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  1. Shaddoll - Discussion

    The third dragon isn't necessary for the qliphort matchup, you should be winning that game by turn 2 if your hand is decent, especially if you open with like, a shdow games falco/math
  2. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Shaddoll core is needed, I find myself el shadz fusioning in my opp turn into construct then i can dump core off con to get back el shadz. Getting back the el shadz is essential in killing your opponent quicker. Been playing this deck with the mindset of kill my opponent as fast as possible against match ups that aren't the mirror. Not to mention core has its other merits, like against ba you dump it off construct so that pwwb and karma cut dont hurt as much.    Also why I think 3 construct is necessary, you burn through them fairly quickly.
  3. Madolche - Discussion

    In terns of the sylvan matchup, I've found you only really struggle going second if your opponent opens nuts i.e anything with lonefire + soul charge/mountain. Dealing with felgrand is a problem and you're probably gonna lose every time you see first turn felgrand or 2. Going first against the deck really is easy. I'm currently running triple blackhorn in the main. (Cant be rose archered, rapes geargia etc etc). Against sylvan it's strong when you go first, however going second it can be dead after they've turn 1 combo'd off. I usually side in veilers and maxx c's going 2nd ad this seems to be enough. The deck also crumbles against gozen match/ set fire hand killing felgrand.
  4. 1st Place ARG Milwaukee Tournament Report

    Congrats on the win. Brick or win seems to be the style of this deck. From most of the round reports it looks like most of the wins were off of lonefire soul charge combo
  5. Gishki Artifact?

    How are they 6 extra normal summons? How arent they?
  6. Gishki Artifact?

     Fire fist lost wolbark. Geargia have problems going second due to having to set armor. Birdman seems neat, but i dont want to make the deck combo based wouldn't this deck have the same problems going second? you have to set ariel and pass or summon avance, use effect and pass.  no because its not like geargia where to go from no board to board you must first set an armor. 
  7. Gishki Artifact?

    Also the hands are bad imo, 6 extra normal summons...  Moraltech seems to be good enough spot removal.
  8. Gishki Artifact?

    Fire fist only hav    Fire fist lost wolbark. Geargia have problems going second due to having to set armor. Birdman seems neat, but i dont want to make the deck combo based
  9. Gishki Artifact?

          Monster:   3 artifact moraltech 3 gishki ariel 3 gishki avance 3 gishki beast   Spells:   1x book of moon 1x Dark Hole 1x MST 1x Salvage 1X Soul charge 2x Lance 3x upstart 3x Duality   Traps:   3x Sanctum 3x Breakthrough 3x Fiendish Chain 2x D-prison 4x the staple traps     Deck is a pseudo plus 1 fire fist type deck.  Has quite a good grind game. Artifacts are in there to somewhat deal with threats. Drawing moraltech is shit, maybe more mst?   Ariel: Flip eff, stratos for gishki monsters. If flipped from an attack where it would die, usually grabs beast for next turn rank 4. Flipping on my turn will usually grab avance.    Avance: Once per turn place a gishki beast on top of your deck.   Beast: This card is a pseudo wolfbark. Makes Bahamut, Dweller etc     Opening ariel 5 backrow is the optimal first turn play. Set ariel, 1800 ass so hopefully she sticks for the turn. In your turn flip her, search avance, normal avance, topdeck beast make a rank 4. Maybe the third lance or set of wiretaps? This open is strongest. Usually go into baahamut trite. I mean 2600 is nice and big and i have another beast next turn.   Opening avance, 5 backrow is also fine. Hes only 1500 which is decent, you dont really care if it dies, so long as its eff resolves. 1400 atk on all gishkis would have been a bit nicer as to dodge bottomless.    You pretty much want to open one of those 6 (same odds in fire fist deck (3 tenki, 3 bear) so the ratios should be good. Opening sanctum is always fine. As for trap lineup triple fiendish, triple breakthrou... seems iffy.    Gishki beast is the nuts. Drawing moraltech sucks. Also sanctum kinda conflicts with avance top deck beast, but most of the time you just use your other backrow instead. Deck is still in its early stages. Geargia matchup kinda sucks but that deck struggles going second anyway.   Let me know how you think i could improve the deck.        
  10. Top 16 Australian Nationals 2014

    Lol, "I notice Jono also got knocked out in top 16 being stalled by Firefist"...   *raughs*