters and mistake face up.   G3: I knew every card in his hand because of a mind crush except for 1 card. I didn't think he was able to make a trish and I could make a shek if he did. He summoned a unicore with a non-kaleidoscope card, and then used kaleidoscope. He summoned claus and trish, which I did not expect so he got off an easy trish. I was forced to set a squamata, because if I made construct it would have just died to claus. He attacked into it, I destroyed claus. Next turn, I made a construct and attacked over his trish, but I should have destroyed unicore. He was able to summon a valk and I had to veiler unicore so I didn't lose. Then I destroyed unicore and won from there.   Guy told me he didn't have his invite and lost the previous round to a double deck check game loss. He ended up not getting it.   4-1    Round 6   Qliphort   G1: Again, I don't remember what happened other than that I lost.   G2: He made a turn 1 vanity's fiend. I set squamata and cleared it, then established a secret village along with a  mistake. He couldn't do much the rest of the game.    G3: I was able to mind crush a scout. When he revealed his hand, it had 3 summoner's arts and I had no mind crush. Was able to mst his second scout though. Next turn I drew mistake with construct on board.   He originally asked me if I had my invite, and when I told him yes he asked if I would consider giving him the win. He earned his invite in the end.   5-1   Round 7   Mirror match   I don't remember anything about this one except that I 2-0d him, he forgot to draw off of a mathematician in game 2, and I think this was the only duel I drew nephe doll in. It made me a construct.   6-1   Round 8 (People call this guy Ginger, don't know his real name)   I was pretty nervous because every time I had went into the final round on the bubble I lost and did not top.   Qliphorts   G1: Mistake won game 1, he didn't draw an out. Was the first time I saw lose 1 turn all tournament though. Ended up falcoing back a dragon at one point to clear his backrow so I had a guaranteed killshot. He got me down to 1200 this game.   Asked me if I wanted to side out vanity's, I told him he could if he wanted to. I side it out against qlis anyway.   G2: I didn't use a peropero to clear a backrow when put to 200 for some reason. We get pretty far into the game and he had cat + scout. He summons 2 qlis and bounces scout, making exciton under his lose 1 turn. I had winda, construct, and a few backrow + 2-3 in hand. Drew raigeki and won the game!   He wasn't too happy that he got me down so low both games.   7-1   I had never topped a regional before, so I was very excited to finally accomplish it. We went to Jimmy Johns after the tournament and then started the 3.5 hour drive back.    Props: 1st top Got an extra 12 packs for top 8 Friend got 10th and earned his invite Met Duke Silver, duelist extraordinaire One person who I beat who didn't have his invite earned it Smoothly run regional, done by 7 pm KMC hyper mat sleeves 10/10   Slops: Friend lost at table 9 to secret village + gungnir 2 games in a row and didn't get his invite Didn't do any trading all day $5 slice of pizza AC in the car sucked No one else from Knoxville got their invites    
  10. YCS Bochum 25th/26th April 2015

    His list is up   https://tcg.konami-europe.com/coverage/deck-profile-nino-zimmermanns-mecha-phantom-beasts/
  11. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    If you use Rampenta to banish a fusion, can you summon it with Wen or can you not since it wasn't correctly summoned?
  12. Ritual Beast - Discussion

      It only works on normal summons though, so it doesn't actually stall that much. Slows qliphorts, denko, tour guide, and maybe nekroz stuff. I feel like it would be more detrimental than helpful.
  13. Noble Knight - Discussion

    I was thinking about a build similar to this when the field spell came out using kuribandit, eachtar, and feast of the wild level 5 to attempt to make the field spell useful. It would load up the grave, get you equips to hand, and make the field spell slightly less useless. I don't think this build is as powerful as the "immortal" XYZ version though
  14. ARGCS Chicago, IL November 29-30, 2014

    Accidentally negged you because I'm on mobile, sorry
  15. Noble Knight - Discussion

    There's a minor problem when listing how many of each card to play. Some of them say play X while others say run X.   There could be a mention of the usage of hand traps as well since the S/T zone is often full.