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  1. Purchase; computer or Xbox/PS

    If I still had full-time employment, I wouldn't have made this post today, because I'd still be holding off on a purchase of this nature lol. As I'm now back to sitting on my ass waiting for phone calls from Coles, I thought this would be a magnificent time to fill the void in my life. FYI, I'm not actually doing any form of gaming right now. Like, as much as I'm not as brain-dead as the average Joe when it comes to technology (not hard), it's pretty evident that I'm not knowledgeable enough to make an informed decision for myself. I think you've offered some great advice, but at the end of the day, it's my money that I'm spending. For this reason, I think it's best if I hold off on the purchase and do a good bit of research. Thanks for the help.
  2. Purchase; computer or Xbox/PS

    I was more or less listing these ones, because as far as I'm aware, there's not a great deal of options in the area. I know I'm taking the soft option by looking at low-mid range shit that that's ready to go; it's just that I want to get in there without having to worry about the extra head-fuck. Although, money is hardly an issue for me, it's going to be a big step backwards if I dump too much into something where you're not getting the full experience (refer to previously mentioned concerns). Regardless of how "correct" your suggested method may be, I'm not that keen on putting myself in a position where I'm going to severely regret it; after all, it's not as if I'm currently using my computer for anything but your day-to-day activities. Like, you don't just go out and buy that $700 Cricket bat if you don't even know the rules of the game. Also, lets just say that I'm not as savvy as one would like to be. Currently using my mum's laptop from 2010? lmao. Gotta save them Shekels if you want to break into the property market. In all seriousness, do you think I would be better off as a console peasant?
  3. Purchase; computer or Xbox/PS

    Background information: · If I end up getting a computer, I’d prefer a laptop. I'm not exactly tech savvy, so it's easier for me to have everything in one. · If I'm looking at something geared towards gaming, the top end of my budget would be somewhere around $1,800 AUD. · I have very little experience in gaming. On the occasions that I've played games, it's been on a console; so you could say that I'm a littler more used to a controller, as opposed to a keyboard and mouse. · Australian internet is a meme. Concerns - re; computer By far, the biggest concern of mine would have to be getting good value for money. Not so much in the context of getting an incredible deal and great use out of the device (my circumstances could change quickly), but the expectation vs reality when it comes to the gaming experience. Whereas, the computer should be able to run any of the big titles, I don’t want to be spending all this money to end up playing beautiful, yet borderline unplayable games. I don’t know what games have favourable servers for Australian’s, so I’ll use an example from a game my brother plays (War Thunder - PC) SEA 170+ US 250+ Europe 340+ Russia 380+ I think this illustrates my concerns fairly well. Admittedly, I'm going to have to get a new computer soon, but if the PC gaming route just isn't feasible, then I'll just get something for your everyday use. Questions: Computer or console? Which one and why. If computer, recommendations from the ones available (prices are AUD) Recommendations on games (keep in mind what I said) Anything extra I need to know if I go the console route? (wifi boosters etc.) If you need any further information, just let me know. Thanks.
  4. The only thing hurting will be people's heads... What deck is this suppose to be for? Are you trying to make a dedicated warrior deck or something? You've said "Why don't all Goat decks with several warriors run 2 RotA?" and have gone off on a tangent about adding more. Like, I know you haven't explicitly stated your intentions (as you've used a hypothetical), but you have to understand that people can't really give you a legitimate answer when there's literally zero context. I can gather that you like the idea of having access to a little warrior toolbox, but why are you only considering RotA after the 40th card when you've placed a considerable amount of emphasis on them from the beginning? Has the thought of running 40 cards with 2 RotA totally slipped your mind or are you having too much trouble finding room? On another note: Your post where you listed the techs also lacked context, as "x" might be rather ordinary in the majority of deck but might be godly in a specific one. Further discussion might have actually been generated had you been more specific. I'm not trying to rip into you or anything, this is just something to remember for the future.
  5. Seeing as you haven't specified the actual number of warriors I'm going to use 3 for the example. If this math is wrong (which is most likely the case) please correct me so that I'm not giving out false information. 40 card deck w/ 3 warriors & 1 RotA Probability of opening EXACTLY 1 warrior in 40 card deck = 41.87% Probability of opening EXACTLY 2 warriors in 40 card deck = 11.63% Probability of opening EXACTLY 3 warriors in 40 card deck = 1.11% Probability of opening EXACTLY 4 warriors (dead RotA) in 40 card deck = 0.03% Probability of opening AT LEAST 1 warrior in 40 card deck = 54.64% 41 card deck w/ 3 warrior & 2 RotA Probability of opening EXACTLY 1 warrior in 41 card deck = 43.62% Probability of opening EXACTLY 2 warriors in 41 card deck = 16.15% Probability of opening EXACTLY 3 warriors in 41 card deck = 2.31% Probability of opening EXACTLY 4 warriors (dead RotA) in 41 card deck = 0.12% Probability of opening EXACTLY 5 warriors (dead RotA x2) in 41 card deck = 0.00% Probability of opening AT LEAST 1 warrior in 41 card deck = 62.20% Short answer: +1 card added to the deck as well as +1 Searcher equals a higher chance of opening a warrior. The above example assumes that we play our draw cards immediately (which might be sub-optimal in the given scenario), as we're only looking at our warriors in particular. I'm not advocating that it's actually best to play 41 cards, I am merely giving you the figures for you to make your own decisions. Just remember that it's not all about the warriors, staples make up a large part of the deck so the more junk you wan't to add, the more you might have to sacrifice.
  6. Duelingbook

