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  1. Dueling Network

      elo does not care about win streaks, like dn's rating system with diminishing returns does. Elo only takes the ratings of both players into account. Thats, like, the whole point of every dicussion about dn's system ever.
  2. Calvin Tahan - My Heart vs Your Blender

    Am i the only one that would rather be accused of being someone that tricks others for personal gain than having to publicly admit that im incapable of reading?
  3. GB FORMAT??

    You can actually use onslaught for gyzarus plays. While its a fairly narrow card, being only able to search laq; with multiple bestiarii and training grounds its possible to follow up an onslought play with a normal summoned bestiari for gyzarus.    I dont think its better than the hero version, but its certainly more explosive than other non-hero builds. Onslaught build have the advantage of putting less of a strain on your life points, but from a rought estimate the chance of opening gyzarus should be less than in a hero + test tiger build
  4. Dat Anti-Raigeki looking guy

      because its such a well supported archetyp and flavor increases the performance of a deck. Obviously
  5. Infernoid - Discussion

      I expect it to be a pain. Both player ddcrowing eachother with their last effect. Either somebody gets the engine going and stops the other one from playing, or the game just gets awfully slow. At least thats what i imagine is going to happen
  6. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

      well, thats one gross sounding 22
  7. Correct.   http://gothamist.com/2014/01/16/alleged_philly_swiss_cheese_masturb.php     as a swiss myself it always irritates me, when im in the states and they mention swiss cheese on the menue but cant tell me which one -,- its not like there is only one kind...   also, i eat the yellow and orange mild peppers sorf of how you would eat an apple
  8. Things I See in Zodiac Duelist

    it's like you distilled pojo deck discussion into a single person   i especially love the random use of capslock
  9. Nuclear

      You dont. It says "can" on the card. The idea is that you have the option to tribute summon it with one tribute less, if the remaining one was tribute summoned itself
  10. 3.5 Axis - Chaos Style

      unwritten rules and social conventions are a thing. thats why you are supposed to lurk a while before posting, so that threads like this dont happen every other freaking day
  11. did you cheat?

    There is no "grey". It's black or white.     and asians
  12. Bujungi Turtle Errata

    the "during either players turn" thing does not have anything to do with it. its a bit more complicated than that   http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_Step
  13. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    It also noteworthy that RUM Astral Force and Dante give you Pleiades access, and on top dantes effect works when he gets detached, similar to alucard and dullahan in RUM ghostricks.    This might actually be a good route to take, because without Astral, the deck is unable to put actual threats on the boar
  14. How does dating work?

    its true that bowling is a rather unsanitary activity, as slashtap put it, but so are many other fun activities like camping at an open air festival or exchanging body fluids for that matter. So if bowling is sanitarily an issue, thats like a huge red flag.    But i also disagree with bowling generally as well, but thats probably because its somewhat stigmatized here. (its sort of a teeny thing to do)
  15. Insane Deck Theory-Draw and Destroy (Snipe Hunter)

      and the worst thing is, its not even original. its just a badly constructed PACMAN deck with a glaring amount of suboptimal card choices