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  1. Dueling Network

    http://forum.duelingnetwork.com/index.php?/topic/181392-new-feature-custom-card-images/Just spreading and for discussion purposes.
  2. Dueling Network

    The admin in that was me, I ruled incorrectly in that call which I then apologised to you, I know that an apology isn't enough but yea. I came to the call ruled incorrectly, after that gave the player which seems to be you, 30 seconds to proceed, during those 30 seconds you didn't appealed my incorrect ruling so I gamelossed. After that, told you, you had 3 minutes to side. You finished siding, I went to another call, afterwards you called again for cheating, I think it had to do with Denko or something like that, don't remember anymore, and what was the first thing I did before looking into the problem in that call? I apologised to you, and I repeat again my incorrect ruling, first time I derped that bad... I again apologise to you.   And this that happened between SilverDude and me, it can also happen to any admin, we're humans, mistakes happen, if like in this case you see that an admin ruled incorrectly, you can and should appeal.
  3. Dueling Network

    Better question, are you just following admins to random games. Or are you randomly watching 2002 Forgotten monsters player? And he's winning!   I'm the admin  (|:|)
  4. Dueling Network

      Alert Konami boys! Jar of Greed has been banned!
  5. Congrats. to: @Redgamer7 @Xx Trinity Xx @! Elvis be back @ACrow @CallMeShameless @Zoma17 @flaming_ice @crimson_flare @IJustWantToPlay For making the Top Cut!   The Format for Top cut will be Jan. 2015 Format The Finals will be April 2015 Format UNLOCKED FORMAT   http://challonge.com...ngleElimination
  6. I'll join I guess [url="http://challonge.com/DGLive190"]http://challonge.com/DGLive190[/url]
  7. Signing up: Post your DN username in this topic if different from DGz Name The first 8 players to sign up on this thread are added to the participants list. We will go up to 16 if enough people are interested This DG LIVE WILL start when we get 8 or 16 people or more. Please Post here if you will need time to build and/or finish your deck. General rules: TCG, January 2015 Banlist : http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/ All duels must be hosted without watchers password. DECK changing Is ALWAYS allowed after a won match 10 Minutes of Inactivity - Game Loss Remember that you must be in constant contact with the Tournament Hosts via DN or DGz Please ALLOW Your opponent some time to build his/her deck if needed! (please dont abuse this just to see what your possible round 2 opp could be playing. Doing so could make you wish you've never attempted to do so and for goodness sakes it's just a for fun testing tourney.) If you're waiting and you contact your opponent and he doesn't respond in 10 minutes, it's gameloss for that opponent (unless you wish to play it out instead.) If you're waiting and you contact your opponent and he doesn't respond in 20 minutes, than it's match loss for that opponent. (unless you wish to play it out instead.)   Participants: DGz / DN   lazerman33 / lazerman33 !_Chandelier / Chandelier ultra plant / {Nova} Girl dluc23 / dluc23 Matthew Monagan / Pursuit of Knowledge topdeckedblso_o / topdeckedblso_o Nelrick / Nelrick Gongas / Vongola Secondo
  8. Shape The Future

    Big Bang is interested.
  9. Big Bang   Gongas // Vongola Secondo Down in Flames // Down in Flames Zeh // Zeh !_Chandelier / ! Chandelier lazerman33 // lazerman33 ultra plant // ultra plant crimson_flare // flaming_ice