    That shit with the disappearing cards is a fucking joke. I myself haven't encountered the issue due to lack of volume of games played, but I know for a fact that numerous people have been having a shocker of a time due to this. From what I've witnessed, it seems like above stated issue along with the occasional inability to utilise the individual cards drop down menu (change control, send to grave. etc.) are some of the biggest problems in games right now. In other news, I've just tried logging on and found myself on another users account... Has this been happening to anyone else in recent times? EDIT: I have literally been taken to another account on 3 separate occasions, this is getting to be fucking annoying considering it only started happening today.
  7. Some things weren't meant to be taken literally, I think this was one of them. For a little more context: The deck was also running Emissary of Darkness (as you do) and Giant Germ(s) to serve as fuel for Dark Necrofear.
  8. 1700 LP... 17 cards in grave... Blackrose125 activates Cemetary Bomb only to have his opponent chain Call of the Haunted. He (Blackrose125) ends up losing a couple of turns later.
  9. yeah i vape, so what?

    It certainly seems like you’ve changed over the last couple of years, but it’s almost as if you’ve become an entirely different person. And whereas the notion of change is certainly a good thing, it almost seems as if you’ve gotten progressively worse. Even when I look back to the days when you started out on DNF you were always this character who liked to fuck with people, but you were never this bad. What once could be seen as light-hearted trolling has become something that seems to be almost malicious with intent. Even if you make these posts for satirical purposes, there’s a time, place and even target audience that must be factored in to the equation. It’s almost as if you can’t help yourself when it comes to posting anything that might be seen controversial. I mean, you’ve already identified that “one of the issues here is that I’m making really stupid jokes that you guys don’t like/understand and that has shown to be a problem” but you haven’t really seemed to take such criticism on board. I’m not discounting the fact that you’ve at least acknowledged some of your faults and made minor improvements along the way, but why continue to make the same mistakes when it’s so blatantly obvious that it’ll result in backlash? “Do you truly want to improve?” and “do you actually have the required skillset?” Even if you answered with a "no" to anyone of these, does that mean you should just throw in the towel because people don't like how you go about things? Fuck no. Even if you’ve lost some of the desire to continue (because of hate or a perceived lack of purpose), a level of appreciation for the site still exists. I can wholeheartedly admit that DNF was a fucking cesspool right to the very end, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t appreciate it. In my context it was more than a place where I channeled shit through my fingers; it was a place where I could go to forget about my problems. Its things like this that makes forums all the more important, and whereas I don’t know everything that makes you happy, I’m sure DGz means something to you in your context. You don't need to become the best user to get recognition; you just need to make enough effort to you show that you've improved for the better.
  10. Oops, I kind of screwed that part up by separating it from the bit before it. When it comes to a persons "power rankings" (if they actually had considered them) I was more or less talking about stripping back the monster line-up, the "filling the void part" was in regards to the removal of Exarion as well. The more I think of it makes me think it was somewhat of a stupid question in the first place, but then again, people do run different techs for different reason so it would be somewhat interesting to know why they think of certain cards so highly.
  11. If we were strictly speaking about a competitive environment, do the majority of goat players like to have competitive, intellectually stimulating duels, or is it more or less about having fun? I understand that there’s just about always a fun factor involved, as well as a sense of nostalgia for those who were actually around back then, it’s just that I have this ridiculous belief that my level of play will not be higher enough for my opponent, thus making for a one sided duel that could ultimately be seen as a waste of time for them. If you haven’t worked it out already, I’m a newcomer to this format, and whereas I’ve been lurking this thread for a decent period of time (on and off) and looking at other Goat related material, I still can’t seem to step out of my comfort zone. Admittedly I’ve always been like this when it came to this sort of thing competitive, I’d do my research but then later second guess myself just when I think I’m ready to put it in place, thinking that I needed to go to the drawing