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  1. I think you summed this whole matter up perfectly when you said "If it's poker, it's gambling, because everyone knows that poker is gambling." "Yugioh is a game made for kids and is not poker, so it is not gambling." It's rather unfortunate that society looks at games in such a way based on the belief that is has links to "problem gambling". I mean, slot machines, which are one of the most degenerate and accessible forms of gambling are commonly referred to as Poker machines, leading to people throwing it into the same basket as if they were interchangeable terms. I know that I'm beating the dead horse by continuing with this, but what would happen if we changed the rules a little and allowed people to play entirely for free? They'd obviously be no payout structure, it would just a casual game of poker played at any old card store like our mock scenario. I'm not accounting for any laws explicitly stating that the game cannot be played in a public space whether cash is or isn't exchanging hands, either. That being said, would the inclusion of chips and the nature of the game itself still constitute as an unlawful one in this scenario? I guess people could just turn around and say "the next logical step for these people is playing the game for real money, and for this reason alone, we must protect them at all costs"
  2. In short, online poker operators won't be allowed to offer service to Australia's as part of the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill. Admittedly I should have played online Poker whilst I could, but being new to the game I didn’t want to register knowing that there would be a 99% chance we’d end up losing the battle. There's ways around this but I really don't have the time to be stuffing around on potentially shady sites just to face more trouble later down the track. Anyway, my reason for posting here was to get some ideas and seek clarity regarding this mock scenario where we draw comparison of a Poker tournament to a YGO one. Assumptions: (Poker tournament) None of those participating in/or hosting the tournament have any accreditation when it comes to the responsible service of gambling. This isn’t a requirement to host games but we’re just assuming that nobody has such qualifications. No official license that permits the service of gambling is held at “x” establishment. In other words, much like our YGO comparison, this will be held at any old card shop. An entry fee is required that goes directly to the prize pool; no form of rake is taken out of the entry fee for dealers/ those facilitating the tournament. Lastly, everyone is not a winner in this game, nor are the chips redeemable for physical cash whilst the tournament takes place. The Dealer is a participant in the tournament… Although I entirely disagree with this, I’ve read that they have to take part in the game so I’m just running with it for now. Admittedly this is goes in conjunction when there’s a game of “private individuals” but I’m still using this assumption for the mock scenario. Assumptions: (YGO tournament) “X” establishment is a store where sanctioned events can, and have been run in the past. Judges are present and have influence on ruling decisions; this will also include some participating players. An entry fee is required that goes directly to the hosts; the prize pool itself is made up of boosters/ tins etc. And surprise, surprise, not everyone’s a winner in this game. Questions: Most questions will relate to the document https://www.liquorandgaming.justice.nsw.gov.au/Documents/gaming-and-wagering/competitions/fs3001-poker-tournament.pdf With regards to this document, what would most likely class as a “private individual”? Am I to assume that private individuals are ones to play within the confines of their own homes or is the term to mean something different? I’m specifically relating this question to the part where I mention where the mock tournament is being hosted. Regardless of the scenarios assumptions regarding legality, even those who think they’re doing the right thing can be in the firing line http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-03-26/man-admits-illegal-poker-game-but-escapes-conviction/5346320 Truth be told, the document that stated the laws wasn’t even for my state due to the fact I couldn’t find similar. Yet again referencing that document, what does this quote actually relate to? “No payment is made for the right to participate in the game or enter premises where the game is played.” If you want to participate in the tournament then I don’t think you’ll be entering for free and expecting to win a share of a prize pool. I’m most likely misinterpreting this as I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. A player acting as the dealer is allowed but a non-player isn’t? If the dealer is acting to uphold the rules of the game, overlooked by the host (who we’ve acknowledged receives no portion of the entry fee) if you will, then what’s the underlying issue? Collusion? I mean, there’s still a chance that you could have the host, “mutual” dealer and another player(s) working together to rip off the fish, but can’t that same host, dealer/player and another random accomplish the same thing? Hell, you could even pass the deck around the table and have people working together. Any skillful cheater(s) who partakes in the game could still use such things as “shiners”; manipulate the deck and deal seconds if they were offered to deal… Am I missing something here or are there any reasonable rationale behind such a rule? Hypothetically if you can’t host the poker at the card store, what’s the reason behind one being taboo and the other one being fine? Besides from them being rather different games, there’s still a prize pool/ payout for those who place well. The only real difference is the fact that there’s betting during/ after an event with a fake currency that’s been distributed after an entry fee was paid, exactly like that of a YGO tournament. YGO specific question: Does the store being sanctioned have any impact on its legality? If a card shop that wasn’t tournament sanctioned offered a tournament with a payout like the Poker tournament, would there be any chance of it being under fire? I think I’ll leave it at that for the time being, if there are any questions/ suggestions I’m all ears.
