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  1. DuelistGroundz username: squids~ Discord username: squidboy #1401 Formats: current only Expected level of activity: couple matches a week Credentials: A card guy(z)
  2. 2-1 squids~ (abc) over muh 100 godzillion (infernoid ba)
  3. 2-0 squids~ (ABC) beat muh 100 godzillion (synchro)
  4. Ill be there I suppose
  5. SQUIDS~ is the cancer of the community

    u didn't find my art it's literally public lol
  6. Dueling Network

        ??? FUCK OFF LMAO
  7. I may get suspended from Yu-Gi-Oh

    Shut the whole fuck up
  8. Dueling Network

    will my art degree finally be of use
  9. YCS Rhode Island

    Definitely going to this, flights from DC are 150 and I have a free place to stay
  10. Looks Like TWC is Blasting Off Again

    Was cool seeing you again, I should have played heroes I guess :{ sucks that you started 5-0 then didn't top, i know that feeling guy See u at nats
  11. YCS Atlanta 2016

    Nobody has mentioned anything about Tej yet?
  12. YCS Atlanta 2016

    4 more hours 😤 me and some other people gonna playtest in our hotel/convention center tonight (gateway Marriott) stop by and say hello if ur here
  13. I've been banned

    penrith yugioh memes 4.0 is my favorite facebook page !!