board and refine my strategy. Obviously looking at something from a technically correct standpoint is important, but it’s undoubtedly experience that gets you to recognise the scenarios and appropriately apply what you’ve learned. So, with this in mind, do I continue to watch duels and look over material, slowly building up the required knowledge that will allow me to be semi-decent, or do I just give it a go in my current state? I understand that I’ve probably introduced myself as a complete dickhead, but I legitimately have to overcome certain problems by not caring. It’s not something that I like or even want to do; it’s just that it can be depressing sitting on the sidelines when you’re seeing everyone else having a good time. --- On a more serious note… When going about deck building in Goat Format, how are people ultimately determining what makes the final cut? I’ll start off the hypothetical scenario by using morphing Jar as an example. Now, there are people who know the ins and outs of how to “correctly” play the card, and then there are others (which seem like a lot of people, especially newcomers) who completely butcher it through giving off blatantly obvious tells and the like. So, my question to anyone is the following. Because a newcomer is completely butchering the card, should they build a better understanding of the workings of the deck/ card or do they make deck building decisions that will better suit them? They could use “X” to better effect for an extended sample size, even if it could be seen as subpar. At the same time, can cards that fulfil completely different roles be ranked on a scale as best to worst, or does that only apply to ones that do similar? Can ones deck be just as good as someone else’s by taking a completely different route when it comes to filling the void in a format where Exarions’ been removed? Passive vs aggressive vs mixed alternatives perhaps. If you stripped the deck back to its bare bones, running only the true necessities, does anyone have their own idea of what the true “power rankings” would actually look like?
  12. I think you summed this whole matter up perfectly when you said "If it's poker, it's gambling, because everyone knows that poker is gambling." "Yugioh is a game made for kids and is not poker, so it is not gambling." It's rather unfortunate that society looks at games in such a way based on the belief that is has links to "problem gambling". I mean, slot machines, which are one of the most degenerate and accessible forms of gambling are commonly referred to as Poker machines, leading to people throwing it into the same basket as if they were interchangeable terms. I know that I'm beating the dead horse by continuing with this, but what would happen if we changed the rules a little and allowed people to play entirely for free? They'd obviously be no payout structure, it would just a casual game of poker played at any old card store like our mock scenario. I'm not accounting for any laws explicitly stating that the game cannot be played in a public space whether cash is or isn't exchanging hands, either. That being said, would the inclusion of chips and the nature of the game itself still constitute as an unlawful one in this scenario? I guess people could just turn around and say "the next logical step for these people is playing the game for real money, and for this reason alone, we must protect them at all costs"
  13. In short, online poker operators won't be allowed to offer service to Australia's as part of the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill. Admittedly I should have played online Poker whilst I could, but being new to the game I didn’t want to register knowing that there would be a 99% chance we’d end up losing the battle. There's ways around this but I really don't have the time to be stuffing around on potentially shady sites just to face more trouble later down the track. Anyway, my reason for posting here was to get some ideas and seek clarity regarding this mock scenario where we draw comparison of a Poker tournament to a YGO one. Assumptions: (Poker tournament) None of those participating in/or hosting the tournament have any accreditation when it comes to the responsible service of gambling. This isn’t a requirement to host games but we’re just assuming that nobody has such qualifications. No official license that permits the service of gambling is held at “x” establishment. In other words, much like our YGO comparison, this will be held at any old card shop. An entry fee is required that goes directly to the prize pool; no form of rake is taken out of the entry fee for dealers/ those facilitating the tournament. Lastly, everyone is not a winner in this game, nor are the chips redeemable for physical cash whilst the tournament takes place. The Dealer is a participant in the tournament… Although I entirely disagree with this, I’ve read that they have to take part in the game so I’m just running with it for now. Admittedly this is goes in conjunction when there’s a