  3. I’m guessing that the DNF Command Centre (chat) gave you the call up! Looks like today’s the day where you learn a very important life lesson.   Pro tip: I know this is too late but I'm telling you anyway. If a DNF member ever tells you to make a DGz account then you probably shouldn't do it… It’s not because this place is bad or anything but because you’ll get fucked up the moment you post your introduction. The people who sent you knew full well how this was going to turn out, if you think they're your friends then think again. Anyone who does this obviously couldn't care care less if you succeed or fail here, they want a easy laugh and probably got it.   If you’re really 19 like it says on your DNF then god help you, like serious act your age and post properly.  If you don’t talk like this “Stahp vewin n pst allredy” IRL then don’t do it on the internet, just because you’re talking through a keyboard doesn’t mean you have the right to act stupid. I would suggest that you lurk for a very long time, like lurking is a constant process but seriously put some hours in before deciding to post again. I will guarantee you’ll learn something if you read the stickies and look how people post over here. This place has helped me out so there’s no reason why it can’t do the same for you, good luck on this site if your intentions are to stay. 
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNsUyxxn2iU   Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast   Don't have much metal under my belt but I mean this shit is pretty fucking good, I'll always revisit this album.  
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm not too fussed about them now that I know what they are, however if they really start bothering me then I'll look to try some of that oil out, if it's a decent price of course (will look into it more)
  6. Are you referring to the thread or like the the idea in general? I mean I hardly did anything besides troll at that point in time, you "contributed" alot more than I did to that whole thing. Anyway might as well confess a few things whilst I'm here.     I use to have a very hard time keeping my emotions in check, when I couldn't get something right it would be common to see me cry. Nowadays if I can't do something right I just swear at myself, sometimes it's not great to do this playing Baseball but it's needed to a degree in every day life.   I hate social outings due to the fact that I cant talk to people face to face, maintaining eye contact and or speaking fluently is extremely difficult for me. In my head I know where I'm going wrong but trying to put it into action's another story.    I don't understand the point of people drinking, going to nightclubs etc, I always see classmates announcing how drunk they got on the weekend whilst I just think to myself "what the fuck did that actually achieve" I don't know if I'm being smart about choices in life or if I'm just a complete fuckwit when it comes to being sociable.    I'm a rather racist person IRL, admittedly it's only around my friends but there's still no excuse for me being this way. 
  7. Just looked it up and would definitely think it's stretch marks. Both the information and images I'm seeing are very much comparable to what iv'e got, of course mines nowhere near as bad but it's visually similar. Thanks for being able to help me out. 
  8. I hope this has been posted in the correct subforum, if for any reason that it hasn't then I'm very sorry.       To cut a long story short I have these light/ dark red and white lines on my body that look kind of like scars, well the white lines at least. They don't hurt or hinder me in anyway but look terrible due to the fact they're a few centimetres in length and easily visible (though unseen with clothes on). Now I believe I've have them for about a year and as times went by they've slowly increased in size. Despite all this happening I haven’t really worried about them until I noticed tiny marks forming on the palm side of my right arm (biceps region). Like anything I thought nothing of them until they started to increase and look visually the same as the ones on my legs. I told my mum about them and she said it was probably nothing... well that helps a lot because I am still none the wiser, I don’t know the cause of these marks nor do I know how long will they’ll be there for.      Where are these marks located? The marks are mostly located on the upper thigh on both sides of the body, though they're more prominent on the right side. The next visible marks are located above the knee and on the back of the legs in the same area; these are only like a small line or two but are still visually similar to the major ones.      How were these marks caused? (Speculation) 1. Weight gain: Over the past year few years I've been putting on a bit of weight, like I'm not overweight or anything but it’s obvious that I need to get on top of things. Anyway this weight gain has happened specifically in the past year or so, I have become lazy, constantly hungry and cut down on the amount of exercise due to quitting another sport. Now due to the weight gain being in the same time frame I'm tending to think it's something to do with this, like I could be completely wrong but it seems very logical if you base it off that information.    2. Sport, specifically Baseball: lmao this will probably sound like utter bull shit but it sort of makes sense seeing as I'm a catcher. Now due to stance being low and somewhat straining on the leg's it's not uncommon to have muscle soreness in these regions after a game. The quick actions you need to make to block a ball in the dirt or jump up to get a high delivery happens rather regularly in my league. On the off chance that its Baseball related (and not the previous) it could do with the cup digging in to the sides of my leg. Whilst I'm in the stance this can often become an issue but I highly doubt that's the reason for this happening.      As I said beforehand I'm not certain as to the actual causes of these marks, I'm sure it’s probably common so if you've experienced them or know what they are then please help me out by answering these questions. A) What's the likely cause of these marks? B) How long did you have them for? C) Is there a way to prevent further “spreading”?
  9. Now I wouldn't call myself "qualified" on this one, however I feel like a bad friend for not talking too you. Might have to hop on DGz more often.    On topic: Some friends are always there for you and others just fade away, personal experience's tell me that transitioning from school usually leads to this, yes it mightn't be quite the same but I get where your coming from. Ultimately different interests and lifestyles will cause them to "move on", in this case GF's and jobs will most likely have an effect on this.  It's totally dependent on the activity but sometimes people just turn their back and disassociate themselves with their past interests. Lets take playing yugioh for instance, people might give up on the game and look down on those select few who still enjoy the game, as someone grows up they might come to think of it as a waste of time or a childish game.    Now this mightn't be the case for you so I need to ask you a question or two, so "who's friends are they?", are they your friends? or are you their friends? I don't mean to be rude or anything but maybe only one party is really interested in this friendship, like I don't know these people but could this be an option? You seem as if you want to make things work but it takes more then 1 person to make something happen. I mean you could let them go but that's only going to do so much for you, you have to live with that decision at the end of the day so choosing wisely is crucial. On the other hand if they have absolutely nothing to do with you then perhaps that's a legitimate option to take.   IMO If you truly got along with them then I'd try to get in contact with them, ask them what's going on and if nothing happens then make the decision. Having their number/facebook is always handy but make sure they don't use you later on in life (when they need something), if they really want to catch up with them then make the most of it, things might turn out ok after all.
  10. I myself have had this account since may of last year but I can say that I am still new to the site. I think I will be trying to go on the site more so its really going to be my second chance if you will.  As some might know I did initial make this account as a joke at that stage but I was a completely different person then compared to now. I really do think lurking this site has been the best thing for me, it has changed my perspective on a lot of things  and certainly for the better part. I would like to say that I still have a long way to go but I am all about actively improving myself as a person, support such as this is certainly appreciated so thankyou very much for making this thread. To all the other DNF members who have came across I wish you all the best and hope to see you more often.
  11. The forum (dnf) has been shitty for quite a while, the contributing factors were obviously the incidents in the past few days which lead to the migration. I am not certain if all of these new members are leaving dnf for good but they have definitely come over here for a reason. If people lurked before they came over here then they will have some idea about how this place works, unfortunately its evident that a lot of members that arrived haven't and only came here because of the hype. Believe me there will be some new, good quality members but like anything you will get the shitty ones aswell. All you can really ask of these people is for them to lurk, hopefully they will come to the realisation that things work differently here as apposed to dnf.   @George Bush: Lurk for a bit so you can get the feel for the site, don't get me wrong its decent topic to make but the lack of elaboration and the childish like response is a bad start. Say reasons for/against and back it up with relevant info so that you can sell your point and make a discussion. Anyways best of luck on the site.