game of “private individuals” but I’m still using this assumption for the mock scenario. Assumptions: (YGO tournament) “X” establishment is a store where sanctioned events can, and have been run in the past. Judges are present and have influence on ruling decisions; this will also include some participating players. An entry fee is required that goes directly to the hosts; the prize pool itself is made up of boosters/ tins etc. And surprise, surprise, not everyone’s a winner in this game. Questions: Most questions will relate to the document https://www.liquorandgaming.justice.nsw.gov.au/Documents/gaming-and-wagering/competitions/fs3001-poker-tournament.pdf With regards to this document, what would most likely class as a “private individual”? Am I to assume that private individuals are ones to play within the confines of their own homes or is the term to mean something different? I’m specifically relating this question to the part where I mention where the mock tournament is being hosted. Regardless of the scenarios assumptions regarding legality, even those who think they’re doing the right thing can be in the firing line http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-03-26/man-admits-illegal-poker-game-but-escapes-conviction/5346320 Truth be told, the document that stated the laws wasn’t even for my state due to the fact I couldn’t find similar. Yet again referencing that document, what does this quote actually relate to? “No payment is made for the right to participate in the game or enter premises where the game is played.” If you want to participate in the tournament then I don’t think you’ll be entering for free and expecting to win a share of a prize pool. I’m most likely misinterpreting this as I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. A player acting as the dealer is allowed but a non-player isn’t? If the dealer is acting to uphold the rules of the game, overlooked by the host (who we’ve acknowledged receives no portion of the entry fee) if you will, then what’s the underlying issue? Collusion? I mean, there’s still a chance that you could have the host, “mutual” dealer and another player(s) working together to rip off the fish, but can’t that same host, dealer/player and another random accomplish the same thing? Hell, you could even pass the deck around the table and have people working together. Any skillful cheater(s) who partakes in the game could still use such things as “shiners”; manipulate the deck and deal seconds if they were offered to deal… Am I missing something here or are there any reasonable rationale behind such a rule? Hypothetically if you can’t host the poker at the card store, what’s the reason behind one being taboo and the other one being fine? Besides from them being rather different games, there’s still a prize pool/ payout for those who place well. The only real difference is the fact that there’s betting during/ after an event with a fake currency that’s been distributed after an entry fee was paid, exactly like that of a YGO tournament. YGO specific question: Does the store being sanctioned have any impact on its legality? If a card shop that wasn’t tournament sanctioned offered a tournament with a payout like the Poker tournament, would there be any chance of it being under fire? I think I’ll leave it at that for the time being, if there are any questions/ suggestions I’m all ears.
  14. I iz fron DNF

    I’m guessing that the DNF Command Centre (chat) gave you the call up! Looks like today’s the day where you learn a very important life lesson.   Pro tip: I know this is too late but I'm telling you anyway. If a DNF member ever tells you to make a DGz account then you probably shouldn't do it… It’s not because this place is bad or anything but because you’ll get fucked up the moment you post your introduction. The people who sent you knew full well how this was going to turn out, if you think they're your friends then think again. Anyone who does this obviously couldn't care care less if you succeed or fail here, they want a easy laugh and probably got it.   If you’re really 19 like it says on your DNF then god help you, like serious act your age and post properly.  If you don’t talk like this “Stahp vewin n pst allredy” IRL then don’t do it on the internet, just because you’re talking through a keyboard doesn’t mean you have the right to act stupid. I would suggest that you lurk for a very long time, like lurking is a constant process but seriously put some hours in before deciding to post again. I will guarantee you’ll learn something if you read the stickies and look how people post over here. This place has helped me out so there’s no reason why it can’t do the same for you, good luck on this site if your intentions are to stay. 
  15. albums or ep's you revisit

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNsUyxxn2iU   Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast   Don't have much metal under my belt but I mean this shit is pretty fucking good, I'll always revisit this album.