  12. I haven't played in a fair while but have played Inzektors for some time, I cant offer a lot of advice because I haven't updated the deck in a while but I will say a few things. firstly playing a deck you like or on a budget that suits you is fine but the real question is can you actually compete? Inzektors of all things are a neat deck but there are multiple issues that contribute to it not being great right now. Consistency is one thing that you really need in a deck like this, getting to your pieces is one thing that is certainly achievable but right now there are road blocks that you must over come. Inzektors as a deck essentially just normal summons all day long, yes there are soul charge/call of the haunted but they reliant on cards being there for starters. You aren't running anything such as mathematician which really allows for good grave set-up, more chances to get what you need in the grave and you have the ability to use call of the haunted a bit more efficiently judging on the situation. Anyways getting back to the point of normal summons... when you break it down Inzektors don't really have that much solid cards in the deck that can do anything big with, unless of course your in the clear or they happen to stay on the field for like more than one turn. Don't get me wrong the deck has the ability to OTK and do other things as such but you gotta walk before you can run, that's all just the dream until you can actually resolve your cards and get the pieces. Admittedly there is a decent amount of cards running around that will stop you in your tracks, you wont be able to resolve your effects as often as you need to which sort of defeats the purpose of the deck. Further more you have got cards such as skill drain, shadow-imp to deal with which is yet another spanner in the works, on top of being a dark deck destruction is weaker right now which is problematic because using the trump card in hornet is less effective.   As much as I like the deck I would really suggest that you look elsewhere, too many inconsistencies for my liking in a deck that already bricks. There has been some solid options have been presented so that's something to look forward too, I wish you all the best and good luck at your regional's.   EDIT:  Sorry but I actually forgot to ask you why you are running a few cards, other cards such as mantis have already been suggested to drop to 1 so it pointless me talking about it. I am more or less asking for clarity on card choices so here it goes.    Hanzo w/ Ninjitsu Art: OK I am fully aware that Ninzektors are a variant but I really haven't seen that many builds floating around in a while, it is something that was seen like a year ago but fell of the radar. Now my real question is why did you decide to choose this style of build and have you tried other engines or other cards that have synergy with Inzektors? I myself haven't ran a build like this despite wanting to so would it be OK if you can shed some light on its effectiveness and efficiency?    Tour Guide: This is something I rather dislike for the deck, whereas its OK it doesn't bring you that much in the scheme of things. I realize you play an alarmingly high amount of rank 3's but all things considering they actually aren't that powerful and is it actually worth it running? If you had something that could churn out rank 4's then that would be lovely, something that this deck really lacks. There was a suggestion for upstart golden ninja which I think wouldn't be too bad for the deck, laval chain aswell decent for helping the bugs out too as another suggested option.    MST: I am in complete disbelief as to why you would run just the 1 MST main decked, to make matters worse why you wouldnt even have more sided is beyond me. Run this card at 3 because you want to be able to have the chance to actually play yugioh, skill drain, vanity's (though it doesn't really hurt you too much) are some cards that this hits. Yes you play trap stun but if they flip something on you turn 1 then you have no chance in having the right cards to be able to stop it. Further more I also recommend MST at higher numbers and have advocated that for quite sometime, there is occasions though now too often where you have no good equips and you must self pop your cards whilst equipped. It is dependent on the situation but it does come up and does come in very high use. 
  13. I was just lurking then I came across this topic, I feel the need to post because Jakz you must understand that DGz is not the same as DNF. The quality of DGz is far superior then that of DNF and I suggest you take things easy and just lurk, just look at how people post around here and how they contribute. To add, when you said "most of you will know me from DNF" you must realize that DGz is an entirely different site, if I don't even know you on DNF there is no way that the people over at DGz will have a clue who you are. Whilst they probably dont care where you come from they will care about how you represent yourself and what your attitude is like, so that being said just look at how things work around there before making posts. If your going to post, post with a purpose and do so if you can actually further contribute to the discussion. Even if you don't really get involved with this site try to take something out of it, I sure as hell did so I'm sure you can too.    anyways good luck.
  14. my friend was playing against a kid (maybe 11?) at locals who was running six sams, he played asceticism of the six samurai and went to special a monster from his deck... I being the nosy person that I am looked over his shoulder to see what cards were in his deck, to my astonishment I managed to find 2 gateway of the six in his deck (it was limited at this stage)   "excuse me mate, that cards actually banned, due to the banlist you aren't allowed any copies of gateway of the six in your deck" the kid replies "whats a banlist?"   at that stage I was a little pissed that the people who check the decks at registration (owners of store) missed this, like the kid wants to play and doesnt know what the banlist is but seriously for them to not pick up on that was pretty sad.
  15. what is your favorite sport/ what sports do you play if any?